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Humble Bundle – comics, Street Fighter, Star Trek, Pride


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Various bundles

I get maybe one alert out of four when it comes to new bundles. So I mostly learn that something relevant is around by accident. Today was like that, then I checked the page and I realised that there actually multiple bundles that fit well with our readership, all at once.


So, triaging by time left and not being too verbose. As always, the lowest tier for all of these is $1.

1/ Capcom video games Summer bundle  (affiliate link).

Been modernising a lot of Street Fighter writeups lately, so that feels relevant. Also has Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Dragon Dogma and other games, every one of those being on my WORG profiles to do list. But this one has very little time left.

2/ Star Trek sourcebooks bundle  (affiliate link).

This one has only two days left as of this writing. Them are chiefly handbooks about a tonne of spaceships, plus general sourcebooks and a few oddities (such as the one about Grudge the cat).

3/ The Boys and Red Sonja comics bundle  (affiliate link).

Not my cuppa but might be yours. Up-to-63-books bundle of Dynamite comics, with The Boys, Red Sonja, Deja Toris, Vampirella, Miss Fury, Swords of Sorrow, etc..

4/ LGBT comics and LGBT comics creators bundle  (affiliate link).

A Pride Month bundle, obvs. Mostly indie stuff, obvs. Lumberjanes might be the biggest name, unless it’s Kevin Keller and other Archie material. There’s also Cosmoknight (if you’re a lesbian WORG reader and want profiles about those, the queue starts all the way over there), two Axelle Lenoir books, Kim Reaper, etc..

5/ Street Fighter Udon comics bundle  (affiliate link).

*This* one I had seen, but did not bother to post. The material is useful for the Street Fighter character profiles, but the comics are an embarrassing, endless deluge of panty shots and balloon-like boobs and camel toes. Definitely not worth a post on its own, but since I’m ending up doing a multi-bundle posts…

As usual :

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  • Everything is downloaded, comes DRM-free, and in multiple formats so you can read it using various software.
  • At the page linked above you have explanations about the books, and previews of the material.

Omnibus sourcebooks

Both Marvel and DC have reissued classic sourcebooks as big, high-value hardback collections. If you like reading character profiles, then these are the main giants whose shoulders we’re standing on.

Collected 1983 Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe


Collected Deluxe Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe


Collected Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe -1989 Update


Collected 1980s DC Comics’ Who’s Who


Collected 1990s DC Comics’ Who’s Who (plus Legion of Super-Heroes Who’s Who)