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Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


Brit is a Robert Kirkman creation. He appeared in 2003, not long after the launch of Invincible, and is set in the same universe. The success of Invincible thus bolstered Brit.

These tales are in the typical Kirkman super-hero style with lots of big drama, gore and ultra-violence, and shocking revelations.


  • Real Name: Brittany.
  • Marital Status: Married.
  • Known Relatives: Jessica (wife), Brittany Jr. (son), Brittany Sr. (father, deceased), Britney (half-sister), Euclid (half-brother), Unnamed Mother (deceased).
  • Group Affiliation: Guardians of the Globe.
  • Base Of Operations: Utah.
  • Height: 5’10” Weight: 220 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue Hair: White


Powers & Abilities

Brit is invulnerable to physical harm. In addition, his body seems to age at one-third the rate of a normal human male.


The man named Brittany, or Brit for short, was born sometime in the years before World War One. He led a normal life until the day he and his mother were involved in a tragic accident. That left Brit gravely injured and his mother, dead.

Brit’s father, Brittany Sr., was abroad at the time of the accident. Upon his return, the revelation of the fate of his family left him in a state of shock and confusion. This ailment was so profound that it resembled a catatonic state. He remained that way for weeks, as his mind pored over the events that had so deeply affected his family.

Eventually, Brittany Sr. emerged from his state of grief. He vowed that he would never have to experience the loss of a loved one again. With that, both Brittany Sr. and Jr. set off on a journey that would take them to the far corners of the earth searching for the things that Brittany Sr. had deduced he would need.


The quest

Brit’s father was a genius that had an uncanny gift for solving problems. Though he had no formal training in any discipline, whenever he encountered a seemingly insurmountable issue, he would intuitively create a solution for the problem. He was a savant, with the ability to simply invent solutions.

The problem that faced him was the potential death of his son. The best solution he could come up with was to make his son indestructible. For nearly a decade, Brit and his father criss-crossed the globe, gathering the ingredients that his father had intuited that he would need for the process.

Eventually, he created a serum that he formulated into a simple vaccination and upon its completion, he injected it into Brit.

Brit used as a shield by Britney

It only took moments for the serum to take effect. In the opening seconds after his injection Brit felt incredible. For those few seconds, Brit felt unstoppable. Unfortunately, once those seconds past, he became violently ill and collapsed into a senseless heap.

He was bed-ridden for days, during which Brittany Sr. never left his side. It seemed as though the sickness would never pass, but it eventually did. And even more incredibly, once it had, Brit discovered exactly how much of a genius his father was. As a result of the formula, Brit had somehow become completely impervious to physical harm. The formula had worked.


Brit’s new found invincibility could not have come at a more opportune time. The first World War had begun to sweep across Europe, and Brit Jr was in his late teens. No better time or situation would ever present itself to test his powers. And so Brit (being an impetuous young man) did the only thing that he could; he enlisted in the United States Army .

Though Brit made no effort to hide his powers at the time, he feigned ignorance of the means by which he acquired them. There would be no army of invulnerable supermen fighting the war. Only a single one man wrecking crew cutting a swathe through the German forces.

While Brit was at war, Brittany Sr. started the next chapter of his life. He remarried and started a new family. The marriage didn’t last, as Brittany Sr. couldn’t bring himself to love his second wife. But it did produce the twins Britney (named after Brittany Jr) and Euclid.


When the twins hit their teen years, Brittany Sr created a new and improved version of his serum. He administered it to both twins. His daughter, Britney, enjoyed the full effects of the new serum and similar to her eldest brother was rendered invulnerable and gained superhuman strength.

Brit about to punch a monster

Euclid however, wasn’t as lucky. The serum had no physical effect on him, instead it drove him insane.

Euclid became a psychopath. Using the very same genius that allowed his father to create the serum in the first place, became a constant thorn in his family’s side. The siblings fought dozens of times over the years.

Eventually, Brittany Sr. died of natural causes, having chosen not to take the formula himself. Brit believed that his father chose to die in order to join his mother in the after-life. After a period of mourning, both Brit and Britney joined the US government. They began to secretly battle threats to the United States of America’s sovereignty.

Old Soldier

Brit’s adventures over the years ranged from insane to downright silly. He fought a multitude of foes. Yet he never encountered anything or anyone that was capable of penetrating his invulnerable body.

During the course of his adventures, Brit often caused as much collateral damage as his foes. As a result, he was often referred to as a living hurricane. Sometime during this time period, Brit met, married and divorced his first wife Susan.

Brit's jet boots

Eventually, with the money he had earned from his work, Brit invested in a lucrative business venture. This is where he met his second wife – a strip club called “The Ladies Room”. Jessica was one of the strippers in Brit’s club.

Upon their meeting the two took an instant liking to one another. They dated exclusively for some time, despite the large difference in their age.

The Erikson plot

The two lived happily until an over-zealous government agent named Erikson devised a desperate plan to re-create Brit’s superhuman abilities. Erickson reasoned that Brit was getting old – after all, by this point he had been employed by the government for well over 50 years. He thought that old age would eventually catch up with the invulnerable man.

Then, Brit was seemingly injured in a battle with an extra-dimensional being. Erickson assumed that he had become vulnerable and attempted to trap Brit for that very purpose.

