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Bella Swan

(Profile #1 - Before Breaking Dawn part 2)


twilight is a series of supernatural teenage romance novels that started in 2005. It sold remarkably well, leading to a similarly successful adaptation as a movies series, starting in 2008. The driver of the early stories is the attraction of a vampire (Edward Cullen) and a werewolf (Jacob Black) toward an ordinary girl (Bella Swan).

This profile covers Bella through all movies in the twilight saga except Breaking Dawn part 2 – these are the early stages of the character. It includes a whole lot of S P O I L E R S. The profile is followed by .

The Twilight Saga is an epic love story first and a vampire story second, and Bella starts very much as an Everygirl character.



  • Real Name: Isabella “Bella” Marie Swan Cullen.
  • Other Aliases: Bells (affectionately by her father).
  • Marital Status: Married.
  • Known Relatives: Chief of Police Charlie Swan (Father), Renée Dwyer (formerly Renée Swan; Mother), Phil Dwyer (Step-Father), Edward Cullen (Husband), Renesmee Cullen (Daughter).
  • Group Affiliation: None.
  • Base Of Operations: Forks, Washington.
  • Height: 5’5” Weight: 110 lbs.
  • Note: As usual scouring the internet for height and weight turns up many answers. Most are between 5’4” and 5’6”. She claimed 5’5” once herself along with being 110lbs.
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown .
  • Other Distinguishing Features: Bella has a bite mark scar on her right wrist.

Powers & Abilities

Bella is an average teenage girl in most all respects. She is somewhat uncoordinated and knows it, often joking about it. Bella does not engage in regular physical activity except when mandatory like Phys-ed class. Still, she is in good physical condition.


In the small town of Forks, Bella’s father Charlie is the Chief of Police. He provided her with her first vehicle, a can of mace to protect herself and money to spend when she goes shopping. She even managed to salvage and, with Jake’s help, rebuild two junk motorcycles.

For reasons unknown, Bella is special. She naturally and passively blocks mind reading attempts and mental attacks made against her. This holds even against very powerful vampires like the Volturi.


After her parent’s divorce, Bella lived with her mother. She grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. When Bella was 17 her mother and new step-father Phil, a minor league baseball player, decided to “go on the road”.

As a result Bella went to live with her dad Charlie in Forks, Washington. Charlie and Bella had spent two weeks together each summer when she was a kid. However, at this point it had been years since she visited and the reunion was uncomfortable for them both. They were nearly strangers.

Bella went to Forks High School, home of the Spartans, where she made friends quickly. She also saw an eccentric young man named Edward Cullen and was instantly drawn to him. Edward however, attempted to avoid her. In the school parking lot things got weird.

Bella was nearly crushed by an out of control van. Edward interposed himself between the van and Bella stopping it with one hand, revealing his unnatural strength.

Bella learned of a legend from Jacob, then did her own research and discovered the truth about Edward. He and his family were vampires ; Bella didn’t care. Bella loved Edward no matter what. They began to date and Edward brought Bella to meet his family. Edward’s “sister”, Rosalie Hale, immediatly disapproved of Bella.

They played baseball but were interrupted by three rogue vampires. James, Laurent, and Victoria were hunting in the area when they heard the game being played. James, a hunter, realized Bella was human and had an attachment to Edward. He began to hunt her.

James was killed by Edward and his family. Bella survived with a broken leg and an envenomed bite from James. Edward had to suck out the poison and have control enough to withdraw in time before killing her.

The two went to Junior Prom together, Bella made it known she wanted to be turned into a vampîre. Edward refused.

New Moon, part #1

Bella’s 18th birthday. She dreamed of herself growing old while Edward remained young. She was reminded of this again and again as people wished her a happy birthday. Alice gave her a gift and asked her to come to a party at the Cullen’s home.

Bella accepted but at the party cut her finger opening a gift. One drop of blood fell and Jasper, the newest vegetarian vampire, could not hold back and attacked Bella. The others had to restrain him.

