Deadpool (Marvel Comics) handbook art


“*sigh*… If only it was the ears instead of the eyes.”
– Daredevil, while having to endure Deadpool.


Deadpool appeared in 1991, as a stock enemy of the New Mutants (soon to become X-Force). Over the years he was developed further and gained a growing following.

He became a lead Marvel character during the late 2000s, then more widely known thanks to a hit movie in 2016.

An unkillable mercenary, Deadpool offers over-the-top violence, puerile humour, goofy comedy and fourth-wall-breaking  jokes.



  • Real Name: Unknown (possibly Wade Wilson).
  • Other Aliases: Wade Winston Wilson.
  • Former Aliases: Hobgoblin, Thor, Johnny Savini, Mr. Kelly, Bobo, Buchanan Neket, Mithras.
  • Marital Status: Divorced.
  • Known Relatives: Gretchen (ex-wife).
  • Group Affiliation: X-Force; former subject of Weapon X, member of Frightful Four, Secret Defenders, Team Deadpool, Deadpool Incorporated, One World Church, Six Pack, Agency X, Code Red, Deadpool Corps, Great Lakes Initiative reservist, and former employee of Landau, Luckman & Lake.
  • Base Of Operations: Mobile; formerly The Dead-Hut, San Francisco; Providence island; NY apartment; NY Warehouse.
  • Height: 6’2” Weight: 210 lbs.
  • Eyes: White (or brown) Hair: None (formerly brown, then blond, etc.).

Powers and Abilities

Deadpool has a healing factor  which allows him to recover from most wounds. It can even regrow limbs, and at one point regrew his entire body from just his hand. While it didn’t cure his cancer, it stopped it affecting him, but left his skin horribly scarred.

While the healing factor doesn’t necessarily do anything to alleviate the pain from the wounds, he does seem to be able to continue operating with wounds which would incapacitate others.

He’s also more resistant to drugs, and ages at a slow rate. The damage his healing has caused to his mental faculties has left him somewhat resistant to telepaths, and his unpredictability has allowed him to overcome Taskmaster’s adaptive abilities.


Other traits

The changes to his body have also left him with low-level super-strength (sufficient snap a man’s neck between his finger and thumb), and allows him to perform extraordinary acrobatic feats.

A professional mercenary, Deadpool is a highly competent combatant, and skilled marksman, trained with a number of weapons of all kinds. A believer in the need to have something for every situation, he carries extreme amounts of different weapons, which will also provide him with several modes of attack so that he doesn’t become bored or predictable.

While he has been shown able to speak German, Japanese, and Spanish, he has also been shown unable to understand a word of them. He may have been faking to irritate people, or he may have forgotten them.

Merc with a wired jaw, part 1

During his initial appearances he seemed to be just a skilled fighter, displaying no healing ability, and at one point claimed to have had his jaw wired up for a couple of months following a fight.

Within a couple of years he was expected to recover from being shot in the head, so it can be assumed his regeneration had fluctuated to a low level at this point, and he may have lied or exaggerated the recovery time.

Deadpool dual-wields pistols

His healing ability has fluctuated in power over the years, sometimes due to the story, such as the period before he got a transfusion from the Hulk (early Hellhouse era) when they were almost gone (in DC Heroes terms — Invulnerability: 03, Regeneration: 02), to the time he rejoined Weapon X and had his abilities amped up to the point where he could regrow a limb within seconds (in DC Heroes terms — Invulnerability: 15, Regeneration: 15).

His healing factor does seem to fluctuate fairly often, possibly due to his mental state at the time, or other factors (*cough* different writer *cough*). It can vary from healing a bullet wound in 20 minutes (although he’ll need to dig the bullet out if it’s still in there) to regrowing a hand in minutes.

Merc with a wired jaw, part 2

While he can recover from most wounds (regrowing his body from just his hand was probably due to the lingering effects of the Weapon X boost and/or Thanos’ influence), he’ll need help if decapitated, needing someone else to fix the head in place long enough for the regeneration.

The one thing his healing factor can’t overcome is his cancer, although it has pushed it to the surface, but the cancer may be the only thing keeping the healing factor in check.

During the Secret Invasion he tricked the Skrulls into duplicating his healing factor for some of their Super-Skrulls, but without the cancer it eventually overwhelmed the subjects, causing them to explode. So should his cancer be neutralised, Deadpool could also lose control of his regenerative abilities.

