Alpha-One the Mighty (DC Comics)

Alpha One


The Mighty was a 2009 comic book story by Tomasi and Champagne. It took place on a version of Earth with but a single superhuman, a Superman-like figure called Alpha One.

Though everyone in this world thinks that Alpha One is a great hero who emerged during World War Two, this is wrong in every respect.

This profile includes S P O I L E R S.


  • Real Name: Unrevealed.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: Section Omega.
  • Base Of Operations: Washington, DC.
  • Height: 6’3” Weight: 240 lbs.
  • Eyes: Light Brown Hair: Black


Powers and Abilities

Alpha One is a member of an unnamed alien race that on the surface resemble homo sapiens, but are physiologically quite different. Presumably due to the nature of their home world and the own alien genetics, each member of Alpha One’s race are possessed of immense superhuman powers that closely resemble those of a full blooded Kryptonian or Daxamite.

Alpha One himself has displayed vast superhuman strength, endurance and resilience to all forms of conventional injury. He has also shown that he possesses prodigious recuperative abilities. Any injury that he suffered over his lifetime completely healed at an accelerated rate, leaving him whole and un-scarred within a matter of minutes.

Alpha One main pose

It can be surmised that his body’s ability to rapidly regenerate its biological manner is also responsible for his extended lifespan. Physically, Alpha One has not aged a day since his arrival on earth in the early 1800s. He appears to be a man in his early 30s, even though he himself has stated that he is over 230 years old.

More super-powers

Alpha One has also demonstrated an enhanced level of sensory capacity and an increased capacity to react to said data; he has displayed the ability to perceive and interpret visual images and auditory data over long distances.

Moreover, he has also displayed the ability to perceive sounds outside of the normal range of human perception. He made good use of this ability to receive the distress calls from his teammates in Section Omega.


His ability to react to said stimuli has been documented to be within milliseconds; in the past he has literally plucked in-flight bullets out of the air in the same manner that a normal man would catch a slow tossed baseball.

Through some unknown mental process, Alpha One has shown that through the sheer force of his own will, he can harness his own internal energies for a variety of external effects.

The least of these is his gift of unaided flight. Whether it is powered by the mental manipulation of gravitons around his form or projection of energy behind himself, Alpha One has shown that he can soar unaided through the skies at speed faster than the human eye can follow.

In addition, with concentration, Alpha One has proven that he can project two distinct types of radiant energy from his optic nerves of his eyes. The first type of energy seems to be a form of visible light that generates heat. His control over his so called “heat vision” is so precise that he can use them to warm a meal or to completely incinerate metal and/or flesh.

The second type cannot be perceived by anyone other than Alpha One, but has allowed him to see through any and all materials as though they were made of a clear pane of glass.


Outside of his sheer physical abilities, Alpha One has displayed a keen mind and a technical aptitude that is unmatched by any earth born scientist. This is most likely due to the vast gulf in technological and scientific knowledge that exists between his home-world and the earth.

By utilizing his alien knowledge, his extended lifespan and his questionable morals he has also displayed an intimate knowledge of human biology.


Despite his seeming invincibility, Alpha One has displayed a single weakness. His alien physique has proven to be unable to process higher concentrations of nitrogen.

Being immersed in a nitrogen rich environment won’t in and of itself kill him, but breathing in nitrogen rich air (even the natural ratio of nitrogen in the air we breath which is about 80% is enough to affect him over time) has proven to be debilitating for him, inducing a state of cerebral hypoxia and rendering him unconscious.

Left unchecked, he could suffer even greater effects, from strokes and comas, to eventual death.


The being that would eventually be known as Alpha One’s story started on his home-world, an unnamed planet that was found a far off distance from the planet Earth.

In many respects it was similar to Earth. It was densely populated and full of strife, the main difference between the two planets was that Alpha One’s planet was filled with super-powered beings.

Alpha One was a vocal, passionate and idealistic politician there, who frequently spoke about a utopian world where all of its people lived in harmony with the same ideals. After years of being ignored, he finally stood in the senate and boldly proposed a radical plan to create the world of his dreams to the rest of his peers.

