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For instance, he has claimed that he was born with incredible strength and that when the doctor slapped him in the hospital delivery room, he hauled off and decked the doctor. On several occasions he has claimed he was rocketed to Earth from a doomed planet in another galaxy. This one...

(Keene Marlow)
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Quotes (While jamming a rifle through the body of one of his opponents) “Let me fill you in on a little secret, son. Guns are for pussies !” “I’ve decided to take what little time I’ve got left… and spend it tying up all the loose threads. Anyone...

(Charles Smith)
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N’Guyen, who had spent months regretting his decision to ship Charles home rather than help the young man, located him at this point and offered help and transportation to Huang Dao. The well-read and highly educated doctor nicknamed the young American...

(Bete Noire)
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Goode of the Hierarchy, who offered him the ability to rescue his father. Terrance accepted, and soon found himself able to teleport via shadows, easily rescuing his father, who decided Terrance must be evil. When his pregnant mother tried to intercede, his father punched her in the...

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The story with Raitha McCann was a great example of this. While the action is about a Doctor Strange analogue, the story actually follows the magician’s executive assistant. It thus offers an intriguing slice-of-life about working on the nuts-and-bolts of Earth’s defences...

(Fables version)
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Prince Charming The woodsman let her live, but Snow was on her own in an unknown part of the vast forest. She was captured by seven dwarf brothers, who kept a diversion cabin nearby. They regularly kidnapped village girls to serve their needs, using them until they died. Snow...

(Wayne Williams)
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Alone, obsessed with revenge and without a future, Wayne started fearing that he might go mad. However, he befriended a small bat who regularly flew into his solitary cell to eat crumbs. The chiropterum gave him a minimal amount of company. Eventually Wayne made an actual...

Morgan Stryker
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History Morgan Stryker was born with three arms on the right side of his body. That was apparently the result of a secret project (probably government-sponsored) intended to give birth to mutants, headed by doctor Peter Reinbeck. Stryker is one of an unknown number of gamma 4 subjects,...

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History Raised on an intensely religious planet, Javi became a doctor, but soon lost his belief in a higher power. When a mysterious patient with orange eyes touched him, leaving a strange Sigil on his arm, he found he could heal others with a touch, even boosting their natural abilities. Javi...

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Orphaned at a young age, Zach was raised by his Uncle Max, an acclaimed and eccentric inventor, and Peabody, a dour robotic manservant. Zach was a bright kid who did well in school and absorbed his uncle’s bright outlook on life. But what he truly excelled in was the physical:...