Attucka the Merciless vs. Aquaman (DC Comics)

Attucka the Merciless


This bloke is… quit obscure. He only appeared in a 1966 Aquaman story.


  • Real Name: Unrevealed.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: Genghis Khan’s Golden Mongol Horde.
  • Base Of Operations: The oceans of Earth.
  • Height: 6’8” Weight: 350lbs. Age: 40 – 50 years old [Apparent]; 700 + [Actual].
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Black


Powers and Abilities

Attucka the Merciless is a nearly superhumanly strong and tough individual. And he possesses four fully functioning arms.

He has been granted an extended lifespan as well as the ability to breathe and communicate underwater by the Mongol scientist, Tamerkhan the Cruel.

He is a very skilled warrior.


Seven centuries ago, Attucka the Merciless, perhaps the greatest warrior among the fearsome Golden Mongol Horde, used his incredible martial skills in service to his master, Genghis Khan .

Many victories were won for the Khan. But neither Attucka’s war-making prowess nor the phenomenal inventions of Tamerkhan the Cruel could prevent the Khan’s empire from dissolving into chaos following his death. Attucka and Tamerkhan escaped their enemies using the scientist’s fantastic submersible, the Dragon-Ship.

Mongol pirates under the sea

Though the two Mongols lived well as pirates on and under the open seas, the pair wished to eventually bring the world back under the domination of the Golden Horde. To that end, Tamerkhan invented a serum, based on the biology of sea turtles, which would extend their lives for centuries.

Three centuries ago, Tamerkhan captured an Asian princess in order to conceive a child. Although Tamerkhan hoped for a son, a daughter, Liat, was born. He vowed that she would be as savage and merciless as any Mongol warrior, a promise that Attucka heartily seconded.

For the next three hundred years, Tamerkhan, Attucka, and Liat plundered the seas together. During that time, the scientist discovered a means to allow the trio to breathe and communicate underwater.

(The fate of Liat’s mother is unrevealed. Presumably she was not graced with the life extending serum.)

Atlantis is calling

Eventually, Tamerkhan grew weary of his wandering existence. He learned of the undersea city-state Atlantis and decided to conquer it. He intended to have Liat choose a mate from among the Atlantean population. This angered Attucka who desired the beautiful young (?) woman for his own.

While the Dragon-Ship silently glided toward the domed city Attucka and the others were unaware that the sub had gained a new passenger. Arthur, Jr. (then known simply as Aquababy) son of Aquaman and Mera, had wandered away from his parents as they argued about his future.

Mera saw Aquababy as a brilliant scientist and a wise and generous ruler. But Aquaman thought that his son should follow in his footsteps, “knocking over foes while his old man takes it easy.” Little did the royal couple realize that they would soon get a brief glimpse of the future.

Aquababy found his way into the Dragon-Ship’s laboratory and disturbed one of Tamerkhan’s experiments. A beaker broke on the floor inches from Aquababy’s swimming form. The mysterious cloud that billowed out aged the Atlantean tyke to his late teens.

Oh Aquaboy

Naturally, when Arthur, Jr., now Aquaboy, was discovered, Attucka threatened to kill the intruder. But Liat immediately fell in love with the handsome Aquaboy, who returned her affections. The two young (?) people swam to Atlantis to inform Aquaman and Mera of their intent to marry. Before long, all of Atlantis was toasting Prince Aquaboy and his betrothed Liat.

At that moment, Tamerkhan’s Dragon-Ship struck. Acting under preset instructions, the sub attacked the city. Meanwhile, Tamerkhan used his Dragon Talisman to ensure Aquaboy’s loyalty to his future father-in-law.

With his people suffering a terrible defeat inflicted by the Dragon-Ship, Aquaman surrendered to the Mongol scientist. The Sea King was thrown into an Atlantean dungeon and Tamerkhan took the throne.

Seeking an opportunity to deprive Tamerkhan of either the ring capable of turning her water control powers against her or the Dragon Talisman that controlled her son, Mera persuaded the Mongol to arrange a duel between Aquaman and Attucka. During the battle, Mera was able to seize the Talisman and toss it to Aquaman. He succeeded in destroying it before being hit from behind by Attucka.

More battles

Aquaboy, once more himself, sped to his father’s defense. But in the ensuing struggle Attucka gained the upper hand. Threatening Aquaboy’s life, Attucka forced Aquaman to surrender a second time. But Attucka would not stay his blade and only the intervention of Liat saved Aquaboy’s life.

Tamerkhan hastily arranged the marriage of Liat to Aquaboy, now much against the Prince’s will.