Later, while Carlisle was stitching Bella’s arm, he revealed to her that Edward believed being a vampire meant damnation. The next day, Edward led Bella into the woods. He told her he and his family had to leave Forks… and she would not be going with them.

Bella was devastated. She became despondent and lost for months on end. She had nightmares and often woke in the middle of the night screaming! After five months nothing had changed.

School began again; Bella withdrew from all her friends and sat in Edward’s old chair at lunch. Finally, her dad had enough and threatened to send her to Jacksonville to live with her mother.

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward

Bella said she would have a girl’s night out with her friends, Charlie accepted. That night she began to see Edward again but only in her own imaginings, as a smokey form asking her not to be reckless. His request had the opposite effect.

In search of recklessness, Bella bought two motorcycles and enlisted Jacob’s help in fixing them. Bella began to feel comfortable around Jacob but it was obvious she only had feelings for Edward.

New Moon, part #2

When Jacob’s anger got the better of him he too left and broke contact with her. Troubled, she goes to the reservation to see why Jacob’s been avoiding her. She meets him but he orders her away.

Feeling lost again, Bella returned to that field where she and Edward first shared their love. It was dry and dead; a reflection of her feelings. Unfortunately, she also ran into Laurent and he meant to kill her. Jacob and his family, in wolf form, chased Laurent away and saved Bella.

Romeo and Juliet are together in eternity, we can be like they are…

Jacob showed up at Bella’s to explain why he can’t tell her his secret. If she could remember the day on La push beach she would know.

Bella dreamed of it and remembered. The next day, she went to confront him, while there she witnessed both Jacob and Paul transform into their wolf forms.

Jacob hunted Victoria. Charlie hunted Jacob. Bella was all alone again and her deep desire to see Edward returned. Bella again went thrill seeking, this time base-jumping. She got her wish and saw Edward’s smokey visage again but nearly drowned in the process. She was revived by Jacob who pulled her from the water.

Alice’s vision only saw Bella leap into the water but not pulled out. The presence of werewolves have a blocking effect on her visions. She traveled back to Forks to find out the truth. Later, Edward called Bella’s house and believed she was dead.

Alice had another vision and knew Edward would go to Italy to voluntarily be killed by the Volturi. Bella broke Jacob’s heart when she left him to try to save Edward.

New Moon, part #3

Alice had a new vision. Edward would be denied by the Volturi but he would make a spectacle of himself forcing their hand. Alice and Bella raced against time to stop Edward. Bella does. Just in the nick of time but they’re still brought before the Volturi.

When Bella is threatened, Edward moved to defend her but is brought down by Jane’s pain ability. Bella’s mind proves to be impenetrable to any of the Volturi’s mental powers. They decide she must be put to death.

Edward again defended her but found he was out-matched by the Volturi’s Felix. Aro was amazed when Bella offered her own life for Edward’s. He allowed both to live as long as Bella was to be turned soon.

Bella puts joining their family to the Cullens to vote. All voted yes but Rosalie and Edward. A date was set. She would be turned after graduation. Jacob tried to dissuade her but Bella would have none of it.

Edward finally agreed to turn Bella himself but on one condition. She must marry him.

Eclipse part #1

Bella and Edward seemed to be at an impasse. Edward refused to change Bella unless she first marry him and Bella refused to marry Edward because her parents’ marriage and two out of every three marriages end in divorce.

Her dad had grounded her because of recent events. He also begged her to hang out with other friends, like Jacob. Edward sabotaged Bella’s truck after Alice warned him she would go visit the reservation.

At school Alice had a troubling vision about Victoria; Edward read her mind at the same time. To keep Bella safe, Edward took her to visit her mother in Jacksonville, Florida. When they returned, Jacob was waiting for them.

Bella went to the reservation with Jacob and learned that two more of the tribe had phased. Sam had imprinted on Emily which broke Leah’s heart and the whole tribe felt her pain.

