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This document lists all the DC Heroes character stats in books published by Mayfair Games.

It’s meant to be used by running searches — CTRL+F and so on, assuming a Windows OS.

It was assembled yonks ago as “whowhere.txt” by the DCH community. For years it was stored on our Yahoo! group, but as of late 2019 this ain’t possible no mo’.

A significant percentage of these also have their own writeups.org, usually using the Mayfair stats as the base.

Offline versions

If you want files rather than a web page, our contributor David NYC 999 brewed up a .xls and a .pdf version of the list. I’ve put ’em in a .zip, along with the original .txt.


Abbreviations in this document

All That Glitters Adventure ATG
Apokolips Sourcebook Apok
Atlas of the DC Universe Atlas
Batman Role Playing Game BRPG
Batman Sourcebook, 2nd ed Bats 2e
Batman Sourceboook, 1st ed Bats1
Belle Reve Sourcebook BRS
Blitzkreig Adventure Blitz
Blood Feud Adventure BF
City of Fear Adventure CoF
Come on Down Adventure CoD
Countdown to Armageddon Adventure CtA
DCH 1ed, Game Master’s Manual 1GM
DCH Rulebook 3rd Ed. DCH3e
Deadly Fusion Adventure: Batman DFB
Deadly Fusion Adventure: Superman DFS
Don’t Ask Adventure DA
Doomsday Program Adventure Doom
Dream Machine Adventure DM
Element of Danger Adventure EoD
Eternity, Inc. Adventure EI
Exposed Adventure (2ed box) Exp
Fire and Ice Adventure FI
Four Horsemen of Apokolips Adventure FHoA
Green Lantern Corps Sourcebook GLC
H.I.V.E. Adventure HIVE
Hardware Handbook HH
Hex, Escort to Hell Adventure Hex
In Hot Pursuit Adventure IHP
Justice League Sourcebook JLI
King for all Time Adventure KfaT
King of Crime Adventure KoC
Knight to Planet 3 Adventure KtP3
Law of Darkness Adventure Law
Legion of Super-Heroes 2995 Sourcebook 2995
Lights, Camera, Kobra Adventure LCK
Lines of Death Adventure LoD
LSH vol 1–Characters LSH1
LSH vol 2–Worldbook LSH2
Mad Rook’s Gambit Adventure MRG
Magic Sourcebook Magic
Moonshot Adventure Moon
Moonshot Doom Patrol Sourcebook DPS (Moonshot)
New Titans Sourcebook NTS
Night in Gotham Adventure NiG
Operation: Atlantis Adventure OA
Otherwhere Quest Adventure OQ
Pawns of Time Adventure PoT
Project: Prometheus Adventure PP
Rigged Results Adventure RR
Second Edition, Background/Roster Book BRB
Second Edition, Character Handbook Char
Second Edition, Rules Manual Rules
Siege Adventure Siege
STAR Tech Manual STAR
Strangers in Paradise Adventure SiP
Superman Sourcebook, 1st ed Supes 1e
Superman Sourcebook, 2nd ed Supes 2e
Swamp Thing Sourcebook STS
Taking Out the Trash Adventure TOtT
War of the Gods Adventure: Superman WotGS
War of the Gods Adventure: Wonder Woman WotGW
Watchmen Sourcebook Watch
Wheel of Destruction Adventure WoD
When a Stranger Calls Adventure WaSC
Who Watches the Watchmen Adventure WWtW
Who’s Who 1 WW1
Who’s Who 2 WW2
Who’s Who 3 WW3
Wonder Woman Sourcebook WWS (Strangers in Paradise)
World At War Sourcebook WoW
World in the Balance Adventure WitB


Characters index

Character name Source w/page Note
30th century Gadgets HH: 50-4 1ed
30th century Starships HH: 58-60 1ed
500Z-Q BRB: 60
A-1 Tank w/105mm gun FHoA: 19
Abaddon WW3 Hell’s Hierarchy
Abagail Arcane-Cable Magic: 80
Abdul Azis FHoA: 5 Information broker
Abel BRB: 22
Abel Magic: 70-1
Abigail Arcane-Cable BRB: 90
Abigail Arcane-Cable STS: 17-9 “Abby”
Abin Sur Atlas: 127 deceased
Abin Sur GLC: 34 1ed, Crisis-Era
Abn Ben Sur Bats1: 69 Adventure, 1ed
Abnegazar, Rath, Ghast WW2 Felix Faust
Abra Kadabra JLI: 92-3
Absorbancy Boy LSH1: 50 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Adam Brock CtA: 9 Brainiac’s mercenary
Adam Strange BRB: 26
Adam Strange JLI: 61-2
Adam Strange WW2
Adam Trente CoF: 8 1ed
Adam Warren NiG: 36 Gotham County Coroner
Adeline Kane Wilson NTS: 84
Adolf Hitler WoW: 112
Aellan Scientist 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Aellan, Typical Atlas: 130
Aero-Troopers Apok: 20-1
Agent Liberty STAR: 13 Battle Suit only
Agents, Empire of VT ATG: 9 Typical
Agents, Pastforce ATG: 11 Typical
Agni BRS: 33 1ed
Agony and Ecstasy WW3 Hell’s Hierarchy
Air Wave STAR: 101 Golden Age, Equipment
Air Wave WoW: 44 Golden Age
Air Wave II GLC: 52 1ed, Crisis-Era
Alanna Atlas: 122 deceased, Rann
Alec Holland STS: 5
Alexei Luthor Supes 1e: 86-7 Earth-2
Alfred Blaisdell NiG: 28 Falco Family, 1ed
Alfred Pennyworth 1GM: 85 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Alfred Pennyworth Bats 2e: 27
Alfred Pennyworth Bats1: 14 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Alfred Pennyworth BRB: 90
Alfred Pennyworth BRPG: 138
Alfred Pennyworth WW1
Alfred Twidgett WoW: 96-7 “Alfy”, Boy Commandos
Alien Queen Android LCK: 27-8 1ed
Allen Frost LCK: 11 1ed, owner of Aerodyne Ind.
Alligator 1GM: 88 1ed
Alligator DCH3e: 172
Alligator Rules: 68
Allosaurus WoW: 115 Blackhawk Island
Allosaurus, Robot WoD: 28,9 1ed
Amalgamax LSH1: 51 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Amanda Waller BRB: 18
Amanda Waller WW1
Amazing Grace Apok: 16
Amazing Grace Supes 2e: 59-60
Amazing Grace WW2 Glorious Godfrey
Amazing Man I WoW: 44-5
Amazo BRB: 75
Amazo IHP: 6
Amazo JLI: 77
Amazo Supes 1e: 52 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Amazon, Typical WWS: 22 1ed, Post-Crisis
Ambush Bug BRB: 62 separable suit
Ambush Bug DA: 4 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ambush Bug Supes 1e: 29
Amethyst Atlas: 179
Amethyst BRB: 19
Amethyst Magic: 35-6 Princess of Gemworld
Amethyst WW1
Amos Fortune JLI: 80-1
Amy Sheckleston FI: 8 Bag Lady
Andre Blanc-Dumont Blitz: 7 Blackhawks
Andre Blanc-Dumont WoW: 94 Blackhawks
Andre Chavard WoW: 97 Boy Commandos
Andrea Smith Bats1: 57 Adventure, 1ed
Andrew Bennett WW1 I…Vampire
Andrew Corbett NiG: 34 Capt., Gotham PD, 1ed
Angel and the Ape WW3
Angry Charlie Supes 2e: 36
Animal Man CoD: 5
Animal Man JLI: 47-9
Animal-Man BRB: 45
Animal-Vegetable-… DPS: 25 …Mineral Man, Crisis-Era, 1ed
Animotion FI: 10 New Villain
Ankylosaurus DCH3e: 175
Anthro, the Cave Boy BRB: 7
Anti-Aircraft Missiles FHoA: 19
Anti-Fate Magic: 93-4
Anti-Monitor BRB: 14
Antithesis NTS: 98
Anton Arcane STS: 23-5 with Un-Men, and most bodies
Anton Relnic 2995: 112
Antonio Stefanicci LSH1: 72 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Antonio Vargas NiG: 33 “Bull”, Lt., Gotham PD, 1ed
Ape, Giant WoW: 117 Blackhawk Island
Apokolips WW1
Apokolips Drones Apok: 22
Apokolips Gadgets Apok: 31-33 Defense and weapons
Apokolips Infantrymen Apok: 21-2
Apokolips Trainers Apok: 20
Apollo LSH1: 55 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Appa Ali Apsa Atlas: 120 deceased
Appa Ali Apsa GLC: 46 1ed, Crisis-Era
Appa Ali Apsa WW3 Guardians/Universe
Apparition FI: 10 New Villain
Appellaxians JLI: 72-5
Apros GLC: 39 1ed, Crisis-Era
Aptosaurus DCH3e: 175
Aquagirl NTS: 84-5 deceased
Aqualad 1GM: 75 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Aqualad NTS: 46-7,53-4 pre-Tempest
Aqualad WW2 pre-Tempest
Aquaman 1GM: 75 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Aquaman BRB: 37
Aquaman DCH3e: 160 A revision behind
Aquaman JLI: 11-2 A revision behind
Aquaman WitB: 15-6 A revision behind
Aquaman WW3 obsolete
Aquaman WWtW: 14 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Arachnae PP: 7 1ed, new
Arathaza Supes 2e: 60
Archimedes Watch: 93
Arella NTS: 85-6 Raven’s mother
Ares Atlas: 170
Ares WotGW: 6 1ed, Post-Crisis
Ares WW2
Ariadne PP: 8 1ed, new
Arion Atlas: 78
Arion BRB: 7
Arion Magic: 36-7 Lord of Atlantis
Arion MRG: 20 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Arion WW1 Atlantis, First Age
Arisia GLC: 29 1ed, Crisis-Era
Aristotle Rodor WW3 The Question
Arkham Asylum WW3
Arkham Asylum Cell WW2 Tweedledee
Arkkis Chummuck GLC: 37 1ed, Crisis-Era
Armored Villains DFB: 19,21 Typical
Arsenal (The) Moon: 8 1ed
Artemis WW3 Female Furies
Aryn, the Underlord WWtW: 16 1ed
Ash-Crawler Apok: 37-8 Apokolips creature
Assassins Bats1: 69 Adventure, 1ed
Assassins FHoA: 17
Astronaut, Typical 1GM: 85 1ed
Athlete, Typical 1GM: 85 1ed
Atlan, the Loner Atlas: 83 Atlantis
Atlantis WW1
Atmos 2995: 63
Atom I BRB: 34 both stats
Atom I WoW: 45
Atom II 1GM: 75 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Atom II BRB: 37
Atom II IHP: 15
Atom II JLI: 19-20
Atom III (Deceased) WW3 Suicide Squad
Atomic Knight STAR: 14 Armor only
Atomic Skull Supes 1e: 49 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Atom-Master CoD: 12
Auron GLC: 55 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Aviax WW3 The Wanderers
Axis Foot Soldier WoW: 112
Ayla Ranzz 2995: 41
Ayla Ranzz WW2
Azrael NTS: 86 a.k.a. Winged Man
Azrael STAR: 15 Holy Armor only
Az-Rel Supes 1e: 58 Phantom Zone
Bacillus Canister Blitz: 25
Badb BRS: 33 1ed
Barbara Gordon WW2
Baron Bedlam Atlas: 98
Baron Blitzkreig BRB: 11
Baron Blitzkreig WoW: 75
Baron Sunday Supes 2e: 61-2
Baron Tyrano GLC: 69 1ed, Crisis-Era
Baron Winters Magic: 81-2 with Merlin
Barrage Supes 2e: 62-3
Barry Portugal CoD: 24
Barter Magic: 94-5
Barter WW1
Bat 1GM: 88 1ed
Bat DCH3e: 172
Bat Rules: 68
Batcave WW3
Batgirl Bats1: 17 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Batgirl BRPG: 133-4
Batgirl WW2 Barbara Gordon
Batman 1GM: 35-6 Equipment, 1ed
Batman 1GM: 75 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Batman Bats 2e: 8-10,20-5,81 Writeup and most gadgets
Batman Bats1: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Batman BRB: 40
Batman BRPG: 22-3,131-2
Batman DCH3e: 161,183-4
Batman DFB: 5
Batman JLI: 21-22
Batman WoD: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Batman WoW: 124-5 Golden Age
Batman’s Equipment Bats1: 44-8,50-2 1ed
Batman’s Equipment BRPG: 111-3
Batman’s Equipment HH: 28-35 1ed
Batman’s Equipment Rules: 42-3
Batman’s Equipment STAR: 63-4,96-7,100,102-4,132-3,135
Batmobile WW2
Batnoids PoT: 27 primitive bat creatures
Battlecat Armor STAR: 16 STAR London
Bazooka FHoA: 19
Bear 1GM: 88 1ed
Bear DCH3e: 172
Bear Rules: 68
Bear Cambion EI: 21 Transformed human
Bear-Log-Man EI: 13 Evil Neanderthal Sorceror
Beast Boy DPS: 12 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Beast Boy LSH1: 74 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Lallor
Beast Boy NTS: 61 pre-Changeling
Beautiful Dreamer Apok: 29 Forever People
Beelzebub WW3 Hell’s Hierarchy
Bees STS: 13 the insects
Behemoth NTS: 123-4 Hybrid
Belial WW3 Hell’s Hierarchy
Belle Reve Cell Block WW2 Blockbuster II
Belle Reve Equipment Atlas: 10
Belle Reve Equipment BRS: 9-10 1ed
Belmont Welch NiG: 29 Patriot League, 1ed
Ben Hunter WoW: 105 Hunter’s Hellcats
Ben Richter TOtT: 13
Bernadeth Apok: 17 Female Furies
Bernadeth BRS: 31 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Female Furies
Bernadeth WW3 Female Furies
Best Boy LCK: 13 1ed, Screen Bandits’ Guild
Bethany Snow Atlas: 74
Betty Clawman WW1 New Guardians
Bewitched WW3 Zatanna
Bgtzlr, Typical Atlas: 172
Bibbo WW3
Bibbowski, “Bibbo” Supes 2e: 53
Big Barda Apok: 27
Big Barda BRB: 40-1
Big Barda JLI: 70
Big Barda WW3
Big Bear Apok: 29 Forever People
Big Figure, The Watch: 125 deceased
Big Sir JLI: 99-100
Bill Craig WoW: 104 Haunted Tank
Bill Wheatling ATG: 25
Billy Stevens WWtW: 30 Kidnapper
BION 2995: 101
Bio-Restorative Formula STS: 6
Bismollian, Typical Atlas: 140
Bizarro BRB: 75
Bizarro Supes 1e: 39 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Bizarro Supes 2e: 63
Black Adam BRB: 75-6
Black Bison 1GM: 81 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Black Canary 1GM: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Black Canary WaSC: 6 with scream
Black Canary II BRB: 37-8 with scream (JLI era)
Black Canary II GLC: 50 1ed, Crisis-Era
Black Canary II JLI: 13 with Sonic Scream
Black Canary II LoD: Insert-1 No scream
Black Canary II WW3
Black Condor I WoW: 46
Black Hand GLC: 66 1ed, Crisis-Era
Black Hand STAR: 45 Absorption Rod only
Black Kidnappers WWtW: 11
Black Lightning Bats1: 25 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Black Lightning LCK: 8 1ed
Black Mace LSH1: 70 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Taurus Gang
Black Mace MRG: 12 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Black Manta 1GM: 81 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Black Manta BRB: 76
Black Mask NiG: 23 1ed
Black Orchid BRB: 62 with Suzy
Black Orchid BRS: 12 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Black Orchid Magic: 37-8 with Suzy
Black Racer WW1
Black Spider Bats 2e: 64-5
Black Thorn BRB: 62-3
Black Thorn STAR: 64 Dart Gun and Thorns only
Black Thorn WW2
Black Virus bio-weapon FHoA: 34
Blackbriar Thorn Supes 1e: 52-4
Blackfire BRB: 76
Blackfire DCH3e: 166
Blackfire NTS: 118-9
Blackfire WW3 retired/respectable
Blackhawk Blitz: 5 Blackhawks
Blackhawk BRB: 69
Blackhawk WoW: 94 Blackhawks
Blackhawks Blitz: 29-30 Equipment
Blackhawks WoW: 94-6
Blackout PoT: 27 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Blackout Boy LSH1: 66 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Murrian Spy
Blackrock Supes 1e: 46-7
Blackrock WitB: 21
Blackstorm Siege: 10 1ed
Blasters WW3
Blaze DPS: 19 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Blaze Supes 2e: 64-5
Blaze WW1
Blaze’s Nightclub WW1 Blaze
Blindspot Supes 2e: 65
Blockbuster NiG: 22-3 1ed
Blockbuster I BRS: 25 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Blockbuster I WW2 Blockbuster II
Blockbuster II WW2
Blok 2995: 53
Blok KfaT: 7 1ed
Blok LSH1: 41 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Blok LSH2: 4 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Blood Troops NTS: 118
Bloodsport Supes 2e: 66-7
Bloody Mary WW3 Female Furies
Blue Arkono EI: 12 Evil Neanderthal Sorceror
Blue Beetle BRB: 41
Blue Beetle JLI: 34-5
Blue Beetle STAR: 46,105 Gadgets
Blue Beetle WaSC: 5
Blue Beetle WitB: 11-2
Blue Beetle WW1
Blue Beetle’s Bug WW1
Blue Devil BRB: 63 pre-demon
Blue Devil STAR: 106 Trident Only
Blue Devil WW3
Blue Jay JLI: 94 from Angor
Blue Jay WW3 with Silver Sorceress
Boa Constrictor 1GM: 88 1ed
Boa Constrictor DCH3e: 172
Boa Constrictor Rules: 68
Bodyguards LoD: Insert-3
Bodyguards, Luthor’s Supes 2e: 34
Bodyguards, Typical CoD: 14
Bolovax Vik Resident Atlas: 106 Typical, deceased
Bolshoi BRS: 36 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Russian Team
Bolt BRB: 76
Bolt Exp: 10
Bolt STAR: 17 Costume
Bolt WitB: 22
Bolt WW2
Bonecrusher Bats 2e: 65
Boom Tube STAR: 119
Boom Tube WW3
Booster Gold ATG: 5 1ed
Booster Gold BRB: 41
Booster Gold JLI: 42-3 outdated
Booster Gold STAR: 18-9,47 Outdated Equipment
Booster Gold WaSC: 6 obsolete armor
Booster Gold WitB: 12-3 outdated
Booster Gold WW1
Bosses, Typical CoD: 15
Bouncing Boy LSH1: 26 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Bouncing Boy LSH2: 4 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Bounty 2995: 52
Bounty LSH1: 51 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Bounty Entity WW3 LSH
Bowman JLI: 94 from Angor, Deceased
Boy Commandos WoW: 96-8
Braalian, Typical Atlas: 141
Brain BF: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Brain BRB: 76-7
Brain DPS: 24 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Brain NTS: 109-10
Brain WW2 with Monsieur Mallah
Brain Storm WitB: 22
Brain Wave WoW: 75-6
Brainiac 1GM: 81 Android Body, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Brainiac BRB: 76
Brainiac Doom: 8 robotic body, 1ed
Brainiac KfaT: 9-10 android form, 1ed & Gadgets
Brainiac Supes 1e: 36-7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Brainiac Supes 2e: 67-69
Brainiac WW1
Brainiac 5 KfaT: 13 1ed
Brainiac 5 LSH1: 20 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Brainiac 5 LSH2: 4 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Brainiac 5 MRG: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Brainiac 5 PoT: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Brainiac 5 WW1
Brainwave BRB: 58 Infinity, Inc.
