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(Prince of the Geats)
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There are numerous gateways between the two. The monsters from Hell thus regularly tread the surface world. These go from stock heroic fantasy creatures such as lizardmen, to more magical beings such as flame elementals looking like naked giant maidens. Most such monsters are not...

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Superman’s actions became increasingly drastic due to Dominus’s mental influence. He eventually traced the simulated kryptonite back to Luthor. Superman got rid of the remaining stock of replicated kryptonite and the lab by throwing the top half of Lexcorp Tower into orbit. The...

(Valcan of Pytharia)
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As it turned out, when the hand decided to regrow, the hand that had been hacked off did not die. There were now two hands, one regrown on Valcan’s arm and one running around in its own. Since the hand did not do that before, it is possible that reproducing in this way required...

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Muller emerged, full of rage, seized a hot poker and furiously began to burn his arms and legs before collapsing in tears. After this, he wore a full body stocking when appearing in public, to cover the scars. Muller apparently joined the Ku Klax Klan at some point prior to 1933. He and...

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Stalker also sent a magically-enhanced undead servant to absorb the stocks of fissionable materials at Los Alamos  and turn them into a WMD. This atomic zombie was narrowly destroyed by Starman and the Atom. Leaving to recover in Antarctica, Stalker conjured undead servants and a fortified...

(Byron Lewis)
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Description As Mothman, Lewis wears a purple body stocking with black stripes on his arms and legs, black trunks, a yellow belt bearing a moth-shaped belt buckle, and a red “M” on the front. His boots are black. His purple helmet/mask leaves his lower face and neck exposed, and has...

(DC Tangent version)
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Since nobody pays any attention to Impulse vending machines and the Joker is so quick, the equipment will seem to appear from nowhere – as long as she has 1 or 2 seconds unobserved near a vending machine. She is also highly adept at planning her operations so they’ll take place...