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(Bete Noire)
 0   -   
Goode of the Hierarchy, who offered him the ability to rescue his father. Terrance accepted, and soon found himself able to teleport via shadows, easily rescuing his father, who decided Terrance must be evil. When his pregnant mother tried to intercede, his father punched her in the...

(Mariah Blaque)
 0   -   
Mariah became the information broker for the city of Bête Noire, one of three cities which shape the world, and became one of the main aides to its Magistrate, Doctor Juris. She also met the city’s Chief Enforcer, Shadow Boxer, who proved to be immune to her touch, and...

 0   -   
Life in Bête Noire One of three such cities around the world (another being Babel, the City of Fire and Life), Bête Noire is said to shape the world. Events taking place in it echo on a global scale. Seeming to possess some form of sentience, the city decides who may enter...