Allen the Alien (Invincible ally) (Image Comics)

Allen the Alien

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


This character appeared in 2003, early during the run of the Invincible super-hero book by Robert Kirkman. He remains a powerful ally of Invincible.

For additional context, you can read our Invincible character profile first.


  • Real Name: Allen
  • Other Aliases: The “Great” Allen
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: Coalition of Planets
  • Base Of Operations: Talescria
  • Height: 6’4” Weight: 375 lbs
  • Eye: Red Hair: None


Powers & Abilities

Strength Level

Allen possesses vast superhuman strength, far surpassing the strength levels of a typical Unopan. In fact, Allen’s strength is so great that it surpasses that of most adult Viltrumite males, making him one of the strongest beings in existence and allowing him to easily lift (press) weights far in excess of hundreds of thousands of tons.

Known Superhuman powers

As a result of his people’s genetic engineering, Allen possesses nearly immeasurable quantities of superhuman strength, endurance, recuperative ability and resiliency to harm. His body is capable of resisting the destructive impact from concussive forces exceeding that of an anti-tank missile without sustaining injury.

In addition, he is seemingly impervious to extremes of both heat and cold, and can survive indefinitely in the vacuum of space. Even more impressively, if Allen is ever critically wounded his physical attributes will experience explosive growth upon recovery.

Allen can also fly though the mental manipulation of gravitons. He can attain near-light speeds in the vacuum of space, but tends to limit his velocity to no more than Mach 10 (7,700 miles per hour).

Finally, Allen possesses the ability to communicate telepathically with other sentient beings. This gift seems to function on a “one-on-one” basis and is limited to line of sight.


Allen has received extensive training in both armed and unarmed combat, in order to best prepare him to enter one-on-one combat with Viltrumite warriors. As a result he is a devastatingly effective melee fighter.

With Thaedus’s passing, Allen has been forced to adopt the mantle of leadership of the Coalition of Planets, and as such has begun to develop his leadership and governing skills of a large government body.



Allen’s history starts with the end of the Unopans’ freedom.

The Unopans’ homeworld was conquered swiftly and savagely by the Viltrumites during their initial push to establish their galactic empire. The surviving Unopans fled to the stars, eking out an existence on massive ships looking for a new home-world. They bred artificially until the very concept of natural procreation became offensive to them.

At this time the Unopans began conducting genetic experiments on their own people to create warriors capable of fighting the Viltrumite Empire. The experiments, which were a dismal failure, created horribly disfigured children. Except for a single child, none were strong enough to survive. That child grew up to be Allen.

The strength of an army

Allen didn’t simply survive, he grew strong; very strong. So strong that nothing he encountered was capable of hurting him. Allen underwent years of training and education in preparation for his first encounter with the Viltrumite empire. When his people deemed him ready, Allen was sent out to face the enemy he was born to fight.

Unfortunately for Allen, his first encounter went … poorly. He was hopelessly outmatched and soundly defeated. After this encounter, the Coalition of Planets came up with a task that Allen was better suited for. Instead of battling the Viltrumites directly, he searched (under the guise of a Champion Evaluation Officer) for someone who could.

Allen began traveling from planet to planet, doing battle with said planet’s chosen warrior, testing them for their suitability not only as a champion, but also as a potential ally against the Viltrumites. Again, he found few that could stand against him, much less face down an adult Viltrumite. This changed when Allen came to a small planet called Urath.

First Encounter

When Allen came to Urath, he faced an extremely powerful being named Omni-man. The two did fierce battle where Allen was defeated, not once or twice but three separate times over 15 years. The two never spoke, but the battles gave Allen hope that he had finally found the help that the Coalition needed.

Allen returned to Urath a final time as his schedule demanded. But this time he discovered that he would face a neophyte champion. This one ended up being far more talkative than Omni-man, the previous champion. During their brief battle, he not only identified himself as Invincible but he also pointed out (to Allen’s chagrin) that the planet he was defending was named the Earth, not Urath.

With the knowledge that he had been travelling to the wrong planet for the last two decades in hand, Allen immediately halted the evaluation and apologized profusely to Invincible.

Allen returned to the Coalition of Planets in shame to report the fact that he had missed his appointed duties at Urath. He reported that instead he had been visiting the planet Earth.

To his dismay, he was told that Earth had already been claimed by the Viltrumites. Allen returned to the Earth as quickly as he could to warn his new friend Invincible that his planet was in imminent danger by the Viltrumite horde.

Saving the Earth

Despite his best intentions, Allen’s warning came too late. Omni-Man had already revealed the truth to his son after murdering the Guardians of the Globe. But instead of taking the life of Invincible when he opposed him, he chose to flee the planet.

