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Cammy is one of the classic characters in the Street Fighters series of brawling video games. She first appeared in Super Street Fighter II, in 1993.

As an amnesiac super soldier with a tragic past, she can fit into many campaigns in many ways. Not only that, but her origin could easily be changed to that of a blank slate to suit the needs of the story.



  • Real Name: Cammy White.
  • Other Aliases: Killer Bee, The forgotten battle doll, Innocent battle bee.
  • Known Relatives: M. Bison (cloning progenitor).
  • Group Affiliation: Shadaloo, later MI6 Delta Red.
  • Base Of Operations: England.
  • Height: 5’1″ (1.55m). Weight: 134 lbs. (61 Kg.).
  • Eyes: Blue. Hair: Blonde.

Powers and Abilities

Cammy was a genetically engineered female clone for M. Bison. She was intended as a possible receptacle for Bison’s consciousness should his current body give out.

She also has minor regenerative properties.

She was trained from birth to be an agent and martial artist. She’s extremely agile and received military elite training.

After she gained self-realization she joined Delta Red, an elite MI6 group. Ms. White breezed through all their tests.

Cammy has certain instabilities and uncertainties based upon her amnesia – and later her discovering the secrets of her past.

Cammy White (Street Fighter) in blue


Street Fighter Alpha Gold

(Cammy joined the roster in a later upgraded version of the game. This would be the modern day equivalent of DLC, only many months slower. That said there isn’t a lot of info in her first canon appearance.)

Cammy was the first successful clone of M. Bison. She was dispatched on various missions (most likely assassination) around the world in order to field-test her abilities.

Her skills and abilities were far beyond what the lab had anticipated – and she was only getting stronger. However with this sudden spurt in growth came another side effect. Cammy was growing self-aware, no longer a mindless quasi-robot as designed.

Cammy confronted Bison, asking what her purpose was in life. This led to a fight. Due to the dictator massively underestimating his clone, she actually won.

However she was shocked, distracted and uncertain of what to do next. This gave Bison the opportunity to zap her and have her sent back for reconditioning (read: brainwashing).

The villain realized that his clone was far too valuable an asset to terminate outright. But she would have to be more carefully monitored. In addition, steps would need to be taken to insure that this wouldn’t happen with any future clones…

Cammy White (Street Fighter) with guns

Street Fighter Zero 3, part 1

An assassin of Shadaloo, Cammy sought to kill Dhalsim, who opposed this organisation (because Shadaloo is EVIL!!!).

Dhalsim, however, stopped her with the power of yoga. He then made her realize that she was becoming self-aware. Cammy recovered her awareness that Shadaloo had brainwashed and controlled her.

Eventually, Vega, who had been sent to spy on her, found her. Cammy told Vega that he was disgusting, and to just get out of her way.

But then, to her surprise, Vega told her that she was just an experiment. Bison no longer needed her anymore, leaving Vega free to attack.

Unwilling to fight fellow Shadaloo agents, Cammy told him to back off. That impressed Vega, who purposefully lost the match. He revealed that Shadaloo knew Cammy was becoming too independent and was going to kill her.

Poor Cammy couldn’t understand why, since she had never ever betrayed Shadaloo.

Street Fighter Zero 3, part 2

Later on, two of her fellow Dolls, Juli and Juni, were sent to terminate her. But Cammy convinced the Dolls that they were all being manipulated.

When she finally reached Bison, Cammy asked why she had to die. Since she had never betrayed Shadaloo and was still loyal to Bison.

Bison responded by demanding to know why she did not kill Vega after defeating him. When Cammy didn’t answer, Bison pointed out that she had gained self-awareness.

He then told her that she had been created to be his next body. But now that she had gained self-awareness, she was useless for that.

All 13 Dolls turned on Bison. The lot was almost killed, but they eventually forced Bison to retreat.

As he left the mastermind revealed that if he were to die, all of them would perish as well. He also told Cammy that she herself was just a clone of him, and that he’d always be in her mind.

Street Fighter Zero 3, part 3

Cammy could feel him creeping into her mind, but refused to give in to Bison. She quickly headed for the psycho drive with the rest of the Dolls to save them all.

On the way, Chun-Li, there to blow up the base, spotted her. But only for a split second because Cammy was too fast.

Cammy sacrificed herself by staying behind to operate the psycho drive and revive her Doll allies. In her view, they were persons and deserved to live. Cammy transported them out of the base, and then finally lost consciousness.

