Arisia (Green Lantern) (DC Comics)



Arisia is a Green Lantern character, who first appeared in 1981. I blindly assume that her name is a Lensmen reference.

This is a very old profile, which is almost entirely about Arisia as she appeared during the 1980s. Which is now a little while ago. It also retains the old approach for modelling power rings in the DC Heroes RPG. See the power rings articles for the modern approach.


  • Other Aliases: Cynella, Cindy Simpson.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Fentara (father, deceased).
  • Base Of Operations: Los Angeles.
  • Group Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps.
  • Height: 5’9” Weight: 124 lbs.
  • Eyes: Gold Hair: Blonde


Powers and Abilities

Like all Green Lanterns, Arisia is a fearless and resourceful fighter. But her chief weapon is the green ring which acts on the strength of the bearer’s will to perform any act imaginable.

The ring must be recharged at its power battery every 24 hours, and has an inherent weakness: ineffectiveness against anything colored yellow.


(This section was just-in-case back-upped from the GL Corps website — which did end up vanishing. The data have since been officially back-uped on the DCU Guide, and are available at . We keep this back-up just in case – once bitten…)

The teenage daughter of Fentara, Green Lantern of Graxos IV, Arisia was trained at an early age to follow in her father’s footsteps. Upon Fentara’s death, Blish of neighboring Graxos V was named Green Lantern for Space Sector 2815.

When Blish was killed, the Guardians of the Universe sought Arisia as the new Green Lantern. On her homeworld, Arisia took up the civilian identity of Cynella, making a name for herself as an artist and fashion designer.



Arisia first met Hal Jordan, neighboring Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814, in 1981. She was on her way to Oa to take part in battle against Krona the renegade Guardian, and Nekron, Lord of the Unliving. She was astounded by the thousands of different Green Lanterns she fought beside, and was quick to make friends.

Her life as an emerald warrior was about to be cut short when she was rescued by Tylot, one of Krona’s army of the undead. For rescuing the young Lantern, Tylot was made a temporary Green Lantern.

Arisia seemed to gravitate to the more experienced of the Green Lanterns, including Katma Tui, Tomar-Re, and Xax. Jordan’s bold leadership during the attack of Krona made quite an impact on Arisia. The young Green Lantern followed Jordan as a role model, and developed feelings for him. She won Jordan’s respect, but he did not take her infatuation seriously.

Sometime afterward, she was called to Oa by the Guardians to help convince the Green Lantern of Earth to remain in the Corps. Hal Jordan’s personal responsibilities on Earth had led to conflict with his duties as a Green Lantern. He had angrily declared his intent to resign following the completion of a mission to Ungara, the homeworld of Abin Sur.

Mission on Ungara

Not everyone in the Corps shared Arisia’s opinion of Hal Jordan. The snide comments of Salakk of Slyggia prompted Arisia to assist Jordan on Ungara. Unbeknownst to Arisia, she was followed by St’nlli, a genetically designed Qwardian warrior.

On Ungara, Jordan’s efforts to free that world from a sudden ice age met with failure. Arisia suggested the creation of a solar lens, to be placed in orbit above Ungara. During the delicate positioning of the lens, the two Green Lanterns were attacked by St’nlli.

Arisia of the Green Lantern Corps

Arisia managed to reposition the lens, sparing the Ungarans from the burning glare of their sun. She was blasted by the Qwardian, her cry distracting Jordan. St’nlli seized the moment to best the Green Lantern of Earth. Arisia fell to Ungara, unconscious. Her only hope of rescue, Hal Jordan, was taken to Qward.

The grateful Ungarans searched for hours for the fallen Green Lantern. They found her on an ice floe, drifting in the sea. She returned to Oa to discover the Guardians of the Universe had given up on Hal Jordan. His power ring would automatically return to Oa after its 24 hour limit expired. Although the Guardians would not help Jordan, Arisia decided she would.

Negative universe

Arisia traveled through the gateway to the antimatter universe of Qward. After she helped Jordan elude his pursuers, Hal explained that he had not planned to leave the Corps. His actions were all part of an undercover mission to defeat the Qwardians’ newest weapon, the Anti-Green Lantern Corps.

Near the gateway to the positive matter universe, the Green Lanterns were again attacked by St’nlli. His power was further augmented to alter the mind and matter of his foes to that of antimatter. Jordan turned on Arisia, cornering her against the Anti-Green Lantern Corps. Arisia was saved by the timely intervention of Katma Tui, Charqwep and dozens of other Corps members.

Arkkis Chummuck defeated St’nlli while the rest of the Corps restored Jordan to his former self. Arisia convinced Jordan and Katma Tui to help destroy the main power battery of the Anti-Green Lantern Corps. The Qwardians were defeated.

