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We don’t have so many Black Canary entries that a disambiguation page is necessary. But : I’d like to add more. Readers who do not realise that the character dates back to the the 1940s might be confused. Therefore, here are the Black Canary profiles on and...

(Wu/Fletcher take)
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Background Real Name: Dinah Drake-Lance. Other Aliases: “D.D.”, “Dangerous Diva”, “Siu Jerk Jai” (“little bird”). Marital Status: Widowed. Known Relatives: Kurt Lance (husband), Dinah Drake Sr. (mother, deceased). Group Affiliation: Former Team...

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For context, we recommend that you first read these two articles : A primer to the Masters of the Universe cartoon setting. A location profile for Castle Grayskull. Background Real Name: Teela Na. Marital Status: Widowed. Known Relatives: Teela (daughter), unnamed husband (deceased).

(Profile #5 - 2008-2011)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Background Real Name: Jacqueline Falsworth Crichton (Lady Crichton), née Lady Jacqueline Falsworth. Other Aliases: “Jac”, “Jackie”, “Lady J.”, “Duchess”. Marital...

(The Last Starfighter)
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Context The Last Starfighter is a 1984 film. It was one of the first to use CGI, and got decent reviews. It is a good example of the genre at the time – Alex is your average kid from a trailer park who gets the chance to save the universe! This profile has S P O I L E R S for the...

(Baldur's Gate)
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There are several other articles that may be useful for context : The Forgotten Realms setting primer explains the basics of Baldur’s Gate world. It’s the most recommended one before reading Khalid’s profile. The Jet Foundling character profile explain the...

(Profile #2 - Psychic ninja)
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The series goes : Psylocke (Early). Psylocke (Psychic ninja) – this here profile. Psylocke (2000s). This profile covers the period from when her consciousness is switched into Kwannon’s body (Uncanny X-Men #256, 1989) until she swaps powers with Jean Grey (X-Men #100, 2000). ...

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Context Lysandra appeared in two consecutive back-of-the-book features in 1983 issues of Green Lantern. These were part of the “Tales of the Green Lanterns” short stories. It was a typical 1970s sci-fi short story. Think old Star Trek episodes. Background Real Name:...

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Background Real Name: Mikhail (last name unrevealed). Marital Status: Unrevealed. Known Relatives: None. Group Affiliation: Garnoff Underground. Base Of Operations: Russia. Height: 5’8” Weight: 150 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Advertisement (adsbygoogle =...

(Baldur's Gate CHARNAME) (Part #3)
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Context This profile is part of a chronological series, and as always these should be read in order. The series goes : Prelude : context material about Baldur’s Gate. Jet Foundling (BG1) – A dark and stormy afternoon in Candlekeep. Jet Foundling (BG1) – Hit...