Just as the ceremony reached its climax, the serum that had aged Aquababy wore off. He reverted to infanthood. When Tamerkhan moved to inject Aquababy with a booster shot of the aging serum, the tyke grabbed the ring from his hand and swallowed it [Hey! I don’t write them!].

Deprived of this ring, Tamerkhan was no longer able to prevent Mera from using her hard water powers. The queen of Atlantis smashed the chains that held her and Aquaman fast. The Sea King battled Attucka while Tamerkhan and Liat fled to the Dragon-Ship.

Attucka was accidentally killed during his brief struggle with Aquaman.


The Sea King did not have long to reflect on this example of divine justice. Tamerkhan, having reached the Dragon-Ship intended to attack Atlantis. Mera quickly encased the sub in a hard water shell as it fired its weapons on the city.

Aquaman and Mera entered the ship. They discovered that Mera’s hard water shell had somehow interacted with the Dragon-Ship’s energy blasters to destroy Tamerkhan and his daughter’s near immortality. They aged so quickly only their empty clothes were left behind as proof of their existence.

Aquaman consigned the Dragon-Ship and its deceased creator to the Dungeon Depths, a deep trench in the ocean floor from which nothing ever rises.


Attucka the Merciless is a massive Mongolian warrior in shades of purple (?). He wears a sleeveless, purple fur tunic with a leopard skin pattern over a grayish purple blouse and leggings. His grayish purple Mongol helmet is fringed in the same purple leopard skin.

Each of his four wrists sports a red wristband and his black boots boast purple soles. His black belt has red clasps. His stereotypically Asian face is set in an almost perpetual sneer. He has arched eyebrows and a thick mustache.


Attucka the Merciless is boastful, cruel, and, of course, merciless. He loves combat, whether it is with a worthy foe or not.

He covets Liat’s hand in marriage and silently vows revenge on Tamerkhan for allowing her to marry Aquaboy.

Attucka seems extremely proud of his Mongolian heritage.


“You speak insolence to a Mongol ! Then – die !”

DC Universe History

Attucka the Merciless has not resurfaced in the post-Crisis DC Universe. But it is not impossible for his encounter with Aquaman to have occurred much as it was first presented. While apparently killed at the end of his only recorded appearance, it is quite possible that Attucka’s Invulnerability Power saved his life off-panel.

Alternately, if Tamerkhan survived his own supposed death, the Mongolian scientist might find a way to revive his brutish pawn. Once a reason for Attucka’s return has been established, he could very easily be integrated into any sea going campaign perhaps having established his own underwater Mongol empire.

He might even pop up in his role as pirate, sinking ships and stealing cargo.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 05 Str: 06 Bod: 06 Motivation: Power Lust
Int: 03 Wil: 04 Min: 04 Occupation: Mongol Warrior / Pirate
Inf: 05 Aur: 03 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 007
Init: 015 HP: 030

Extra Limb [x2]: 06, Invulnerability: 07, Telepathy: 04, Water Freedom: 05

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Power Restriction: Telepathy only allows Attucka to communicate with other sea dwelling people (-1).
  • Telepathy cannot be used to initiate mental combat (-1).

Martial Artist: 06, Weaponry (Melee, Missile): 06

Iron Nerves.

Tamerkhan the Cruel (Low).

MIA (Liat).


  • Double Bladed Sword [BODY 06, EV 05, HP Cost: 19].
  • Hand Axe [BODY 05, EV 04, HP Cost: 15. Note: Attucka’s Hand Axe is weighted for throwing although it is still subject to the underwater rules governing thrown objects].

Invulnerability and Extended Lifespan

Attucka the Merciless has been granted a level of Invulnerability in accordance with a rule proposed by Dr. Sean MacDonald that relates a character’s APs of Invulnerability to his / her BODY APs to determine the approximate length of said character’s extended lifespan. In Doc’s own words:

“Twice BODY (or more) APs of Invulnerability means the character is truly immortal and will never die of old age. More than BODY (but less than twice BODY) APs of Invulnerability cause the character to be nearly immortal. Such a character might live for millennia, but will eventually die.

BODY or less APs of Invulnerability means that the character has an extended lifespan, but not to such large degrees. For example, 1 AP of Invulnerability might add 25 years to the character’s lifespan. A character with high BODY APs might live for centuries.”

Attucka’s Invulnerability: 07, slightly higher than his BODY: 06, accounts for his near millennia of life.

By Vincent Paul Bartilucci.

Source of Character: Aquaman #25 [First Series] published by DC Comics.

Helper(s): Dr. Sean MacDonald.