Hal is out

On Oa, Jordan was reprimanded by the Guardians for refusing to help the Ungarans when they requested his assistance. Due to his outstanding record as a Green Lantern, Jordan would not be tried by his fellows and face possible dismissal. He would be exiled from Earth until his penance was paid.

Despite his time away from Earth and the lessons he learned in deep space, Jordan later decided to leave the Corps entirely.

The news crushed Arisia. Despite the pleas of his friends, Jordan would not change his mind. Arisia had fallen in love with the Green Lantern from Earth. After Jordan’s departure, the Corps welcomed John Stewart as the newest Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814.

Arisia and her comrades soon found themselves on a mission vital to the survival of the Corps. They fought against the malevolent designs of Maaldor, an extradimensional entity that had seized the power of the Great Battery. The handful of Green Lanterns with power were to defeat this latest threat.

The battle claimed the life of fellow Green Lantern Arkkis Chummuck. The young Green Lantern spent some time on Oa, studying the history of others in the Corps. From Tomar-Re she learned the story of the Green Lantern Mogo, the sentient planet.

Crisis in Infinite Earths

During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Arisia allied herself with Tomar-Re. The Green Lantern Corps Honor Guard member gathered a number of emerald warriors on a warp-capable starship. The Green Lanterns soon found themselves powerless. With their starship, they were able to reach Oa after the Central Power Battery had been attacked by the Anti-Monitor.

They found a number of Guardians yoked to the Central Power Battery, cutting off the flow of power to their rings. After the Guardians were freed from the Anti-Monitor’s power, the Green Lanterns’ rings were reactivated.

The Corps discovered Guy Gardner had been sent on a mission to destroy the dark moon of Qward. Guy believed would deprive the Anti-Monitor of power. In truth, this action would free the Anti-Monitor from his ties to the material plane, making him even more powerful. The Green Lantern Corps was dispatched to prevent Gardner’s success.

In Qward, the Corps battled Gardner and his army of cosmic criminals. They were also set upon by the Weaponers of Qward. By the battle’s end, veteran Green Lanterns Tomar-Re and Xax were dead. Tomar-Re last wish was fulfilled: Hal Jordan rejoined the Corps.

Brand new worlds

Following the conclusion of the universal crisis, Arisia, Ch’p and Salakk were assigned to apprehend Goldface and Lurlan Dupo, who had killed Green Lanterns in Qward. The trio were assisted by Hal Jordan, who had fought Goldface before.

The Green Lantern Corps regrouped on Oa for a final audience with the Guardians of the Universe. The Guardians joined with their Zamaron mates to leave our universe. Before their departure they assigned Honor Guard members Apros of -7pi and K’ryssma of Etrea to protect Appa Ali Apsa on Maltus.

Hal Jordan and John Stewart were ordered to return to Earth which would be the site of the next race to make the step to immortality in the next millennium. The remainder of the Corps was freed of responsibility to individual assigned space sectors.

Strange visitor on Earth

Arisia relocated to Earth to be close to Hal Jordan. She adopted the secret identity of Cindy Simpson, and redesigned the uniforms of the team to better reflect their individual personalities. The Green Lantern Corps of Earth became instant celebrities in their Los Angeles Citadel.

Arisia continued after Hal Jordan, even as he told her she was too young for him. This was difficult for the teenager to understand, and her subconscious desires interacted with her power ring to rapidly mature her body.

Recognizing the threat seven Green Lanterns would pose to them, a group of super-villains led by Doctor Polaris and Sonar attempted to destroy the heroes. They failed. In the course of the battle, Arisia went into shock when parts of her body were “wiped away” by the super-villain known as White-Out.

The ring-forced maturity was difficult for Arisia. The young Green Lantern herself did not realize her body was being forced to rapidly change. She suffered from dizzy spells which led Kilowog to devise a medical scanner to determine her ailment. Kilowog had been puzzled by Arisia’s growth, but lacking more evidence, he decided to keep his own counsel.

Eerie adventures

In another battle, Hal and Arisia were defeated by the Black Hand. The criminal trapped the powerless Green Lanterns in an abandoned mine shaft. The two used the time to talk over their feelings, and Hal realized he had fallen for Arisia.

The Corps primarily stayed on Earth, but did work alongside Superman to defeat a menace in outer space. The alien Green Lanterns did not consider themselves exclusively bound to the United States as Jordan and Stewart did. This had caused some friction during the short-lived Presidential ban on super-hero activities. The Green Lantern Corps of Earth was for all of Earth, regardless of politics.