Unfortunately, it seemed that no one could stomach the idea of slaughtering ten percent of their planet’s population to reach this goal.

When his fellow senators scoffed at his plan and criticised his vision, Alpha One finally snapped. In a single instant of rage, he attacked the representatives that surrounded him, murdering several of them.

Eventually, he was subdued, tried and banished to a distant underground penal colony light-years away from the world he so dearly loved. The penal colony was located on Venus.


Fortunately for him, fate had other plans for Alpha One. The prison vessel that was transporting him had some form of mechanical failure causing it to crash land on the planet Earth, in the newly christened United States of America. Ironically, the very device that contained his great strength served as a buffer to the crash, preventing his death while his captors and the pilots all perished.

Alpha One flying

Alpha One emerged from the downed ship, and found himself in the middle of a pitched battle during the American Revolution. At his sudden appearance, both the British and the American Rebels mistook him for a demon rising from the fires of hell itself, and attacked him with abandon.

To his surprise, Alpha One found himself completely immune to the native’s weapons. Despite this, he slaughtered them to a man.

After considering his options, Alpha One decided to remain hidden on the Earth and settled back to watch how its people progressed and planned for their future. He watched them as their greed changed them, religious conflict threatened to consume them, and they created weapons of mass destruction.

He came to the conclusion that like his own people, they were flawed and needed his leadership. His plan for a utopian society would have to be enacted upon his adopted planet after all.

Strengthening the stock

Before enacting his plan though, he reasoned that he would need to create a sturdier breed of human being. He pursued this line of reasoning vigorously and attempted to create this master race through normal biological reproduction.

He didn’t limit himself to a specific race or creed, sampling each and every type of female that he could. Some were willing, some were not. Despite it all, Alpha One discovered that he was incapable of reproducing with a human female.

Undaunted, he decided to turn to genetics. He began taking individuals for his experiments from any and all walks of life, often causing “disasters” and accidents in order to cover his tracks.

He sunk ships (including the Titanic), visited war-zones, started fires or simply acquired individuals from random accidents that he could have prevented and used them in his experiments.

The Birth of Alpha One

In the year 1938, while his efforts to create his master race continued, Alpha One came across a small piece of literature that would forever change not only his life but the lives of all those who surrounded him. Action Comics #1 came to his attention, and the colourfully garbed “Man of Steel” gave him an idea.

He realized that the people of Earth needed a beacon, a standard to look up to, a symbol of hope that they could believe in. In that moment, he decided to become that beacon, and bid his time until he knew that his revelation would have the greatest affect. That date was in 1945.

He revealed his presence to the Truman government at the time. Together with his new handlers worked to create a cover story to explain his “origins” to the rest of America.

He went public on the 17th of December in the year 1952. He pretended to be a Navy seaman that fell overboard into the Eniwetok Atoll , mere hours before a series of atomic tests were scheduled to run. After falling overboard, he remained hidden while the tests continued as scheduled.

After the massive atomic detonation, he allowed himself to be miraculously found after floating for hours in the irradiated waters. He then pretended that the radiation was the source of his powers. In an instant, the newly christened “Alpha One” became an instant celebrity and enduring American icon.

Atomic Age

Coinciding with his public reveal, a nationwide government sanctioned police force was simultaneously created by President Truman. It was to watchdog and assist Alpha One in his various heroic endeavours. Officially, Alpha One reported to the Captain of Section Omega after each intervention giving a detailed report of his actions and the fallout that may have occurred as a result.

Section Omega was funded using the massive licensing fees generated by the all of the merchandize that bore Alpha One’s image over his decades long career. With this group in place, the public’s suspicions were laid to rest and Alpha One’s plan continued without interruption.

Despite the close scrutiny placed on his actions by Section Omega, Alpha One’s plans continued without significant interruption. He learned to be more careful, often engineering plausible accidents and always leaving an unidentifiable corpse or two at the scene.

Initially, no one seemed the wiser but as time passed, and the evidence left behind at each incident grew, suspicion would start to foster within the leaders of Section Omega.