Brit balked and escaped. He took Jessica with him and the two hid in a secluded area of the United States. Erickson eventually found Brit, but both he and his men were overpowered by the walking natural disaster that Brit had become.

With Erickson out of the picture, Brit returned to his job in the government’s employ. He started to work for his old friend, Cecil Stedman. During their time in seclusion, the Brit and Jessica had conceived a child who was given the name Brittany Jr.. With his new family in tow, Brit was once again thrown into the thick of battle, taking part in a war against an invading alien armada.

As a result of the war, Brit’s ex-wife Susan and her son were lost during the fighting. Guilt-ridden at their loss and filled with concern for his own family, Brit resigned his commission from the government.

Sibling Rivalry

Despite his grief, Brit found himself drawn back into service. This happened as Earth’s heroes were unable to contain menace after menace. Eventually, he returned to active duty, once again working under the watchful gaze of Cecil Stedman. Through a series of misadventures, Brit eventually drew his sister away from her work with the DEA and back into his daily life as his partner.

During this time, Euclid (Brit’s younger brother) set into motion a complicated series of seemingly unrelated events. That culminated in the capture of Brit’s son. Brit pursued his brother into the far reaches of the icy north, where he finally confronted his now aged and decrepit brother.

The two argued when Euclid revealed that by harvesting the blood of Brit junior, he had recreated the original serum that their father had used to grant Brit his invulnerability. With the serum in hand, Euclid had no further use for the toddler. Thus, he activated the death trap that his nephew was trapped in, for no other reason other than to force Brit to experience that loss.

Brit giving orders

Desperate to save his son, Brit dove into the trap. The trap itself was a gigantic piston that would eventually crush the life out of the young boy. Brit struggled to free his son, but was not strong enough to do so. The two shared a tear filled and heart felt goodbye as the press closed upon them.

At that moment, Euclid felt a single moment of hesitation. He attempted to stop the trap and release the boy. He needn’t have bothered. Somehow, while he had been experimenting on his nephew, Euclid had activated the dormant serum in the child’s blood rendering him completely invulnerable.

The piston eventually gave way against the invulnerable forms of Brit and Brit junior. Euclid’s relief that his nephew still lived was short-lived. Brit actually clubbed Euclid into unconsciousness using the invulnerable body of his giggling son.

As life returned to “normal”, Brit continued to work alongside Britney. That lasted until he was recruited to lead the third incarnation of the Guardians of the Globe.


Brit is an astoundingly muscular white male, who appears to be in his late mid to late 60s. His stark white hair is cropped close to his skull, in an almost military style buzz-cut. He normally can be found wearing a simply pair of khakis and a deep green turtle neck top.

Since joining the Guardians of the Globe, he has taken to wearing a God-awful blue and red spandex costume over his normal clothing. The costume is completed by a pair of silver gloves and boots.


Brit is a bit of a caricature. He is honest to the point of bluntness and can be quite brutish. He displays a genuine lack of caring for his foes, and will not hesitate to eviscerate them if it’s the quickest way to win. Some terms that would describe Brit both in and out of combat would be: overkill, property damage, walking hurricane.

Despite this, Brit can be surprisingly tender and genuinely loves his family (including his sister) and his friends.


“I’d like to go home. Save my sister. Save the day. See my wife. Is that a possibility Ms. Popper ?”

Invincible: “Thanks for, you know …”
Brit: “Causing massive property damage? No problem, it’s what I do.”

(To his sister Britney) “Your plans suck worse than mine.”

(As he’s getting swallowed by an alien creature) “I swear sweetheart. I’m like a ball of hair. I don’t digest.”

(While struggling to free his son from the grips of a death trap) “Hey, look at me. My baby boy. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Look at me. I love you so much.”

“Look alive Guardians ! We’re in the thick of it !”

“Okay Guardians — listen up ! It’s just him and us in the city — so let’s focus all attention on this guy and wrap this up. I’d like to put Brit junior to bed myself tonight, give the little woman a break.”

Set: “This world is ours.”
Brit: “Never. Not while it’s still our job to GUARD it.”

DC Universe History

Despite having his own series for a period of time, Brit is a completely minor character and can be inserted into the DCU wholesale with no changes.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 04 Str: 04 Bod: 30 Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 05 Wil: 06 Min: 05 Occupation: Super Hero
Inf: 03 Aur: 04 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 006
Init: 012 HP: 40

Acrobatics: 06, Medicine (First aid): 03, Martial Artist: 06, Military science: 06, Vehicles: 06, Weaponry: 06

Credentials (US Government, High), Iron Nerves, Slowed Aging.

Guardians of the Globe (High), US Government (High), Donald Ferguson (High), Invincible (Low)

Catastrophic Bulletproof Syndrome, Public Identity.



  • Jet Gloves [BODY 03, Flight: 06, EV 06, R#02. Notes: Gloves are required to help steer in flight. EV of of gloves can be combined with Brit’s Bod to give EV 07].
  • Jet Boots [BODY 03, Flight: 06, R#02].

By Bryan Gittens.

Source of Character: Image Comic Book Series – Brit, created by Robert Kirkman.

Helper(s): Darci.