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Eyes: Brown Hair: Silver Powers & Abilities Doctor Honeysuckle has the ability to control plants, able to make them whip out a vine or other appendage against an opponent, wrap around an opponent to restrain them, or even simply move as if walking from one place to another. She accomplishes...

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Apart from his powers, he’s an accomplished occultist who’s studied under mystics from all over the world, and has a gift for deduction. History In 1635, the aged French pirate Absolon Caine summoned the demon prince Bez-koth. He sacrificed his entire crew and all the slaves in his cargo hold...

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Eyes: Brown Hair: Black Powers & Abilities Strength Level John Boudreau has the normal human strength one would expect to find in a man of his height and build who engages is moderate exercise. In stark contrast, Halloween Jack possess supernatural strength, which allows him to lift...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The main illustration is of a leather mask made by Nathan Rodriguez, who operates the EpicLeather online shop . This character was the co-winner (with Dealan-De) of the silver and bronze prizes for the...