For the second time, Allen was stunned after hearing the details of Omni-Man’s actions from the recovered yet shaken Invincible. Never before had a Viltrumite abandoned his post.

Allen returned to the Coalition once more with this shocking news and upon passing the information on to the Elders, settled down for some rest. Unfortunately for him, it was to be short lived. His down-time with his girlfriend was interrupted by a trio of Viltrumite assassins who questioned him on the veracity of his claims.

Once they had the information that they needed, the ruthless Viltrumites literally ripped Allen apart, severing his arm, punching gaping holes in his torso and removing his eye.

Despite all of this, Allen’s resilience proved to be greater than the damage that the Viltrumites could deal. After his body was retrieved from the depths of space, he spent several months comatose within a Coalition hospital on the planet Talescria. When he awakened, Allen discovered that he had gotten stronger; much much stronger.

In fact, Thaedus (one of the founders and current leader of the Coalition of Planets) revealed to Allen that his strength and durability were now at Viltrumite levels.

After explaining to Allen that his assault by the Viltrumites had revealed that a mole existed within the Coalition, Thaedus gave Allen two instructions:

  1. to report all of his findings directly to Thaedus only
  2. to return to the planet Earth and persuade the young Viltrumite to join their cause

A New Hope

Allen made the long trek back to Earth. After a brief skirmish with the Immortal upon his arrival, reconnected with his friend Invincible. The two exchanged stories, including tales surrounding the birth of Invincible’s younger brother, Omni-Man’s imprisonment, and Allen’s unexpected increase in strength.

Despite his continued shock at the actions of this particular family of Viltrumites, Allen gathered his wits about him and managed to ask Invincible to return to the Coalition with him. When Invincible refused, Allen considered forcing him to but abandoned the idea due to their friendship.

Besides, Invincible gave him one last tidbit of information that would prove to be invaluable to the Coalition. Omni-Man had authored a series of novels, disguised as simple science fiction, that revealed the handful of vulnerabilities that a Viltrumite possessed.

Allen recorded the information contained in the novels, and armed with new and potentially game changing data, started his long return trip to Talescria.

Initially, his trip proved to be uneventful but eventually he fell afoul of a Viltrumite cruiser. When the Viltrumites attempted to capture him, Allen was hit with swift inspiration and allowed himself to be captured. The cruiser, which proved to be a prison vessel, ferried Allen to the very same prison where Omni-Man was incarcerated.

Omni-Man found again

Allen made the initial contact with Omni-Man, who he came to know as Nolan, while he was nearly recovered from the wounds he had sustained during his capture. Despite Nolan’s initial lack of trust, the two formed a unique bond of friendship, fostered through long telepathic conversations where they shared the details of their past lives.

They didn’t spend all of their time reminiscing though; the two developed an escape plan that was simple but required them to wait for Nolan to fully recover.

The time eventually came when Nolan had regained his formidable strength, and his scheduled execution could take place. As the ceremonial execution began, Allen put their plan into motion. He simply shattered his manacles and started a riot. Before long, aliens of all kind fought their way to freedom beside the two friends.

After the break-out, Nolan confided in Allen regarding the true status of the Viltrumite Empire. One of their enemies had created a biologic weapon called the Scourge Virus. The virus had wiped out the majority of the Viltrumite race, leaving less than 50 full-blooded Viltrumites to rule their entire empire.

Viltrumite secrets

With the discovery of Earth, and the Viltrumite’s ability to co-mingle their DNA to produce near perfect Viltrumite hybrids with its native population it was suddenly imperative that the Coalition strike before the Viltrumites could replenish their numbers.

Having renounced the Viltrumite ways of old, Nolan now agreed to work with Allen the Alien to find ways to defeat his people. Using the copies of Nolan’s books provided to Allen by Invincible, they began tracking down various weapons, species, and individuals who could pose a legitimate threat to the Viltrumite Empire. Allen and Nolan had great success in their search.

When they had completed recruiting allies and gathering the needed supplies, the two allies returned to the planet Earth. They had to retrieve two of the most potent weapons they needed to combat their Viltrumite foes; Invincible and his younger brother Kid Omni-man.

The Graysons lost

The quartet set out to return to Talescria, with an unexpected ally in tow, the young hero named Tech-Jacket. The trip proved to be equally eventful as Allen’s previous return to Coalition space. The ship that they travelled upon was suddenly assaulted by Viltrumite forces. To make matters worse, they were led by the blood-thirsty Viltrumite warrior Conquest.