Brainwave EI: 6 Hank King, Jr., Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Branx Warrior 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Branx Warrior, Typical Atlas: 131
Branx Warriors, Typical MRG: 28 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Brek Bannin 2995: 57 Polar Boy
Brek Bannin WW3 Legion Subs
Brimstone BRS: 31 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Brin Londo 2995: 48 Timber Wolf, Furball
Brontosaurus WoW: 115 Blackhawk Island
Brontosaurus, Robot WoD: 23 1ed
Bronze Tiger BRB: 53
Bronze Tiger BRS: 12 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Bronze Tiger WW3
Bronze Tiger WWtW: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Brooklyn WoW: 97 Boy Commandos
Broot GLC: 55 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Brother Blood 1GM: 81 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Brother Blood BRB: 76
Brother Blood NTS: 115-7
Brother Power, the Geek WW2
Brotherhood of Dada WW1
Bruce Baumann ATG: 15
Bruce, the Amazing JLI: 101
Brujeria STS: 29-30
Brujeria Shamans STS: 29
Bruno Manheim Supes 2e: 82 Intergang
Bruno Mannheim WW3 Intergang
Brute WoW: 106 Hunter’s Hellcats
Brute and Glob Magic: 71-2
Bubastis Watch: 111 deceased
Buffalo (Bison) Rules: 68
Buffalo/Bison 1GM: 88 1ed
Bug Warriors Law: 38,40
Bulldozer BRB: 70 Easy Company
Bulldozer WoW: 100 Easy Company
Bumblebee NTS: 55-6
Bushmaster WW2 Global Guardians
Butcher WW2
Buzzbomb Watch: 124
Bystanders Law: 14
Byth Atlas: 125
Byth WW1 Hawkworld
Byth (Deceased) WW2
C.A.F. Gunmen NiG: 31 1ed
Cain BRB: 22
Cain Magic: 70-1
Cain & Abel WW1
Calamity King 2995: 72
Calculha Atlas: 79 Atlantis
Calendar Man BRPG: 140-1
Calendar Man NiG: 22 1ed
Calorie Queen 2995: 108
Calorie Queen LSH1: 61 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Rejects
Calorie Queen WW3 LSH Supp.
Cameo LCK: 13 1ed, Screen Bandits’ Guild
Camp Gunmen Bats1: 57 Adventure, 1ed
Camp Officers Bats1: 57 Adventure, 1ed
Candioni’s Thug Moon: 16 Typical, 1ed
Cape Canaveral WW2 Nuklon
Captain Atom BRB: 45
Captain Atom CoD: 5
Captain Atom JLI: 44
Captain Atom WaSC: 9
Captain Atom WW2
Captain Atom Proj Ctr WW2 Captain Atom
Captain Axis Watch: 123
Captain Boomerang BRB: 54
Captain Boomerang BRS: 13 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Captain Boomerang STAR: 66-7 Boomerangs only
Captain Boomerang WW1
Captain Boomerang WWtW: 10 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Captain Carnage Watch: 128 deceased
Captain Cold BRB: 78
Captain Cold BRS: 20 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Captain Cold KoC: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Captain Cold STAR: 48 Cold Gun
Captain Cold WW3
Captain Comet WW2
Captain Hall, NYPD BF: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Captain Marvel BRB: 42 obsolete stats
Captain Marvel DCH3e: 161
Captain Marvel JLI: 35-6
Captain Metropolis TOtT: 24
Captain Metropolis Watch: 28 Minutemen
Captain Metropolis WWtW: 9 1ed
Captain Nazi WoW: 76
Captain Speed JLI: 94 from Angor, a.k.a. Jack B. Quick, Deceased
Captain Triumph WoW: 46-7
Captain Wonder WW3 Doctor Psycho
Caress 2995: 90
Caress PoT: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Carggite, Typical Atlas: 142
Cargo Handlers, Generic WitB: 51
Carl Rogers PP: 15 Security Chief, 1ed
Carlo Sirianni Blitz: 7 “Chuck”, Blackhawks
Carlo Sirianni WoW: 94-5 “Chuck”, Blackhawks
Carny JLI: 103
Carol Ferris GLC: 43 1ed, Crisis-Era
Carol Ferris WW3 Star Sapphire
Cat Grant DFB: 9
Catalyst WW3 Firehawk
Catherine Cobert CoD: 10
Catherine Cobert JLI: 66
Catherine Cobert WitB: 25
Catherine Jane Grant Supes 2e: 46-7
Cat-Man Bats 2e: 66
Cat-Man Bats1: 37 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Cat-Man BRPG: 141-2
Cat-Man WW3
Catspaw 2995: 84 SW6
Catwoman 1GM: 81 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Catwoman Bats 2e: 59-60
Catwoman Bats1: 19 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Catwoman BRB: 78
Catwoman BRPG: 142
Catwoman DCH3e: 166
Cavalier Bats 2e: 66-7
Cave Lion EI: 12
Cave Men PoT: 27
Caveman WoW: 115 Blackhawk Island
Celebrand LSH1: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Wanderers
Celeste WW3 LSH
Celeste McCauley 2995: 73
Celsius DPS: 13 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Cerberus Supes 2e: 70
Cerberus’ Henchmen Supes 2e: 71 Rorc, Belcher, Jolt, Blockhouse
Cesare Canova NiG: 30 “the Hook”, Petruzzis, 1ed
Chairman Dasor GLC: 46 1ed, Crisis-Era
Challengers/Unknown WW1
Chameleon Boy KtP3: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Chameleon Boy LSH1: 16 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Chameleon Boy LSH2: 4 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Chameleon Chief LSH1: 64 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains
Chameleon Kid LSH1: 61 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Rejects
Changeling 1GM: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Changeling BRB: 49
Changeling NTS: 26-8 a.k.a. Beast Boy
Changeling WW1
Changralyn Sleeper 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Changralyn Sleeper Atlas: 130 Typical
Charles Braddock, Cpt TOtT: 12
Charlie Vickers GLC: 37 1ed, Crisis-Era
Charma LSH1: 51 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Checkmate WW2
Checkmate Knight BRB: 63-4
Checkmate Uniform STAR: 20-1
Cheech Bats1: 57 Adventure, 1ed
Cheeks, the Toy Wonder DA: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Cheetah 1GM: 88 animal, 1ed
Cheetah BRB: 78 Barbara Minerva
Cheetah DCH3e: 172
Cheetah KoC: 7 Debbie Domaine, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Cheetah Rules: 68
Cheetah WW1
Cheetah WWS: 29 1ed, Post-Crisis
Cheetah II 1GM: 82 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Chemical King 2995: 47
Chemical King LSH1: 36 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Chemical King LSH2: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Chemical King PoT: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Chemo BRB: 78
Chemo Supes 1e: 50 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Chemo WW2
Chemoids PoT: 20 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
‘Chemoids’ LSH1: 66 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Cheshire 1GM: 82 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Cheshire NTS: 121-2
Cheshire WW3
Chessure WW3 Female Furies
Chester Williams Atlas: 35
Chester Williams STS: 21
Chief DPS: 8 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Chief WW2
Chief Zoltarus LSH1: 70 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Taurus Gang
Child Magic: 95-6 with Flaw
Children’s Clinic WW2 Kent Shakespeare, on Quarantine
Chimera WotGW: 8 1ed, Post-Crisis
Chimpanzee 1GM: 88 1ed
Chimpanzee DCH3e: 172
Chimpanzee Rules: 68
Chlorophyll Kid LSH1: 75 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Subs
Ch’p Atlas: 112 alive
Ch’p GLC: 30 1ed, Crisis-Era
Christopher King Atlas: 26-7
Chronos BRB: 78-9
Chronos BRS: 20 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Chronos JLI: 90-1
Chronos KoC: 7 David Clinton, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Chronos STAR: 118 Equipment
Chronos WW1
Chuck Taine 2995: 36 Bouncing Boy
Chuck Taine WW3
Chunk BRB: 90
Chunk WW1
Circadia Sensius LSH1: 72 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Circe 2995: 102
Circe BRB: 79
Circe Magic: 97
Circe WW3 LSH Supp., deceased
Circe WWS: 30 1ed, Post-Crisis
Circe’s Beastiamorphs WWS: 30 1ed, Post-Crisis
Circle, The Supes 2e: 72-3 Charger, Concussion, Deuce, Prana, Zahara
Citadellian, Typical Atlas: 131
City Hoods, Typical RR: 8,20
Claire Montgomery WitB: 25-6
Clayface I WW1 Mudpack
Clayface II Bats 2e: 67 Deceased
Clayface II Bats1: 34 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Clayface II BRPG: 142-3
Clayface II WW1 Mudpack, deceased
Clayface III Bats 2e: 67-8
Clayface III BRPG: 143
Clayface III WW1 Mudpack
Clayface IV WW1 Mudpack, a.k.a. Lady Clay
Clean Streets Leaguer NiG: 31 Patroller, 1ed
Clem Clarent LoD: Insert-2
Cleric Supes 2e: 8 Deceased
Clock King JLI: 99
Cluemaster JLI: 99
Cobra 1GM: 88 1ed
Cobra DCH3e: 172
Cobra Rules: 68
Cockroach 1GM: 89 1ed
Cockroach DCH3e: 173
Cockroach Rules: 68
Coldsnap BRB: 85 Masters of Disaster
Coldsnap RR: 10 Masters of Disaster
Colonel Future Supes 1e: 54
Colonel Gross Blitz: 8
Colonel Von Tepp Blitz: 8
Color Kid LSH1: 75 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Subs
Colossal Boy LSH1: 17 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Colossal Boy LSH2: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Colossal Boy MRG: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Coluan Technology Atlas: 109
Coluan, Typical Atlas: 109
Coluan, Typical BRB: 95
Combat-Happy Joes BRB: 70 Easy Company
Comedian BRB: 72-2 Watchmen
Comedian TOtT: 10
Comedian Watch: 64 deceased
Comedian WWtW: 7 1ed
Comet Queen LSH1: 72 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Command Kid LSH1: 51 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Commander Steel WoW: 47
Commissioner Gordon BRPG: 138-9 see also James W.
Commissioner Gordon DFS: 9 see also James W.
Computers Rules: 39-40
Computers STAR: 146-7
Computo 2995: 84 SW6
Computo HH: 45 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Computo LSH1: 51 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Computo LSH2: 92 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Computo Duplicate KtP3: 7 1ed
Computoid KtP3: 7 1ed
Conclave Bureaucrat Moon: 10 Typical, 1ed
Conclave Hound STS: 7
Conclave Scientist Moon: 10 Typical, 1ed
Conclave Soldier Moon: 10 Typical, 1ed
Conglomerate WW2
Connie Noleski WW3 Flash Supp.
