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Blood of Heroes Special Edition RPG TTRPG title

DC Heroes RPG – Blood of Heroes-era errata & sheet


These are .pdf files provided by Josh Marquart, and written during the Pulsar Games era.

There’s the Blood of Heroes character sheet, plus the errata for all Pulsar-published books.

Blood of Heroes: Original Release Errata

This is errata 1.4, Jan. 5, 1999, for the original release of Blood of Heroes. It lists Powers missing from the book release including Digging, Icing, Ice Animation, Ice Control, Hypnotism, Split. Includes missing character dispatch and some clarifications.

The file is there.

Character Sheet

This PDF contains a printable Character Sheet which was available for download from the Pulsar Games Inc. website to support the game.

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Blood of Heroes: Sidekick Sourcebook Errata

Official Errata for Sidekick Sourcebook. Version 1.2, July 29, 1999

The file is there.

Blood of Heroes: Special Edition Errata

Officially released Errata for BoH: SE. Minor clarifications.

The file is there.

Adventure Book 1 Errata

Official original Errata released by Pulsar Games Inc. for Adventure Book 1.

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