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In moments of stress Hazzard had a tendency to hallucinate that people who were near him all had the face of the doctor who ’treated‘ him – apparently always right after Hazzard had punched him and broken his glasses out of pain. Noises and scenes...

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... Nick Yankovec Helper(s): International and the Appendix of the MU for history and the missing blanks. Illos from Source of Character: Marvel UK Adνеrtisеmеnt Doctor Who Classics Omnibus Captain Britain Omnibus by Moore and Davis

(1970s profile)
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Satana sacrificed herself during an obscure Marvel Team Up issue, to save Doctor Strange who had became a werewolf. This was because she considered the life of Strange to be a better asset for humans than her own. She managed to kill two birds with one stone, since she also...

(Dr. Eli Wirtham)
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Since the evil he knows of is white-collar crime, he feels compelled to act as a vigilante. This results in an endless series of violent, destructive acts to stop barely legal but clearly unethical doings. This causes great tension in him – he’s not a violent man. He is in...

(Part #1)
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By 2165 little Jack was on Eden-Prime. This is a terminus world colonised during the 2150s, and thus one of the earliest Human colonies. Jack was confirmed to be a biotic when she was four. Her power level was way higher than anything observed before. As unluck would have it,...

(Frank Castle) (gisted profile)
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In excruciating pain, Castle contacted former doctor Melinda Brewer, who used a graft procedure and a pigment-stimulating formula to repair his face. This procedure temporarily granted Castle the appearance of a Black man, but the change quickly faded. Punishing pursuits Although...

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Early in 2000, Ort-Meyer’s final contract took 47 back to the asylum that he had lived in all of his life. 47 had been assigned to kill one of the doctors there, who presumably also stood in Ort-Meyer’s way. After 47 had killed the target, it was intended that he...

(The man who studied with Bruce Lee)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); He was eventually hired by Doctor Moon. Moon’s men had conquered a Shaolin monastery in Northern China to capture the retired O-Sensei. Moon then began torturing the old man for the secrets of his kung-fu. The...

(Alice Nugent)
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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Later on, Pym was confronted by an unnamed thug who wanted his shrinking technology to help him hide from the authorities and organized crime. They struggled, then both fell through the portal. While Iron Man went...

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Eyes: Brown Hair: Silver Powers & Abilities Doctor Honeysuckle has the ability to control plants, able to make them whip out a vine or other appendage against an opponent, wrap around an opponent to restrain them, or even simply move as if walking from one place to another. She accomplishes...