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(Team Profile #2)
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The Mutants Massacre The Marauders start this story arc by slaughtering The Morlocks in their tunnels below Manhattan. After the assault, the X-Men bring the surviving Morlocks to the X-Mansion. There, The New Mutants are overwhelmed by the severity of the damages. At first,...

(Plus Dinosaur Island and War That Time Forgot notes)
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The clearest equivalent was the 5307th Composite Unit (best known as Merrill’s Marauders), a special operations unit that became a Rangers unit. The Marauders did include unruly men selected for their expertise in jungle warfare, and even volunteers from the...

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The siblings eventually discovered Maraud’s duplicity, and in a star spanning adventure, managed to free their brother from Maraud’s captivity and regained their original powers upon the conclusion of the adventure. By Bryan Gittens. Source of Character: Marvel Comics...

(X-Men enemies) (Original Sebastian Shaw era, part 2)
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Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Richard Salmons, a young Hellfire Club guard, has tried to protect his Morlock lover from her relentless hunters. He invoked his masters’ name, expecting The Club’s power to be impressive enough… in vain. The Marauders killed both the...

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Madrox emerged from a coma to warn the X-Men that Bishop wanted the new mutant dead. The remaining X-Factor members joined the X-Men battling the Marauders. Allowing Cable to escape to the future with the baby, Hope. Divided we Stand Rahne left to join X-Force. She’d been...

(Classic era)
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She was eventually succeeded by a costumed criminal, the Masked Marauder, who demanded complete control of New York City or else he would detonate a nuclear device there. After his capture, the family again apparently came under control of Whitney Frost, by then known as Madame Masque. A...

(Might and Magic X Legacy sample party) (Part #2)
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The Marauder’s traps in M&MX use video game logic. But we can have real-world equivalent if we assume that they are deployed when the party ambushes their opponents and Rongo has prep time. Leading to : PUNJI STICKS. Noticing these takes a INT/WIL check vs. The...

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The Flying Boots were often tapped, presumably by the USO , to perform shows for soldiers across the South Pacific front. Their schtick was to perform trapeze work in full battle kit – including backpack, combat boots and loaded weapons. On one occasion, these proved more than a...

(Team profile #1 - Year One, part #1)
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Their ability was to possess an unsuspecting host and imbue that host with their combined strength and skills. The host became the Dark Rider aka the Marauder, the essence of the ultimate motorbike rider but also an electronics expert, master thief, skilled spy, skilled seemingly at...

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Marine Animals WW3 Aquaman Marine Marauder WWtW: 16 Marlene Simmonds, Pre-Crisis, 1ed Marj Magic: 43-4 Mark Moonrider Apok: 29 Forever People Mark Shaw, Manhunter WW3 Suicide Squad, also see Manhunter Marlo, President Atlas: 101 ...