These gals are from a Filipino musical (and its movie adaptation) which spoofs the main Filipina super-heroine, Darna.

For full context you’ll need to first read the profiles for Queen Femina and Zsa-Zsa Zaturnnah.


  • Real Name: Vilma S, Sharon C, Nora A, Dina B.
  • Marital Status: Single !!!
  • Known Relatives: Paternal Male-form (father, deceased or castrated), Unnamed Mother.
  • Group Affiliation: Amazonistas.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile throughout the galaxy, originally Planet Xxx.
  • Height: Varies, usually about 5’8” Weight: Varies, usually about 120 lbs.
  • Eyes: Varies Hair: Varies, but will match their outfit.


Powers and Abilities

The womyn of Planet Xxx have undergone various special procedures, including cell taps, organic implants, biogenetic regenerative systems, genetic manipulation and infusion of nanotechnology. The purpose was to make them the perfect females.

Originally, this was to serve as sex-slaves and servants for the male-forms of Planet Xxx. But since Queen Femina led her revolt, it has been shown that these advancements have also made the womyn capable of astounding feats of strength and combat skill.

Amazonistas and Queen Femina, from the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah movie

She actively adapted the technology and created the Amazonistas, her personal guard and retinue. These are the elite fighting force of Planet Xxx who have laid havoc to entire battalions of males. These womyn are trained in the most progressive and aggressive techniques of combat and beauty to combat any treat, great or small.

The Amazonista’s have the ability to boost their physical capabilities tenfold in the presence of powerful males, particularly the male-forms of Planet Xxx. This is evidently something that Queen Femina had programmed into their nanotechnology. It is also responsible for programming that drives the Amazonistas to capture any male-form from their home planet and return with him.


(Paraphrased directly from Queen Femina’s song.)

The male-forms of Planet Xxx grew jealous of the rights and privileges of the females of their homeworld. They resorted to brutal violence to have their way, which grew into a conflict that led to the near extinction of the females.

Amazonistas group shot

Only a small number of womyn were kept alive for breeding purposes. Even these womyn were enslaved and bereft of any rights, not even being allowed to speak.

For nearly 100 years this continued. For three generations womyn were kept as silent sex-slaves to the brutish male-forms. This continued until one day a young female, who would later be known as Femina, decided to hear her own voice. On her 18th name-day she spoke, breaking every edict of the male-forms.


Defending herself violently from any male-form that tried to silence her, on she spoke- of revolution. She rallied the womyn, fanning the flames of her rebellion. She quickly found that the generations of genetic manipulation by the male-forms had not only left her with beauty and a fit body, but that she was unnaturally strong as well as capable and adept in combat.

Using these gifts and utilizing any weaponry or technology she captured along the way, she killed or castrated every male-form who tried to silence her.

She soon gathered the entire race’s womyn to her side. With cunning, stealth, grace and beauty they waged war upon their enemy. It proved to be the most violent conflagration ever felt on Planet Xxx. Although many womyn lost their lives in the conflict, they proved victorious.

Amazonistas photo shoot

They vowed never to be conquered again; and until now this remains to be true. Femina was crowned Queen Femina Suarestella Baroux.

Since then, they have completely adapted the technology and the art of violence created by their male-forms for their own use. They thus became a powerful race of technologically advanced warrior women. They have swept through the galaxy, liberating women everywhere from the oppression of male-forms by killing, castrating and/or enslaving every man they have encountered.

The Naming of Amazonistas is a difficult matter

With the exception of Femina, each Amazonista is named (like Zsa Zsa herself) after one of the “divas” of Filipino film. For example Vilma Santos  is an actress who played Darna in the 1970s.

Her take is considered to be one of the definitive versions and everyone playing the Darna since has been compared to her (think Christopher Reeves  for Superman). It would be the American equivalent of naming the characters “Meryl,” “Cher,” “Madonna” or “Oprah.”

If you were to use them in the comedy genre, you should definitely tailor the Amazonistas’ names to those of local or iconic celebrities and use traits of those celebrities for humorous effect.


The Amazonistas each appear as a beautiful, if alien, woman. They have color coded skin-tight clothing the same shade as their hair. Their designer weapons are not only deadly, but made to the chic specifications of the most hip fashionistas of Planet Xxx.

The current trend is for the weapons to resemble the Venus symbol (circle with the cross from one end), possibly due to their recent discovery of Earth.

Amazonistas and Queen Femina, from the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah movie

The over-exposed pictures among the illustrations for this entry are done that way in the source material. It’s a parody of a common Filipino trick to take photos in a way that makes the skin look paler (and thus more attractive).