Construct JLI: 93
Control WoW: 108-9 OSS
Controller WW3 Guardians/Universe
Controller, Typical Atlas: 173
Controller, Typical LSH1: 72 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Controllers GLC: 12 1ed, Crisis-Era
Convention Delegates TOtT: 13 Typical
Copperhead BRB: 79
Copperhead BRPG: 143-4
Copperhead Exp: 10
Copperhead KoC: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Copperhead STAR: 22 Costume
Copperhead WitB: 22-3
Copperhead WW2
Cora Atlas: 81-2 Atlantis
Corinthian Magic: 72-3
Cosmic Boy 2995: 84 SW6
Cosmic Boy KfaT: 7 1ed
Cosmic Boy LSH1: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Cosmic Boy LSH2: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Cosmic King LSH1: 64 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains
Count Vertigo BRB: 54
Count Vertigo WW1
Crazy Jane WW2
Crazy Quilt Bats 2e: 68-9
Crazy Quilt Bats1: 40 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Creature Commandos WoW: 98-99
Creeper BRB: 42 obsolete stats
Creeper JLI: 71
Creeper WW2
Crimson Avenger WoW: 47-8 with Wing
Crimson Fox JLI: 55 twin unknown
Crimson Fox WitB: 16-7 twins revealed (both alive)
Crimson Fox WW3
Croc Bats1: 36 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Croc BRB: 79
Croc BRPG: 144
Crystal Kid 2995: 65
Crystal Kid LSH1: 73 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Culacaon, Typical Atlas: 131 Male and female
Culaco Males 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Culaco Males 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Cyborg 1GM: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Cyborg BRB: 49 Titans, pre-Titans Hunt
Cyborg DCH3e: 171 villain
Cyborg HH: 74-5 1ed
Cyborg NTS: 28-30 pre-Titans Hunt
Cyborg STAR: 40-42 various incarnations
Cyborg WW2
Cyclotron WoW: 76-7 Deceased
Daemon King Magic: 99
Dag Wentim 2995: 70 Stone Boy
Dag Wentim WW3 Legion Subs
Dagon, the Avenger LSH1: 52 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Daily Planet Newsroom WW2 Perry White
Dale Gunn JLI: 63
Dan, the Dyna-Mite WoW: 69-70
Daniel Turpin Supes 2e: 57 “Terrible”, SCU
Danny Chase BRB: 49 alive
Danny Chase NTS: 38 pre-Phantasm
Dardanus Atlas: 82 Atlantis
Dark Circle WW3
Dark Circle Agent 2995: 87 Typical
Dark Circle Soldier LSH1: 53 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Typical
Dark Man LSH1: 57 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Fatal Five
Dark Opal Atlas: 179
Darkseid 1GM: 82 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Darkseid 2995: 87
Darkseid Apok: 12-3
Darkseid BRB: 79-80
Darkseid DCH3e: 166
Darkseid FHoA: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Darkseid KfaT: 10-1 1ed (close to 2ed numbers)
Darkseid LSH1: 53 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Darkseid WotGS: 6 1ed, Post-Crisis
Darkseid WW1
Darkseid WWS: 26 1ed, Post-Crisis
Darkseid, the Destroyer Law: 12
Darkseid’s Elite WW2
Darkstar STAR: 23,107 Exo-Skeletons and Cruiser only
Dartalag LSH1: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Wanderers
Dartalon WW3 The Wanderers
David Kuehr, Detective FI: 8
Dawnstar 2995: 52
Dawnstar KtP3: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Dawnstar LSH1: 40 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Dawnstar LSH2: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Dawnstar WW3 LSH
Daxamite, Typical Atlas: 143
Daxamite, Typical BRB: 95
Daxamites WW2
Deacon Blackfire Bats 2e: 69
Deadboy DA: 4 Deadman’s supposed sidekick
Deadline STAR: 24,49 Armor and Rifle only
Deadline WW1
Deadman BRB: 28
Deadman Magic: 45-8
Deadman WW1
Deadshot Bats 2e: 70-1
Deadshot Bats1: 36 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Deadshot BRB: 54-5
Deadshot BRS: 14 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Deadshot STAR: 65 Costume
Deadshot WW1
Deadshot WWtW: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Death FHoA: 8 Darkseid’s Horsemen
Death WW2
Death Mayhew WoW: 112 White Lions
Deathbolt WoW: 77
Deathmaker Android Law: 25-6
Death-Rite Supes 2e: 74-5 Draaga
Deathstroke 1GM: 85 The Terminator, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Deathstroke BRB: 80 the Terminator
Deathstroke DCH3e: 168 the Terminator
Deathstroke IHP: 38 the Terminator
Deathstroke NTS: 102-4 the Terminator
Deathstroke STAR: 49 Power Staff only
Deathstroke WW3 the Terminator
Decay WWS: 28 1ed, Post-Crisis
Deimos Atlas: 198 Skartaris, deceased
Deimos WWS: 27 1ed, Post-Crisis
Demon Etrigan Atlas: 166
Demon Etrigan BRB: 9
Demon Etrigan Magic: 51-4 the Demon, with Jason Blood
Demon Etrigan WW2
Demon, Typical Atlas: 166-7
Demonia GLC: 55 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Demons Three JLI: 83-4 Abnegazar, Rath, Ghast
Demons Three Magic: 92-3 Abnegazar, Rath, Ghast
Deregon LSH1: 53 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Dark Circle
DeSaad Apok: 13
DeSaad BRB: 80
DeSaad DM: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
DeSaad FHoA: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
DeSaad Law: 13
DeSaad WotGS: 7 1ed, Post-Crisis
DeSaad WW1
Despero JLI: 79-80 pre-Py’tar
Despero/L-Ron WW1 Hero, kinda
Detective Tools STAR: 130-1 Surveillance
Detective, Typical 1GM: 86 1ed
Dev-Em 2995: 103
Dev-Em WW3 20th century and 30th century
Devlin O’Ryan 2995: 75
Dial “H” for Hero WW3
Diamondette BRB: 60-1
Dinosaur, Typical WoW: 116 Blackhawk Island
Dirk Davis ATG: 8
Dirk Morgna 2995: 34 Sun Boy
Dirk Morgna WW3 deceased
Djinn BRS: 33 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Jihad
Doctor Alchemy BRB: 80
Doctor Alchemy EoD: 9 1ed
Doctor Alchemy EoD: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Doctor Alchemy Exp: 10-1
Doctor Alchemy STAR: 80 Philosopher’s Stone only
Doctor Bedlam Apok: 15-6
Doctor Bedlam WW2 Darkseid’s Elite
Doctor Daedalus PP: 8 1ed, new
Doctor Destiny JLI: 77-8
Doctor Destiny Magic: 98-9
Doctor Diehard JLI: 102-3
Doctor Diehard WW2 Extremists, deceased
Doctor Fate WW3
Doctor Fate I BRB: 42
Doctor Fate I JLI: 36
Doctor Fate I Magic: 55-7
Doctor Fate I WoW: 48-9
Doctor Fate II JLI: 36-8
Doctor Fate II Magic: 57-9
Doctor Fate III Magic: 61-2
Doctor Flagg DFS: 12
Doctor Gym’ll 2995: 105
Doctor Light I BRB: 55
Doctor Light I GLC: 67 1ed, Crisis-Era
Doctor Light I JLI: 84 Deceased
Doctor Light I NTS: 99-100 deceased
Doctor Light I WW2 deceased
Doctor Light II JLI: 41-2
Doctor Light II WitB: 17
Doctor Light II WW3
Doctor Manhattan BRB: 73 Watchmen
Doctor Manhattan TOtT: 12
Doctor Manhattan Watch: 95
Doctor Manhattan WWtW: 9 1ed
Doctor Medusa WoW: 98 Creature Commandos
Doctor Meerzaum Blitz: 8,25
Doctor Megala Atlas: 73
Doctor Midnight BRB: 58
Doctor Mid-Nite BRB: 34
Doctor Mid-Nite STAR: 17,135 Equipment
Doctor Mid-Nite WoW: 49
Doctor Mist Magic: 64-5
Doctor Mist WW2 Global Guardians
Doctor Occult Atlas: 170
Doctor Occult Magic: 65-66
Doctor Occult WoW: 50
Doctor Phosphorus NiG: 24 1ed
Doctor Polaris BRB: 80-1
Doctor Polaris Exp: 10
Doctor Polaris GLC: 62 1ed, Crisis-Era
Doctor Polaris WitB: 23
Doctor Polaris WW1
Doctor Psycho 1GM: 84 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Doctor Psycho WW3
Doctor Sivana BRB: 88
Doctor Spectro CoD: 11
Doctor Spectro STAR: 25,110 Suit and Sky Sled only
Doctor Spectro WW3 comatose
Doctor Stratos Supes 2e: 75-6
Doctor Thirteen Magic: 80-1
Doctor Tzin-Tzin BRPG: 145
Doctor Tzin-Tzin NiG: 25 1ed
Doctor U’bx GLC: 72 1ed, Crisis-Era
Doctor Virman Vundabar Apok: 15
Doctor, Typical 1GM: 86 1ed
Dog 1GM: 89 1ed
Dog DCH3e: 173
Dog Rules: 68
Dog Cavalrymen Apok: 21
Dog Soldier, Typical WotGS: 7 1ed, Post-Crisis
Dog Soldiers Apok: 21
Doll Man WoW: 50
Dollar Bill TOtT: 23
Dollar Bill Watch: 37 Minutemen, deceased
Dolphin 1GM: 89 1ed
Dolphin DCH3e: 173 the animal
Dolphin Rules: 69 the animal
Dolphin WW2
Dominator, Typical 2995: 126
Dominator, Typical Atlas: 144
Dominator, Typical BRB: 95
Dominator, Typical WitB: 19-20
Dominators WW1
Doom Patrol Equipment DPS: 20-1 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Doomsday DCH3e: 169 “Death of Superman” only
Doomsday Bomb FHoA: 7
Dorine Clay GLC: 48 1ed, Crisis-Era
Dorothy Spinner WW3
Dove I NTS: 59 deceased
Dove II BRB: 49-50 alive
Dove II NTS: 86-7 alive
Dove II WW2 deceased
Draaga WW3 deceased
Dragon King BRB: 11
Dragon King WoW: 77
Dragon, The IHP: 28
Dragonmage 2995: 84 SW6
Drake Burroughs 2995: 50 Wildfire
Dralgo LSH1: 81 1ed, animal
Dreadnaught WW3 Psi-Phon
Dream WW2 Sandman
Dream Girl KfaT: 7 1ed
Dream Girl LSH1: 31 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Dream Girl LSH2: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Dreamslayer JLI: 102
Dreamslayer WW2 Extremists
Driq GLC: 33 1ed, Crisis-Era
Drunken Sailors DFS: 23 Typical
Drura Sehpt 2995: 69 Infectious Lass
Drura Sehpt WW3 Legion Subs
Dru-Zod Supes 1e: 60 General, Phantom Zone
Dryadan, Typical Atlas: 145
Dubbilex Supes 2e: 36
Dubbilex WW3 Project Cadmus
Duchess BRB: 55
Duchess BRS: 15 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Duchess STAR: 68 Mega-Gun only
Duchess WWtW: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, aka Lashina
Duke Spearo Atlas: 189 Myrra
Duma WW3 Hell’s Hierarchy
Dummy WoW: 77
Duo Damsel LSH1: 14 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Duo Damsel LSH2: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Duplicate Boy LSH1: 74 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Lallor
Duplicate Boy PoT: 12 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Durlan Lizard LSH1: 81 1ed, animal
Durlan, Typical Atlas: 145
Durlan, Typical BRB: 95-6
Durlans WW2
Dvron LSH1: 73 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Dweeble, Technician WotGS: 10 1ed
Dynamo Boy LSH1: 55 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Dyvud/Frenk Retzun WW3 Legion Subs
Eagle 1GM: 89 1ed
Eagle DCH3e: 173
Eagle Rules: 69
Earthquake Beast LSH1: 81 1ed, animal
Easy Company BRB: 70
Easy Company WoW: 100-2
Echidna SiP: 4 1ed, Post-Crisis
Echidna WWS: 28 1ed, Post-Crisis
Echo 2995: 64
Echo WitB: 29 Conglomerate
Echo WW2 Conglomerate
Eclipso BRB: 81 pre-god
Eclipso GLC: 70 pre-god, 1ed, Crisis-Era
Eclipso Magic: 99-100
Ed Indelicato WW2 Wonder Woman Supp.
Eddie Craig WoW: 104 Haunted Tank
Eddore GLC: 38 1ed, Crisis-Era
El Diablo Atlas: 22
El Diablo WW1
Elastic Lad LSH1: 73 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Elasti-Girl DPS: 11 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Elasti-Girl WW3 deceased
Electric Eel 1GM: 89 1ed
Electric Eel DCH3e: 173
Electric Eel Rules: 69
Element Girl WW3 deceased
Element Lad LSH1: 29 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, aka Mystery Lad
Element Lad LSH2: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Elephant 1GM: 89 1ed
Elephant DCH3e: 173
Elephant Rules: 69
Elliot Taylor WoW: 98 “Lucky”, Creature Commandos
Elongated Man 1GM: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Elongated Man BRB: 45-6
Elongated Man CoD: 6
Elongated Man JLI: 22-3
Elongated Man WitB: 17-8
Elongated Man WW2
Elsie Powell BRPG: 173
Elu GLC: 56 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Elvar WW3 The Wanderers
Elvo LSH1: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Wanderers
Emerald Empress 2995: 90
Emerald Empress LSH1: 57 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Fatal Five
Emerald Eye WW3 Garryn Bek
Emil Hamilton, Prof. Supes 2e: 54-5
Enchantress BRS: 15 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Enemy Ace BRB: 9
Enemy Ace MRG: 19 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Enemy Ace PoT: 27 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, with triplane
Engineer, Typical 1GM: 86 1ed
Equipment, HIVE HIVE: 8-9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Equipment, New Titans NTS: 40-2
Eradicator Supes 2e: 39 Humanoid
Eradicator WW3
Eris SiP: 4 1ed, Post-Crisis
Eris WWS: 30 1ed, Post-Crisis
Ernie Cervantes NiG: 27 Falco Family, 1ed
Esper Lass LSH1: 61 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Rejects
Etta Candy WW2 Wonder Woman Supp.
Etta Candy WWS: 25 1ed, Post-Crisis
Euphorixian, Typical Atlas: 132
Eve LCK: 12 1ed
Eve WW3 Kobra
Eve Doremus GLC: 48 1ed, Crisis-Era
Evil Factory Supes 2e: 76-8 Simyan, Mokkari, Four-Armed Terror, Kryptonite Man
Evil Star GLC: 67 1ed, Crisis-Era
Evillo LSH1: 55 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Evolvo Lad LSH1: 74 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Lallor
Exiles Supes 2e: 79-80 Emperor, Tehra, Husque
Extrano WW1 New Guardians
Extremists WW2 deceased
Faceless Hunter/Saturn CoD: 13
Faerie Queen Magic: 100
Falcon WoW: 109 OSS
Family Man Magic: 101 Deceased
Famine FHoA: 8 Darkseid’s Horsemen
Faora Hu-Ul Supes 1e: 59-60 Phantom Zone
Farmer Boy WoW: 100 Easy Company
Fastbak Law: 10
Fastbak WW1
Fay Gunn Bats 2e: 71 “Ma”
FBI Agents LoD: Insert-3
FDR WoW: 43 President, USA
Feithera WW2 Northwind
Feitheran, Typical Atlas: 94
Felicity GLC: 56 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Felix Faust JLI: 81-3
Felix Faust Magic: 101-3
Felix Faust WW2
Female Furies WW3
Fenton Pike LSH1: 58 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ferro Lad 2995: 44
Ferro Lad LSH1: 33 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ferro Lad LSH2: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ferro Lad PoT: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Fiddler BRB: 81
Fiddler WoW: 78
Fiddler WWtW: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Film Crew LCK: 11 1ed, actual film crew
Film Crew, WGBS CtA: 10 No stats
Film Freak NiG: 26 1ed
Findlay Setchfeld South TOtT: 13
Fire BRB: 42-3 a.k.a. Green Flame
Fire JLI: 46 a.k.a. Green Flame
Fire WitB: 13 a.k.a. Green Flame
Fire WW1
Fire Felines, Typical MRG: 26
Fire Lad LSH1: 75 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Subs
Firebrand I WoW: 51
Firebrand II WoW: 51-2
Firehawk BRB: 64
Firehawk EoD: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Firehawk WW3
Firestorm 1GM: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Firestorm BRB: 64 Raymond/Arkadin/Stein
Firestorm EoD: 7 original version, 1ed
Firestorm EoD: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Firestorm JLI: 27-9
Firestorm WW3
Flamebird NTS: 61-2
Flamebird Supes 1e: 31-2 Ak-Var, Kandorian
Flamebird WW1
Flare 2995: 90
Flare PoT: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Flash I BRB: 34
Flash I WoW: 52
Flash II 1GM: 77 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Flash II GLC: 46 Barry Allen, 1ed, Crisis-Era
Flash II JLI: 14-5 Deceased
Flash II WW3 deceased
Flash III BRB: 46 outdated (just Post-Crisis)
Flash III CoD: 7 Wally West, pre-Terminal Velocity
Flash III CoF: 5 Wally West, 1ed, Post-Crisis
Flash III DCH3e: 162 Wally West, pre-Terminal Velocity
Flash III JLI: 49 Wally West, pre-Terminal Velocity
Flash III NTS: 21-3 outdated (just Post-Crisis)
Flash III WitB: 18-9 Wally West, pre-Terminal Velocity
Flash III WW1
Flash Supporting Cast WW3
Flasher Beast LSH1: 81 1ed, animal
Flaw and Child WW2
Fledermaus WoW: 73 Axis Amerika, Deceased
Fleur WoW: 109 OSS
Flodo Span GLC: 40 1ed, Crisis-Era
Floro WW2
Floronic Man STS: 26
Flying Fox WoW: 52-3
Fog WW1 Brotherhood of Dada
Fog (Nebel) WoW: 81-2
Forager Apok: 26
Forager II Law: 9-10
Forever People STAR: 120 Super Cycle
Fortress of Solitude WW2
Four Horsemen/Apokolips KfaT: 11 1ed (for this adventure)
Four-Eyes WoW: 100 Easy Company
Francesco Petruzzi NiG: 30 “Frankie”, Petruzzis, 1ed
Francois Astruc WitB: 83 nuclear physicist
Freedom Force LCK: 25 1ed, military-style androids
Frenzy WW1 Brotherhood of Dada
Funky Flashman BRB: 90-1
Funky Flashman Exp: 6-7
Furball WW2
Fury EI: 6 Lyta Trevor, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Fury I WoW: 53
Fury II BRB: 58 pre-pregnancy
FX LCK: 13 1ed, Screen Bandits’ Guild
G.I. Robot WoW: 103 with Cap
G’Nort WW3 Green Lantern
Gadgets HH: 79-89 weapons, vehicles, 1ed
Gadgets, 30th c. KtP3: 9 weapons and vehicles
Gadgets, 30th c. LSH2: 68-73 weapons and vehicles
Gadgets, Background Rules: 38
Gadgets, Granny’s Law: 27-9
Gadgets, normal DCH3e: 119-123 Guns, vehicles, computers, buildings
Galactic Golem Supes 1e: 42-3
Gambler WoW: 78
Gang Member, Typical NiG: 31 1ed
Gangbuster Supes 2e: 112-3
Gangbuster WW2
Gargoyle NTS: 97
Garguax BRB: 81-2
Garguax DPS: 26 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Garn Danuuth Atlas: 78-9
Garn Danuuth WW1 Atlantis, First Age
Garrison Grimes WotGW: 7 1ed, Post-Crisis
Garryn Bek Atlas: 107
Garryn Bek WW3
Garth Ranzz 2995: 13 Lightning Lad
Garv WW3 L.E.G.I.O.N.
