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DC Heroes RPG charts and tables


This is a repository of homemade charts and tables for the DC Heroes super-hero tabletop role-playing game.

Most were made as helps for a specific gaming group, then shared. Others were assembled just to help.

All these files were previously available on our now-defunct Yahoo! Group. They are reproduced here as-is, in their original format.

Those files that have been added since 1/1/2022 have their publication date listed in green, like this sentence.

Similar resources

There’s a lot of stuff on writeups.org. Even with search engines, “related articles” boxes, breadcrumbs, summary articles, hyperlinks, etc. people can’t always find everything.

So, a few links :

  1. A table of content for all the DC Heroes RPG rules articles on writeups.org.
  2. The DC Heroes RPG Doubled Scale article, which has variants for the Action/Result system tables.
  3. The list of FAQ articles, including the FAQ about DCH and its rules.
  4. The “Unpublished on WORG” resources, which house more refugee content from our Yahoo! Group.


Resources — AP benchmarks

Centurion20000’s charts & tables

This set of four .pdf documents has :

  • Two temperature APs tables.
  • One density APs table.
  • An APs chart with additional benchmarks.


Dan’s charts & tables

This set of eight MS Excel documents has :

  • Two temperature APs tables. It’s a popular subject.
  • Melting, boiling and freezing points in APs for various materials.
  • A table to calculate additional APs of coldness from wind chill.
  • A table with light intensity from a number of devices and phenomena.
  • A table with the holding capacity and life (in APs) for common batteries.
  • A table with the APs of temporal distance for events in the very far past.
  • A table with key AP values for the main bodies within the Sol system.


Mark’s list of stuff that weighs from 3 to 7 APs

A .txt document where Mark lists the weight of objects that people in the “athletic strength” to “low superhuman strength” ranges might attempt to lift.


Eric’s table of upper AP limits

Another APs Benchmarks Table variant. This .pdf document lists the exact upper bounds for AP values, using US measures.

There’s also the BODY scores for objects from the rulesbook.


Jeremy’s AP Benchmarks

This .doc file has the speed/distance benchmarks, plus high-numbers weight and time benchmarks. These are presented as large-font lists rather than as a more cramped table, for fast reference.


Ambrose’s numbers cosmic

This MS Excel spreadsheet has key values (in metric and APs) for a bunch of celestial bodies, from notable asteroids to the whole of the universe. It has been redone to reflect astronomical data as of late 2020.

If you don’t use Excel much — there are online .xls viewers  , of course — note that the tabs of the document are at the bottom.


Ambrose’s velocity APs

This .xls document lists speeds for every AP from 0 to 30, along with examples for most values.


David’s density APs list

This .xls document has a *lot* of material types with their density in US customary units, and the corresponding APs of density.


William’s APs benchmark table

Another presentation of the benchmarks tables. This one comes as a two-page .pdf document. It has no examples but has numbers for every AP from -20 to 70 in all the main quantities.


Redninjamask’s cards

These are two .doc files.

  • One has a one page summary of standard combat manoeuvres.
  • One has the Action and Results Tables.


Eric Langendorff’s temperature APs chart

I told you it was a popular subject. This is a .pdf document.


Jobe’s revised APs chart (in metric)

A .pdf table. This document uses a variant scale with 0 APs of Distance, Mass, and Volume being 2 meters, 10 kilograms, and 10 liters/10,000 cubic centimeters.

These 0 APs numbers are more intuitive and allow for more granularity at the low end. If I were to implement this table for a game, I would set average human stats to 3 instead of 2 and allow running speeds up to 5 APs based on Dex.

Resources — others

SMCC’s combined Action and Results Table

This one-page .pdf document combines the two core MEGS tables in a single one. The needed dice roll is on one line, the RAPs on the other. A simple and effective solution for people who don’t like having two tables, see ?


Tymatr’s RAPs calculator

This .xlsx document tells you how many RAPs you get upon entering the AV, OV, EV, RV, the roll – and a standard Combat Manoeuvre if you’re using one.


Nico’s tables for the GM’s screen

A selection of tables/charts meant to be printed, cut and stuck on the inside of a GM’s screen. This is an Open Format (.odt) document done under Open Office.

These include some WORG proposed rules as well as rulesbooks material. There’s also a version of the AP Benchmarks table in metric and in French.


Bryan’s strength table

This is a .xlsx (MS Excel) document with sortable STR values for key characters, using WORG scores. Our contributor Bryan has used it to assign coherent STR values.
For more about the numbers he uses, you can check our “Marvel strength class” article.


Chris’ magic tables

More or less the same thing. But by Chris, and as a .pdf document, and listing Occultist and Sorcery scores from Mayfair and writeups.org to assign coherent APs.


Ambrose’s Hero Points table

A .xls document that lists HP values for characters from Mayfair and WORG writeups (as they were in 2008). For a smaller list and a more thorough discussion, you can check the Hero Points article.


Morgan’s Power Loss charts

A three-tab .ods document showing the costs for the Power Loss Drawback when creating a character. ODS is an Open Office spreadsheet format, but it should open just fine using Excel.


Adam’s handy anthologies

This file was added in August of 2022.

  • One .xls file with pointers toward all the resources you might use when creating a character.
  • One .xlsx file with an extensive compilation of tables, values, rules bits, etc. a GM might need during a game.

Resources — combined

DavidNYC999’s mixtape

This .xls document with multiple tabs combines many of the older documents above in a single one.

By Various Artists.