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Black Canary – A guide to Black Canaries

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Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

We don’t have so many Black Canary entries that a disambiguation page is necessary. But :

  1. I’d like to add more.
  2. Readers who do not realise that the character dates back to the the 1940s might be confused.

Therefore, here are the Black Canary profiles on writeups.org and what they do.

Black Canary (DC Comics) (Earliest version) portrait The prototype version. The earliest take, in 1947/48. At this point she’s a bad girl and a thief, a bit like 1940s Catwoman or Harlequin.
Black Canary (DC Comics) (Golden Age) smiling The (late) Golden Age Black Canary. Black Canary as she appears from 1948 to 1951. She’s reinvented as a heroine, and even joins the Justice Society of that time.
  Black Canary then vanishes until 1962. Once we have a profile for the Silver Age  Black Canary it’ll go there !
Black Canary (DC Comics) with the white buccaneer boots JLA costume The gisted notes. Our earliest notes about BC. Now very dated and we don’t really want people to read them. We keep them around because there are useful pictures, stats, etc.. But the endgame is to fully replace these with a series of clear and excellent chronological profiles.
Black Canary (DC Comics) (2010s rock star version) surprise portrait Rock star Black Canary. A very specific version by two specific authors (Wu and Fletcher), seen during the mid-2010s. 2010s DC Comics continuity was a hot mess, so we have to do thin “slices” so characters profile are clear.

As long as we’re disambiguatin’, I should also mention :

Skylark / Lady Lark of the Squadron Supreme (Marvel Comics) Lady Lark / Skylark of the Squadron Supreme. A somewhat obscure Marvel character, from a super-team who are obvious analogues to DC’s stalwarts. Lady Lark channels both Black Canary and older versions of Hawkgirl.


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