Gas Girl LSH1: 74 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Lallor
Gas Girl PoT: 12 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
General Glory WW3
General Immortus BRB: 82
General Immortus DPS: 27 Crisis-Era, 1ed
General J.E.B. Stewart WoW: 104 Haunted Tank
General Zahl DPS: 30 Crisis-Era, 1ed
General Zahl NTS: 108 deceased
Gentleman Ghost Magic: 103
Geo-Force Atlas: 98
Geo-Force Bats1: 24 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Geo-Force LCK: 9 1ed
Geo-Force WW1
George Gray, Dr. ATG: 28
George Gray, Dr. DFB: 19
Gernsback WoW: 113
Giant Robot Rules: 35
Gigantopithecus EI: 12 prehistoric animal
GiGi Cuisimano LSH2: 33 Pre-Crisis, SP Officer
Gigi Cuisimano LSH1: 73 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Gil’Dispan, Typical Atlas: 146
Gil’Dispan, Typical BRB: 96
Gilotina WW3 Female Furies
Gim Allon 2995: 21 Colossal Boy
Gim Allon WW3
Gizmo BRB: 81
Gizmo FI: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Gizmo NTS: 104
GL Equipment GLC: 17-9 1ed, Crisis-Era
Gladiators, Typical CoD: 19
GLC Computer GLC: 82 1ed, Crisis-Era
GLC Power Ring STAR: 50 Pre-Emerald Twilight
Global Guardians WW2
Glommer Apok: 38 Apokolips creature
Glorious Godfrey Apok: 16
Glorious Godfrey BRS: 32 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Glorious Godfrey WW2
Glorith 2995: 91
Glorith WW3
Gloss WW1 New Guardians
Gnat 1GM: 89 1ed
Gnat Rules: 69
G’Nort BRB: 43 Green Lantern
G’Nort JLI: 46-7 Green Lantern
Godiva BRB: 82 mercenary
Godiva NTS: 126 mercenary
Godiva WW2 Global Guardians
Gold WW3 Metal Men
Golden Eagle NTS: 62-3 alive
Golden Glider KoC: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Golden Glider WW3 Captain Cold
Goldface BRB: 82
Goldface Exp: 9-10
Goldface GLC: 64 1ed, Crisis-Era
Goldface KoC: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Goldface OQ: 27,31
Goldface STAR: 81 Gold Gun only
Goldstar ATG: 6 1ed
Gole Apok: 18 Deep Six
Golgoth LSH1: 53 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Dark Circle
GolPhormer One ATG: 20
GolPhormer Two ATG: 21
Goons, Moloch’s WWtW: 10
Gordanian Slaver 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Gordanian, Typical Atlas: 132
Gordanian, Typical BRB: 96
Gorgon JLI: 103
Gorgon WW2 Extremists, deceased
Gorgon (Stheno) WotGW: 12 1ed, Post-Crisis
Gorgon, the Terrible NTS: 122 Hybrid
Gorilla 1GM: 89 not from Gorilla City, 1ed
Gorilla DCH3e: 173 not from Gorilla City
Gorilla Rules: 69 not from Gorilla City
Gorilla Grodd 1GM: 82 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Gorilla Grodd BRB: 82
Gorilla Grodd EI: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Gorilla Grodd Exp: 8-9
Gorilla Grodd WW1
Gorilla, Typical Atlas: 96 Gorilla City
Gossamer 2995: 84 SW6
Gotham Deputies NiG: 36 1ed
Government Leaders MRG: 24 Typical Atlantean/Skartarean
Graffalloon 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Graffaloon, Typical Atlas: 134
Granny Goodness Apok: 13-4
Granny Goodness Law: 13
Granny Goodness WW1
Granny’s Happy Home WW1 Granny Goodness
Grava WW3 Legion Subs
Gravedigger WoW: 103
Gray Man JLI: 94-6
Gray Man Magic: 103-4
Great Horned Owl WoW: 73 a.k.a. Die Grosshorn Eule, Axis Amerika
Green Arrow 1GM: 33-5 Bows & Arrows, 1ed
Green Arrow DCH3e: 162 Oliver Queen
Green Arrow JLI: 18-9,122-5 Oliver Queen & lots of gadgets
Green Arrow LoD: Insert-1 post-Longbow
Green Arrow STAR: 70-3 Oliver Queen, Bows & Arrows
Green Arrow Arrows HH: 37-43 1ed
Green Arrow I 1GM: 77 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Green Arrow I BRB: 38 Oliver Queen, post-Longbow
Green Arrow I GLC: 48 Oliver Queen, 1ed, Crisis-Era
Green Lantern I BRB: 34 pre-Sentinel
Green Lantern I WoW: 53-4 pre-Sentinel
Green Lantern II 1GM: 77 Hal Jordan, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Green Lantern II BRB: 38 Hal Jordan, pre-Emerald Twilight
Green Lantern II DCH3e: 162 Hal Jordan, pre-Emerald Twilight
Green Lantern II GLC: 20 Hal Jordan, 1ed, Crisis-Era
Green Lantern II JLI: 15-6 Hal Jordan, pre-Emerald Twilight
Green Lantern II OQ: 10 Hal Jordan, pre-ET
Green Lantern II WitB: 26 Hal Jordan, pre-Emerald Twilight
Green Lantern II WW1 Hal Jordan, Pre-Emerald Twilight
Green Lantern III 1GM: 77 John Stewart, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Green Lantern III BRB: 64 John Stewart
Green Lantern III GLC: 27 John Stewart, 1ed, Crisis-Era
Green Lantern III OQ: 12 John Stewart
Green Lantern III WW2 Pre-Ascension/Darkstar
Green Man GLC: 56 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Greg Hartman OA: 14 Congressman
Grimbor LSH1: 58 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Grinn 2995: 104
Groids DA: 6 Luthor’s robots
Guard, Typical HIVE HIVE: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Guardian Supes 2e: 114-5 clone of Golden Age
Guardian WoW: 54-5 Golden Age
Guardian WW3 Project Cadmus
Guardians/Universe BRB: 6
Guardians/Universe GLC: 6 1ed, Crisis-Era
Guardians/Universe WW3
Guards, Atlantean OA: 13
Guards, New Genesis Law: 15
Guards, Typical Arkham DFS: 16
Gudra WoW: 73-4 Axis Amerika, with Stormwind
Gunner WoW: 107 Losers
Guns STAR: 78
Gus Gray WoW: 104-5 Haunted Tank
Gus Rogers DFS: 18
Guy Gardner BRB: 43 Green Lantern
Guy Gardner DCH3e: 163 w/Qwardian ring
Guy Gardner GLC: 25 Green Lantern, 1ed, Crisis-Era
Guy Gardner JLI: 38-40 Green Lantern
Guy Gardner OQ: 11 Green Lantern
Guy Gardner WaSC: 7 Green Lantern, “happy”
Guy Gardner WitB: 13-4 Green Lantern
Guy Gardner WW3 w/Qwardian Ring
Guyavar EI: 10 Solovar’s son
Gym’ll LSH1: 73 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Gymnast, Typical 1GM: 86 1ed
Gypsy JLI: 30
Gypsy WitB: 27-8
Gypsy WW2 Conglomerate
Hag WW3 Mysa Nal
Hagga LSH1: 73 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Hal Langsford FI: 17 STAR Pilot
Halo Bats1: 27 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Halo LCK: 8 1ed
Hammer BRS: 36 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Russian Team
Harbinger BRB: 14
Harbinger WW1 New Guardians
Hardhat GLC: 73 1ed, Crisis-Era, Demolition Team
Harlequin NTS: 55
Harlequin I WoW: 78-9
Harley Carruthers NiG: 36 Gotham Sheriff, 1ed
Harold WW3 Batcave
Harpis GLC: 55 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Harpy, Typical WotGW: 8 1ed, Post-Crisis
Harrison Upjohn CoF: 8 1ed
Harrison Ward NiG: 34 Lt., Gotham PD, 1ed
Harry Stein BRB: 91 head of Checkmate
Harry Stein WW2 Checkmate
Harvey Bullock 1GM: 86 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Harvey Bullock Bats1: 18 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Harvey Bullock BRB: 91 Bishop of Checkmate
Harvey Bullock NiG: 33 Det. Sgt., Gotham PD, 1ed
Harvey Hainer, Sgt. Bats 2e: 84
Haumond, the Peacemaker Atlas: 84 Atlantis
Haunted Tank WoW: 104-5
Hawk 1GM: 89 animal, 1ed
Hawk BRB: 50 pre-Monarch
Hawk NTS: 35-6,59-60 pre-Monarch
Hawk RR: 5 pre-Crisis, 1ed
Hawk Rules: 69 the animal
Hawk WW1 pre-Monarch
Hawk Police, Typical MRG: 17 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Hawkgirl WoW: 55-6
Hawkman I BRB: 34-5
Hawkman I WoW: 55-6
Hawkman II 1GM: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Hawkman II BRB: 38-9 Katar Hol, retconned away
Hawkman II DCH3e: 163 Katar Hol, Thanagaran
Hawkman II EoD: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Hawkman II EoD: 8 retconned away, 1ed
Hawkman II WoD: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Hawkman IIa WW2 pre-ZH
Hawkwoman BRB: 39 Shayera Thal, retconned away
Hawkwoman EoD: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Hawkwoman EoD: 9 retconned away, 1ed
Hawkwoman WW3 pre-ZH
Hawkworld WW1
Head, The WW2 The Chief
Heat Wave STAR: 52 Heat Gun only
Heat Wave WW3
Heat Wave Impostor WW3 Heat Wave
Heatstroke BRB: 85-6 Masters of Disaster
Heatstroke RR: 10 Masters of Disaster
Heavy Metal Shock Troop Supes 2e: 83 Intergang
Hector Hammond BRB: 82-3
Hector Hammond GLC: 58 1ed, Crisis-Era
Helga Jace, Dr. Atlas: 98
Helga Jace, Dr. LCK: 11 1ed
Hell’s Hierarchy WW3
Hell’s Underground CoF: 10 Typical gang members, 1ed
Henchmen, Two-Face’s Bats 2e: 82-3
Herald NTS: 52-3
Hermes WotGS: 6 1ed, Post-Crisis
Hero Hotline WW2
Herr Niemand WW1 Brotherhood of Dada
H’hrnath LSH2: 53 Nullport General Manager
Highfather Apok: 25
Highfather BRB: 91
Highfather Law: 8
Highfather WW3
Himon Apok: 23-4
Himon WW3 Boom Tube
Hippolyte WW3
Hi-Tech STAR: 26-7 Armor only
HIVE HQ HIVE: 17-26 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
HIVE Mercenary NTS: 114-5
HIVE Mistress NTS: 114 deceased
H’lvenite, Typical Atlas: 113
Holdur LSH1: 59 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Holdur MRG: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Homo Magi, Typical Atlas: 181
Honsu, the Conqueror Atlas: 83 Atlantis
Hood, Standard FI: 12
Hooded Justice TOtT: 22
Hooded Justice Watch: 12 Minutemen, deceased
Hooded Thug Blitz: 14
Horrible Harpi NTS: 123 Hybrid
Horse 1GM: 90 1ed
Horse DCH3e: 173
Horse Rules: 69
Host Supes 2e: 80-1
Hot Seat Studio WW2 The Creeper
Hotshot BRB: 61
Houngan BF: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Houngan BRB: 77
Houngan NTS: 110-1
Houngan WW2 Society of Sin
Hourman I BRB: 35
Hourman I WoW: 56
Hourman I WW2 Hourman II
Hourman II BRB: 58-9
Hourman II WW2
Household Thug Moon: 17 Typical, 1ed
Howard Morgenstern WWtW: 15 CMDR, Military Investigator
Howie Jacobson WWtW: 16 Informant
Howitzer, 155mm FHoA: 19
Hugo Strange WW3
Hugo Strange, Prof. Bats 2e: 61-2
Hugo Strange, Prof. Bats1: 38 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Human Bomb WoW: 56
Human Target WW1
Human, Typical Atlas: 70
Hunger Dog Apok: 35
Hunger Dog Urchin WotGS: 18 Typical, 1ed, Post-Crisis
Hunter LSH1: 64 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains
Hunter’s Hellcats WoW: 105-6
Huntress BRB: 43-4
Huntress IHP: 28
Huntress JLI: 54-5
Huntress STAR: 69 Crossbow
Huntress WW2
Hydra WotGW: 16 1ed, Post-Crisis
Hydra Hellspawn WotGW: 8 1ed, Post-Crisis
Hykrain, Typical Atlas: 146
I…Vampire BRB: 83
I…Vampire Magic: 64
I…Vampire WW1
Ian Karkull WoW: 79
Ice Cream Soldier WoW: 100 Easy Company
Ice I BRB: 44 a.k.a. Icemaiden II, deceased
Ice I JLI: 46 a.k.a. Icemaiden II, deceased
Ice I WitB: 14 a.k.a. Icemaiden II, deceased
Ice I WW1 a.k.a. Icemaiden II, deceased
Icicle BRB: 83
Icicle Exp: 8
Icicle WoW: 79-80
Ifrit BRS: 34 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Jihad
IGCN Robots CoD: 27
IGCN Security Robots CoD: 20
Immorto LSH1: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Wanderers
Immune LSH1: 59 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Impala WW2 Global Guardians
Imra Ardeen Ranzz 2995: 14 Saturn Girl
Imskian, Typical Atlas: 147
Indra Magic: 105-6
Infantry, Apokolips Law: 13-4
Infectious Lass LSH1: 75 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Subs
Infinite Man 2995: 94
Infinite Man LSH1: 59 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Infinite Man PoT: 12 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Infinity Siege: 11 1ed
Infinity Man Apok: 30
Intergang Supes 2e: 82-4
Intergang WW3
Invisible Kid 2995: 21
Invisible Kid I LSH1: 18 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Invisible Kid I LSH2: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Invisible Kid I PoT: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Invisible Kid II LSH1: 42 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Invisible Kid II LSH2: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Invisible Kid II PoT: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Invunche STS: 29
Iona Vane GLC: 46 1ed, Crisis-Era
Iron WW3 Metal Men
Iron Major BRB: 71
Iron Major WoW: 111
Iron Munro WoW: 57
Isadore O’Toole Atlas: 36
Itty GLC: 53 1ed, Crisis-Era
Ivy 2995: 105
J. Wilbur Wolfingham Supes 1e: 55
Jack Hess Moon: 6 new, 1ed
Jack Jordan GLC: 45 1ed, Crisis-Era
Jack O’Lantern I WW2 Global Guardians
Jack Soo ATG: 7 1ed
Jackhammer GLC: 73 1ed, Crisis-Era, Demolition Team
Jackie Johnson BRB: 70 Easy Company
Jackie Johnson WoW: 100-1 Easy Company
Jack-O-Lantern I JLI: 98 Deceased (?)
Jacques Foccart 2995: 54 Invisible Kid II
Jacques Foccart WW3 Legion Subs
Jaculi I BRS: 33 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Jihad
Jaculi II BRS: 34 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Jihad
Jade BRB: 59
Jade EI: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Jade WW1
Jaffar Apok: 18 Deep Six
James Bartholemew Olsen Supes 1e: 23 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LSH
James Bartholomew Olsen BRB: 91 “Jimmy”
James Bartholomew Olsen Supes 2e: 44-5
James Corrigan WW2 Spectre
James Gordon 1GM: 86 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
James Gordon, Comm. Bats1: 16 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
James Jordan GLC: 45 1ed, Crisis-Era
James Olsen Supes 1e: 85 Earth-2
James Silverstein CoF: 9 1ed
James W. Gordon Bats 2e: 28-9,84 Commissioner, Gotham PD
James W. Gordon BRB: 90 Commissioner, Gotham PD
James W. Gordon NiG: 33 Commissioner, Gotham PD, 1ed
Jan Arrah 2995: 39 Mystery Lad, Element Lad
Jan Arrah WW2
Jan Haasan WoW: 97 Boy Commandos
Jason Blood WW2 The Demon Etrigan
Javelin BRS: 21 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Javelin GLC: 71 1ed, Crisis-Era
Jax-Ur Supes 1e: 60-61 Phantom Zone
Jean Loring Atlas: 72
Jeb Stewart WoW: 105 Haunted Tank
Jeffrey Tsun, Dr. ATG: 8
Jenet Klyburn, Dr. BF: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, STAR Labs
Jennifer Morgan Atlas: 199-200 Skartaris
Jer-Em Supes 1e: 61-2 Phantom Zone
Jeremy Dark CoF: 7 1ed
Jericho 1GM: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Jericho BRB: 50 alive
Jericho NTS: 33-4 pre-Azarath
Jericho WW1 pre-Azarath
Jester WoW: 57
Jet WW1 New Guardians
Jet Pilots, Generic WitB: 47
Jewelee STAR: 82 Jewels only
Jezebel Law: 10
Jim Corrigan BRB: 28
Jim Corrigan Magic: 76
Jimmy Olsen 1GM: 87 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Jimmy Olsen DFB: 8
Jimmy Olson WW2
Jinx FI: 12 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Jinx NTS: 105-6
JLI NY Embassy WW2 JLA
Jo Nah 2995: 29 Ultra Boy, no Emerald Dragon
Jo Nah WW2
Joachim Hesse Magic: 104-5
Joan Garrick Atlas: 39
Joan Garrick WW3 Flash Supp.
Joe Potato WW3
John Constantine BRB: 28
John Constantine Magic: 39-42
John Constantine STS: 21-2
John Field KoC: 11 Central City Mayor
John-Michael Faustus PP: 6 1ed PC, Dr.
Johnny Cloud WoW: 107 Losers
Johnny Quick BRB: 36
Johnny Quick WoW: 57-8 Golden Age
Johnny Thunder BRB: 35 with Thunderbolt
Johnny Thunder I WoW: 58-9 with Thunderbolt
Joker 1GM: 82 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Joker Bats 2e: 57-8
Joker Bats1: 30 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Joker BRB: 83-4
Joker BRPG: 145-6,172
Joker DCH3e: 167
Joker DFS: 8
Joker DM: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Joker STAR: 83-4 Joker Venom and Weapons
Joker WW3
Jon Ross Supes 1e: 25
Jonah Hex BRB: 9
Jonah Hex Hex: 5
Jonathan Kent BRB: 92 Also Martha Clark Fordman Kent
Jonathan Kent Supes 1e: 22 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Deceased
Jonathan Kent Supes 2e: 47-8 Also Martha Clark Fordman Kent
Jonathan Kent WW1 Ma & Pa Kent
Jonathan Lau CoF: 9 1ed
Jonni DC DA: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Jonni Thunder WW3
Jor-El Atlas: 117 deceased
Jor-El Supes 2e: 10 Deceased
Joseph D’Antino LoD: Insert-3 Marine Veteran
Joseph P. Metcalf BRPG: 173 Judge
Joseph Richardson III FHoA: 5 Businessman/Military Contractor
Joshua Clay (Deceased) WW3
Jovian Montressor LSH1: 81 1ed, animal
Juan Donavan CoD: 10
Juan Donovan Atlas: 71 talk show host
Juan Donovan Exp: 6
Judomaster WoW: 59 with Tiger
Juggler WoW: 106 Hunter’s Hellcats
Jules Des Jardins WitB: 78 General
Julia Kapatelis BRB: 91-2
Julia Kapatelis WW2 Wonder Woman Supp.
Julia Kapatelis WWS: 23 1ed, Post-Crisis
Julia Remarque 1GM: 87 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Julia Remarque Bats1: 20 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Jungle King LSH1: 59 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Justice League JLI: 121-2 Equipment
Justice League STAR: 121,140 Equipment
Justice League America WW2
Kadaver (Deceased?) WW1
Kalibak Apok: 14
Kalibak STAR: 53 Beta Club only
Kalibak WotGS: 7 1ed, Post-Crisis
Kalibak WW3
‘Kalibak’ LSH1: 54 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Servant/Darkness
Kalibak the Cruel WW2 Darkseid’s Elite
Kalista GLC: 54 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Kalki DPS: 28 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Kamikaze WoW: 74 Axis Amerika
Kana WoW: 109 the Shadow Warrior, OSS
Kanjar Ro Atlas: 111
Kanjar Ro WW2
Kanto Apok: 15
Kanto WW2 Darkseid’s Elite
Karate Kid LSH2: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Karate Kid PoT: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Karate Kid I 2995: 45
Karate Kid I LSH1: 34 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Karate Kid II 2995: 62 Myg
Karb-Brak Supes 1e: 48-9
Kari Limbo GLC: 52 1ed, Crisis-Era
Karma DPS: 18 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Karnan Feline 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Karnan Feline, Typical Atlas: 132
Katana Bats1: 26 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Katana LCK: 10 1ed
Katana WW1
Kathoonian, Typical Atlas: 148
Kath’yanian, Typical FI: 31 New alien
Katma Tui Atlas: 115 deceased
Katma Tui GLC: 28 1ed, Crisis-Era
Ken Shade, Senator TOtT: 14
Kent Shakespeare WW2
‘Kent’ Shakespeare 2995: 61 Richard K.S., “Impulse”
Kestrel WW1
Key JLI: 86
Keystone City WW3 Flash Supp.
