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FAQ – Character generator / creation in games

First version of a review of the tools we’ve used to create character portraits on writeups.org (for original characters, or those without usable visuals). Mostly it’s stuff from video games, though most of it is free or real cheap.

Since creating portraits or full-body models of original characters isn’t a rare need among various sorts of role-players.

This article is updated from time to time. See its table of content.

FAQ- Quantification heuristics

Clearly, everybody wants to read something called “quantification heuristics”. Total best headline.

A discussion of the evidence-based mental model used on writeups.org when it comes to stats, and stuff related to stats (such as capabilities descriptions).

As of June of 2021, added some stuff about abductive inference (ooohh sexy) and absolutes (ooooh Sithy). And cat pictures.

FAQ – the ages of DC Comics

This is a short illustrated guide to the various ages and Earths of DC Comics’ super-hero stories.

It focuses on what you need to understand to read our profiles. It is chiefly intended for writeups.org readers who aren’t super-hero comic books experts.

As of the 19th of June, 2017, added a primer about the comic book characters that were bought to join the DCU.


Silver Age villainous boxer with prehension-enhancing furry exo. Part of a handy but goofy small team of mercenaries, the Ani-Men. We finally really did it ! We maniacs ! We blew it up !