Edward detected a strange vampire scent in Bella’s home. The Cullens setup a protection detail for her while some of them hunted this new vampire, still others watched for Victoria’s return. Jacob and his pack began protecting Bella and Charlie to free the Cullens to hunt their enemies.

In an attempt to win Bella, Jacob forced a kiss on her. Bella was infuriated and punched him, spraining her wrist against his face. Bella returned to Edward. Graduation arrived and with it Alice had another vision.

Eclipse part #2

Victoria’s vampire army was coming to Forks. Jacob volunteered his pack in helping to fight the army. Edward agreed since it would mean more protection for Bella. Vampire and werewolf trained together and learned how best to fight the newborn army.

Edward proposed to Bella and she accepted.

Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) smiling

When the newborn army arrived, the plan was simple. Lure them into a field where Jasper determined they would be at a disadvantage. With the surprise of the wolves the Cullens would have the upper hand. To sweeten the pot, Bella spread her blood around on trees and rocks. It would drive the newborns wild and further hinder their fighting ability.

Bella was taken to a campsite far up the mountain by Jacob, carrying her to hide her scent. Edward and Jacob would protect her there. The cold weather proved to be difficult and dangerous for Bella at that height. Edward, whose body produced zero heat, grudgingly agreed to Jacob cuddling with Bella to keep her from freezing.

On the day of the battle, Edward purposely talked to Bella of marriage so Jacob would overhear. Jacob, in a rage, decided to sacrifice himself fighting the newborn vampire army. A desperate Bella kissed Jake to make him change his mind. It worked and gave Jacob false hope.

The battle with the newborn vampires was quick and decisive. No losses on the side of the Cullens and werewolves. All of the newborns were killed, save one. Jacob was the only injury, being nearly crushed.

The Volturi finally stepped in. To demonstrate they were in control they destroyed the one newborn the Cullens had given sanctuary. Bella assured the Volturi a date was set when she would be turned.

Later, Bella confessed to Jacob that she did love him but it wouldn’t change anything. August 13th was the date set for her wedding with Edward.

Breaking Dawn Part 1

The wedding of Bella and Edward was here at last. Jacob received an invitation. Enraged, he disappeared into the northern wilds of Canada! Bella’s mother and step-father come up from Florida for the ceremony.

Bella wore the engagement ring Edward gave her, the sapphire encrusted hair piece of her grandmother, and a long white wedding dress. They were wed in the sight of family and friends, although once they touched they may as well have been alone. They had eyes only for each other.

At the wedding, Bella met some of Edward’s “cousins” from Alaska. One in particular, Irina, got angry and left because Seth, a Quileute werewolf, had been invited. Jacob arrived but did not stay long.

Edward took Bella to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for their honeymoon. Carlisle gave the newly-weds a gift; a house on the beach of a private island, Isle Esme. They honeymooned there for two weeks. They may’ve planned to stay longer but Bella found herself pregnant and the baby was already growing at an accelerated rate.

Edward, concerned, secretly brought her home to Forks. He moved back into the Cullen’s family home. Two weeks later, Jacob visited and found Bella well into her pregnancy and in very bad shape. She weighed a mere 75 pounds. Jacob failed to convince her to give up the child.

He stormed out and since the wolves all share thoughts, the entire pack knew about the abomination growing inside Bella. It must be destroyed! Jacob refused and left the pack. Seth and Leah followed.

Breaking Dawn Part 1.1

Leaving the tribe meant the wolves no longer shared thoughts. Jacob warned the Cullens of what would come. Sam and the others surrounded the Cullen’s house and waited for an opportunity. Meanwhile, the Cullens hadn’t hunted for weeks and were already weakened.

To complicate matters further, the child was incompatible with Bella’s body. It attacked her from the inside depriving her of any kind of sustenance. Carlisle gave Bella human blood to drink and that worked. The baby’s thirst was quenched, and it continued to grow.

Alice, Jacob, Edward, and Rosalie were discussing baby names with Bella when the placenta detached unexpectedly. Bella bent down and when she did there was a cracking sound in her back as her spine splintered and she tumbled.