The Amazonistas are best described by the phrase from the old feminist adage roughly paraphrased as: they can do anything a man can do while never forgetting that they’re a woman. While they seem to lack much individual personality, instead standing in the shadow of their queen, they do seem to delight in the work she gives and jubilantly support her every word.

Amazonistas battle poses, from the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah movie

The Amazonistas (inspired by Femina) take their superiority as a given. They brag and flaunt their physical capabilities while retaining a girlish streak, particularly when it comes to their appearance. Supremely arrogant not only in their combat prowess, but their beauty, they typically stop and pause for glamor shots right before they enter battle as they charge their weapons.


“Damn those male-forms !”

(Backing up Femina) “[We’ll] annihilate you one by one until you crumble and fall !”

“Transmorphication Execute ! Vavoooooosh !”

In the musical, they each get their own little moment of character development:
Nora A.: “This mallet made of steel will easily crush your hollow heeeead. It will cauwse you so much pain until you’d weeesh that you were deeeead ! Combined with my grace and beauty I will make you kneel and beeeeg. With one sweeeng of my arm I can easily break your leg. Uh-huh…”

Amazonistas battle poses, from the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah movie

Sharon C.: “I may appear old-fashioned but looks can be deceiving. I’ve have killed more than a thousand men with these two little darlings, I’ve severed so many body parts I’ve actually stopped counting. Perhaps you’d like me to demonstrate… for seeing is believing ! Hoooooo…. Thank you…”

Dina B. (off-key): “I have here the ultimate weapon of destruction ! I can zap you quite so easily into another dimension. Would you like to try, my baby ? Matched with my exquisite fashion sense, my presence is magic, incredibly intense ! Would you like to try ? Would you like to try, my baby ? My baby…”

Vilma S.: “This mighty, mighty scepter holds all the powers of the universe. An energy beyond imagination even I cannot describe ! As I swing this staff left and right, please observe my satin hair- velvety soft, velvety smooth as it bounces here and there !”

Amazonistas: “Weaponry enhancement subroutine enabled !”
Mother Ship: “Ready for Photoshoot !” [The Amazonistas coo as cameras take pictures] “Transmorphication complete !”

DC Universe History

The Amazonistas vs. Plastic man would be interesting if you wanted to keep them in the humor genre. The battle would probably have them pounding him until he transforms into a camera, distracting them long enough for him to come up with a plan.

If you wanted to make them a little more serious, you could have them replace Maxima’s race. Perhaps Maxima was their first Queen who went to find a mate worthy of her. Femina (being the rabble-rouser she is) rose to power in her absence, offended by the concept that Maxima wanted to copulate with a male-form.

The Amazonistas ready for battle, from the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah movie

Another option would be to keep Planet Xxx intact but have the first life forms on earth the Amazonistas encounter to be the Amazons of Paradise Island. Femina could rally some of the Amazons to her side, and upon equipping them with her technology while utilizing their magic, she could lay waste to entire continents of men.

That would last until Wonder Woman and the ladies of the JLA (or Hippolyta and JSA or even both) would have to organize a resistance.

Marvel Universe History

The Amazonistas could make interesting antagonists for the women of the X-men, though they’d likely encounter the Avengers first. Perhaps the Amazonistas would unleash some as yet unseen weapon that puts all men in a catatonic state, while they battle the women of the X-Men and Avengers trying all the while to lure them to their point of view.

If some romance subplots had recently soured for our heroines, this kind of story could be particularly effective. The women might be legitimately tempted to join and get revenge on their ex.

For Rogue in particular and some of the other mutants, it may be interesting if the Amazonistas could use their genetic skills to give her a way to turn off her powers and allow her to touch others. With their advanced technology in the field, they could potentially have more success than Professor X helping some (female) mutants control their abilities.

Women of Planet XXX, from the Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah movie

Misc. Universe History

If you want to use them a little more subtly, send a “scouting party” of Amazonistas pretending to be human into your campaign as potential rivals/love interests.

