Batman 1 Million (DC Comics)


(One Million version)


One Million was a 1998 event among DC Comics books. The gimmick was publishing issue 1,000,000 of several books – which would logically be published during the 853rd century. The actual theme was interacting with characters from this immensely distant future.

Much of the material about these strange aeons was written by Grant Morrison, and it was good.

This version of Batman is still a normal human, but employing immensely advanced martial arts and technology.



  • Real Name: Unrevealed.
  • Other Aliases: Dynamic darknight defender of Pluto, one half of the System’s Finest Duo!, The Cloaked Crusader, The Night’s Greatest Detective.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: Justice Legion A.
  • Base Of Operations: Pluto.
  • Height: 6’1” Weight: 215lbs. Age: Unrevealed.
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: None

Powers and Abilities

Batman One Million has trained to survive as a warden in the milieu of the prison planet Pluto, a very dangerous place filled with the worst villains from around the galaxy.

Patrolling the entire planet by himself, his physical prowess in unparalleled. He learned exotic fighting styles from other worlds to complement the martial arts known in the solar system. He is considered the second best martial artist in the DC Universe right after Karate Kid. He can easily predict an opponent’s moves in an almost clairvoyant way.

Justice Legion Alpha trusts him enough to oversee their super prison, which contains some of the most powerful scum in the galaxy.

The Batman is also a master tactician, cunning strategist and brilliant criminologist, very well-versed in many scientific fields of his era.



He is a technological genius of unusual skill even in his time era, and possesses an I.Q. score of 1045. He employs gadgets similar to those of the original Batman, but with several extra functions.

His gadgetry includes “datarangs” which he uses for tracking devices as well as attacking opponents on a molecular level, as well as break-and-enter devices and camouflage devices. He also has a teleporting device in his suit which he can use to teleport people or himself into or out of messy situations.

In addition, he has a most useful device that makes clones of himself capable of independent thought, although these are non-corporeal and can only be used for mental tasks or as decoys. Finally, he can also manipulate gravitational forces that enable him to fly at superhuman speeds.

Being an expert in robotics and computer technology he is capable of inventing technology superior even to that of his own time.


A biography of Batman 1M by Alan Kistler can be found in Fanzing’s archives .


Batman One Million uses a costume similar to that of the original Batman. It seems to be composed of hardened materials, and contains some technology and a bit more futuristic looks while keeping the dark and grim parts. Those Gadgets with Flash (stdy illum. only) glow a greenish colour.


Batman is driven to bring justice to criminals and to protect the innocents. He is used to such intense and extreme living that he could probably not function in the utopian societies on the other planets of the solar system.

He is still scarred by the mass slaughter on Pluto in his childhood. He, too, is driven to the mantle of the Bat by the murder of his family. Naturally, he takes any type of betrayal extremely hard, and then he turns _really_ nasty.

He is the grim guardian of the prison planet Pluto. On Pluto he alone brings order to madness as its warden. He is feared by most people, and his tactics are brutal and rather ruthless at times. Nothing can stand in the way of justice. It has been rumored that he would kill people in interrogation if the odds were high enough.

Despite this darker side he is on the side of the angels. He also has a lighter side, a side more humane, that that of Bruce Wayne. Thus he will sometimes follow his intuition, and feel pity towards the regretful. He actually sometimes believes in giving second chances.

He often teams up with Superman, and they are a highly effective duo complementing that which the other lacks. He is on relatively good terms with most members of Justice Legion A, but other than that his best friend is probably his robotic sidekick Robin the Toy Wonder.

There is no time to make friends when there is so much work to do, and so many criminals to guard and, frankly put, punish. He is mostly a loner occupied by his duties.

He bears great respect to the past and its heroes, but will fight any of them without hesitation if they oppose his goal of saving the world from a major threat. In fact, he thinks that it is ’modern’ custom to greet another costumed vigilante by testing their mettle in combat.


“You see you have to go and this is a martial arts move developed by a telepathic octopus species inhabiting the infoceans of Durla. The attack is telepathic as well as physical, and by the time you realize this sentence seems way too long and that Huntress was right… it’ll all be over.”

[Attacking Nightwing] “I’m only keeping custom with your time period. I’ve accessed this era’s history. I know the rituals of the masked lawmen. We meet and challenge one another to test our skills.”

“This world is so different from my home on the ninth planet. You can stand on the surface and see the sky, feel the wind on your face. My home is a place of madness and cruelty. Devoid of justice. Without light. I do not battle crime in my century ; I contain it.”

“There. Between the advanced 20th-century components I found in the Batcave, the microcentrifuge you acquired at Cadmus, and the sample of human blood, we’ve been able to complete the solar computer core… to save the world of the 20th Century, we have to create the galaxy’s greatest villain. This is worse than the time we reopened Pandora’s Box.”

