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Blonde Blade City of Heroes model

Blonde Blade

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


  • Real Name: Olga Nevwirth
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: Fenris Fraktion
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile
  • Height: 5’8” Weight: 136 lbs
  • Eyes: Gray Hair: Somewhere between light brown and ash blonde

Powers and Abilities

The Blonde Blade is a competent swordswoman and hand-to-hand fighter, and an adept athlete. She wields a very high quality warbrand – a type of bastard sword illustrated in the Maciejowski Bible (published in the 1250s) that looks a bit like a giant table knife – with gold inlays all along the back of the blade and much of its length.

Her ability to go undetected is remarkable, though no-one has ever realized it was actually superhuman. The source for this ability is probably a low-level mutation.


The Blonde Blade is rather tight-lipped about her past, and is the only member of the Fenris Fraktion to maintain a double identity.

It is unclear how she came to be recruited by Fenris in the first place, as she upholds no specific agenda. The Viscountess believes she was dragged in the movement by her abusive boyfriend, who was since grievously wounded by Betar militants and is no longer in a relationship with Olga.


See illustration.


Olga Nevwirth is a very repressed young woman who feels anxious and guilty about everything. She uses her dual identity in order to let off steam, but that doesn’t really work – although the Blonde Blade goes for fishnet stocking, expensive New Rock platform boots, a flattering leather jacket, a naughty schoolgirl pleated skirt and the like, she remains masked and her outfit is not actually revealing.

Likewise, while she throws herself into martial arts, sentry-neutralization stealth techniques, swordsmanship, etc. with great intensity, she doesn’t have an actual killer instinct.


“Don’t make me cut you !”


Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

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Blonde Blade

Dex: 05 Str: 03 Bod: 04 Motivation: Mercenary
Int: 04 Wil: 03 Min: 03 Occupation: Professional criminal
Inf: 03 Aur: 02 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 004
Init: 014 HP: 010

Obscure: 05

Acrobatics: 05, Martial artist: 04, Thief (stealth): 07, Weaponry (melee): 05

Language (German)

MIA to shyness, MIA to being overanxious, Secret Identity

Fenris Fraktion (Low)

Warbrand [BODY 06, EV 05, Sharpness (EV): 01]

By Sébastien Andrivet

Source of Character: City of Villains stress test character generator. I downloaded the CoV stress test client and, while the game doesn’t grab me ATM, I predictably find the character generator excellent.

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