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Flexo has been seen during no less than four separate missions against criminals. The first was to prevent the evil Doctor Murdo from fashioning a Death Ray from some radium he’d stolen. The second saw Flexo retrieving a secret ’torpedo repeller‘ that the spy Karl Damos...

(Bruce Dickson)
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History (From Shortly after receiving his degree, Doctor Bruce Dickson set off on an expedition to the Himalayan mountains, attempting to conquer Mount Kalpurthia. Upon his being hit by a powerful blizzard, he sought shelter in a cave, where he...

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This Italian name is intended to sound as clumsy and as unlikely in Italian as “Madame La Morte” sounds in French. Both are something a little child might say, and both would translate roughly as “The Lady Who Is Dead” or “Mrs. Dead Lady”. Italian...

(Liberty Legion member)
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Forbes, who had found gold in Alaska. Forbes’s associate, Mike Zelby, fatally shot the doctor to get all the gold for himself. When Jack Frost came, the dying Dr. Forbes asked him to protect his daughter, who lived in New York City. Frost decided to go fight crime...

(Profile #1 - the 1950s)
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History Jimmy Woo’s youth wasn’t depicted. It is possible that he was born in the US of Chinese parents, perhaps traditionalists who fled China during the overthrown of the Qing dynasty  and the warlords years that ensued. But this is just a guess. As his adventures begin...

(Bob Grayson profile #1 - 1950s version)
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Frost, who was in cahoots with the family doctor to kill Ms. Frost – who had inherited everything from Mr. Frost’s late wife. And they would have gotten away with it, too, if not for this meddling kid ! Marvel Boy’s next case involved both the kidnapping of Dr. ...

(Elton Morrow)
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Morrow got his doctorate in anthropology. As such, he is well versed in human cultures, and mythology both ancient and present. History Professor Elton T. Morrow traveled to Antarctica on an anthropological research mission in the early 1941. There, he discovered an unusual azure...

(Claire Voyant)
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And could you stand the torture The Black Widow was next sent after the soul of crime boss Garvey Lang. She influenced one of his henchmen to rebel against him, so Lang shot him. The Widow then manipulated another criminal to give the impression he had betrayed Lang – who murdered...

(Golden Age version)
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Ladies’s night In issue #9 Venus summons her handmaidens and Ladies in Waiting – a collection of mortals who seem to be the most beautiful women of all times. Those spirits now serve Venus as the Queen of Romance of all ’ancient mythology‘ – no matter what their...

(The Blind Science Wizard)
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Scott, the “Blind Science Wizard”. One can imagine that he was a world-renowned scientist who served in an elite military unit during World War Two (perhaps the US Army Rangers) and was blinded in battle. Dr. Scott’s fiancée and lab assistant, Moira, is also...