Meanwhile, Chun-Li, Nash, and Guile together destroyed Shadaloo’s base – and presumably Bison. But Vega found Cammy in the nick of time, and got her out of the Psycho Drive.

Street Fighter 2

Cammy woke up, with no memory of who she was. She was practically on the doorstep of the Delta Red base – an anti-terrorist unit with MI6. They took her in, under Colonel Wolfman’s command.

She stayed with them for 3 years before SF2 started.

During SF2, she remembered how Bison was connected to her past somehow. She participated in the tournament so she could finally confront him and find out about her past. When she found him, Bison again told Cammy that she was actually a DNA clone of him.

He told her that he planted her in Delta Red, but her amnesia had not been planned. He then said it didn’t really matter, since he didn’t have a use for Cammy anymore, anyways.

Cammy was shocked at what she heard. However, her Delta Red teammates later on told her that it’s her future that counted, not her past. Realizing that they were right, Cammy lived her future life with Delta Red to the fullest. Why live in the past, after all?

Cammy White (Street Fighter) in green doing a spin kick

Street Fighter 4 OVA

(This is a short animated movie that came out around the same time as the game. It was officially released by Capcom and thus canon. They likely released it to get fans excited and create a bit of buzz for the next instalment of the game.)

(This story introduces Juri. She’s a new villain, and a Korean Tae Kwon Do champion. There’s no link between Juri and the Dolls called Juni and Juli. So that’s confusing.)

Cammy teamed up with Guile and Chun Li to investigate S.I.N.. S.I.N. is Shadaloo’s weapon branch, still going strong and has been recently up to no good. They were pursuing an unattributed lead (actually provided by Crimson Viper, who was an undercover agent imbedded in Shadaloo).

They trio arrived at a shopping mall after hours, and split up to cover more ground. Chun Li ran into Juri but lost badly, ending up at the ICU. Her partners arrived too late to intervene.

Cammy and Guile’s next tip took them to a seemingly abandoned bunker. They arrived just in time to see Juri knock out the final two dolls Juni and Juli – and then carry them off to her jet for transport. The pair attacked, but Guile was knocked out in the fight and Cammy rushed to his aid.

Seeing that he wasn’t seriously injured she then pursued the escaping jet. Cammy and Juri fought briefly, but it ended when Juri pushed Juni’s pod into Cammy, sending them out the still very open cargo hold. But the two were mostly unscathed, as they fell into a thick snow drift.

Street Fighter 4 (part 1)

However, Juni suddenly fell into a coma. Shortly thereafter Cammy received info from Col. Wolfman. S.I.N. had set up camp in northern India and built a dam that cut off the water supply to Dhalsim’s village. Cammy was dispatched to investigate.

Before she arrived she received an invitation to the next World Warrior tournament. Ms. White decided to continue her investigation using that as an angle. She was mainly motivated by revenge as she considered the other Dolls to be her sisters.

During the tournament Cammy fought Juri, with no stated victor. Since both of them were out for blood but are later shown unharmed, it’s likely that their blood feud was interrupted.

Cammy (Street Fighter games) reloads her pistol

Street Fighter 4 (part 2)

After infiltrating the dam she found files on the BLEECE Project – her actual mission objective. However, Crimson Viper then got the drop on her. She held Cammy at gun point as she had wanted the files all to herself to complete her own mission.

Cammy deleted the files lest they be used for ill. Viper was furious, but lowered her gun and walked away.

On her way out Cammy also encountered the Doll Decapre. She was raving that she hated Cammy and her perfect face, then passed out. Cammy’s priority was to render medical aid to her sister. But Bison came in and explained that she was had also fallen into a coma and would likely die without his help.

Cammy reluctantly agreed and let her former tormentor go without a fight.

Returning to the UK, Ms. White reported the loss of the files. Colonel Wolfman merely laughed and congratulated her anyway.

Street Fighter 5

A few years later Cammy was once again dispatched to India. There, former Shadaloo agent Birdie recognized her as one of the Dolls. As the police arrived Cammy let Birdie escape, since her mission was to remain clandestine.

Upon locating the Shadaloo base, White was attacked by F.A.N.G.. Cammy demanded to know the whereabouts of Decapre, but F.A.N.G. mocked her for being a Doll. A swarm of Shadaloo soldiers then came in, forcing Cammy to acrobatically escape.

