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The following timeline attempts to meet the following objectives : insert the FF in the DCU this insertion allows Superman to be returned to the Golden Age break that silly ten-year timeline, and keep a few date of publication as actual dates for events as long as it is not annoying ...

(Take #2)
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Holds an equivalent status in the Marvel Universe to Superman’s status in the DCU. Advertisement (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Thus, Superman is re-established as the first superhero, with the FF being the first of the Silver Age , and also direct...

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Context This is an unfinished timeline I developed for my combined Marvel-DC campaign. Since my players are mostly “beer and pretzels” types who don’t really care about such trivia, I never got around to finishing it. Besides the “amalgam”  aspect, the main...

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Introduction The key ideas behind this campaign timeline are : Idea #1 Everyone inhabits the same universe, regardless of who publishes the mainstream continuity versions of them. Characters are constantly interacting in far more natural and logical ways than their artificial segregation...