Brigade team (Image | Wildstorm comics)


(Alternate version for the Marvel Universe)


Brigade was one of the early books during the launch of Image Comics, in 1992. Even with my boundless optimism and sense of wonder, I can’t pretend that it ever was good.

But during the early 1990s I ended up needing new characters for a campaign set in the Marvel Universe. Rather than invent stuff from scratch, I made up modified versions of some Brigade characters. And some time later they ended up on this site since heh, maybe they’ll be useful to someone else.

We *also* have profiles for the actual, official, published, Image Comics version of most of these characters. Don’t get the two confused, heh ?


This version of Brigade was recruited by the Covert Operations department of Roxxon Oil during a span when neither the Grapplers nor the Serpent Squad were active.

The group is made up of :