The battle was as vicious as it was brief. At its conclusion, Allen and Tech-Jacket found themselves alone and stranded without their Viltrumite allies to aid them. Using the ever impressive capabilities of the Tech-Jacket, the two hid upon the hull of one of the Viltrumite cruisers until Coalition help could arrive.

Once their allies arrived, Allen and Tech-Jacket rejoined the battle. They eventually drove off their Viltrumite enemies.

The following months were taxing for Allen and the Coalition forces. With the Grayson’s going missing, Allen was forced to participate in nearly every battle that an actual Viltrumite was present for. His knew found strength was pushed to the limit. But slowly but surely, the Coalitions forces started to make ground. Or at least that was the way it appeared.

Viltrumite War

Allen and Tech-Jacket were both present on Talescria, planning for a final push, when the Viltrumite forces arrived on mass to devastate the planet. The “dynamic duo” put up a losing fight. They were on the verge of defeat when Nolan and his two sons returned to the fight.

Like a trio of bullets, the Grayson family tore through the Viltrumite forces and upon regaining Allen’s side beat the enemy back and forced them to retreat.

The group only had a few days rest before Thadeus led them on a covert mission to Viltrum itself. Thadeus hoped that by amassing all of the weapons, allies and knowledge that they had accumulated that they could take the assembled Viltrumite forces by surprise and score a final decisive blow against the tyrants.

Unfortunately for Thaedus, the plan was flawed. The assembled Coalition forces did not beat the Viltrumites back to Viltrum, instead the Viltrumites laid in wait for their hated foes.

Despite the ambush, Allen and his allies put up a valiant fight, laying low no less than ten of the remaining Viltrumites. But the cost was great; Oliver Grayson was crippled, Nolan was horrifically wounded, Mark was beaten near death, and the Great Thaedus was murdered in cold blood.

The only thing that saved Allen’s life itself, was the timely arrival of the Space Racer who managed to beat a hasty retreat, dragging an unconscious Tech-Jacket along with Allen into the dark reaches of space.

Allen was gone for less than an hour. He returned with a Coalition cruiser and reinforcements in the desperate hope of saving his friends, but to his shock, the Viltrumites had disappeared. Allen didn’t waste any further time trying to ponder where the tyrants had disappeared to. Instead, he brought the wounded bodies of the Grayson family into the ship and returned to Talescria.

Say Hello to the New Boss

Two weeks passed uneventfully for Allen, as both he and his allies healed. During that time, Thaedus was buried and a great loss was felt by the Coalition. In the attempts to fill that void, Allen was made the leader of the Coalition. With that, Allen the Alien became the “Great” Allen, the most powerful and influential being in the Coalition.

When both Nolan and Mark (Omni-Man and Invincible) recovered sufficiently from their wounds, Allen revealed to them that all Viltrumite activity had halted within Coalition space. Not a single Viltrumite sighting had taken place over the previous two weeks.

In a sudden flash of insight, Mark realized that Viltrumites had abandoned the Empire and travelled to Earth. When he demanded the fasted ship that the Coalition possessed to take him there, Allen didn’t even hesitate to grant his request.

Allen also graciously agreed to keep Oliver in his care, while he recovered further from the severe wounds he received during their final confrontation with the Viltrumites.

Thaedus’ hidden ace

Once his friends left for earth, Allen received a curious communiqué from Thaedus; a message from beyond the grave. Thaedus had recorded the message in the off-chance that he didn’t survive the final confrontation with the Viltrumites.

Within the message, he revealed that he had kept his most potent weapon hidden and in reserve should the Viltrumites win the confrontation; a single vial of a perfected Scourge virus.

Allen wasted no time. He used the Coalition’s vast resources had the virus weaponized. He then waited for news from the Earth, hoping against hope that the Viltrumites were all contained within a single location.

Nearly a month passed, before Nolan returned to Talescria. Allen was pleased to see his friend hale and hearty, and to his surprise with his estranged wife in tow. The two had clearly reconciled and were making up for lost time.

Nolan debriefed Allen on the situation on Earth. He told him about the Viltrumites presence there and how his son had bartered an uncomfortable peace treaty with Thragg’s forces.

Allen reacted poorly to the news initially, but quickly calmed down and agreed to speak more of the situation later. He gave Nolan several days to get reacquainted with Talescria and to spend time with Debbie and Oliver. He didn’t know if it was for Nolan’s sake or if it was his own fear at what he knew would inevitably happen.

Viltrumite allies

Days later, Allen summoned Nolan to his office and revealed to him that he had a weaponized form of the virus. Allen didn’t even have to say another word, before Nolan burst into motion and began searching for the virus. When he couldn’t find it, he tried his best to convince Allen that unleashing the Scourge on Earth would be genocide for Humans.