Alpha One was prepared for this eventuality and whenever the Captain got too close to the truth, he engineered an accidental death for the Captain.

I want to believe

This continued until a young man named Taylor Rhines was promoted to Captain. In a short period of time the unusually perceptive young man managed to discover most of Alpha One’s secret agenda including his abductions, murders and due to a fortunate piece of video even managed to discover his only weakness.

Even as he realized this, Taylor came to the abrupt understanding of what had happened to the Captains before him. With no one to turn to, and no hope of defeating the enigmatic hero, Taylor did the only thing he could.

He severed his right hand which had the Alpha Signal Brand implanted within it (the Alpha signal was capable of transmitting a hypersonic signal to Alpha One no matter where he was in the world, calling him to the aid of the Captain in an instant), and disappeared into the night.

Several other Captain’s came and went after Taylor, the final being a young man named Gabriel Cole. Gabriel Cole inherited the role of Section Omega Captain when the previous Captain Michael Shaw got entirely to close to discovering the truth after investigating a runaway train derailment that Alpha One instigated.

Gabriel Cole

Shaw seemingly confronted Alpha One or had tried to reach the media with the truth. In retaliation Alpha One beat him severely, destroyed his vocal cords and let him escape to Cole’s home. Shaw died in fear and pain in young Gabriel Cole’s arms with Alpha One looming over him.

Despite his sorrow at losing his friend, Gabriel eagerly accepted the role of Captain and the opportunity to finally meet his childhood hero face to face.

Alpha One catches a bullet

It wouldn’t be the first time they had met. When Gabriel was a young boy, his family was involved in a car wreck that should have killed everyone aboard. Alpha One pulled Gabriel out of the car wreck saving the young boy’s life, but was unable to reach his parents in time.

It was a very public rescue, and due to the dramatic circumstances surrounding his parents demise, Gabriel became the instant apple of the public’s eye and given the nickname “America’s Orphan.”

Wheels within wheels

For some unfathomable reason, Alpha One found himself wanting to spend time with Gabriel. In order to gain his trust, he claimed to discover the location of Captain Shaw’s killers and took Gabriel with him in order to exact “justice” for their fallen comrade.

Alpha One left Gabriel outside the church where the supposed killers were hiding and proceeded to enter and apprehend them.

In truth, he simply chose a well armed group of drug dealers to blame the crime on and set out to kill them in order to cover up his own murder of Shaw. Gabriel, however, had different plans. The impulsive young Captain burst into the Church, weapon at the ready only to discover the dealers attempted to escape from the enigmatic hero.

As they prepared to fire on Gabriel Alpha One intervened and allowed his invulnerable body, the enclosed space and the reflected dealer’s bullets to kill the criminals.

Fatal flaw

With no further witnesses to the crime, the investigation into Shaw’s death was closed. Gabriel was officially made Captain and despite his better judgement, Alpha One found Gabriel’s earnestness appealing. The two became fast friends, sharing drinks and having dinner together with Gabriel’s wife at his home.

With Gabriel at his side, Alpha One started to experience feelings he hadn’t had in centuries. Over the years, he had been so focused on his goal he hadn’t even realized that he was suffering from a profound sense of loneliness, a feeling that had been lifted by the company of the young man and his wife who had shared a small piece of their life with him.

With that, Alpha One made his biggest mistake; he let his guard down and took Gabriel into his home.

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men…

Alpha one took great pride in revealing the secrets of his home with Gabriel. He showed him everything from his Eagle’s Nest to his Hyperbaric Chamber and eventually revealed his one weakness to the young man. In essence, Alpha One bared his soul to Gabriel hoping to find a kindred spirit with whom to share his overall dream of a perfect world.

Unfortunately for Alpha One, it wasn’t long after their visit that Gabriel received another unexpected visit from a figure in his past. Former Captain Taylor Rhines approached Gabriel when he finished work late one night, speaking in riddles and of conspiracies.