The romance between Jordan and Arisia blossomed. They spent more time together, away from the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. One of their getaways almost proved fatal. On a secluded beach, Arisia was attacked by the combined forces of Hector Hammond and Star Sapphire.

Star Sapphire

Under their control, Arisia “accidentally” attacked Hal Jordan, claiming it was a result of an illness from her forced growth. Arisia and Hal flew to her homeworld to find the cure for her problem, carrying her power battery so they could recharge their rings in route. She deserted Jordan in deep space as his ring ran out of power.

The battery was a fake, his life saving reserve power was used up in Arisia’s accidental attack. The Green Lantern of Earth apparently exploded in the vacuum of space.

Arisia was brought on board the Zamaron Deep-Cruiser and subjected to humiliations by Star Sapphire. The two villains planned to return to Earth and eliminate the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. Their partnership was strained by their attitudes to each other, but it ultimately mattered little.

Hal Jordan was not dead. Before leaving Earth, he had secretly scanned Arisia and brought along his power battery. Jordan created the image of his destruction and spent the hours since dismantling the defenses of the Zamaron cruiser. He was controlled by Hector Hammond until a fight ensued between the mental madman and Star Sapphire.

Each wanted control of Jordan, and their hold on Arisia lessened. She was able to break free of their domination and turn the tables on the two villains.

Recruitment drive

Arisia and Hal returned to Earth in time to learn of Salakk’s adventures in the 58th Century as Pol Manning. Ch’p pursued his Slyggian friend, and called in Jordan to mediate a dispute in the far future. Salakk elected to stay in the future, and Ch’p decided to return to H’lven, to rebuild his life which had been wiped out in the Crisis.

Following the departure of Ch’p and Salakk, the Earth based Corps chose to travel the stars to seek out other Green Lanterns to join their group.

They soon met Driq, Flodo Span, and Olapet of the Green Lantern Corps of The Klyminade. The Klyminade group had been attacked by Sinestro and his ally, the sentient Space Sector 3600. Their Corps had been cut down by the powerful villains and requested the aid of the Green Lantern Corps of Earth to defeat Sinestro.

The Green Lanterns were soon under attack by Sinestro and surprisingly defeated him. But suddenly, the sentient sector plunged the Green Lanterns through a black hole, depositing them in the remains of Space Sector 872.

After a battle with hostile aliens, the Corps attempted to create a new homeworld for the survivors of Bolovax Vik. Kilowog released the 16 billion “souls” of his people from his power ring. He enjoyed their company for mere moments before Sinestro obliterated the world. Kilowog could not save his people a second time, and they were irrevocably destroyed.

Kilowog’s gone

The shock of losing his people again threw Kilowog into a state of uncontrollable rage. Once again under siege by Sinestro and the sentient sector, the Green Lanterns could not afford any distractions. Arisia entered his mind, trying to assuage his feelings of loss. She learned of Kilowog’s youth and the pain he felt leaving “the mass” for the Green Lantern Corps.

Arisia offered Kilowog’s friends in the Corps as the mass he had lost. She was unprepared to learn of Kilowog’s true feelings for her. Arisia did not feel the same towards her friend, as she was in love with Hal Jordan. The two agreed they would never tell the others about his feelings.

After the defeat of Sinestro and the MadGod Sector 3600, the Green Lantern Corps imprisoned the Korugarian on the Earth’s moon.


They would deal with him after the events of Millennium . A number of humans from across Earth, called the Chosen, had been selected by Guardian Herupa Hando Hu and Zamaron Nadia Safir to take the next step in evolution. The Los Angeles GL Citadel was used as the site of the teaching.

The Green Lanterns of Earth returned home, with Sinestro as their prisoner. They were soon involved in the events of Millennium, in which a Guardian and a Zamaron visited Earth to help humanity reach the next phase in their evolution.

Kilowog took the opportunity to attempt to kill Sinestro in revenge for the death of his people. He was stopped by Arisia. She convinced him it was wrong to murder Sinestro, as he would be brought to trial on Oa.

Arisia and Hal Jordan took part in the Justice League’s mission to the Manhunter homeworld. In the course of the battle, they met up with Green Lanterns Driq and G’nort. On Oa, Sinestro was found guilty of the charges set against him. The Green Lantern Corps decided his punishment would be death.

The execution of Sinestro led to the collapse of the Main Power Battery, and the disintegration of virtually all the power rings in the universe. Hal Jordan possessed the only power ring on Oa.

The powerless Green Lanterns would be returned to their homeworlds. Kilowog wished to be left in China, still searching for a communal existence. Arisia and Hal lived with John and Katma’s apartment, but living conditions were cramped, leading to friction between the couples.