Allen recognized the risk to humanity. If Viltrumites and Humans had a common enough genetic build that the Scourge would affect humans as well. But he was more than willing to sacrifice a single world to prevent the rebirth of the Viltrumite Empire. With that simple statement, the two friends realized that they would never see eye to eye.

With a mutual understanding between them, Allen and Nolan began to battle fiercely for the fate of the Human race itself. But in truth, Nolan stood little to no chance of victory. Allen’s raw might, along with the addition of his Coalition forces and Oliver (Nolan’s son) proved to be to much for the reformed hero.

Allen gave Nolan no quarter. He hammered Nolan with blow after bone-crushing blow and eventually left him broken on Talescria’s surface. While Nolan was taken into custody, Allen set out for the planet Earth with the Scourge Virus in hand and Oliver in tow.

The Scourge

The two (along with Allen’s retinue) arrived in Earth space within two weeks of their departure. They were greeted warmly by Invincible, who had been warned of their arrival by Cecil Stedman’s long range detection equipment, high above the Earth’s surface.

The warmth of Invincible’s greeting faded quickly when Allen detailed his plans for defeating the Viltrumites. Invincible quietly refused to allow the two of them to infect the planet. Like his father before him, tried to reason with Allen to prevent the potential genocide.

Invincible’s words struck a chord with Allen, but he still stood resolute in his intentions and refused to back down. Predictably, a skirmish broke out amongst the former friends. Despite the fact that Invincible’s strength had increased by a wide margin since the last time they fought, Allen was still the more powerful of the two.

With that in mind, and the fact that Invincible’s younger brother was on his side, Allen waded into the battle without a trace of doubt … until the Viltrumite Grand Regent, Thragg, appeared on the scene.

Thragg moves in

Thragg had been monitoring Earth space and had detected Allen’s arrival the moment his ship dropped to sub-light speeds. Thragg had listened to Invincible’s impassioned plea to Allen, and knew exactly what the massive Unopean had planned for the Viltrumites and Humans alike.

Allen could only watch as the massive Viltrumite Regent readied himself for battle, wreaking of death, destruction and rage. But to Allen’s surprise, instead of tearing both Allen and his forces to shreds, Thragg asked for a chance to parlay.

Despite Oliver’s protests, Allen agreed to Thragg’s request. In the end they agreed to a cautious stalemate and decided to uphold the treaty bartered by Invincible weeks before.

Thragg knew that if he killed Allen, the Coalition would simply send more and more forces against the Earth. Allen realized that even if he were able to infect Thragg on the spot that the Viltrumite would retain just enough of his strength to slaughter Allen and his troops as well.

Just as they were cementing the terms of the Viltrumites surrender, the Earth-born heroes, the Guardians of the Globe, arrived in orbit. They attempted to take everyone present into custody. Allen joined Invincible in trying to calm the situation, before the Guardians provoked the already irritated Thragg to violence when the Guardians attacked.

Allen did his best to defend himself without hurting the much weaker Guardians, and while his attention was diverted Oliver made a rash move. He raced up to Allen’s side and snatched the dispenser containing the Scourge Virus. In a flash, he was racing down into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Invincible took off in a blur of motion behind his younger brother, leaving Allen to tender mercies of the Guardians.


Realizing how severe the situation had become, Allen broke free of the Guardians and pursued two of his closest friends in the universe. Unfortunately, he arrived moments too late. By the time he caught up to the struggling brothers, the dispenser had gone off in Invincible’s face fully infecting him with the virus.

Left with no choice, Allen took Invincible to the Viltrumite command carrier (that was hidden on the dark side of the moon), and left him in their hands. He then returned to Earth’s surface (as he was unwelcome on the Viltrumite carrier) and awaited news of Invincible’s condition.

While they waited, Allen and Oliver sought out his friend Tech Jacket. They found him during a particularly difficult battle with an unusual alien invader. Despite their near immeasurable raw strength, the three allies found themselves on the losing side of the battle until Atom Eve intervened and neutralized the alien.

Eve’s appearance was not a coincidence. She had arrived looking for Allen’s aid in retrieving Invincible from the clutches of Dinosaurus. The evil reptilian had kidnapped Invincible from his viltrumite hosts and had fled to Earth.

As Allen was one of the few beings that knew the location of Dinosaurus’ lair (he had gotten the information from Invincible before he succumbed to the virus), Eve came seeking his help.