As White hopped away, F.A.N.G. taunted her by talking about Project C.H.A.I.N.S. (seriously Capcom what is up with these stupid acronyms?). He promised to kill her the next time they met.

In London, Cammy once again visited Juni. Vega attacked, but she forced the clawed assassin to retreat. Shortly after that fight, Juni woke up.

The two were later seen at Cammy’s house chatting and playing with many cats. Cammy once again vowed to bring down Shadaloo for the sake of her sisters, though Juni worried about her big sister’s safety. The camera then panned out and revealed that Juri had been spying on them the whole time.


Street Fighter 5 A Shadow Falls (part 1)

Cammy appears at the end of Act I of this story. Chun Li had rushed Bison out of anger and was easily knocked out. But just as he was about to finish her with his Psycho Power, Cammy intervened.

Chun Li had been seriously injured, forcing Guile and Cammy to retreat. F.A.N.G. wanted to pursue them, but Master Bison warned him that it wouldn’t be worth it. He had bigger plans on the horizon (foreshadowing).

Before stumbling upon Chun Li and Guile, Cammy had been unearthing information about the Black Moons. These literal moons were the McGuffin they were trying to stop – so that Bison couldn’t take over the world.

Comparing notes, the group realised that Bison couldn’t activate the remaining Black Moon because the keys had been stolen. The culprit were a hacked group kidnapped by Bison to do the heavy IT lifting. These had rebelled as the Moons were too much of a threat, and the keys where their protection against Shadaloo retaliation.

Street Fighter 5 A Shadow Falls (part 2)

Cammy then enlisted the vast resources of Karin Kanzuki to track down the hackers. But while investigating they were attacked by Marz and Decapre. Cammy subdued her sisters with Karin’s help. Decapre then passed out from a massive migraine.

Feeling guilty over her inability to help them, Ms. White let the pair go.

White and Kanzuki teamed up with Chun Li and Ken for a mission in Brazil. They rescued Sean Matsuda from F.A.N.G.. Shadaloo had kidnapped Ken’s disciple as he had hidden one of the keys. After his rescue, Sean handed it over to Ken.

Sean’s younger sister Laura came in. She challenged her brother to a sparring match, winning handily, then defied Ken.

Cammy White (Street Fighter) stretched hand salute

Street Fighter 5 A Shadow Falls (part 3)

The match was interrupted by Decapre and more Shadaloo soldiers. The polícia arrived, demanding to arrest the defeated Shadaloo forces. But as they seized Decapre, Cammy’s protective instinct kicked in, resulting in a new fight. Cammy and Decapre escaped as reinforcements came in.

Just as the cops were closing in Juri knocked them aside with her motorcycle and offered Cammy a ride. During the ride Cammy removed Decapre’s mask for first time to render first aid to her. She was shocked to see that he face had been horrifically scarred.

The camera then panned back and showed Vega watching in a voyeuristic creepy way.

After they reached a train station, Decapre tried to choke Cammy. Big sister then tried to talk little sister down, but to no avail. Juri also commented that it would likely be kinder to put her out of her misery. Decapre then attacked her with her energy daggers and Cammy was once again forced to knock her out.

Street Fighter 5 A Shadow Falls (part 4 – it’s a big shadow okay?)

Vega revealed himself, calling Decapre ugly and Cammy beautiful. He demanded that they return to him as they were rightfully his. Cammy was defeated, but just before the mad bull fighter could carry the two Dolls away he was insulted and challenged by Juri,

The two then did battle. The commotion awoke Cammy who saw Vega standing too close to Decapre. White lashed out in anger. Her attack knocked his mask off and forced him to retreat lest he not damage his beautiful face.

After these events quite a bit happens in the the main storyline that doesn’t really involve Cammy. But she was next seen in the final assault against the Shadaloo base.

Cammy was once again confronted by F.A.N.G.. He now had full control over the twelve Dolls, who had been further enhanced with more Psycho Power. White nevertheless defeated Juli. Vega then ambushed Cammy, clawing her in the stomach. As he tried to finish her off, Decapre blocked his claws with her daggers.

Street Fighter 5 A Shadow Falls (part 5)

Vega was shocked that one of the Dolls had broken control. But he quickly recovered to fight Decapre one on one. However, Juri once again crashed the scene with her motorbike and challenged Vega.

While the two fought the rest of the Dolls encircled Cammy and Decapre. Still under mental control, they were prepared to kill their sisters. But before this could happen newcomer Rashid appeared and attacked F.A.N.G.. This broke the device F.A.N.G. had been using to control the Dolls.