Tragedy soon struck when Katma Tui-Stewart was killed by Star Sapphire as a message to Hal. In his grief, John lashed out at Hal, blaming him for his wife’s death.

Chi-town and beyond

Arisia and Hal moved out of John’s apartment, eventually drifting to Chicago. A modeling agent offered Arisia a job, and she became quite successful. After a few weeks she and Hal went their separate ways.

The former Green Lantern went to visit Kilowog. During the Alien Alliance’s invasion of Earth, both off-worlders fought beside the New Guardians. The two friends soon returned to the United States. Arisia kept in contact with Kilowog, visiting between modelling assignments at the Green Lantern Citadel in Los Angeles.

Unknown to the Graxosian, she stopped by the Citadel a few hours after a playful fight between Guy and Kilowog. Although Kilowog used Guy’s ring to rebuild the damaged Citadel, the repairs were only temporary. After 24 hours the structure of the building gave in, striking Arisia’s head.

The blow caused Arisia memory loss and triggered a return to her 13 year old mentality. She sought out the only person she felt could help her: Hal Jordan.

Arisia visited the ruins of Ferris Aircraft hoping to find Hal Jordan. She found something else: the New Guardian Floro sprouted from the ground, also seeking Green Lantern. Floro sprouted as a number of knee high plants, but was in no condition to answer questions.

Arisia was soon brought in by a police officer. They notified the Justice League who in turn notified Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Arisia’s mind had regressed to her teenage years but her memories were still intact. She warned Hal of the threat to the New Guardians, he decided to have her sent back to her homeworld for help.

Back on Earth

Kilowog was unable to transport Arisia because the Guardians had decided to start a new recruitment drive for the Corps. Hal left Arisia with the Justice League, he suggested Guy to talk to her but he was not there. After saving Tom Kalmaku and his family from the same fate as the New Guardians, Hal brought them and Arisia to Carol Ferris for safe-keeping. He went to Oa to fight the incarnation of Entropy.

Arisia enjoyed the life of a Green Lantern and couldn’t wait to be one again. But despite the fact that her memories were slowly returning, she still wasn’t ready for the responsibility. She came up with the idea of being Hal’s back-up like Guy Gardner and John Stewart were. This idea was also rejected.

Hal had to drop off Arisia to solve a string of murders in Coast City which turned out to be the work of alien parasites.

Jordan was soon called off Earth to investigate strange incident on the planet Scylla. Soon he and the Green Lantern Corps would be involved in a battle with the Triarch. Her memories appeared to have completely returned when she went to the Justice League International’s American embassy. She had hoped to get in touch with Kilowog in order to rejoin the Green Lantern Corps.

While there, she told Power Girl and Maya stories of other women in the Corps including Laira, Sheriff Mardin of Nyberg, and Boodikka. Arisia sought out Guy Gardner’s help to find Kilowog.

Back on Oa

Unfortunately, the Bolovax Green Lantern had not been heard of in a couple of days. Following the formation of a green dome over the ruins of Coast City, the disappearance of Green Lanterns across the universe, and Gardner’s dramatic increase in power and accompanying visions, a Justice League Task Force planned to visit Oa. Arisia offered to go, her knowledge of Oa could be an asset to the group.

Gardner turned her down, her lack of powers would be more hindrance than help. Arisia returned armed to the teeth. She was going to Oa. The League discovered the skeletal remains of Kilowog on Oa. The death of their friend hurt the group deeply, but they did not have long to reflect on their feelings – they were attacked by Hal Jordan.

He stripped them of their powers, his increased energy was strong enough to destroy Guy’s yellow ring. Jordan sent the heroes back to Earth with a warning not to interfere.

In the weeks after their defeat on Oa, Guy Gardner gained new powers. He had discovered his heritage as a Vuldarian warrior. Guy had also fought Dementor, a being with the same Vuldarian ancestry as he. Things were looking up for Guy when Buck Wargo opened “Warrior’s,” a super-hero bar in New York City. Arisia worked with a number of Guy’s friends in the bar.


On opening day, Arisia learned of Hal Jordan’s supposed death from Kyle Rayner, the last Green Lantern. The next day, she discovered the truth when Jordan returned. He changed Arisia back into her Green Lantern costume, offering her a return to the way things were. Arisia argued that things had changed, that he was not the man he once was and she asked him to leave.

Though he did leave, Jordan would prove he was still a hero. Dementor returned, this time to attack Guy Gardner and his friends. Arisia was tormented by dreams of Hal which changed into Dementor. Although Dementor was with his creator, the witch doctor Mudakka, he was driven away by the gathered heroes.

