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History Silver was searching for the Dragon Balls, as ordered by the Red Ribbon army. He started burning a forest. Then he chased Pilaf (an old enemy of Songoku) who had the fourth ball, at Ox Satan castle. Engaging Songoku, Silver destroyed the Kinton Cloud. But after losing his...

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Slump, Arale and all their friends. Arale punched Blue to Egypt with a couple of head blows. When Blue managed to arrive to the Red Ribbon’s Central Headquarter, he was killed by the mercenary Tao Pai Pai, with a single tongue blow. Ouch ! Description Blue eyes, short fair...

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White wasn’t a hard enemy for Songoku. Yet White nevertheless shot him and it was an enraged Super 8 who finished the general. Description A short man, about 5’ 2”, with grey hair, a red handkerchief around the neck, a green sweater and brown trousers. He seems to be in...

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Tao Pai Pai first killed General Blue. He later defeated Songoku at the basements of the Sacred Tower, almost killing him. During the battle his tunic was ragged by a Kame Hame. As a result, he went to a nearby village to dress properly before returning to the Red...