Everybody walks the dinosaur

Allen, Oliver, Tech Jacket, Eve and Bulletproof all converged on Dinosaurus’ lair. They confronted the villain only to discover that he had been protecting Invincible from his own people.

When the crisis was dealt with, and Invincible’s return to health (he had fought off the effects of the Scourge on his own while being treated by the Viltrumites) Allen decided it was time to return to Talescria. Both he and Oliver journeyed home over the next two weeks, and upon their arrival, Allen freed Nolan and begged for his forgiveness.

Nolan eventually accepted the apology, and agreed to infiltrate the earthbound Viltrumite forces on Allen’s behalf.

Allen currently waits upon Talescria for news on Nolan’s progress upon the Earth.


Allen is a massively built bipedal being, without a scrap of visible hair. He has pointed ears and bright pink skin. He has three fingers on each hand and two huge toes on each foot. But his most distinguishing feature is the single large cyclopian eye that sits in the centre of his face.

Allen typically wears a blue body suit with a purple jacket over it. He typically wears a belt with many pouches as well.


Despite his freakish (by our standards) appearance and massive size, Allen comes across as one of the boys. He is genuinely friendly and usually in good humour. He is completely dedicated to his mission though. His one true goal to see the end of the Viltrumite’s tyrannical empire.

In combat, Allen is confident and more than willing to joke with his opponent.


(Telepathically to Invincible during a supposed training exercise) “Not bad… But if you’re trying to slam me into something, your moon is the closest option… and it’s THAT way.”

“I’m a champion evaluation officer.”

(While Invincible exercised his right to a break during his evaluation by Allen)
Allen: “What are you talking about ? I’ve got the mandate for this planet right here ! See ? Urath ! It says it right here.”
Invincible: “URATH ?! Where the hell is Urath ?!? This is Earth !!!”
Allen: “Oh… crap.”

“Why must you always insist on things you know I can’t do ? Physical love is forbidden among my people. Especially with other races.”

(Defiantly while being questioned by a trio of Viltrumites) “You know — two eyes — moustache. You biclops all look the same to me.”

DC Universe History

Allen could be inserted whole cloth into the DC universe with no changes to his origins. If Invincible or Omni-man are being used even better! Otherwise he can be used as a foil for Kon-El or even Superman in preparation for the insidious Viltrumite invasion to come.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Allen the Alien

Dex: 07 Str: 25 Bod: 20 Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 05 Wil: 08 Min: 10 Occupation: Leader of the Coalition of Planets
Inf: 05 Aur: 06 Spi: 08 Resources {or Wealth}: 012
Init: 020 HP: 060

Cold Immunity: 06, Comprehend Languages: 06, Flame Immunity: 06, Flight: 37, Invulnerability: 18, Telepathy: 07

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Comprehend Languages can be used with the spoken language (-1FC).
  • Telepathy can only mentally link with a single individual at a time (-1); Cannot be used to enter mind-to-mind combat (-1); Can only be used with sentient individuals within line of sight (-1); and gives Allen a headache whenever used (-0).

Martial Artist (AV, EV): 10, Military Science (Danger Recognition, Field Command): 05

Area Knowledge (Coalition of Planets), Astounding Potential, Credentials (Coalition of Planets, High), Headquarters (Expansive), Leadership, Life Support (No need to breathe), Scholar (Astrogation).

Coalition of Planets (High), Invincible (High), Omni-Man (High), Tech-Jacket (High).

Authority Figure, Strange Appearance.



  • Data pad [BODY 04, Recall: 20, R#02.]
  • 6 AP Omni-Gadget.

Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger

If Allen is ever dying and then manages to recover through any means, he can then immediately apply his Astounding Potential advantage. Conversely, outside of these types of moments, he is unable to utilize the advantage whatsoever.

Astounding Potential Advantage [COST: 150/175/200*]

The Astounding Potential Advantage denotes the case of a character who rapidly improves their various stats and develop new Powers, Skills, increase various Attributes, etc. This is simulated in game by multiplying all costs incurred during the Character Growth process by the Factor purchased with the advantage. A chart with the factor costs is listed below.

Potential Chart Factor Cost
150 HP
¼ 175 HP
1/5 200 HP

This is, of course, an intrinsically game-breaking ability; especially since in many campaigns, the baseline Character Advancement rules are considered to be too rapid and some sort of house rule multiplier is slapped onto Character Advancement costs.

By Bryan Gittens.

Source of Character: Image Comic Book Series – Invincible, created by Robert Kirkman (Author) and Cory Walker (Illustrator).

Helper(s): Kal-El, Roy Cowan, Peter S Piispanen.

Writeup updated on the 06th of February, 2012.