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Brigade team (Image | Wildstorm comics)


(Alternate version for the Marvel Universe)

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


Brigade was one of the early books during the launch of Image Comics, in 1992. Even with my boundless optimism and sense of wonder, I can’t pretend that it ever was good.

But during the early 1990s I ended up needing new characters for a campaign set in the Marvel Universe. Rather than invent stuff from scratch, I made up modified versions of some Brigade characters. And some time later they ended up on this site since heh, maybe they’ll be useful to someone else.

We *also* have profiles for the actual, official, published, Image Comics version of most of these characters. Don’t get the two confused, heh ?


This version of Brigade was recruited by the Covert Operations department of Roxxon Oil during a span when neither the Grapplers nor the Serpent Squad were active.

The group is made up of :


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