Freed, the Dolls fought off Shadaloo reinforcements. This saved the wounded Cammy. They all escaped the base in time to watch it self destruct as Ryu, Charlie and others once again thwarted (thwaught?) Bison.

Cammy (Street Fighter fighting games) making a handstand attack


Cammy is an attractive slender blonde woman with the wiry frame of a gymnast. She typically has a very serious expression on her face.

Her official height has been listed as high as 5’6″ (1.67m), and sometimes as 5’1″. The latter seems correct, as she’s well smaller than pretty much anyone in the game. Opponents typically tower over her. That said 134# would be heavy for someone that small with such a slim build. Perhaps she’s a bit heavier due to her enhancements.

Her long blonde hair is usually braided and she has a small scar on her jaw. This is supposedly the scar she got in the explosion at the end of the Alpha series.

Cammy speaks with a British accent as that’s likely where she learned her English.

Ms. White usually dresses in a dark green one piece leotard with red gloves, a red beret, and black combat boots. Her Shadaloo outfit is a striped light blue body suit that leaves the legs bare with the same red sparring gloves and a deli style hat.

Curiously both costumes are pretty high cut around the bottom. They show off quite a bit of hip along with a thong back. Video games.

In both cases she has a bit of body paint that matches the color of her leotard. The green one has more of a camo style and the blue one has lightning bolts that wrap around her thighs.


Cammy very much fits into the special forces persona type – straightforward and to the point. While she’s particularly serious, she does tend to be cordial or even friendly with other members of the armed forces or law enforcement. Even when she’s not working with them directly.

Her performance on the field and in sticky situation is usually pretty competent. She’s even chided several of her teammates for acting rashly – including Chun Li and Charlie Nash.

Later in the storyline, once her character is a bit more fleshed out, hints appear that she’s got a softer side to her. Her bedside manner is excellent and it was later shown that she loves cats and has quite a few in her apartment.

(The whole cat thing is likely due to an official piece of artwork that shows her playing with kittens. Many years and an uncountable number of fan art tributes later it looks like Capcom just ran with it.)

Cammy is fiercely protective of her sisters. She was once in their position, and recognizes that they too are merely victims in Bison’s machinations. She’s risked her life several times to protect them and will likely do so until the day she stops drawing breath.

Her final story arc hints that her emotional growth may have been stunted by being under Bison’s control well into her teens. When it comes to her sisters they seem to stir up some complex emotions. There have been a few instances where she too has acted foolishly where they are concerned.

Cammy (Street Fighters Capcom) adjusting a glove


“Cammy… that’s my name…”

“Come on !”

DC Heroes RPG


Dex: 10 Str: 03 Bod: 04
Int: 06 Wil: 05 Min: 06
Inf: 06 Aur: 06 Spi: 05
Init: 026 HP: 060


Adrenaline Surge: 04, Energy Being: 02, Gliding: 01, Jumping: 07, Regeneration: 02

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Adrenaline Surge only works with Strength, Jumping, and Energy Being.
  • Energy Being can only be used in a limited fashion to add damage to certain Martial Artist attacks.


Acrobatics*: 10, Martial Artist: 09, Military Science: 06, Thief (Stealth): 07, Vehicles (Land): 04, Weaponry: 06


Skills are somewhat speculative.


Attractive, Lightning Reflexes.


Delta Red (High).


Dark Secret (she’s Bison’s clone), SPI (amnesia).


Responsibility of Power.


MI6 Delta Red Commando.



Cammy (Street Fighters Capcom) kicking Ryu in the face

vs. Marvel statistics

Cammy, like all the other SF characters who made the crossover appearance, got mad enhancements to be able to compete with Marvel’s heavy hitters:

Dex: 11 Str: 04 Bod: 05
Int: 07 Wil: 06 Min: 07
Inf: 07 Aur: 07 Spi: 06
Init: 030 HP: 070


Adrenaline Surge: 07, Energy Being: 08, Gliding: 03, Jumping: 13, Regeneration: 03

Bonuses and Limitations:

Adrenaline Surge only works with Energy Being, Jumping, and Strength.


Acrobatics: 11, Martial Artist: 10, Military Science: 07, Thief (Stealth): 08, Vehicles (Land): 05, Weaponry: 07

Cammy (Street Fighters Capcom) sitting on the floor

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By Tom Eilers.

Source of Character: Street Fighter video games.

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