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(Shannon Carter)
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Continuing to dig, the Avengers learned that the mission that led to the disbanding of the old Avengers was a battle on an alternate Earth. When they traveled there, they discovered their world’s Captain America organizing a resistance against that world’s Doctor Doom,...

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Even if their timing is impeccable, having a blow connect requires a dose of luck as it’s down to a host of tiny factors. Well-timed surprise attacks have greater odds of success, but surprising a guy who teleports around isn’t easy. The vest in itself has a metal shell. But a...

(Brenda Drago)
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Brenda ended up in an abusive relationship with some dude called Tony, who had considerable technological skills. Between beatings (and of course insisting that it was her behaviour that forced him to hit her), he built a sleek winged costume based on Vulture technology. Brenda trained with it...