Gabriel being just as shrewd and as much of a cop as the previous Captains before him, instantly decided to pick up the investigation where Shaw had left off, investigating Alpha One’s increasingly erratic behaviour and the strange circumstances surrounding Shaw’s murder.

While Gabriel’s investigation continued full swing, Alpha One discovered Taylor Rhine’s hiding spot and after a brief confrontation, murdered him with a bullet from his own gun. He then abducted a young boy named Zachary from his home.

Zachary had lost his mother when Alpha One intervened in an attempted bank robbery. She was killed when a bullet ricocheted out of control off of Alpha One’s invulnerable hide. In a strange form of remorse, Alpha One returned for Zachary in the hopes that his next experiment would succeed with him.

You want the truth?

Despite his focus on his overall goals, Alpha One kept one eye on his shrewd new handler and grew more and more impressed with Gabriel’s ingenuity each day. Gabriel intervened unexpectedly when Alpha One was acquiring a nuclear device from a group of Persian militants, forcing him to murder the men before they could reveal Alpha One’s involvement.

Realizing that Gabriel was closing in on the truth, Alpha One began to monitor Gabriel’s activities extremely closely. When Alpha One caught Gabriel sharing his suspicions with his wife, he knew he had little choice but to take action.

Alpha One took a calculated gamble and attempted to throw Gabriel off of his game by staging an accident that supposedly claimed the life of Janet, Gabriel’s wife.

Grief stricken, Gabriel temporarily seemed to lose his grip on sanity and took a leave of absence from Section Omega. In the interim, Alpha One continued his plan, planting his newly acquired nuclear bomb within a soon to be crowed Metrofield stadium and completing his experimentation on both Janet and Zachary.

New breed

To his surprise and elation, his final modifications to his experiments had succeeded. He had created a formula that would alter the genetic structure of a human being to closely resemble his own. With a feeling of success and pride in his heart, Alpha One sought out Gabriel and hoped to council him throughout his grief.

The two returned to Alpha One’s lair and shared a meal and some polite yet strained conversation. During their quiet time together, Alpha One received word that a titanic tsunami was going to strike in the east. He assured Gabriel that he could handle the tsunami in short order and rushed off to save the civilians in danger.

As soon as Alpha One exited the lair, Gabriel relaxed his grief stricken act and broke into Alpha One’s systems within the Eagle’s Nest. In short order, he discovered Alpha One’s plans for detonating the nuclear device within the Metrofield stadium and all other manners of secrets.

In a shot, Gabriel left the Eagle’s Nest and rushed home in the vain attempts to let the world know Alpha One’s plans.

Unfortunately for Gabriel, Alpha One had been monitoring him and had rocketed back to the States in a blaze of speed. Despite Gabriel’s attempts to throw him off using the Alpha Brand from Captain Shaw’s body, Alpha One found Gabriel in short order.

With a heavy heart, Alpha One used his heat vision to damage Gabriel’s vocal chords and rendered him mute. He then left a stunned Gabriel for dead as his car careened of the side of a cliff. With Gabriel out of the way, Alpha One then retrieved the nuclear bomb before it exploded. In front of a full capacity audience, Alpha One was a saviour once more.

End Game, part 1

With all of his loose ends wrapped up, Alpha One prepared to return home when to his surprise, Gabriel’s Alpha Brand signal went off. In a blur of motion, Alpha One rocketed to Gabriel’s location to verify whether or not the resourceful young man survived.

He found Gabriel at one of his lieutenants’ home, desperately trying to speak. In a blur of motion, Alpha One murdered the lieutenant and swooped Gabriel up into the sky. Instead of simply murdering Gabriel, Alpha One decided to take one last stab at bringing him over to his way of thinking.

The two returned to the Eagle’s Nest, and Alpha One took Gabriel deeper within his headquarters than he ever had before. He showed Gabriel all of the failed results of his experimentation and finally told Gabriel his entire story, laying out everything from his alien origins to his plans for a better world.

End Game, part 2

Gabriel listened stoically for the entire conversation and only reacted when Alpha One revealed that Janet yet lived and had become superhuman. At that moment, Alpha One knew that he had Gabriel. He offered him a chance at godhood, second only to him, and to his pleasure, Gabriel accepted.

