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(Plus Dinosaur Island and War That Time Forgot notes)
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A very different version later emerged, with no personnel in common with its predecessor – the Mission X version of the Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squadron was a US military unit. Though it was very unconventional it still used military uniforms, tactics, weapons, vehicles, protocols,...

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Organisation Full Name: The Death-Throws. Purpose: Criminal operation interested in financial profit. Modus operandi: The Death-Throws are primarily mercenaries, providing services to better-established mobs for payment. Extent of operations: Primarily the USA. Relationship to conventional...

(Cartoon version)
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This team profile consolidates the group’s history into a single article. That avoids repetition of salient points across profiles. In other words, it’s best to read it first, before the individual profiles. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle ||...

(Doctor Who universe)
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This article still uses the traditional number of regenerations for Time Lords, though more recent episodes have discreetly retconned that number up. Powers and Abilities The Time Lords were a humanoid species who externally resembled human beings in every way. Internally they were different...

(Gail Simone's version)
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The series is often hailed as a great example of Simone’s strengths in writing, dialogue, characterisation and character development. Though most characters are murderous psychopaths, which results in grim stories. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});...

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Introduction This entry is about the men and woman adventuring with Beowulf, Prince of the Geats, in his 1970s DC comic book. None of these characters were particularly fleshed out or distinctive – this is why they don’t have individual profiles. Therefore, many of the stats...

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This profile is a “semi-technical” one. Meaning that it is laced with technical game data, but people who skip those should still understand the material. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Rat Pack – first known version This version...

(Nemesis' enemies)
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It is a classic large criminal conspiracy, in the vein of what you’d see in 1970s American thriller movies. This profile chiefly exists for GMs who need an authentic ready-to-use, old-school criminal organisation. One without costumes, super-weapons, high-tech HQs, combat cyborgs,...

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Organization Full Name: Great Ten. Purpose: Protection of the People’s Republic of China. Modus Operandi: The Great Ten operate as the first line of defence against extraordinary threats to the People’s Republic of China. Overseen by a standing committee, and supervised by...

(Bloodstone enemies)
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Context This article is 100% meant to be read after our Ulysses Bloodstone character profile, and won’t make much sense otherwise. It used to be a part of it, but was spun off for reading comfort. The Conspiracy is an obscure corner of the Marvel Universe’s past, first seen in...