The baby had to be delivered immediately or it would die. Since Carlisle was away, Rosalie began the emergency C-section. Bella’s blood was too much for Rosalie and she had to be removed from the room.

The baby, Renesmee, was delivered successfully. Bella however died at that moment. Edward injected his venom directly in her heart trying to turn her before it was too late. He also bit her several times but there was no response.

Breaking Dawn Part 1.2

When Sam and the others heard Bella was dead they decided it was time to kill the newborn half-vampire. They headed for the Cullens. Jacob, angry over Bella’s death, had the same idea and went inside to kill Renesmee himself. However, when he locked eyes with the baby he automatically imprinted on her.

The pack descended on the Cullens house and the battle was joined. Outnumbered Edward, Alice and Jasper would have lost but were soon joined by Carlisle, Esme and Emmett. Then by Seth and Leah and finally Jacob who faced down Sam.

When Edward revealed to everyone that Jacob had imprinted on Renesmee the fighting was done. Whoever a wolf imprints on cannot be harmed. It’s their most absolute law.

Bella’s body healed fully in seconds. When she opened her eyes they were bright red. Carlisle reported to the Volturi an addition to his Coven.


Her hair is long and dark. It is held back by a head band in early films but later styled so it frames her face.

Bella is very fair-skinned. Her face is heart shaped with prominent cheekbones. She wears scant makeup that includes light blue eye shadow.

Bella has little interest in shopping for clothes and usually wears jeans, sneakers, and plain shirts or sweaters. She wears a ring with a plain round stone on her first finger. Once married she wears Edward’s grand-mother’s ring.


Bella is awkward and clumsy. Why is this in her personality section? Bella often displays this in her mannerisms. She will hurt herself or others and has learned to just avoid situations where this might happen.

She jokes about how bad it would be if she participated in physical activities, like surfing or dancing. She did take ballet lessons as a kid, not that it helped.

Though somewhat introverted, Bella stands out in a crowd without even trying. Everyone she meets is interested in meeting and getting to know her. She has an almost super-natural attractiveness that goes beyond her physical appearance.

Men and women alike are friendly and find her interesting. They want to get to know her upon a first meeting. Bella is fairly quiet but when she speaks her friends take her comments as something “iconic” or “epic”.

After meeting Edward she falls madly in love with him. She is positively obsessed with him. When she had her 18th birthday she became consumed with wanting to stay young.

Seeing Edward unchanging because he’s a vampire makes her all the more aware that she is growing older. In her mind the only way to stop getting older is to become a vampire too.

Bella loves the story Romeo and Juliet perhaps drawing a comparison with her and Edward. She likes to read, especially Shakespeare but other hobbies and interests outside of Edward are practically non-existent.

Some would say she’s the perpetual “Damsel in Distress”. Her time with Edward and his kind has made her see humans as weak. She even apologizes when she bleeds because it makes the Cullens uncomfortable.

When Edward was gone, Bella wrote emails to Alice even though none were delivered.

Bella has a sarcastic sense of humor, hates being lied to and despises other’s having secrets. Ironically, it’s ok for her to keep secrets of her own. Bella appears to be drawn to physically strong men and began spending time with Jacob after Edward left her.


“I’d never given much thought to how I would die. But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go.”

(After slipping on the walk way) “Ice doesn’t really help the uncoordinated.”

“Death is peaceful, easy. Life is harder.”

“We can’t be apart ! You can’t leave me !”

Edward: “So, that’s what you dream about ? Becoming a monster.”
Bella: “I dream about being with you forever.”
Edward: “Is it not enough just to have a long and happy life with me ?”
Bella: “Yeah, for now.”

“If this (Edward leaving her) is about my soul, take it, I don’t want it without you.”

“The absence of him is everywhere I look. It’s like a huge hole has been punched through my chest.”

“If a rush of danger is what it takes to see him, then that’s what I’ll find.”

“I wish I could tell you about Jake. He makes me feel better. I mean, he makes me feel alive. The hole in my chest ; well, when I’m with Jake it… it’s like it’s almost healed for a while.” (then one comment about Edward) “But even Jake can’t keep the dreams away.”