Alpha One diagnosing a tumor

Alpha One brimmed with satisfaction as he prepared his “friend” for the process. While he prepared the machinery and gave Gabriel an overview of what to expect, he dropped his guard for a single moment. It was then that Gabriel chose to strike. Gabriel pressed the Alpha Brand directly against Alpha One’s ear and triggered the signal.

The device emitted it’s signal, capable of alerting Alpha One from hundreds of miles away, less than a millimetre away from Alpha One’s superhuman ears. Deafened and writhing in pain, Alpha One watched helplessly as Gabriel desperately hit a button on the chamber that held his wife and a young boy that he didn’t recognize.

End Game, part 3

Enraged and in excruciating pain, Alpha One unleashed his heat vision against the Alpha Brand embedded in Gabriel’s right hand. Gabriel’s hand was instantly disintegrated in a flash of light, leaving nothing but a cauterized stump and silence in the air.

Gabriel could only watch in stunned pain and silence as Alpha One stalked towards him with menace in his eyes preparing to end his life.

Gabriel hung limply in Alpha One’s grip, desperately trying to will his body into motion when twin beams of light struck Alpha One in the back. The young boy, Zachary stood free from the chamber, clothed only in his underwear and a righteous fury. Realizing that Alpha One had killed his mother, Zachary attacked him with abandon.

The two super-humans battled briefly, giving Gabriel enough time to recover his wits and draw his weapon. He watched as Alpha One proved to be much stronger than his youthful opponent, and struck him a blow so powerful that it sent him careening through the earth that the Eagle’s Nest was buried in and out into the open night sky.

With Zachary out of the way, Alpha One returned his attention to Gabriel.

End Game, part 4

With contemptuous ease, Alpha One shattered seven of Gabriel’s ribs. He then waited and watched his mortal opponent attempt to struggle back to his feet and brandish his weapon towards him once more. It wouldn’t have been enough to simply kill Gabriel for Alpha One at that point, he wanted him to suffer for his defiance.

Unfortunately, he didn’t realize that Gabriel came into this fight with a plan for defeating him.

While Alpha One taunted him with his superiority, Gabriel fired his handgun directly into Alpha One’s face. The bullet shattered on impact, as he knew it would, and it released its payload directly into his breathing passage; that payload was pure nitrogen.

As it turned out, Taylor Rhines discovered Alpha One’s weakness via a secretly recorded video of one of the fits he would often have after being exposed to too much nitrogen.

Over time, he realized that this was a form of cerebral hypoxia and he started to devise a way to create a weapon that would hopefully induce this state in the mighty alien. As a result, he commissioned the creation of several “nitrogen bullets” and hid them in a location that only he would know.

He then recorded a message for Gabriel and left it in his office, outlining his plan and the location of the bullets.

How glad am I to be superhuman

While Alpha One reeled in pain, Gabriel not only emptied the rest of his ammo into the mighty alien but turned his anger against the sophisticated equipment that Alpha One used for his experiments.

With his machines in ruins and his lungs burning with pain, rage finally took over Alpha One and in a single brutal moment, he broke Gabriel’s neck and shattered the mortal’s spine.

As he lamented his loss and tried to get over the searing pain in his chest, Alpha One turned away from the corpse of Gabriel Cole and sought to regain his composure. If he didn’t turn away, he would have noticed fate rearing its ugly head once more.

Gabriel’s body had begun to heal rapidly from the damage that Alpha One had caused it. His spine straightened, his neck realigned and the stump of his arm sprouted new nerve and bone that rapidly grew into a new hand.

Apparently, while he was busy smashing Alpha One’s laboratory equipment, Gabriel had inadvertently exposed himself to the very process that Alpha One had wished to subject him to in the first place.

With a sudden surge of energy, Gabriel rose to his feet brimming with a inhuman amount of strength, energy and purpose. He was prepared to fight his childhood hero to the death once more.


