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(Joanna Cargill profile #3 - 2007-2014)
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Exodus then joined forces with Mister Sinister and his Marauders. They put everything they had into determining where the first mutant since the Scarlet Witch’s spell would be born, as data from the future indicated that this baby would become a mutant messiah. During these...

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Deadpool still came to aid Cable when Providence was devastated by an alien who’d battled the X-Men there. The island had to be evacuated, and they battled the Marauders, who were trying to scavenge its tech. They held them off long enough for Cable to activate the...

(Profile #3 - Classic)
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History (Continued from the Werewolf By Night (Early) profile.) Now that Jack could control his transformations, he no longer saw being the werewolf as a curse, but as an opportunity to become a superhero. Returning home from their battle with Glitternight, Jack and Topaz were enjoying a...

(Sample Path of Exile Witch)
The sevenfold witch kills with the dead
 0   -   
Legion of super-skulls Crystal is a gemling (as explained our sample PoE Marauder profile). She carefully developed the gems she had implanted into her body to bolster her burning skulls. Making them fiercer would be difficult, but she can make them faster, stronger, burning hotter,...

 0   -   
Sapper’s claims contradict the secondary sources, though of course he could be lying through his teeth. He said that his ship was a merchant ship, and that all Rajaks were killed on the homeworld by Ultimo. Which doesn’t seem compatible with being a race of marauding...

 0   -   
Personality Cody’s a thug anyway you slice it. He has enough moral responsibility to only beat up “bad guys,” but that’s about it. Things were all well and good when the city was under siege and he got to beat the crap out of a bunch of marauding gang...

(Felicia Hardy) (Profile #2)
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The fight with Felicia was in 1986, when he still mainly was a Iron Fist foe. He had yet to appear as a Marauder for the Mutant Massacre, which is the point where he starts being defined as the “anti-Wolverine” and becomes considerably more powerful. History This section...

 0   -   
Thundra stayed on Earth-715 for 20 years, renewing her efforts to defend and expand the Sisterhood until the females claimed practically the entire world. The last holdings of males were in the Middle East. As she got older, Thundra fought mostly to defend the West of the Sisterhood...

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Marine Animals WW3 Aquaman Marine Marauder WWtW: 16 Marlene Simmonds, Pre-Crisis, 1ed Marj Magic: 43-4 Mark Moonrider Apok: 29 Forever People Mark Shaw, Manhunter WW3 Suicide Squad, also see Manhunter Marlo, President Atlas: 101 ...