Alice: “I have never met anyone more prone to life-threatening idiocy.”

(After Bella resists Aro’s thought reading touch and Jane’s pain ability) Aro: “Remarkable ! She confounds us all.”

“Jake, I love you. Don’t make me choose. ‘cause it’ll be him. It’s always been him.”

Charlie: “…but I have other reasons for grounding you. Like, uh… I just want you to get some separation… from him.”
Bella: “Dad, there’s nothing you can say. Edward is in my life.”
Charlie: “Yeah, I’m gathering that.” (Takes a long drink of beer and sighs heavily)

Renée: “You’re different with him. He moves, you move. Like magnets.”

“There’s nothing I’m ever going to want more than Edward.”

(About Jake and the pack helping fight vampires) “Some of you are going to get hurt. Some of you could get killed… because of me.”

“This wasn’t a choice between you and Jacob. It was between who I should be and who I am. I’ve always felt out of step, like literally stumbling through my life. I’ve never felt normal because I’m not normal, I don’t want to be. I’ve had to face death and loss and pain in your world but I’ve also never felt stronger and like more real, more myself, because it’s my world too. It’s where I belong.”

“Childhood is not from birth to a certain age. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.”

“I love you Edward.”

DC Universe History

Bella brought over to the DCU would likely fall in love with whatever interesting, young, physically strong male character was available.

Perhaps Superboy of the Teen Titans. Later, she would perhaps join the ranks as a hero herself. If the story occurs during the 1980s, the angelic alien Azrael would also be a good candidate.

Marvel Universe History

Bella Swan would fall into the category of Mutant or at least Psychic.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Bella Swan

A 579 points Character (without equipment)

Dex: 02 Str: 02 Bod: 03 Motivation: Seeking Justice
Int: 04 Wil: 05 Min: 03 Occupation: Forks High School Student
Inf: 04 Aur: 07 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 001
Init: 010 HP: 015

Iron Will: 15, Mind Blank: 15, Mind Field: 15

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Iron Will does not protect against Broadcast Empath (-1).
  • Mind Field protects the power user only (-2).

Vehicles (Land): 02

Attractive, Financial Backer (Struggling – this represents her dad giving her shopping money and such), Schtick (All about ME!).

The Cullen Family (High), Edward Cullen (High), Jacob Black (High).

Dependent (Renesmee, 10 pts), Married (Edward, 0 pts), Minor Irrational Attraction to Jacob Black (questionable), Serious Irrational Attraction to Edward Cullen, Minor Psychological Instability (Nightmares brought on by her Irrational Attraction to Edward; these only come about if Edward leaves her.)



  • 1963 CHEVY STEPSIDE C-10 PICKUP [STR 05 BODY 07, Running: 06, R#5, Cost:42].
  • Pepper Spray [BODY 02, Chemical attack (No Range, -1): 04, Ammo: 05 (+10 HP Bonus), R#03, cost: 3]. Bella only carried her dad’s pepper spray in the first movie.
  • MOTORCYCLE [BODY 05 STR 03, Running: 06, R#2, Cost: 36].

Previous stats

Bella had none of her connections (though possibly Jacob). She had Age (Young: 17). Irrational Attraction to Edward Cullen was Minor until after the attack by James the Hunter.

New Moon
Bella lost Age (Young) when she turned 18. She also gained an AP of Will and Spirit in her pursuit of visions of Edward.

Breaking Dawn part 1
Bella was single before this film. She got Married to Edward and gained a daughter.

By Ethan Roe.

Source of Character: The 2008 film Twilight ; 2009 film The Twilight Saga: New Moon ; 2010 film The Twilight Saga: Eclipse ; and 2011 film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn part 1 ; character played by Kristen Stewart.

Helper(s): , Wikipedia, Twilight Saga Wiki, Pepper spray stats taken from “Stock police officers” writeup on

Writeup completed on the 17th of June, 2013.