The activation of Guy’s Vuldarian powers had led a Kraggz scout team to Earth. Arisia was badly injured in the attack, her spine was broken. Her healing powers cured her injuries, and in five weeks she was sparring with Ted Grant, the Golden Age Wildcat.

Warrior’s continued to be an interesting job for Arisia. A fight broke out between Guy Gardner’s clone and a handful of Neron-enhanced supervillains. The battle continued into the sewers beneath New York City.

Though they defeated the villains, the real threat to Guy Gardner and his friends was just arriving. Martika, a woman with connections to the Quorum had attempted to weave a spell over Guy and gain control of him. She had power over any man she wanted, but because of Veronna, sworn protector of the Warrior, Guy had escaped her grasp.


While Guy was fighting a small army of his enemies, the revived Major Force was searching for Veronna. He did not find Veronna, but he would kill any of Guy’s friends that he did find. Arisia was in the bar when Major Force came calling.

She fought well, but she could not stand against the Quorum-altered Major Force. With his newly acquired Vuldarian DNA, he morphed Arisia’s face, cutting off her oxygen.

Gardner was taunted by Major Force, the villain even sent a picture of Arisia. In a battle to the death, Gardner avenged Arisia. Arisia’s wake was attended by a number of heroes, and one other mourner. Hal Jordan returned to pay his last respects to the young woman. He created a green hologram of Arisia in her honor.


See illustration.


Although physically an adult woman, Arisia has maintained many of her other child-like qualities. She is fun-loving, energetic, compassionate, and maintains a certain aura of innocence. She is the only alien Green Lantern on Earth to have adopted a secret identity because she thought it could be amusing.

Although child-like, Arisia is certainly not childish. She fully understand her responsibilities as a Green Lantern and is not one to shirk her duties. While she is probably one of the youngest members of the Green Lantern Corps, she’s still a very effective ring wielder.

Her youthful enthusiasm is perhaps her greatest asset, driving her past the point where most others would have given up and quit.

Arisia has a special devotion to Hal Jordan ; her loyalty to him is matched only by her loyalty to the Green Lantern Corps itself. Arisia tries hard to prove her worth to her friends and teammates, although this insecurity is unfounded.

Her age has always made her feel inferior ; although she has physically transformed into an adult, she has still not managed to overcome these feelings.

In combat, she will often attempt to take on the toughest menace in order to prove herself. She more generally constantly pushes herself to please Jordan. Also, once she sets her mind to something, she will become relentless – admitting failure is something she finds difficult to do.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 06 Str: 03 Bod: 04 Motivation: Responsibility
Int: 07 Wil: 20 Min: 15 Occupation: Green Lantern
Inf: 07 Aur: 05 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 007
Init: 027 HP: 075

Enhanced initiative: 05, Regeneration*: 04

Acrobatics*: 06, Artist (fashion): 04, Charisma*: 07, Martial artist*: 06


Green Lantern Corps (High), Fashion industry (Low).

None AFAIK (her secret ID was for fun).

POWER RING (see below), Power Battery [BODY: 25, Energy Absorption: 18, Invisibility: 15, R#: 2. The Power Battery is useable to recharge the POWER RING every 24 hours (-2FC Energy Absorption). The ring-wielder can will the battery to turn invisible].

Green Lantern Power Rings

  • No Take away, Reliability Number: 0.
  • Applicable Statistics: Body: USER-LINK: WILL, Else: 06 ; Int: 10.
  • Powers: Comprehend Languages: 20, Flight: 40, Force Manipulation: USER-LINK: WILL, Invulnerability: 18, Life sense: 40, Omni-Power: HALF-USER-LINK: WILL, Recall: 20, Regeneration: 04, Sealed Systems: 16, Shrinking: 09, Skin Armor: 04, Spirit travel: 50.
  • Bonuses: The wearer’s BODY is 12 when the RING is worn.
  • Limitations: All Statistics and Powers fail if the ring is not recharged in Power Battery every 24 hours ; Life sense will only detect other GLs ; Skin Armor does not have to be activated at full APs ; Force Manipulation and Omni-Power both drop 1 AP per AP of Skin Armor on ; Shrinking is Always On ; Shrinking reduces STR and WEIGHT ; Force Manipulation is User Linked ; Omni Power is ½ User Linked ; BODY is User Linked and Mental Linked ; Ring is useless against yellow.

Compiled by Sébastien Andrivet (stats from Atlas, history from GLC Corps site, ring stats by Josh, stuff from the GL Sourcebook).

Helper(s): John Colagioia.

Source of Character: Green Lantern comics (DCU).