Once the Amazonistas are aware of what level of threat the male heroes represent, they might take steps to eliminate them (unless one has legitimately fallen for one of the guys) to soften up resistance to the coming liberation of the females. They may have even taken TV signals from the 60s and 70s and believed feminists were asking for their help.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 08 Str: 06 Bod: 08 Motivation: Power Lust
Int: 03 Wil: 03 Min: 04 Occupation: Conquerors
Inf: 04 Aur: 04 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 008
Init: 018 HP: 035

Comprehend Language 06, Regeneration 10, Running 06, Power Reserve 12

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • The Amazonistas’ Regeneration requires all of their actions for that phase. It’s a common tactic for Femina to distract their opponent while her Amazonistas regenerate (and vice versa).
  • Power Reserve supports all physical Attributes and Skills, and is limited to 4 APs per stat it supplements. It is only usable in the presence of a male with a Strength, Body or physical power greater than 10 APs or a male-form from Planet Xxx.

Acrobatics*: 08, Artist (Singer, Model): 05, Gadgetry: 07, Vehicles*: 08, Martial Artist*: 08, Weaponry*: 08

Intensive Training, Attractive, Iron Nerves.

Femina and the other Amazonistas (High).

CIA towards Capturing Male-Forms encountered from Planet Xxx and returning them to their planet, MIA towards being loyal to Femina), SIH of Male-forms, MIA towards Photo opportunities and vanity.

Each of the Amazonistas carries a (different) weapon capable of dealing deadly blows or creating a powerful energy blast… and they make great fashion accessories ! 

  • Pagoda Accessory [Body 04, EV 04 (08 with MA), Energy Blast: 09, Force Field: 05, Flight: 09, Two-Dimensional: 03, Transgender: 05 Rel# 04], Bonuses & Limitations: Force Field is self only and skin tight. Transgender is area effect. Flight is Minor Marginal. Two-Dimensional affects the weapon only and is how they store the weapons (on their attire) when not in use. Reliability number is reduced to 0 if the Amazonistas charge their weapons prior to a battle with a “Transmorphication Execute” command. Mother Ship will then charge the weapon. Only a female can activate it.]
  • The Mother Ship
    The Mother Ship is not only Queen Femina and the Amazonistas’ vehicle ; it seems to be their home away from home. It can be assumed to be an expansive headquarters with a fully functioning wardrobe complete with hair and make-up stations for each Amazonista, and a complete laboratory (20 APs) along with weapons and defense systems.
    MOTHER SHIP [Dex 04, Str 22, Body 16, Int 08, Will 05, Data Storage: 25, Energy Blast: 15, Extended Hearing: 08, Flight: 24, Full Vision: 12, Gravity Decrease: 08 (usable outside the ship via a ray, usually the form of entering or leaving the ship), Gravity Increase: 08, Radar Sense: 35, Radio Communications: 40, Sealed Systems: 28, Skin Armor: 04, Super Hearing: 18, Telescopic Vision: 06, Warp: 40].
    MOTHER SHIP’s weapon systems [Body 10, Enlarge: 15, Animate Dead: 20, Omnipower: 15, Rel#4] The Amazonista’s mastery of genetic manipulation gives them access to some amazing technology. Enlarge is usually used to provide outrageous growth to a creature native of the planet (in this case a giant frog) they are attacking in order to draw out and gauge any potential opposition. Animate Dead raises zombies, who are subject to local superstitions (such as being destroyed with Holy Water), this was used by the Amazonistas to test Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah’s bravery before offering her a position amongst their ranks. Omnipower is speculative to account for other powers the ship’s weapons may have. It is possible these are actually separate gadgets attached to the ship.

Design Notes

Much of this is speculative since the Amazonistas don’t do much directly in the story except backing Femina up. Little is known of their actual species, but I’m going to assume that the average female on their planet is fairly similar to the Amazons of Themyscira physically (due to their society and recent wars, most of the population probably has skills and attributes similar to that of a trained soldier).

These Amazonistas and stats reflect the Queen’s personal retinue.

New Power – Transgender

By Adam Fuqua
Helper(s): Eric N Eick.
Link: Dex
Type: Dice.
Range: Normal.
Base cost: 15
Factor cost: 03

This ability allows the character to generate an attack that will change the targets gender against their will. The AV/EV of the attack will be the APs of the power and the OV/RV of the attack will be equal to the target’s Dexterity. Positive RAPs will result in the amount of time the target is affected.

It will not affect their attributes or current health condition in any way, simply their physical sex. If this attack should hit an androgynous or intersex individual, the GM would have final say as to the results.

A character may purchase this power with a bonus that the effects will be permanent (barring being hit with the same power) should the resultant total RAPs be equal to Body for a +5 factor cost.

By Adam Fuqua.

Source of Character: Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah (graphic novel, theatrical musical and musical movie all with the same plot with minor variations).

Helper(s): Sébastien Andrivet for his Amazon (Average) notes.