The super-humans came together with a titanic shockwave, shattering much of the Eagle’s nest that surrounded them. The two traded blows briefly and in moments it became clear that despite Gabriel’s new found abilities and his hand to hand combat training, Alpha One still had an edge in raw power and savagery.

As Gabriel’s advantage of surprise receded, he desperately unleashed his newfound heat-vision in an intense concentrated blast towards Alpha One’s face. Alpha One responded in kind, and the power unleashed between the two soon had the air glowing white hot.

The conflagration lasted only moments, but as the light died out, Gabriel lay unconscious on the ground and Alpha One stood tottering on his feet clutching at his throat.

Alpha One suspended

The energy output that the two had unleashed had burnt away enough of the oxygen in the air to force the mighty Alpha One into the early stages of cerebral hypoxia. In desperation, Alpha One retreated to his hyperbaric chamber that he used to counteract the deleterious effects of nitrogen poisoning.

As the doors closed behind him, and he gave his verbal command to active, the chamber started with its usual rush of air and Alpha One breathed in deeply.


Even as he did, Alpha One immediately realized that something was wrong. The mixture of the air was wrong, it didn’t smell like the pure blast of oxygen that he expected and the searing agony in his lungs only increased.

In a start, he realized what had happened. He thought back to when he first brought Gabriel into the Eagle’s Nest and revealed all of his secrets to his new found friend.

He remembered rescuing Cole from within the hyperbaric chamber when he had wandered into it accidentally. And worst of all, he remembered leaving Gabriel alone within the Eagle’s Nest while he left to deal with the tsunami.

Gabriel had set him up and altered the air mixture within the chamber, setting it to flood with pure nitrogen the next time Alpha One had entered. His plan had finally come to fruition.

With a final chuckle and nod to his former friend’s ingenuity, Alpha One lapsed into unconsciousness. He never woke up, when Gabriel and his wife placed him back into the very containment pod that his former jailers had placed him into for his trip to the prison facilities on Jupiter.

As it stands now, Alpha One continues to sleep a dreamless sleep awaiting the moment in time when he is freed and able to resume his quest for a better world.


Alpha One appears to be a massively built Caucasian male, with stark black hair (which he wears in a medium length cut over the entirety of his head) and has light brown eyes (which seem almost golden in some images). He is always seen wearing a white and black body stocking with a large white “A” in the centre of his chest.

The body stocking covers him head to foot, leaving no flesh exposed save his face. Alpha One occasionally (mostly for moments of ceremony) will accent his standard uniform with a blue cape that attaches to his shoulders with two golden triangular clips.


Alpha One is possessed of quite possibly the most powerful and dangerous trait that any one being can possess: true faith. He fervently believes that the possibility of a better world exists, and that he is the one man who can bring such a world into existence.

His faith in this ideal will drive him to any length and allow him to justify any action that he takes. He believes that the goal is worth any crime he may commit to achieve it. Woe be it upon any being who stands in his way to achieve this goal.

An idealist

Despite his manic beliefs, under normal circumstances Alpha truly does want what’s best for those around him. His acts of heroism aren’t truly acts. If it doesn’t interfere with his overall plans, he will take action to protect innocent civilians who are about him from anything that he perceives as a menace.

The other overwhelming characteristic that Alpha One has demonstrated, is a profound loneliness. Alpha-One doesn’t interact much with the public at all. He is always there, selflessly helping his fellow man in their times of greatest need, but his powers and abilities have set him apart.

He is one of a kind, and doesn’t form friendships easily. What else would cause him to reach out to Gabriel Cole with such intensity, almost desperation. It is apparent that Alpha One needs someone, anyone, to share his dream with; not necessarily as an equal but definitely as a confidant.


“I’d rather handle a nuclear disaster than tackle a crowd of reporters any day.”

“You’re a man I want to work with to make this world a better place. Not just a man I respect, but someone I can also trust. I need you, Cole.”

“Try not to squirm, citizen. I’d regret it if you were to fall to your end. You have a much grander destiny to fulfill.”