“Two-Face-Two was finally cured when the second Batman proved to him that, coin-toss by coin-toss, he’d made more good choices than evil ones. Statistics. Long story, short answer : expect the good to win out.”

“Five pivotal members of the Batman Revenge Squad have tried to escape during the last 60 minutes. You’re going to tell me why, Pico-Moth.”

“So you want to know who I am, Xauron ? I am vengeance ! I am retribution ! I am the memory of fifteen thousand children… the screams that can never be exorcised ! I am the fear you struck in their hearts… the dark nemesis who brings it all back home ! I find you guilty of crimes against humanity. I sentence you to life imprisonment in tesseract space !”

“I had to send you… the memoir said the future needed you… your friend Alfred said… 30 pages survived.”

“You’re right. I’m going mad. The virus is causing me to experience extreme paranoid reactions. What’s your excuse for trading in human lives, Starman ?”

Batman: “Lives were saved, I accept, but… I’m trying hard to find my free will in all of this.”

Batman: “Don’t tell me Gotham still needs a Batman in the 853rd century.”
Batman 1M: “From what little I know, Gotham was a paradise before it disappeared from historical records. Where I live is… a little more intense.”

DC Universe History

Read all about it in the DC One Million books !

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Batman One Million

Dex: 11 Str: 05 Bod: 06 Motivation: Seeking Justice
Int: 16 Wil: 15 Min: 14 Occupation: Warden of the prison planet Pluto in 85,271 A.D.
Inf: 10 Aur: 07 Spi: 10 Resources {or Wealth}: 016
Init: 041 HP: 120

Mind Blast: 12, Split: 10

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Mind Blast is a Skilled Power.
  • Mind Blast may only be used in Conjunction with Martial Arts (-1).
  • Split likely is technological in origin, and his Attributes do not appear to reduced by each Split, but each Split is non-corporeal, and can only be used for mental or analytical tasks, not combat (except as decoys).

Acrobatics: 11, Charisma: 12, Detective: 14, Gadgetry: 16, Martial Artist: 13, Military Science: 10, Scientist: 14, Thief: 10, Vehicles: 10

Area Knowledge (Pluto), Genius, Iron Nerves, Lightning Reflexes, Misc. Advantage (genetics have been modified to allow him to access the telepathic news network, Headnet), Scholar (Computers), Scholar (Legend of the Batmen), Scholar (Robotics), Sharp Eye, Sidekick (Robin the Toy Wonder).

Justice Legion Alpha (High), Superman One Million (High).

CIA (Seeking Justice).


  • BATMAN COSTUME [/BODY 07/, Flame Immunity: 03, Sealed Systems: 10, Teleport: 06].
  • Datarangs (x15) [BODY 05 INT 01, Flight: 03, Lightning: 06, Snare: 06, AV 04, EV 02 (05 w/STR), Bonus: Dart Bonus, Limitation: Lightning has a Range of Touch only, Snare requires that at least four lightning wings work in conjunction to create an energy web, Notes: The AV of each thrown Datarang is equal to the Thrown Weapons skill of the user, and each consecutive turn the datarangs attempt to target and snare the opponent using its own inbuilt AV, the function of the datarangs is usually preprogrammed (stun, snare, hunt, swing etc), a line of BODY 10 and a length of 5 APs can be attached as needed].
  • Seeker Wings (x12) [BODY 06 INT 01, AV 05, Dispersal: 05, Flight: 04, Flash (stdy illum. only): 00, Object Awareness: 25, Recall: 04, Note: Object Awareness can be used to genetically track down any target the device has been in contact with (’tagged‘)].
  • Circuit Buster [BODY 06, Flash (stdy illum. only): 02, Thief (Locks and Safes, Security Systems): 13, R#0, Boni: Miniaturized, Locks and Safes can also be used to start up vehicles without having the key to the engine, Notes: Locks and Safes and Security Systems only function against electronic security measures].
  • Camouflage gauntlet [BODY 05, Chameleon: 13].
  • Batfly Control [BODY 06 STR 05, Flight: 06, Gravity Decrease: 02, R#0, Bonus: Miniaturized, Limitation: Gravity Decrease only works on the user while Flight is being employed, Note: This gravity-manipulating device allows the Batman to fly and it is either kept in his belt while active or held in the hand, all effects of the device radiate a greenish color].
  • Soul trapper device [BODY 04, Spirit Drain: 16, R#0, Bonus: Miniaturized, Notes: This vacuum-tube looking device actually removes the soul of a target, and stores it inside the device, until released back into the original body or another suitable body, such as a clone. It is possible that it is only useable against an unconscious target.]
  • Omnigadgets (x2) [BODY 05, ABCD-Omniability 12 APs, R#0].
  • His laboratory headquarters on Pluto is rated as a 25 APs Laboratory.

By Dr. Peter S Piispanen.

Source of Character: DC One Million by Grant Morrison (1998), plus crossovers, DC Comics.

Helper(s): Sébastien Andrivet.