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DC Heroes RPG – New Rules – Guide to the New Rules documents

Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game


This is a technical article for the DC Heroes RPG.

Finding the DC Heroes rules stuff on writeups.org

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Howbeit there’s now a large-ish body of articles in this category. So this here document is a convenient listing of those articles that are specifically about new rules material. Which you could also get by searching for “New Rules” in the site’s search engine, but here they all get listed in order.

The table of content

So, following the order in the rules book :

  1. Character Design (general)
  2. Character Design (Advantages).
  3. Character Design (Drawbacks).
  4. Character Design (Bonuses).
  5. Character Design (Limitations).
  6. Character Design (Powers part 1 – A to G).
  7. Character Design (Powers part 2 – H to Z).
  8. Character Design (Skills) (and this remnant – Optional Skills).
  9. Character Design (Schticks).
  10. Character Interaction.
  11. Gadgetry and Equipment. Furthermore, there are specific discussions about weapons and armour :
  12. Miscellany.

if you regularly peruse our new rules for DCH stuff, you could simply bookmark this here page. So you have everything accessible and updated in one click.


Our contributor Eric has published on writeups.org three house rules repositories. These are listed separately since they aren’t used in WORG writeups.

Other not-used-in-writeups rules bits can be found in the Unpublished on WORG repository.


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