Modern cybermen (Dr. Who) costume



Cybermen are one of the classic villain factions in the venerable Doctor Who British sci-fi TV series.

The following are real old notes. They were thus almost entirely about stats, though we added a section about using Cybermen in the DC Universe.

Powers and Abilities

Cybermen tend to be very confident in their durability, and put their Hero Points  behind the EV of their cybergun to the exclusion of everything else.


The first picture depicts a Cyberman from a more-recent-as-of-this-writing Dr. Who series. Below are “classic” Cybermen for you nostalgic types.


DC Universe History

The Cybermen were another group of Kryptonian colonists, similar to the group lead by the Cleric.

They suffered the same Eradicator-induced flaw that the other Kryptonians did. But in this case the use of experimental cybernetic life-support units kept them alive – even after leaving Krypton’s sphere of influence. These life support units eventually grew into the cyberbodies used by modern Cybermen.

Their biology has evolved to better suit this new form of existence. As a result, they do not enjoy the benefits of yellow-sun radiation that Kryptonians usually do.

The Cybermen eventually settled on the planet Mondas. They modified it to be a travelling fortress much like Warworld (which they had encountered in their travels).


By this time the twin pressures of seeking out new energy sources and their forced abandonment of their humanity had driven them insane. They now cared for nothing but obtaining power, in both the energetic and domineering senses. Mondas followed Warworld at a safe distance. They scavenged Warworld’s victims for both power sources and slaves to be partially or fully converted to Cybermen.

This continued until the defeat of Warworld in the Sol system by a contingent of heroes led by Superman. Unaware of this defeat, Mondas arrived soon after the death of Superman. The Cybermen were intent on harvesting Warworld’s latest “victim.”

The Cyborg and Mongul had become aware of Mondas’ existence. The Cyborg (in his role as the reborn Superman) sent the remaining heroes of Earth out to battle the Cybermen. As the heroes repelled the Cybermen, the Cyborg and Mongul continued with their plans to remake Warworld on Earth. But they were foiled by Superman and Green Lantern.


Mondas was severely damaged and barely escaped the contingent of Earth heroes. It was believed to have left the system, but had actually gone into a long-period orbit. It occasionally returned to plague the Earth until it was destroyed in the first Cyber War.

By the time of Mondas’ destruction, the Cybermen had mined enough material out of the Oort comet cloud  surrounding the Sol system to send colony ships out into the galaxy. These colonies established formidable Cybermen fleets, but these were mostly wiped out in a series of battles with other Milky Way interstellar political powers.

By the 30th century the Cybermen are a waning power after a long string of defeats in the last thousand years. But they still have powerful enclaves in some of the unknown regions. They also have clashed with the Dark Circle as both groups try to establish forces in those areas.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 00 Str: 00 Bod: 02 Motivation: Power lust
Int: 02 Wil: 04 Min: 05 Occupation: Conqueror
Inf: 04 Aur: 03 Spi: 03 Resources {or Wealth}: 020
Init: 006 HP: 020

Recall: 09

Charisma (Intimidation): 05, Gadgetry: 06, Military Science: 05, Weaponry (Firearms, exotic): 03

Genius, Iron Nerves, Scholar (cybernetics).

Attack Vulnerabilities (-4CS to radiation, gold, acid (on respirator) and gravity), Fatal Vulnerability (radiation, gold dust on respirator (trick shot)).


  • CYBERBODY [/DEX/ 02 /STR/ 10 /BODY/ 07, Cold Immunity: 10, Flame Immunity: 10, Radio Communication (only to call for help from other Cybermen): 02, Skin armour: 06, Limitation: Attacks may be made through the mouth-hole. This is a very hard Trick Shot (Pushing the Limit), but attacks the inner Body of 02, not the Cyberbody. The tubing may also be attacked ; I consider this to be the effect of a Critical or Devastating attack]
  • CHEST UNIT [BODY 12, Sealed Systems: 18]
  • Cybergun [BODY 10, Energy blast: 08, Sharpness (Energy blast): 02, Note: Sharpness only works against Cybermen cybernetic bodies]


Cyberleaders have INT 05 and Leadership.

By Sean MacDonald, DCU history by Roy Cowan.

Source of Character: Doctor Who .

Helper(s): Writeup dusted by Sébastien Andrivet. Also Nick Yankovec, Siskoid, Bil.