KGBeast Bats 2e: 71-2
KGBeast STAR: 69 Handgun
KGBeast (Deceased) WW1
Khund Cyber-Warrior 2995: 126 Typical
Khund Cyber-Warrior LSH1: 60 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Khund Cyber-Warriors KtP3: 7 1ed
Khund Soldier LSH1: 60 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Khund Soldier, Typical 2995: 126
Khund Soldiers KtP3: 7 1ed
Khund Warlord LSH1: 60 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Khund Warrior, Typical 2995: 126
Khund, Typical Atlas: 148
Khund, Typical BRB: 96
Khunds WW1
Kid Devil WW3 Blue Devil
Kid Eternity Magic: 50
Kid Flash 1GM: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Kid Flash NTS: 44-6,51 pre-Flash III
Kid Psycho LSH1: 73 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Kid Quantum 2995: 22
Kid Spectre DA: 5 Spectre’s supposed sidekick
Kilg%re WW3
Killer Croc WW2
Killer Frost 1GM: 83 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Killer Frost BRB: 84
Killer Frost BRS: 21 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Killer Frost WWtW: 11 Louise Lincoln, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Killer Moth Bats 2e: 72
Killer Moth KoC: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Killer Shark WoW: 111-2
Killgrave Supes 2e: 85
Killgrave WW3 Intergang
Killing Gloves FHoA: 7
Kilowog GLC: 32 1ed, Crisis-Era
Kilowog JLI: 66-7
Kilowog WW3 alive
Kim Liang BRB: 92
Kim Liang Magic: 76
Kim Liang WW2 Spectre, alive
Kimball Zendak LSH1: 74 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Kimball Zendak LSH2: 32 Pre-Crisis, SP Chief
King Faraday WW1
King Jonn 2995: 106
King Jonn WW3 LSH Supp.
King Minos PP: 8 1ed, new
King Snake WW3
Klarion the Witch Boy WW3
Klaus Weinbrot WitB: 68 General
Kobra BRB: 84
Kobra BRPG: 146-7
Kobra LCK: 12 1ed
Kobra WW3
Kobra’s Minions LCK: 12 1ed
Kole BF: 5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Kole NTS: 34-5 deceased
Kono 2995: 73
Kono WW1
Kordax Atlas: 82 Atlantis
Korugaran, Typical Atlas: 115
Koschei the Deathless BRS: 35 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Jihad
Kraken, the Monstrous Atlas: 83 Atlantis
Kraklow (misspelled) CoD: 12
Kristin Siege: 11 1ed
Krona GLC: 68 1ed, Crisis-Era
Kru-El Supes 1e: 62 Phantom Zone
Krypto Supes 1e: 30
Kryptonian DCH3e: 170 a.k.a. Eradicator, probably wrong
K’ryssma GLC: 38 1ed, Crisis-Era
Kulak Atlas: 107
Kulak WoW: 80 with Undead Warriors
Kung WoW: 80
Kuo NiG: 28 Falco Family, 1ed
Kurin Apok: 19 Deep Six
Labo STS: 21
Lady Blackhawk WoW: 95 Blackhawks
Lady Chian Atlas: 79 Atlantis
Lady Chian MRG: 20 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lady Quark BRB: 14
Lady Shiva BRB: 92
Lady Shiva WW3
Lamprey LSH1: 74 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lana Lang 1GM: 86 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lana Lang Supes 1e: 24 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LSH
Lana Lang Supes 2e: 49-50
Lar Gand 2995: 27
Lara Atlas: 118 deceased
Lara Supes 2e: 10 Deceased
Laser Pistols FHoA: 20
Laser Rifle FHoA: 19
Laser Weapons STAR: 54
Lashina Apok: 18 Female Furies
Lashina BRS: 31 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Female Furies
Lashina WW3 Female Furies
Laurel Gand 2995: 23
Laurel Gand Atlas: 143
Laurel Gand WW1
Lazon LSH1: 60 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Assassins
Lead WW3 Metal Men
Leader of the Pack Law: 14
Leading Lady LCK: 13 1ed, Screen Bandits’ Guild
LEGION WW3 pre-corruption
Legion Equipment LSH1: 48-9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Legion of Super-Heroes WW3
Legion Subs WW3
Legionnaires’ Gadgets HH: 55 1ed
Leland McCauley IV 2995: 110
Lenny Clegg NiG: 34 Det. Sgt., Gotham PD, 1ed
Leopards KoC: 27
Leslie Thompkins, Dr. Bats 2e: 27-8
Lex Luthor 1GM: 83 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lex Luthor BRB: 84 CEO, pre-clone
Lex Luthor DA: 4 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, w/Battlesuit
Lex Luthor DFB: 7 CEO, LexCorp
Lex Luthor IHP: 7 LexCorp CEO
Lex Luthor Supes 1e: 34-5 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lex Luthor Supes 2e: 86-7 heh…deceased
Lex Luthor WW3 alive
Lex Luthor II DCH3e: 167 still CEO
Lex Luthor II Supes 2e: 87 pre-not Junior
Lex Luthor II WW3 Lex Luthor
LexCorp WW3
LexCorp Technician Supes 2e: 33
LexCorp Villains DFB: 14
Liberty WW3 General Glory (the patriotic dog)
Liberty Belle BRB: 36 with sonic blast
Liberty Belle WoW: 59-60
Libra JLI: 91 Deceased
Libra Corps WitB: 63,81,94
Libra II WitB: 20-1
Life Lass LSH1: 74 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Lallor
Life Lass PoT: 12 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lightning NTS: 92
Lightning Beast Atlas: 149
Lightning Beast LSH1: 82 1ed, animal
Lightning Bug LSH1: 81 1ed, animal
Lightning Lad LSH1: 13 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lightning Lad LSH2: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lightning Lad PoT: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lightning Lass LSH1: 30 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lightning Lass LSH2: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lightning Lass PoT: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lightning Lord LSH1: 65 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lightning Lord WW1
Lightray Apok: 26
Lightray Law: 9
Lightray WW1
Lilith NTS: 60-1
Linda Holland STS: 17 deceased
Linda Park WW3 Flash Supp.
Lion 1GM: 90 1ed
Lion DCH3e: 173
Lion Rules: 69
Little Mermaid WW2 Global Guardians, deceased
Little Sure Shot BRB: 70 Easy Company
Little Sure Shot WoW: 101 Easy Company
Live Wire 2995: 85 SW6
Lizabeth Tremayne Atlas: 35
Lizabeth Tremayne STS: 20
Lizzie Powell BRPG: 173
Lobo 2995: 94
Lobo Atlas: 109-10
Lobo DCH3e: 164
Lobo STAR: 108 Bike
Lobo WW2
Lodestone DPS: 17 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Lois Lane 1GM: 86 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lois Lane BRB: 92 pre-marriage
Lois Lane DFB: 8
Lois Lane Supes 1e: 20-1 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Lois Lane Supes 2e: 40-2 pre-wedding
Lois Lane WW3
Lois Lane Kent Supes 1e: 84 Earth-2
Lonar Law: 10
Long Round WoW: 101 Easy Company
Looker LCK: 6 1ed
Loomis 2995: 107
Loomis WW3 LSH Supp.
Loonies, Generic WitB: 73,79
Lord Havok JLI: 103
Lord Havok WW2 Extremists, deceased
Lord Satanis Supes 1e: 44-5 with Syrene
Lords of Order/Chaos WW3
Lori Lemaris Supes 1e: 31
Lori Lemaris Supes 2e: 58
Lori Sanders CoF: 7 1ed
Lorna Justinian WotGS: 8 1ed
Losers WoW: 107-8
Louis Conrad, Senator TOtT: 13
L-Ron CoD: 10
LSH Academy Robot LSH2: 19
LSH Equipment 2995: 79
LSH Equipment KfaT: 8 1ed
LSH Gadgets HH: 46-9 1ed
LSH HQ 2995: 76
LSH Supporting Cast WW3
LSH Vehicles 2995: 78
Lucas Carr JLI: 60-1 “Snapper”
Lucien Justinian WotGS: 8 1ed, Post-Crisis
Lucifer Morningstar WW3 Hell’s Hierarchy
Lucius Crane RR: 8
Lucius Fox Bats 2e: 35
Lucius Fox Bats1: 18 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Luck Lord, Typical Atlas: 161
‘Lucky’ Louie Candioni Moon: 7 new, 1ed
Luornu Durgo WW3
Luornu Durgo Taine 2995: 16 Triplicate Girl, Duo Damsel, no powers
Lurk Bats1: 69 Adventure, 1ed
Luthor’s Personal Guard DFB: 7 Typical
Luthor’s Weapon STS: 13 Attacks Earth Elementals
Lydda Jath 2995: 106 Night Girl
Lydda Jath WW3 Legion Subs
Lydea Mallor WW3 L.E.G.I.O.N.
Lynx WW3 King Snake
Lyrissa Mallor Atlas: 124 deceased
Lyrissa Mallor WW2 deceased
Ma & Pa Kent WW1
Machine Gun FHoA: 18
Machiste Atlas: 199 Skartaris
Mad Harriet Apok: 17 Female Furies
Mad Harriet BRS: 31 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Female Furies
Mad Harriet WW3 Female Furies
Mad Hatter Bats 2e: 72-3
Mad Hatter Bats1: 40 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mad Hatter BRB: 84-5
Mad Hatter BRPG: 147
Mad Hatter STAR: 126 Hats, et al
Mad Hatter WW2
Mad Mod NTS: 98-9
Madame Rouge DPS: 25 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Madame Rouge NTS: 107 deceased
Madame Rouge WW2 Society of Sin, deceased
Madame Xanadu BRB: 92-3
Madame Xanadu Magic: 83-5
Madame Xanadu WW1
Madame Xanadu’s Shop WW1 Madame Xanadu
Mademoiselle Marie WoW: 108
Madman WW3
Maestro FI: 9 New Villain
Magenta NTS: 87-8 Frances Kane
Magnetic Kid LSH1: 45 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Magnetic Kid LSH1: 66 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Murrian Spy
Magnetic Kid LSH2: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Magnetic Kid MRG: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Magno Lad LSH1: 61 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Rejects
Magpie LSH1: 65 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Major Disaster BRB: 85 pre-IJL
Major Disaster Exp: 8
Major Disaster GLC: 69 1ed, Crisis-Era
Major Disaster JLI: 99
Major Force BRB: 85
Major Force WW2
Malice Vundabarr WW3 Female Furies
Mall Men, Typical ATG: 9
Mammoth BRB: 81
Mammoth FI: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mammoth NTS: 104-5
Man of Steel DCH3e: 170 a.k.a. Steel, very wrong
Man-Bat Bats 2e: 73-4
Man-Bat Bats1: 35 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Man-Bat BRPG: 147 w/Kirk Langstrom
Man-Bat WW3
Manga Kahn’s Ship WW1 Manga Kahn
Manga Khan BRB: 85
Manga Khan CoD: 9
Manga Khan JLI: 96-7 with L-Ron
Manga Khan WW1
Manhunter BRB: 64-5 Mark Shaw, see also Mark Shaw
Manhunter STAR: 28,54 Mark Shaw, Mask and Baton only
Manhunter (Mark Shaw) IHP: 38
Manhunter Android WW3 Guardians/Universe
Manhunter Androids BRB: 13
Manhunter I WoW: 60 with Thor, the Thunder Dog
Manhunter II WoW: 60-1
Manhunter Replica GLC: 11 1ed, Crisis-Era
Manhunters BRS: 36 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Manhunters GLC: 10 1ed, Crisis-Era
Maniac Siege: 12 1ed
Mano 2995: 90
Mano LSH1: 58 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Fatal Five
Manticore I BRS: 34 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Jihad
Manticore II BRS: 34 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Jihad
Mantis 1GM: 83 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mantis Apok: 22
Mantis Morlo LSH1: 66 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mantis Morlo PoT: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mara MRG: 21 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Marcel Baptiste WitB: 89 ESA engineer
Margaret Sawyer DFB: 9
Margaret Sawyer Supes 2e: 56 “Maggie”, SCU
Marij’n Bek WW3 L.E.G.I.O.N.
Marine Animals WW3 Aquaman
Marine Marauder OA Marlene Simmonds, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Marj Magic: 43-4
Mark Moonrider Apok: 29 Forever People
Mark Shaw, Manhunter WW3 Suicide Squad, also see Manhunter
Marlo, President Atlas: 101 President of Qurac
Marte Allon 2995: 100
Marte Allon WW3 LSH Supp.
Martha Clark Kent Supes 1e: 22 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Deceased
Martha Kent WW1 Ma & Pa Kent
Martian Manhunter 1GM: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Martian Manhunter BRB: 44
Martian Manhunter DCH3e: 164
Martian Manhunter JLI: 16-7
Martian Manhunter WaSC: 8
Martian Manhunter WW2
Martinus OA: 13 Atlantean Prime Minister
Mary West WW3 Flash Supp.
Maser WW3 Firehawk
Mason Trollbridge WW3 Flash Supp.
