Catwoman – A guide to Catwoman profiles

(Disambiguation page)

Uh, I was *certain* that we had a disambiguation page for Catwoman profiles. We love Catwoman here ! But we don’t, so let’s fix that.

Here are the Catwoman character profiles on and what they do.

DC Universe comics Selina Kyle

The “main” Catwoman. The Batman character seen in DC Comics.

This series of profile uses the emergent history method. For instance, the profile for 1940s version of Catwoman only uses material from 1940s comic books.

This is because there have been many takes on the Catwoman concept. Rather than present a “smudged together” view of these, we pounce on each one in purr-suit of de-tails. Which also means that reading the profiles in order will show you exactly how the *idea* of Catwoman evolves.

Catwoman 1940s (Batman character) (Golden Age DC Comics) The 1940s. During these early years, she’s a thief with a fluctuating set of gimmicks and tricks. This profile comes in two parts, so it’s easier to read on a smartphone.
1950s Catwoman (DC Comics) (Batman) The 1950s. This is where the name “Selina Kyle” appears, and the Catwoman concept coalesces. But Catwoman then disappears due to a moral panic.
Catwoman (DC Comics) in a little black dress by Tim Sale The gisted notes. Our earliest notes about Catwoman. Now very dated and we don’t really want people to read them. We keep them around because there are useful pictures, stats, etc.. But the endgame is to fully replace these with a series of clear and excellent chronological profiles.

Other Catwomen in comic books

Catwoman 1M (DC Comics One Million) Catwoman One Million. During an annual event, Grant Morrison and others imagine the DC Universe of the 85th century. This is when this version — a hyper-tech thief — appeared.
Catwoman (Imagine Stan Lee version) (DC Comics) Stan Lee’s Catwoman. This version appeared in another event. The concept was “what if it were Stan Lee who had created the DC Universe” ?
Holly Robinson (Catwoman character) (DC Comics) waving Holly Robinson. Holly, Selina’s protégée, took the Catwoman mantle for a while. But these old notes were taken before that happened.

Catwoman in other media

Catwoman (Julie Newmar) (Classic Batman 1966 TV series) stretching Julie Newmar version. A hugely popular version seen in the 1966 Batman TV series. It was a national craze back then.
Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) (Batman Returns 1992 movie) mouth open tongue Michelle Pfeiffer version. A great performance in the landmark 1992 Batman movie. It presumably remains one of the best-known interpretations of the character.

Vaguely related

As long as we’re disambiguatin’, I should also mention :

Lynx (Sarge Steel enemy) (Charlton Comics) Lynx. A Catwoman-like character from DC’s competitor Charlton Comics.
Mink (Marvel Comics) (Squadron Supreme) by Trenton Lacey Mink. This obscure Marvel Comics character is an equivalent of Catwoman, in a reality that resembles the DC Universe during the Silver Age .
Black Cat (Spider-Man character) (Marvel Comics) during the 1980s Black Cat (Felicia Hardy). This classic Spider-Man character has occasionally taken on a Catwoman-like role. Often with a wink toward her DC Comics “colleague”.