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Quotes “When all the world dissolves, and every creature shall be purified, every place shall be Hell that is not Heaven” DC Universe History Coffin may have been a top operative in the League of Assassins, who left after failing in his life’s dream of becoming Ra’s al Ghul...

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Quotes “That’s the Army’s attitude ! Not ours ! Try to keep in mind who the victims are here !” DC Universe History The Cinnibar theme was quite close to the later video game Halflife, and might seem to modern players to be a rip-off of that...

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Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); His most common use of magic is to enchant his arrows to endow them with demon-slaying properties. These force the defeated evil creatures to leave Earth’s plane. After he started using firearms, he also...

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Gamble usually packs a modern semi-automatic handgun and some throwing knives, though he’s also a highly proficient hand-to-hand fighter. He occasionally carries a pair of dice filled with explosives. However, this little gadget is chiefly intended for diversion and delaying the...