Master Jailer Supes 1e: 48
Masters, Assorted HIVE HIVE: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Matches Malone Bats 2e: 12-13
Matrix Supes 2e: 51-2 pre-Supergirl (second time)
Matter Master BRB: 85
Matter Master EoD: 10 1ed
Matter Master EoD: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Matter Master Exp: 11
Matter Master KoC: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Matter-Eater Lad KtP3: 7 1ed
Matter-Eater Lad LSH1: 28 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Matter-Eater Lad LSH2: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Matthew Cable STS: 19-20 deceased
Matthew Shrieve WoW: 98 Creature Commandos
Maw LSH1: 82 1ed, animal
Maxima Supes 2e: 88-9
Maxima WitB: 14-5
Maxima WW1 heroic phase
Maxi-Man WitB: 28-9
Maxi-Man WW2 Conglomerate
Maxwell Conners WitB: 33 Police Lieutenant
Maxwell Lord BRB: 93
Maxwell Lord Exp: 7
Maxwell Lord JLI: 64
Maxwell Lord WW1
Mayavale, Dr. MRG: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mayfly Employee ATG: 13 Typical
‘Mazing Man BRB: 65
Medical Students MRG: 30 Typical
Medphyll GLC: 36 1ed, Crisis-Era
Mega-Rod STAR: 44
Megatank FHoA: 7,39
Mekanique WoW: 81
Mekkanoid WotGS: 19 1ed, Post-Crisis
Mekt Ranzz 2995: 111 Lightning Lord
Menalippe Atlas: 202 Themiscira
Menalippe WWS: 22 1ed, Post-Crisis
Mento DPS: 13 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Mento STAR: 124-5 Helmets only
Mera BRB: 93
Mera WW3
Mera WWtW: 13 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mercenaries, Brock’s CtA: 10
Mercenaries, Typical ATG: 11
Mercenary Thug, Typical Blitz: 8
Mercenary, Typical HIVE HIVE: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mercury Magic: 42-3 from Hellblazer
Mercury WW3 Metal Men
Metal Men BRB: 65-6 Au, Fe, Pb, Hg, Pt, Sn
Metal Men WW3
Metallic Monsters LSH1: 82 1ed, animal
Metallo Supes 1e: 46 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Metallo Supes 2e: 90-1
Metallo WW3
Metamorpho Bats1: 28 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Metamorpho BRB: 46
Metamorpho CoD: 7 pre-Transformation
Metamorpho JLI: 49-50
Metamorpho LCK: 7 1ed
Metamorpho WW1
Metron Apok: 24-5
Metron STAR: 120 Mobius Chair
Metron WW1
Michael Donovan CoF: 9 1ed
Michael Palumbo WitB: 34 STAR PR
Michael Pubb, Lt. LCK: 11 1ed, LAPD
Michael Watkins Moon: 7 new, 1ed
Micro Lad LSH1: 61 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Rejects
Microwavabelle BRB: 61
Midnight WoW: 61
MiG-25 fighter planes FHoA: 15
Mikado BRB: 86
Mikado BRPG: 149
Military Soldiers MRG: 24 Typical Atlantean/Skartarean
Milo Poindexter WotGW: 14 1ed
Milton Sabino WWtW: 10 Kidnapper
Mindboggler BRS: 25 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Minoan Soldiers PP: 15 1ed
Minotaur PP: 7 1ed, new
Minotaur WotGW: 8 1ed, Post-Crisis
Mire LCK: 13 1ed, Screen Bandits’ Guild
Mirror Master KoC: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mirror Master STAR: 85-6 Mirrors only
Mirror Master WW3
Mirror Master I JLI: 91 Deceased
Miss America WoW: 61
Miss Andrews ATG: 23
Mist Master LSH1: 60 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Assassins
Mister 104 BRS: 26 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Mister 104 DPS: 29 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Mister America WoW: 62 a.k.a. the Americommando
Mister Bones BRB: 59
Mister Bones WW2
Mister E Magic: 48-9
Mister Element EoD: 10 1ed
Mister Element EoD: 10 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mister Esper NTS: 100-1
Mister Freeze Bats 2e: 74
Mister Freeze Bats1: 34 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mister Freeze STAR: 55 Equipment
Mister Freeze WW3 deceased
Mister Miracle STAR: 110,141 Equipment
Mister Miracle I Apok: 26-7 Scott Free
Mister Miracle I BRB: 44 Scott Free
Mister Miracle I JLI: 40-1 Scott Free
Mister Miracle I WaSC: 9 Scott Free
Mister Miracle I WW3 Scott Free
Mister Miracle II WW3 Shilo Norman
Mister Morden DPS: 25 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Mister Muscle BRB: 61
Mister Mxyzptlk 1GM: 84 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mister Mxyzptlk BRB: 86
Mister Mxyzptlk DCH3e: 167
Mister Mxyzptlk Supes 1e: 38 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mister Mxyzptlk Supes 2e: 93-4
Mister Mxyzptlk WW3
Mister Nebula WW2
Mister Poseidon CoD: 12
Mister Terrific I WoW: 62-3
Mister Twilight IHP: 39
Mister Twister NTS: 97
Mister Z Supes 2e: 95-6
Mitchell Johnson NiG: 29 “Buzz”, Patriot League, 1ed
Mnemoth Magic: 107
Mnemoth WW3 Hell’s Hierarchy
Mob Assassin Moon: 14 Typical, 1ed
Mogo GLC: 39 1ed, Crisis-Era
Mole NiG: 24 1ed
Molecule Master LSH1: 66 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Moloch TOtT: 14
Moloch Watch: 121 deceased
Moloch WWtW: 10 1ed
Molotov BRS: 37 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Russian Team
Mon-El KfaT: 7-8 1ed
Mon-El LSH1: 27 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mon-El LSH2: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mongoose PP: 6-7 1ed PC, “the Magnificent”
Mongul Supes 1e: 40 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mongul Supes 2e: 92-3
Monitor BRB: 14
Monkey King STS: 26-7
Monsieur Mallah BF: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Monsieur Mallah BRB: 77
Monsieur Mallah DPS: 24 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Monsieur Mallah NTS: 110
Monsieur Mallah WW2 The Brain
Montgomery Banner, Mjr TOtT: 12
Moon Woman EI: 27 Good Neanderthal Sorceress
Mordru 2995: 95
Mordru LSH1: 66 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Mordru WW1
Morgan Edge Atlas: 71
Morgan Edge CtA: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Morgan Edge Supes 1e: 27 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Morgan Edge Supes 2e: 82 Intergang
Morgan Edge WW3 Intergang
Morning Star PP: 7 1ed PC
Mother TOtT: 14
Mother Box Apok: 34
Mother Box Atlas: 191
Mother Box Law: 11
Mother Box WW1
Mother Box WW3 Mister Miracle I, II
Mother Mayhem NTS: 117-8
Mother Windom JLI: 63-4
Mothman TOtT: 24
Mothman Watch: 44 Minutemen
Motivator Machine FHoA: 7
Mudpack WW1
Multi-Man JLI: 100-1
Multiplex BRS: 26 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Myg LSH1: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Myg WW3 Legion Subs
Myndi Mayer WWS: 25 1ed, Post-Crisis
Myra Connelly Fermin Atlas: 36
Mysa Nal 2995: 55 White Witch
Mysa Nal WW3
Mystelor LSH1: 70 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Taurus Gang
Nabu Magic: 60 Kent Nelson’s Body
Nadira Supes 1e: 58-9 Phantom Zone
Naiad WW1
Naltorian, Typical Atlas: 152
Nam-Ek Supes 1e: 62-3 Phantom Zone
Nathaniel Hayes WitB: 34 Major
Nathan’s Nemesis LoD: Insert-2 Marines/vigilantes
National Guardsmen CoF: 10 Typical, 1ed
Nazi Guard Blitz: 19,21,25 with Guard Dogs
Nazi Soldier, Typical Blitz: 8
Nazi Soldiers BRB: 71
Negative Man DPS: 10 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Negative Woman DPS: 15 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Nemesis BRB: 55
Nemesis BRPG: 136
Nemesis BRS: 16 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Nemesis WW3 Suicide Squad
Nemesis WWtW: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Nemesis Kid LSH1: 67 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Nemesis Kid PoT: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Neptune Perkins WoW: 63
Neptunian, Typical Atlas: 152
Nergal Magic: 107-8
Nergal WW3 Hell’s Hierarchy
Nestor Le Bon Exp: 23
Neutrax LSH1: 60 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Assassins
New Genesis WW2
New God WW2 New Genesis
New Guardians WW1
New Thinker WW3 Suicide Squad
New Titans Rules: 43 Gadgets
New Wave BRB: 86 Masters of Disaster
New Wave RR: 10 Masters of Disaster
Newsboy Legion STAR: 109 Whiz Wagon
Newsboy Legion Supes 2e: 36-7 Tommy, Gabby, Scrapper, Big Words, Flip
Newsboy Legion WW1
N’gal Jefferson, Col ATG: 10
Nicholas Galtry DPS: 26 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Night (Nacht) WoW: 81-2
Night Girl LSH1: 75 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Subs
Nightfall WitB: 23
Nighthound Supes 1e: 32 Kandorian
Nightmaster Atlas: 187 Myrra
Nightshade BRB: 56
Nightshade BRS: 17 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Nightshade WW2
Nightshade WWtW: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Night-Slayer Bats1: 32 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Nightwind LSH1: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Nightwing 1GM: 36 Equipment, 1ed
Nightwing 1GM: 79 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Nightwing Bats 2e: 29-31 pre-Bludhaven
Nightwing Bats1: 12 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Nightwing BRB: 51 pre-Bludhaven
Nightwing BRPG: 134-5 pre-Bludhaven
Nightwing DCH3e: 164 pre-Bludhaven
Nightwing NTS: 18-20 pre-Bludhaven
Nightwing Rules: 43 Gadgets
Nightwing STAR: 74-5,98 pre-Bludhaven, Gadgets
Nightwing Supes 1e: 31 Van-Zee, Kandorian
Nightwing WoD: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Nightwing Gadgets HH: 75 1ed
Nightwing’s Equipment BRPG: 113
Nimbus GLC: 55 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Nimbus WW3
Nite Owl I TOtT: 23
Nite Owl I Watch: 6 Minutemen, w/Phantom, deceased
Nite Owl II BRB: 73-4 Watchmen
Nite Owl II TOtT: 9
Nite Owl II Watch: 82
Nite Owl II WWtW: 6 Dan Drieberg, 1ed
NKVDemon WW1 deceased
Nocturna Bats1: 22 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Norak WW3 Dark Circle, deceased
Norman Brawler Atlas: 70 Atom II’s biographer
Norman Rafferty CtA: 10 Information Officer, STAR-Metro
Northwind EI: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Northwind WW2
Nukeface STS: 29
Nuklon BRB: 59
Nuklon EI: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Nuklon WW2
Nura Nal 2995: 42 still young
‘Oan’ LSH1: 54 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Servant/Darkness
Oan Technology Atlas: 120
Oberon BRB: 93
Oberon Exp: 7
Oberon JLI: 64-5
Oberon WitB: 24-5
Oberon WW2
Obsidian BRB: 59 still stable
Obsidian EI: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ocean Master BRB: 86
Ocean Master WW1
Ocean Master WWtW: 15 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Magic-Powered
Oceanworld Seaquarium WW2 Dolphin
Octopus 1GM: 90 1ed
Octopus DCH3e: 174
Octopus Rules: 69
Octosaurus LSH1: 82 1ed, animal
Ogyptu Giant, Typical Atlas: 133
Okaaran Warlord 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Okaaran Warlord Atlas: 133 Typical
Olaf Friedriksen Blitz: 6 Blackhawks
Olaf Friedriksen WoW: 95 Blackhawks
Olapet GLC: 40 1ed, Crisis-Era
Ol-Vir LSH1: 64 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains
Olympian WW2 Global Guardians
Omega LSH1: 67 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Omen LSH1: 67 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ona WoW: 107 Losers
Ontiir LSH1: 53 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Dark Circle
Ontiir of Tsauron WW3 Dark Circle, deceased
Oracle Bats 2e: 31-33 also Batgirl
Oracle WW2 Barbara Gordon
Organus LSH1: 67 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Orin Atlas: 81 Atlantis
Orintho LSH1: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Wanderers
Orion Apok: 25-6
Orion Law: 8
Orion STAR: 111 Equipment
Orion WW1
‘Orion’ LSH1: 54 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Servant/Darkness
OSS WoW: 108-10
Outrider BRPG: 95-9 Example PC
Owl 1GM: 90 1ed
Owl Rules: 69
Owlwoman WW2 Global Guardians
Ozymandias BRB: 74 Watchmen
Ozymandias TOtT: 11
Ozymandias Watch: 111 deceased
Ozymandias WWtW: 8 1ed
Papa Midnite Magic: 106 with Zombies
Parademon, Typical WotGS: 7 1ed, Post-Crisis
Parademons Apok: 20
Parademons Law: 13
Parasite BRB: 86-7
Parasite BRS: 22 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Parasite Siege: 9 1ed
Parasite Supes 1e: 50 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Parasite Supes 2e: 96-7
Parasite WW2
Pariah BRB: 14
Parker Dark CoF: 7 1ed
Patchwork Man STS: 25-6
Patchwork Man WW3 deceased
Paul LoD: Insert-3 Drug dealer
Paul Nordstrom WitB: 39 General
Payback WW3 Project Cadmus
Peace Front Activists WWtW: 11 Kidnappers
Peacemaker BRB: 66
Peacemaker STAR: 29,112-3 Helmet and Vehicles only
Peacemaker WW2
Penguin 1GM: 84 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Penguin Bats 2e: 62
Penguin Bats1: 31 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Penguin BRB: 87
Penguin BRPG: 149
Penguin BRS: 22 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Penguin DCH3e: 168
Penguin STAR: 87-9 Umbrellas
Penguin WW2
Penguins, Killer JLI: 101 from Antarctic Laboratory
Pennamaquot Werewolves STS: 28
Per Degaton WoW: 82
Perimele SiP: 4 1ed, standard Amazon
Perry Jerome White Supes 2e: 43-4
Perry White 1GM: 87 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Perry White BRB: 93
Perry White Supes 1e: 25 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Perry White WW2
Persuader 2995: 90
Persuader LSH1: 57 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Fatal Five
Persuader WW1
Pestilence FHoA: 9 Darkseid’s Horsemen
Pete Ross Supes 1e: 25 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Peter Dursin 2995: 68 Porcupine Pete
Peter Dursin WW3 Legion Subs
Peter Ross Supes 2e: 50-1
Petey the Demon Magic: 61
Petruzzi Hitmen NiG: 31 1ed
PFC Newton Ramsey WWtW: 10 Kidnapper
Phantom Girl KtP3: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Phantom Girl LSH1: 15 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Phantom Girl LSH2: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Phantom Lad LSH1: 61 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Rejects
Phantom Lady WW1
Phantom Lady I WoW: 63
Phantom Lady II STAR: 47,140 Costume only
Phantom of the Fair WoW: 82
Phantom Stranger BRB: 28
Phantom Stranger DA: 5 Gag entry
Phantom Stranger JLI: 62-3
Phantom Stranger Magic: 67-68
Phantom Stranger WW2
Phantom Zoner Supes 1e: 58
Pharoxx LSH1: 68 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Phase WW2
Philippe Didier WitB: 85 ESA astronomer
Philippus WWS: 21 1ed, Post-Crisis
Phineas Potter Supes 1e: 27 Professor, Lana Lang’s uncle
Phobia BF: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Phobia BRB: 77
Phobia NTS: 111
Phobia WW2 Society of Sin
Phobos SiP: 4 1ed, Post-Crisis
Phobos WotGW: 7 1ed, Post-Crisis
Phobos WWS: 27 1ed, Post-Crisis
Pied Piper KoC: 10 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Pied Piper STAR: 90 Pipes
Pierre LaFabre CoD: 10
Pilot, Typical 1GM: 87 1ed
Plasmus BF: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Plasmus BRB: 77
Plasmus NTS: 111-2
Plasmus WW2 Society of Sin
Plastic Man BRB: 66
Plastic Man WW1
Plastique BRB: 87
Plastique BRS: 23 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Platinum WW3 Metal Men
Poison Ivy Bats 2e: 74-5
Poison Ivy Bats1: 38 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Poison Ivy BRB: 87
Poison Ivy BRPG: 150
Poison Ivy JLI: 91-2
Poison Ivy Magic: 109
Poison Ivy WW2
Pol Krinn 2995: 58 Magnetic Kid
Polar Boy LSH1: 44 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Polar Boy LSH2: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Polar Boy PoT: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Police Officers/Guards TOtT: 13 Typical
Police/Guards WitB: 34 Generics
Pooch WoW: 107 Losers
Porcupine Pete LSH1: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Subs
Portuguese Man-Of-War 1GM: 90 1ed
Poseidonian, Typical Atlas: 85
Power Boy LSH1: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Power Girl BRB: 46-7 near-Kryptonian
Power Girl CoD: 8 pre-pregnancy
Power Girl JLI: 51 pre-pregnancy
Power Girl Supes 1e: 85 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Earth-2
Power Girl WitB: 19 pre-pregnancy
Power Girl WW2
Prankster STAR: 91 Gadgets
Prankster Supes 1e: 43-4 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Prankster Supes 2e: 97-8
Prankster WW3
Pravda BRS: 37 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Russian Team
Praxis WitB: 27
Praxis WW2 Conglomerate
Predator GLC: 62 1ed, Crisis-Era
Predator WW3 Star Sapphire
Primus GLC: 54 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Prince Evillo 2995: 88
Prince Ra-Man Atlas: 18 deceased
Princess Projectra 2995: 43 Sensor Girl
Prisoners, Armed MRG: 12 Typical
Prisoners, Unarmed MRG: 12 Typical
Private Eyes BRB: 61
Privateer BRS: 23 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Professor Ivo JLI: 76-7
Project Cadmus WW3
Prometheus NTS: 124-5 Hybrid
Prometheus Equipment PP: 9-10 1ed, new
Prophet LSH1: 67 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Protean, Typical Atlas: 154
Proto-Demon Magic: 109-10
Proty II LSH1: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Psi BRS: 26 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Psimon NTS: 105 deceased
Psion, Typical BRB: 96
Psi-Phon Supes 2e: 99-101 with Dreadnought
Psi-Phon & Dreadnaught WW3
Psyche LSH1: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Wanderers
Psyche WW3 The Wanderers
Psycho-Freaks Androids LCK: 23 1ed, horror movie types
Psycho-Pirate WW3
Pteradon NTS: 123 Hybrid
Pteral LSH1: 82 1ed, animal
Pterodactyl DCH3e: 175
Pterosaur 1GM: 90 1ed
Pterosaur WoW: 116 Blackhawk Island
Pterosaurs, Robot WoD: 28 1ed
Pulsar Char: 10 Sample 450HP PC
Pulsar Stargrave LSH1: 68 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Pulsar Stargrave MRG: 10 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Punch STAR: 114,127 Boots and Strings only
Punch & Jewelee WW2
Punks, Dumb Law: 19
Puppeteer STAR: 92 Puppets only
Pursuer Apok: 23 Devilance
Puzzler Supes 1e: 88 Earth-2
Quanto LSH1: 70 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Taurus Gang
Quantum Queen LSH1: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Wanderers
Quantum Queen WW3 The Wanderers
Queen Bee I JLI: 84-86
Queen Bee II JLI: 97-8
Queen Hippolyte BRB: 24 pre-Wonder Woman
Queen Hippolyte WWS: 21 1ed, Post-Crisis
Querl Dox 2995: 25 younger (thinner) version
Question BRB: 67
Question BRPG: 137-8
Question STAR: 143 Face Putty only
Question WW3
Quicksand LSH1: 68 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Quicksand MRG: 10 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Quislet 2995: 59
Quislet KtP3: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Quislet LSH1: 47 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Quislet LSH2: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Quiz WW1 Brotherhood of Dada
Qwardian Ring STAR: 51
R.J. Brande 2995: 101
R.J. Brande LSH1: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Rabbit 1GM: 90 1ed
Rabbit Rules: 70
Radiation Roy LSH1: 64 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains
Ragman BRB: 67 pre-Golem
Ragman BRPG: 135-6 pre-golem
Rainbow Raider WW3
Ral Benem 2995: 67 Chlorophyll Kid
Ral Benem WW3 Legion Subs
Ram WW1 New Guardians
Ramon Garcia NiG: 28 Falco Family, 1ed
Rampage STAR: 144 Regulating collar
Rampage Supes 2e: 115-6
Random Gadgets STAR: 136-9,142-3 Force Fields, Holograms, Rope
Ranger, US Army 1GM: 87 Typical, 1ed
Rannian, Typical Atlas: 122
Ra’s Al Ghul Bats 2e: 58-9
Ra’s al Ghul Bats1: 42 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ra’s Al Ghul BRB: 87
Ra’s al Ghul WW3
Rats Law: 31
Rats, Giant Law: 31-2 Adolf and Benito
Rauch, General FHoA: 5 Intelligence officer
Ravager NTS: 101-2 deceased
Ravan BRS: 35 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Jihad
Raven 1GM: 79 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Raven BRB: 51 alive
Raven NTS: 20-1 pre-Titans Hunt
Raven WW2 deceased
Ray I WoW: 63-4
Reactron DPS: 29 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Re-Animage WW3 The Wanderers
Reaper Bats 2e: 75
Reaver Hoods, Typical RR: 8,20
Rebels Gang Bats 2e: 85
Rebis WW1
Red Bee WoW: 64
Red Panzer WoW: 82-3
Red Star BRB: 51
Red Star NTS: 88-9 a.k.a. Starfire I
Red Star WW3
Red Tornado Siege: 6 1ed
Red Tornado WW3
Red Tornado II JLI: 24-5
Reep Daggle 2995: 19 Chameleon Boy
Reep Daggle WW1
Reflecto 2995: 65
Relnic LSH1: 77 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Remiel WW3 Hell’s Hierarchy
Resource Raider MRG: 12 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Resource Raiders LSH1: 68 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Retarius PoT: 27 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Revenant EI: 27 Undead Neanderthal
Reverb WitB: 28
Reverb WW2 Conglomerate
Reverse-Flash WW3 deceased
Rhamphosuchus EI: 12 prehistoric animal
Rhea Jones WW3
Rhino 1GM: 90 1ed
Rhinocerous DCH3e: 174
Rhinocerous Rules: 70
Richard Davis, Capt. GLC: 53 1ed, Crisis-Era
Richard Dragon WW3 Lady Shiva
Richard Lock RR: 8 Mayor, New York City
Rick Flag BRS: 11 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Rick Flagg, Jr., Col. WWtW: 10 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Rick Rawlins WoW: 105 Haunted Tank
Ricky Falcone NiG: 27 Falco Family, 1ed
Riddler 1GM: 84 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Riddler Bats 2e: 63-4
Riddler Bats1: 33 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Riddler BRB: 88
Riddler BRPG: 150-1
Riddler WW2
Rip Carter WoW: 97 Boy Commandos
Rip Hunter BRB: 93
Rising Sun WW2 Global Guardians
Ritter Hendricksen Blitz: 6 Blackhawks
Ritter Hendricksen WoW: 95 Blackhawks
Robby Reed Atlas: 40
Robert Warren, Dr. ATG: 8
Robert Wood, Officer BRPG: 173
Robin WoW: 125 Golden Age
Robin I NTS: 44,50 pre-Nightwing
Robin II 1GM: 79 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Robin II Bats 2e: 33-5 Deceased
Robin II Bats1: 15 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Robin II BRB: 67 deceased
Robin II BRPG: 132-3 pre-death
Robin II NTS: 36-7 deceased
Robin II WoD: 6 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Robin III DCH3e: 165
Robin III NTS: 89
Robin III WW3
Robin II’s Equipment BRPG: 113
Robot Rockers Bats 2e: 84 Mr. Atom and Warhead
Robotman I WoW: 64-5
Robotman II DPS: 9 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Robots Rules: 40
Robots, Atlantean OA: 17
Robots, Guardsman PoT: 17 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, hunt LSH Rings
Rocket Launchers FHoA: 17
Rocket Red BRB: 47 Apokolips Battlesuit
Rocket Red JLI: 44-5 #13, Dmitri Pushkin Gorki
Rocket Red WaSC: 6 JLI, pre-Apokolips Armor
Rocket Red WW1
Rocket Red #13 CoD: 8
Rocket Red Armor STAR: 30-1
Rocket Red Battlesuit GLC: 12 1ed, Crisis-Era
Rocket Red, Typical Atlas: 102
ROG Robot DPS: 25 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Rogarth LSH1: 70 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Taurus Gang
Roger Huntoon Magic: 45
Roger Loesch FI: 8
Roguian 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Roguian, Typical Atlas: 134
Rokk Krinn 2995: 12 Cosmic Boy, not Polestar, pre-ZH
Rokk Krinn WW1
Rond Vidar 2995: 117
Rond Vidar LSH1: 77 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Rond Vidar WW3 LSH Supp.