(When Cole nearly walks in on him murdering his own followers) “Footsteps. Damn it Cole… I hate having to improvise.”

“Greetings, Citizen. You may want to see a doctor about that tumor on your hip.”

“I feel like something has come between our friendship. You’ve become incredibly wary of me. I wanted to clear the air. If you have… concerns… just ask. I’ll tell.”

“I first thought of adopting a costumed persona in 1938, after seeing a Superman comic book.”

“Good for you, Cole. Good for you. I expected nothing else.”

(After searing Cole’s vocal cords with his heat vision) “The time for talk is over. Words are meaningless. Only our deeds define us now.”

“My ideas, my master plan, were deemed too radical. No one could see the apparent logic of sacrificing ten percent of the planet’s population to save ninety percent of it. Those cowards that didn’t share my vision tried to suppress it. This … I would not let stand.”

“I needed to take life to preserve it.”

“I will always welcome — and quite possibly entertain — your questions and suggestions as we go about fixing the world. This is your fate, Gabriel. Don’t you see the circle ? I’ve led you down this path from the time I orphaned you. I inspired you. Guided. In a strange way, I even raised you. This is your chance to join me. Join us.”

“Seven ribs. Shattered beyond repair in a blink. A simple prelude of the pain to come. By all means, Gabriel. Pick. Up. Your. Weapon.”

“Shut up and DIE !”


“We should be saving the world together, Gabriel ! SAVING THE WORLD ! This should have been your first day as a god. Second only to me !”

DC Universe History

The Mighty is not set in DC Continuity. The world it takes place in is not part of the DC Multiverse. It exists completely on its own, unfolding in a world that has exactly one superhero to call its own.

It would be possible to slide Alpha One into a alternate Earth within the DC Multiverse, allowing low level meta or entirely player characters to encounter him, but in order to maintain the overwhelming threat that Alpha One represents he can’t truly be folded into the DC Universe proper.

It would have been interesting to see Alpha One encounter Bruce Wayne and watch the Batman outwit his truly indestructible foe.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Alpha One

Dex: 06 Str: 20 Bod: 18 Motivation: Power Lust
Int: 09 Wil: 09 Min: 10 Occupation: Superhero
Inf: 08 Aur: 12 Spi: 11 Resources {or Wealth}: 020
Init: 040 HP: 070

Directional Hearing: 08, Extended Hearing: 08, Flight: 18, Heat Vision: 18, Invulnerability: 22, Microscopic Vision: 10, Regeneration: 10, Sealed Systems: 15, Super Hearing: 08, SuperSpeed: 15, Telescopic Vision: 12, X-Ray Vision: 13

Artist (Actor): 06, Artist (Cooking): 04, Charisma (Persuasion, Intimidation): 07, Gadgetry: 09, Medicine: 09, Scientist: 09

Area Knowledge (Washington DC), Credentials (Police, High), Scholar (Genetics), Language (Japanese, Farsi), Lightning Reflexes, Headquarters (Expansive), Stabilization, Popularity, Genius, Slowed Aging.

Section Omega (High), Washington Police (High), U.S. government (Low).

CIA (Creating the perfect world), Creepy Appearance (Hollow Voice, Controllable (+0)), Dark Secret (Alien Origin), Dark Secret (Human Experimentation), Exile (Forced, Home Planet), LimeLight, Public Identity, Fatal Vulnerability (Nitrogen Poisoning – Range of 0 APs).



  • Alpha Brand [BODY 04, Alert: 18, Bonuses & Limitations: Alert is a perceivable sound at a subsonic frequency].
  • Hyperbaric Chamber [BOD 12, Bonuses & Limitations: Neutralize Fatal Vulnerability].
  • Holding Cell x100 [BOD 12, Coma: 20, Neutralize: 20, Bonuses & Limitations: Neutralize has Multi-Attack Advantage and affects STR].
  • Tracking Watch [BOD 10, Detect (Alpha Signal): 15, Bonuses & Limitations: Detect operates at Range +7].

By Bryan Gittens.

Source of Character: The Mighty series by DC Comics.

Helper(s): Darci.