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Power Level
(Profile #1 - Early)
 0   -   
When the Marauders attacked the Morlocks, Betsy, now calling herself Psylocke, helped with relief efforts in the mansion. Her help was welcome, as some of the X-Men had been badly injured in the attack. While the able X-Men were hunting for the Marauders, Sabretooth breached...

(Fredric Woolrich)
 0   -   
Blockbuster agreed to plea-bargain in return for the name of his employer. As a result, he got a reduced sentence. He became a minor super-villain, whose activities included attacking money transfer trucks. He used part of his profits to keep his suit upgraded. Woolrich also...

(Before Ms. Marvel, part #1)
 0   -   
It also seems that women were allowed in or near combat theatres during the Việt Nam war, rather than by 1994 as in the real world. This part is implied by Marauders member Arclight, though her role and status in that conflict are unclear. It is also possible, especially in the...

(Jack Monroe profile #3 - early Nomad)
 0   -   
Monroe eventually captured the maddening marauder. This victory made him realise that he needed to move out of Cap’s shadow and strike out on his own. Wherever I may roam Roaming the US on his motorbike to act as a hero and create a Captain America-like reputation for himself,...

 0   -   
Thundra stayed on Earth-715 for 20 years, renewing her efforts to defend and expand the Sisterhood until the females claimed practically the entire world. The last holdings of males were in the Middle East. As she got older, Thundra fought mostly to defend the West of the Sisterhood...