Ron-Karr 2995: 113
Ron-Karr LSH1: 64 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains
Roon Dvron LSH2: 32 Pre-Crisis, SP Lieutenant
Rorjath KtP3: 7 Khund Warlord, 1ed
Rorschach BRB: 74 Watchmen
Rorschach TOtT: 10
Rorschach Watch: 72
Rorschach WWtW: 8 1ed
Rosewood Vampire Queen STS: 27-8
Rosewood Vampires STS: 27-8
Rosie GLC: 72 1ed, Crisis-Era, Demolition Team
Roxxas 2995: 97
Roxxas WW3
Royal Flush Gang JLI: 87-9
Royal Flush Gang WW2
Rumaan Harjavti JLI: 96 Deceased
Rustam BRS: 36 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Jihad
Ruth Delancey, Dr. WitB: 48
Ryand’r GLC: 56 1ed, Crisis-Era, Omega Men
Ryno MRG: 26
Sadahuru LSH1: 68 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Salakk Atlas: 123
Salakk GLC: 31 1ed, Crisis-Era
Salu Digby 2995: 32 Shrinking Violet
Sam MacMurphy, Major PP: 9 1ed, new
Samuel Simpson NiG: 31 “Slick”, Simpson Org., 1ed
Sandman BRB: 67 Morpheus
Sandman Magic: 68-70 Morpheus
Sandman WW2 Morpheus
Sandman I BRB: 36
Sandman I WoW: 65-6 with Sandy
Sardath Atlas: 122 Rann
Sarge WoW: 107 Losers
Sarge Steel BRB: 93-4
Sarge Steel WW2
Sargon Magic: 87-88 Deceased
Sargon WoW: 66 Deceased
Saturn Girl LSH1: 12 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Saturn Girl LSH2: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Saturn Queen 2995: 114
Saturn Queen LSH1: 65 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains
Saul Erdel, Dr. Atlas: 45
Savages of Maarzon OA: 17 primitive sea-dwellers
Sax Girl WW3 G’Nort
Sazu Supes 2e: 88 with Maxima
Scarecrow Bats 2e: 63
Scarecrow Bats1: 39 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Scarecrow BRB: 88
Scarecrow BRPG: 151
Scarecrow Exp: 9
Scarecrow JLI: 92
Scarecrow STAR: 128 Gadgets
Scarecrow WW1
Scarlet Skier JLI: 101
Scarlet Skier WW2 Mister Nebula
Scavenger STAR: 99 Ship only
Schnauzerphant LSH1: 82 1ed, animal
Science Police Officer 2995: 115 Typical
Scientist, Apokolips Law: 17-8
Scientists Law: 46 Beaming Station
Scientists, Generic Apok: 19-20 from Apokolips
Scientists, Generic WitB: 37-8
Scirocco NTS: 124 Hybrid
Scoopshovel GLC: 73 1ed, Crisis-Era, Demolition Team
Scorpion 1GM: 90 1ed
Scorpion DCH3e: 174
Scorpion Rules: 70
Screaming Skull Watch: 122
Sden LSH1: 69 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Sden MRG: 10 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Sea Wolf WoW: 74 a.k.a. Der See Wulf, Axis Amerika
Sean Erin WW3 LSH Supp.
Sebastien Goodman, Dr. DPS: 28 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Secret Six WW1
Security Guard, Typical 1GM: 85 1ed, also Beat Cop
Security Guard, Typical DFS: 21
Security Guards WitB: 47-8
Security Guards, HIVE NTS: 115
Security Guards/Police LoD: Insert-3
Security Operatives NiG: 36 1ed, typical
Sede 2995: 113
Sensei LSH1: 77 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Sensor Girl KfaT: 13 1ed
Sensor Girl LSH1: 32 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Sensor Girl LSH2: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Serbus OA: 17 Evil Atlantean Scientist
Sergeant Rock Blitz: 9,22
Sergeant Rock BRB: 69-70
Sergeant Rock WoW: 110
Serifan Apok: 29-30 Forever People
Shade WoW: 83
Shade WW2
Shade, the Changing Man BRB: 56
Shade, the Changing Man BRS: 18 Crisis-Era (Ditko), 1ed
Shade, the Changing Man WWtW: 8 Pre-Vertigo, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shadow Demon, Typical Atlas: 195 Qward
Shadow Demon, Typical GLC: 81 1ed, Crisis-Era
Shadow Field Generator STAR: 32
Shadow Kid 2995: 109
Shadow Lad LSH1: 77 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shadow Lass KfaT: 8 1ed
Shadow Lass LSH1: 35 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shadow Lass LSH2: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shadow Mask Bats1: 57 Adventure, 1ed
Shadow Thief JLI: 92
Shadow Thief KoC: 10 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shadow Thief WW3
‘Shadow Woman’ LSH1: 54 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Servant/Darkness
Shaggy Man JLI: 89
Shaggy Man WitB: 20
Shagrek LSH1: 70 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Taurus Gang
Shakedown BRB: 86 Masters of Disaster
Shakedown RR: 10 Masters of Disaster
Shakira Atlas: 199 Skartaris
Shalako Atlas: 81 Atlantis
Shaligo Apok: 18 the Flying Finback, Deep Six
Shark 1GM: 84 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shark 1GM: 90 animal, 1ed
Shark BRB: 88
Shark DCH3e: 174 the animal
Shark GLC: 64 1ed, Crisis-Era
Shark KoC: 10 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shark Rules: 70 the animal
Shark WitB: 24
Shark WW3
Shatterfist WitB: 24
Shimmer BRB: 81
Shimmer FI: 11 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shimmer NTS: 104-5
Shining Knight WoW: 66-7 with Winged Victory
Shocker FI: 10 New Villain
Shockwave ATG: 10 1ed
Shockwave Supes 2e: 101
Short Round WoW: 101 Easy Company
Shrapnel BRB: 88
Shrapnel DPS: 30 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Shrapnel WW3
Shrinking Violet 2995: 85 SW6
Shrinking Violet LSH1: 24 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shrinking Violet LSH2: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shroud FI: 10 New Villain
Shvaughn Erin 2995: 103
Shvaughn Erin LSH1: 77 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Shvaughn Erin LSH2: 33 Pre-Crisis, SP Officer
Sickle BRS: 37 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Russian Team
Silhouette TOtT: 24
Silhouette Watch: 52 Minutemen, deceased
Silk Spectre BRB: 74
Silk Spectre WWtW: 7 Laurie Jupiter, 1ed
Silk Spectre I TOtT: 23
Silk Spectre I Watch: 21 Minutemen
Silk Spectre II TOtT: 11
Silk Spectre II Watch: 103
Silver Banshee Supes 2e: 102-3
Silver Banshee WW3
Silver Deer (Chanka) EoD: 12 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Silver Scarab EI: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Silver Slasher LSH1: 60 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Assassins
Silver Sorceress JLI: 94 from Angor, Deceased
Silver Sorceress Magic: 89 from Angor, Deceased
Silver Sorceress WW3 Blue Jay
Silver Swan WW1
Silver Swan WWS: 29 1ed, Post-Crisis
Simba DCH3e: 35 “Beast Lord”‘s Example Pet
Sin and Temptation TOtT: 14
Sinbad Supes 2e: 117-8
Sinbad WW1
Sindromedan, Typical Atlas: 134
Sinestro 1GM: 84 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Sinestro Atlas: 115 deceased
Sinestro GLC: 57 1ed, Crisis-Era
Sinestro WW1 deceased, many times
Sister Dread BF: 8
Size Kid LSH1: 67 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Murrian Spy
Skatatak EI: 11 Evil Neanderthal Sorceror
Skeets ATG: 7 1ed
Sky Pirate STAR: 56,114 Sonic Disks and Sky Sled only
Skyhook Supes 2e: 103-4 deceased
Slab PP: 6 1ed PC
Slaughter Swamp WW2 Solomon Grundy
Sleepwalker WW3 Brotherhood of Dada
Sleez Apok: 22
Sleez Supes 2e: 105
Slig Apok: 18 Deep Six
Slipknot BRS: 24 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Slipknot EoD: 13 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Slith LSH1: 83 1ed, animal
Sloth Cambion EI: 18 Transformed human
Slud Apok: 38 Apokolips creature
Slyggian, Typical Atlas: 123
Smallville WW1 Ma & Pa Kent
Snake Oil WoW: 106 Hunter’s Hellcats
Snapper Carr WW2
Sober Sailors, Typical DFS: 23
Society of Sin WW2
Society/Golden Wing STAR: 33 Shock Trooper Armor
Solar Council Member GLC: 81 Typical, 1ed, Crisis-Era
Solar Gun/Backpack STAR: 57
Soldier, Standard FHoA: 5
Soldier, Typical 1GM: 87 1ed
Soldiers, Generic WitB: 39,68,80
Soldiers, Middle Realm OA: 16
Solomon Grundy BRB: 88
Solomon Grundy WoW: 83-4
Solomon Grundy WW2
Solovar, King Atlas: 96 King of Gorilla City
Somahturian, Typical Atlas: 156
Son of Vulcan WW2
Sonar Atlas: 99
Sonar STAR: 34 Sonic Armor
Sonar WW2
Sonar I GLC: 59 1ed, Crisis-Era
Sorceror WoW: 109 OSS
Source WW3 Highfather
Source, The Apok: 33-4
Space Dolphins WW2 Lobo
Space Dragons LSH1: 83 1ed, animal
Space Phenomena Atlas: 137-8
Sparky Bats1: 57 Adventure, 1ed
Spectre BRB: 28 modern age
Spectre Magic: 73-5 Current Incarnation
Spectre WoW: 67 Golden Age levels
Spectre WW2
Spectro WW3 Doctor Spectro
Speed McGee WW3 Flash Supp.
Speed Queen WW3 Female Furies
Speedy BRB: 51-2 pre-Arsenal
Speedy BRS: 24 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Speedy GLC: 52 1ed, Crisis-Era
Speedy NTS: 32-3,47-8,53 pre-Arsenal
Speedy RR: 5 pre-Crisis, 1ed
Speedy WW1 pre-Arsenal
Spider 1GM: 91 1ed
Spider DCH3e: 174
Spider Rules: 70
Spider Girl 2995: 110
Spider Girl MRG: 13 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Spider Guild Strand Cpt Atlas: 129-30 Typical
Spider Monkey 1GM: 91 1ed
Spider Monkey Rules: 70
Spider-Girl LSH1: 65 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains
Spider-Girl WW1
Spittroid, Typical Atlas: 134
Spook NiG: 26 1ed
Sportsmaster WoW: 84
Spy, Typical 1GM: 87 1ed
Sslithiss, Typical Atlas: 132
Stalnoivolk Atlas: 102
Stanislaus Drozdowski Blitz: 6 Blackhawks, Deceased
Stanislaus Drozdowski WoW: 95-6 Blackhawks, Deceased
Stanley Hutton CoF: 8 1ed
Staq Mavlen 2995: 66 Fire Lad
Staq Mavlen WW3 Legion Subs
Star Boy KfaT: 8 1ed
Star Boy LSH1: 23 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Star Boy LSH2: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
STAR Equipment PP: 9 defense stuff
STAR Equipment STAR: 11 defense stuff
Star Sapphire GLC: 61 1ed, Crisis-Era
Star Sapphire WW3 sublimated by Carol
Star Sapphire Gem STAR: 59
STAR Test Pilots PP: 14 1ed
Starburst Bandits LSH1: 69 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, with mounts
Starfinger LSH1: 69 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Starfinger III 2995: 92 Molock Hanscom
Starfire 1GM: 79 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Starfire BRB: 52
Starfire DCH3e: 165
Starfire NTS: 30-2
Starfire WW3
Starfish RR: 8 Reavers
Starhaven Native Atlas: 156 Typical
Starman BRB: 67-8 William Payton
Starman STAR: 58 Cosmic Rod only
Starman Supes 2e: 118-9 William Payton
Starman WW1
Starman I BRB: 36
Starman I WoW: 67-8
Starman II Atlas: 126 Prince Gavyn, deceased
Starro the Conqueror JLI: 75-6
Starro the Conqueror WW3
Starships, 30th c. KtP3: 10
Starships, 30th c. LSH2: 76-9
Star-Spangled Kid EI: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Star-Spangled Kid WoW: 68 with Stripesy
Stealth WW3
Steamroller GLC: 73 1ed, Crisis-Era, Demolition Team
Steel JLI: 30-1 Deceased
Stegosaurus WoW: 116 Blackhawk Island
Stel GLC: 36 1ed, Crisis-Era
Steppenwolf Apok: 14-5
Steppenwolf WW2 Darkseid’s Elite
Steve Dayton NTS: 90-1 a.k.a. Mento
Steve Lombard Supes 1e: 27
Steve Trevor BRB: 94
Steve Trevor WW2 Wonder Woman Supp.
