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Remarkably, Levy survived the savage beating. Clinging desperately to life, he used the last of his strength to open a portal. That one went back to the dimension of the Doctors who had initially repaired and enhanced his body. Once again, the Doctor’s went...

(Mark Grayson)
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Eyes: Blue-Grey Hair: Black Powers & Abilities Strength Level Mark Grayson possesses the awesome superhuman strength that one would expect to find in a Viltrumite male of his age, height, weight and build who engages in intense regular exercise. This places his strength level within the...

(Rex Conners)
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Rudy was moved to a government medical facility where he became somewhat of a medical curiosity. The doctors quickly recognized his uncanny intelligence and provided him with computer and communication technology in order to gage it. The results were amazing. His ability to absorb and...

(Oliver Grayson)
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Through the sheer force of will alone, he can move his entire body and fly at fantastic speeds. Oliver has shown that he is capable of matching speeds with his brother, Invincible, who is capable of traveling over 8000 miles in less than 25 seconds within the Earth’s atmosphere. He...