Steve Trevor WWS: 24 1ed, Post-Crisis
Stompa Apok: 17 Female Furies
Stompa BRS: 32 Crisis-Era, 1ed, Female Furies
Stompa WW3 Female Furies
Stone Boy LSH1: 76 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Subs
Stormtroopers, Typical MRG: 22 Atlantean/Skartarean
Stout Man EI: 26 Neanderthal tribesman
Strata Atlas: 111-2
Strata WW2
Stratos EoD: 13 1ed
Stratos EoD: 13 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Street Punks LoD: Insert-3
Stretch BRB: 61
Strobe IHP: 15
Stuff, Chinatown Kid WW2 Vigilante I
Stun Bomb STAR: 75
Stunt Guy LCK: 13 1ed, Screen Bandits’ Guild
Sudden Death WW3
Sue Dibny JLI: 65-6
Sue Dibny WitB: 25
Sue Williams GLC: 45 1ed, Crisis-Era
Sugyn 2995: 116
Sugyn LSH1: 55 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Sugyn MRG: 13 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Suicide Squad STAR: 144 Compliance Bracelet
Suicide Squad WW3
Sumo, the Samurai WoW: 84
Sun Boy KtP3: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Sun Boy LSH1: 25 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Sun Boy LSH2: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Sun Boy MRG: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Sun Emperor LSH1: 65 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains
Sun-Eater LSH1: 69 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Super Computer CtA: 10
Superbaby Supes 1e: 16
Superboy 2995: 60 Kal-El, pocket universe
Superboy DCH3e: 171 fairly incorrect
Superboy LSH1: 21 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Superboy LSH2: 8 a.k.a. Clark Kent, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Superboy Supes 1e: 16 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Super-Cycle Apok: 30 Forever People
Supergirl LSH1: 19 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Supergirl LSH2: 8 a.k.a. Kara, Crisis, 1ed, Deceased
Supergirl PoT: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Supergirl Supes 1e: 28 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Superman 1GM: 79 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Superman BRB: 68 pre-Death
Superman DCH3e: 169 Deceased
Superman DFS: 5 pre-Death
Superman IHP: 5 pre-death
Superman JLI: 68-9 pre-Death
Superman Supes 1e: 15 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Superman Supes 1e: 82-3 Earth-2
Superman Supes 2e: 17-27 pre-Death
Superman WitB: 90-1 sick with Dominator Virus
Superman WotGS: 4 1ed, Post-Crisis
Superman WoW: 124 Golden Age
Superman WW1
‘Superman’ LSH1: 54 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Servant/Darkness
Superman garbage Supes 1e: 70-3 Assorted Gadgets, Pre-Crisis
Superwoman Supes 1e: 33
SW6 Equipment 2995: 85
Swamp Thing BRB: 24-5 Earth Elemental
Swamp Thing Magic: 77-9
Swamp Thing STS: 5 Alec Holland incarnation
Swamp Thing STS: 5 post-Holland
Swamp Thing Splits STS: 15
Swinger WoW: 106 Hunter’s Hellcats
Syndicate Thugs/Hit Men LoD: Insert-2
T.N.T. WoW: 69-70 Deceased
T.O. Morrow JLI: 89-90
T.T. Jordan GLC: 48 1ed, Crisis-Era
T.W. Quarnstrom, Sr. ATG: 21
T-80 Tanks w/105mm gun FHoA: 15
Tala Magic: 110-1
Tal’Halar FI: 31 Alien Criminal
Talia Bats 2e: 75-6
Talia Bats1: 21 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Talos PP: 9 1ed, new
Tamaranian Scholar 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Tamaranian, Typical Atlas: 135
Tannarak Magic: 111
Tara Atlas: 198-9 Skartaris
Tarantula WoW: 68-9
Tarik, the Mute LSH1: 65 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains
Tasmanian Devil WW3
Tasmia Mallor 2995: 46 Shadow Lass
Tattooed Man GLC: 63 1ed, Crisis-Era
Tattooed Man JLI: 92
Tawny Young GLC: 53 1ed, Crisis-Era
Team Luthor Agent Supes 2e: 33
Team Luthor Battlesuit STAR: 35
Technician Siege: 12 1ed
Technician Thugs DFS: 21 Typical
Technicians, STAR CtA: 10
Techno-Chiefs, Generic Apok: 19 from Apokolips
Teekl WW3 Klarion
Teen Titans 1GM: 36 Equipment, 1ed
Telepath WW3 L.E.G.I.O.N.
Tellus 2995: 59
Tellus LSH1: 46 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Tellus LSH2: 8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Tellus MRG: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Tellus PoT: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Tempest DPS: 15 Joshua Clay, Crisis-Era, 1ed
Tentacaglor LSH1: 83 1ed, animal
Tenzil Kem 2995: 37 Matter-Eater Lad
Tenzil Kem WW3
Terra 1GM: 85 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Terra NTS: 119-20 deceased
Terra (of Markovia) PoT: 27 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Terra-Man STAR: 36 Armor only
Terra-Man Supes 1e: 40-1 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Terra-Man Supes 2e: 106-7
Terra-Man WW3
Terrorist Guards Bats1: 69 Adventure, 1ed
Terrorists Bats1: 69 Adventure, 1ed
Terry Long 1GM: 86 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Terry Long BRB: 94
Terry Long NTS: 91
Terry White NiG: 31 Simpson Org., 1ed
Thanagaran Wingman Atlas: 125-6 Typical
Thanagarian Anti-G Belt STAR: 115
Thanagarian, Typical BRB: 96
Tharok 2995: 90
Tharok LSH1: 57 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Fatal Five
Tharrian, Typical Atlas: 158
Themisciran, Typical Atlas: 203
Themyscira WW3 Hippolyte
Thespis and Tupeng NiG: 23 Black Mask Gang, 1ed
Thief, Typical 1GM: 87 1ed
Thief, Typical BRPG: 25-7
Thieves, Generic DCH3e: 15-6 “Welcome to Gotham City”
Thinker BRS: 28 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Thinker WoW: 84-5
Thom Kallor 2995: 31 Star Boy
Thomas Kalmaku GLC: 44 “Pieface”, 1ed, Crisis-Era
Thomas Kalmaku WW1 New Guardians
Thorn Supes 2e: 119-20
Thorn WW3
Three/Four Musketeers KfaT: 12 empowered, 1ed
Thug, Above-average BRPG: 152
Thug, Average BRPG: 152
Thug, Elite/Mob Boss BRPG: 152
Thug, Experienced BRPG: 152
Thug, Joker’s BRPG: 172-3
Thugs, Typical DFS: 12
Thunder NTS: 92
Thunderbolt WW3 Jonni Thunder
Thunderer of Qward GLC: 80 Typical, 1ed, Crisis-Era
Thunderer, Typical Atlas: 195 Qward
Thunderlord WW2 Global Guardians
Tickeytarkopolis Atlas: 189 Myrra
Tiger 1GM: 91 1ed
Tiger DCH3e: 174
Tiger Rules: 70
Tiger Cambion EI: 15 Transformed human
Tigress WoW: 69 possibly a.k.a. Huntress I
Timber Wolf LSH1: 37 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Timber Wolf LSH2: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Timber Wolf PoT: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Time Masters WW1
Time Stuff, 30th c. LSH2: 82
Time Trapper 2995: 98
Time Trapper KfaT: 10 1ed
Time Trapper LSH1: 70 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Time Travel Devices STAR: 122
Time-Bomb Supes 2e: 107
Timothy Hunter Magic: 62-3 with Yo-yo
Tin WW3 Metal Men
Tina McGee WW3 Flash Supp.
Tina Trescott WitB: 74
Tinder Atlas: 199 Skartaris
Tinya Wazzo 2995: 18 Phantom Girl, no Phase
Titania LSH1: 60 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Assassins
Titanite, Typical Atlas: 159
Titano Supes 1e: 51 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Titano Android LCK: 16 1ed
Titans STAR: 116 Vehicles
Titans’ Gadgets HH: 62-73,76-7 1ed
Tom Cook BRB: 94 Mayfair staff
Tomar-Re GLC: 34 1ed, Crisis-Era
Tony Lipari NiG: 30 “Tickets”, Petruzzis, 1ed
Tony Rizzo NiG: 27 Falco Family, 1ed
Tornado Champion Siege: 7 1ed
Tornado Twins 2995: 100 Dawn and Don Allen
Tornado Twins LSH1: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Tornado Tyrant Siege: 7 1ed
Touch-N-Go NTS: 124 Hybrid
Tower Guard, Typical WotGS: 19 Typical, 1ed
Toyman BRB: 88-9
Toyman STAR: 92-3 Gadgets
Toyman Supes 1e: 42 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Toyman Supes 2e: 108-9
Toyman WW2
Tracer JLI: 103
Tracer WW2 Extremists
Trakker HH: 89 1ed
Transformer FI: 9 New Villain
Traveller FI: 9 New Villain
Triad 2995: 85 SW6
Triceratops 1GM: 91 1ed
Triceratops DCH3e: 175
Triceratops WoW: 116 Blackhawk Island
Triceratops, Robot WoD: 28,9 1ed
Trickster STAR: 94,117 Gadgets only
Trickster WW2
Trident NTS: 120-1
Trident STAR: 60 Trident only
Trigon 1GM: 85 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Trigon, the Terrible NTS: 106-7 deceased
Trinity WW2 Society of Sin
Triplet FI: 10 New Villain
Triton-569, -326, -817 RR: 14-5 Androids
Tritonian, Typical Atlas: 85
Tritonis WW2 Aqualad
Troia BRB: 52 a.k.a. Wonder Girl, pre-Darkstar
Troia NTS: 23-6 a.k.a. Wonder Girl (pre-Darkstar)
Troia WW1 pre-Darkstar
Trok Apok: 18-9 Deep Six
Tromian, Typical Atlas: 159 deceased
Troy Stewart 2995: 50 Tyroc
Troy Stewart WW3 Legion Subs
Tsunami WoW: 70
Tuatara WW2 Global Guardians
Turtle WW2
Turtle Man WW2 Turtle
Tweedledee/Tweedledum Bats 2e: 83-4
Tweedledee/Tweedledum STAR: 59 Stun canes
Tweedledee/Tweedledum WW2
Twilight Lady Watch: 127
Two-Face Bats 2e: 60-1,81
Two-Face Bats1: 41 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Two-Face BRB: 89
Two-Face BRPG: 151
Two-Face DCH3e: 168
Two-Face WW3
Typhon Magic: 112
Typhon WW3 Lords of Order
Typical Easy Veteran Blitz: 9,22 Easy Company
Typical Easy Veteran WoW: 102 Easy Company
Tyr KtP3: 7 1ed
Tyr LSH1: 70 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Tyrannosaurus DCH3e: 175
Tyrannosaurus Rex 1GM: 91 1ed
Tyrannosaurus Rex PoT: 27
Tyrannosaurus Rex WoW: 116 Blackhawk Island
Tyrannosaurus, Robot WoD: 23 1ed
Tyroc LSH1: 39 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Tyroc LSH2: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Tyrrazian Troopers KtP3: 7 1ed
Ubermensch WoW: 74 Axis Amerika
Ultivac CoD: 12
Ultra Boy KtP3: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ultra Boy LSH1: 22 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ultra Boy LSH2: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ultra the Multi-Alien WW1
Ultra-Humanite Supes 1e: 87-8 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Ultra-Humanite WoW: 85
Ulu Vakk 2995: 70 Color Kid
Ulu Vakk WW3 Legion Subs
Uncle Sam WoW: 70-1
Underboss Watch: 126 deceased
Ungaran, Typical Atlas: 127
Union Supes 2e: 110-1 Word-Bringer and Eon
University Professors 1GM: 87 Typical, 1ed
Universo 2995: 117 Vidar
Universo KfaT: 10 1ed
Universo LSH1: 71 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Universo WW3
Unknown Soldier BRB: 71
Unknown Soldier WoW: 110-1
Untouchables STAR: 37 Intangi-belt only
USI Pilots PP: 28 1ed
Usil WoW: 74 Axis Amerika
Va-Kox Supes 1e: 62 Phantom Zone
Validus 2995: 91
Validus LSH1: 58 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, Fatal Five
Valor Atlas: 110
Vampire EI: 27 Undead Neanderthal
Vandal Savage BRB: 89
Vandal Savage Supes 1e: 51 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Vandal Savage WoW: 85-6
Vandal Savage WW1
Vanessa Kapatelis WW2 Wonder Woman Supp.
Vanessa Kapatelis WWS: 23 1ed, Post-Crisis
Vapor WitB: 29
Vapor WW2 Conglomerate
Vartox Supes 1e: 32
Vehicles Rules: 40-1
Velorpian 1GM: 73 Typical, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Velvet Tiger WW3
Ventriloquist WW2
Ventriloquist Club WW2 Ventriloquist
Vi WW2
Vibe JLI: 31 Deceased
Vibrex LSH1: 71 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Vicki Grant Atlas: 27
Vicki Vail 1GM: 87 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, misspelled
Vicki Vale Bats 2e: 35
Vicki Vale Bats1: 20 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Vicki Vale BRB: 94
Vicki Vale BRPG: 139
Vicki Vale WW3
Victor Petruzzi NiG: 30 “Little Vic”, Petruzzis, 1ed
Victor Strauss ATG: 26
Victor Vonlaub, Dr. Moon: 8 new, 1ed
Vigilante I WoW: 71 with Stuff, the Chinatown Kid
Vigilante I WW2
Viking Commando BRB: 71
Viking Commando WoW: 111
Viking Prince BRB: 9
Villagers, Typical Blitz: 9
Vince Velcro WoW: 99 Creature Commandos
Vincent Genovese LoD: Insert-2 Syndicate Enforcer
Virman Vundabaar WW2 Darkseid’s Elite
Vision Creature MRG: 26
Vixen BRB: 56
Vixen BRS: 19 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Vixen JLI: 31-2
Vixen WW3
Vixen WWtW: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Voice-Over BRB: 61
Volcano Beast LSH1: 83 1ed, animal
Voorlian, Typical Atlas: 135
Vornian Mole LSH1: 83 1ed, animal
Vran LSH1: 83 1ed, animal
Vril Dox II Atlas: 109 killed and resurrected
Vril Dox II WW1
Vrykos 2995: 99
Vulcan WWtW: 12 JSA Villain, Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Vulture 1GM: 91 1ed
Vulture Rules: 70
Vykin the Black Apok: 30 Forever People
Wade Eiling BRB: 94
Wall Crawlers Supes 2e: 83 Intergang
Wanderers WW3
Wandjina JLI: 94 “The Thunderer” of Angor, Deceased
Wandjina WW3 Blue Jay, deceased
War FHoA: 9 Darkseid’s Horsemen
Warehouse Gunmen Bats1: 57 Adventure, 1ed
Warlock of Ys Atlas: 192
Warlord Atlas: 198 Skartaris
Warlord BRB: 26 Travis Morgan/Skartaris
Warlord of Okaara, Typ BRB: 96
Warp BF: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Warp BRB: 77
Warp NTS: 112
Warp WW2 Society of Sin
Warren Griffith WoW: 99 Creature Commandos
Waverider WW3
Wayne Cameron LoD: Insert-2 Detective Lieutenant, Seattle
Wayne Manor WW1 Alfred Pennyworth
Wayne Tarrant ATG: 9
Weaponer of Qward GLC: 80 Typical, 1ed, Crisis-Era
Weaponer, Typical Atlas: 195 Qward
Weapons LoD: Insert-4 Guns, grenades, melee
Weapons Rules: 41
Weapons, various BRPG: 111
Weapons, WWII Blitz: 10,26
Weapons, WWII WoW: 119-23
Weasel BRS: 28 Crisis-Era, 1ed
Weather Wizard STAR: 61 Weather Control Rod only
Weather Wizard WW1
Weng Chan Blitz: 7 “Chop-Chop”, Blackhawks
Weng Chan WoW: 96 “Chop-Chop”, Blackhawks
Whale 1GM: 91 1ed
Whale DCH3e: 174
Whale Rules: 70
Whip WoW: 71-2
White Dragon STAR: 38 Armor only
White Eagle PP: 8 1ed, new
White Lions WoW: 112 Pilots
White Witch LSH1: 43 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
White Witch LSH2: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
White Witch MRG: 7 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Wild Dog BRB: 68
Wild Dog WW3
Wild Huntsman LSH1: 55 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Wild Huntsman MRG: 13 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Wild Huntsman WW2 Global Guardians
Wildcat I BRB: 36
Wildcat I WoW: 72
Wildcat II BRB: 59
Wildcat II WW2
Wildebeest Exo-Armor STAR: 39
Wildebeest, Typical NTS: 125-6
Wildfire LSH1: 38 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Wildfire LSH2: 9 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Wildman BRB: 70 Easy Company
Wildman WoW: 101 Easy Company
Will Magnus WW3 Metal Men
Will Magnus, Dr. Atlas: 73
William Hell BRS: 37 Crisis-Era, 1ed
William Henderson DFB: 10
William James Henderson Supes 2e: 55 Inspector, MetroPD
William Storm WoW: 107 Losers
Windfall LCK: 9 1ed
Wingman (Hawkworld Cop) WW1 Hawkworld
Wintergreen WW3 Deathstroke
Witch Wolf Atlas: 160
Witch Wolf LSH2: 57 animal from Tulva
Wizard Atlas: 189 Myrra
Wizard BRB: 89
Wizard BRPG: 173 Joker’s Thug (for adventure)
Wizard Supes 1e: 88-9 Earth-2
Wizard WoW: 86
Wolf 1GM: 91 1ed
Wolf DCH3e: 174
Wolf Rules: 70
Wonder Girl 1GM: 80 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Wonder Girl NTS: 48,51-2 pre-Troia
Wonder Woman 1GM: 80 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Wonder Woman BRB: 47 pre-Death/godhood
Wonder Woman DCH3e: 165 Diana, pre-Godhood
Wonder Woman JLI: 52 Diana, pre-Godhood
Wonder Woman SiP: 3 1ed, Post-Crisis
Wonder Woman Supes 2e: 121 Diana, pre-Godhood
Wonder Woman WotGW: 3 1ed, Post-Crisis
Wonder Woman WoW: 125 Golden Age
Wonder Woman WW1 Diana
Wonder Woman WWS: 4 1ed, Post-Crisis
Wonder Woman Supp/Cast WW2
Wooly Mammoth EI: 12
Worry Wart WoW: 101 Easy Company
Wotan Magic: 112-3
Wotan WoW: 86
Wotan WW1
Wynnde MRG: 21 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Wyynde Atlas: 79 Atlantis
Xax GLC: 35 1ed, Crisis-Era
X’Hal Atlas: 129
Yee EI: 12 Evil Neanderthal Sorceror
Yera LSH1: 78 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Y’uan Chang NiG: 34 “Yank”, Capt., Gotham PD, 1ed
Yuga Khan WW2
Zack Nolan WoW: 101-2 Easy Company
Zamarons GLC: 12 1ed, Crisis-Era
Zastrow Atlas: 102 head of Red Shadows
Zatanna 1GM: 80 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Zatanna BRB: 39
Zatanna JLI: 25-6
Zatanna Magic: 85-87
Zatanna WW3
Zatara Magic: 89-91 Deceased
Zatara WoW: 72 Deceased
Zaxton Regulus, Dr. LSH1: 54 Pre-Crisis, 1ed
Zed Magic: 44-5
Zerox Sorcerer, Typical Atlas: 163
Zerox Student, Typical Atlas: 163
Zwenite, Typical Atlas: 164
Zyklon WoW: 86
Zymyr LSH1: 65 Pre-Crisis, 1ed, LS-Villains

By Lafe Bagley, Sean MacDonald, Bryan J. Maloney (Who’s Who list), JK Carrier, Josh D. Marquart (DCH Checklist), Stanley Bellon, Albert Deschesne, John Colagioia, Sébastien Andrivet, David NYC 999, Charly Clinch.