Deapool’s pals, part 1

He’s had a number of companions over the years, willing and unwilling, most falling into the Confidant category. Wade tends to have somewhat abusive relationships with them (physically punishing them for betrayals, imagined or real) to different degrees, although this has mellowed over time. It’s not unknown for him to forget they’re with him and accidentally leave them in danger.

The most consistent Confidant over the years has been Weasel, his arms supplier and techie, who’s probably Wade’s best friend. Weasel rarely goes in the field if he can help it.

Deadpool crouches with a sword

Blind Al was an old woman Deadpool kept hostage in his Deadhut for unknown, and possibly unknowable, reasons. He kept her isolated, entering a murderous rage if anyone else should go there (coming close to killing Weasel when he arrived uninvited), and where he psychologically abused Al for years, using her as his conscience but also punishing her for it.

A former spy, and wartime lover of Captain America, she felt guilt about something bad she’d done to Wade of which he was unaware. She disappeared after the Mithras affair.

Montgomery was a precognitive owned by Landau, Luckman & Lake, who foresaw Deadpool’s role in the Mithras affair. Disabled and lacking skin, he lost his abilities after the Mithras affair, and Deadpool abducted him to be his new buddy. He was badly injured by T-Ray, but recovered and went off with Zoe Culloden.

Deapool’s pals, part 2

Ilaney Brukner was a German pilot who Deadpool saved after accidentally destroying her house in an avalanche. She’d retreated from life after being the sole survivor of a plane crash for which she blamed herself, and found life as Deadpool’s pilot exciting, ignoring his comments about her weight.

She joined him after the Mithras affair (when he was without his teleport belt), and was last seen being sent to torment in another dimension by T-Ray after refusing to abandon Wade, although Mercedes promised to return her home.

Sandi briefly served as Deadpool’s personal assistant at Deadpool Incorporated, and Ratbag, an insane bum, served as his biographer. Sandi now manages Agency X, and Ratbag, after Deadpool forced the Black Swan to fix his mental problems, hasn’t been seen since Deadpool’s apparent death soon thereafter.

Bob was a HYDRA agent taken hostage by Deadpool. He’d only joined for the dental plan though (and it turned out he’d gotten them confused with A.I.M. on that point), so he was content to act as Deadpool’s sidekick on and off.


Given Deadpool’s mental problems, his true history is unclear. He’s told two distinct versions of his early life, one where only his abusive mother was around, and another where his mother died while he was young, leaving his military father to raise him. Both versions have him becoming a street tough, and the latter ends with his father being shot by one of his gang.

He then probably joined the army, but didn’t last there long, drifting into the mercenary life, possibly changing his appearance at frequent intervals to avoid enemies he’d made.

Wade Wilson

One story which is known to be based in truth is that Wade Wilson was a hippie/teacher, living in a remote cabin with his wife Mercedes. One day they saved the life of a mercenary named Jack, who repaid them by murdering Mercedes and leaving Wade for dead. The two men became Deadpool and T-Ray, although which is which is a matter of debate.

T-Ray claimed the mercenary Jack was so traumatised by having killed an innocent that he decided he must be Wade Wilson. Deadpool doesn’t remember any of it. Various sources have proved the truth both ways, so it’s still not really known for certain.

[Deadpool: “This guy stole my identity — even though he says I stole his — and even though I know it’s all still up for debate depending on which writer you like best, I personally would really prefer that I still be me and he not be me by not being alive!”] (The evidence seems more heavily weighted towards Deadpool being Jack, but it’s still inconclusive)

International Mercenary

Acting as a mercenary in a number of places around the world, his first deliberate failure was following a three year infiltration of a sumo wrestling ring run by crime boss Oyakata. Wade became romantically involved with Oyakata’s daughter, Sazae, and refused to kill Oyakata when the order came, returning to the U.S. instead.

Hired to assassinate the British spy Althea (Blind Al), Wade inexplicably killed everyone but her at the Zaire base where she was stationed.

Falling in love with teenaged prostitute Vanessa, he allowed himself to share her dreams of a better life, but on discovering he had cancer, broke it off.

Weapon X

Volunteering for the Weapon X program in hopes it would save his life, he survived the process. He had a healing factor derived from that of Wolverine implanted in him, but it seemed sporadic in its usefulness.

Wade operated as part of a covert field unit for Weapon X which comprised of Sluggo, Garrison Kane, and Slayback, with Vanessa joining when her mutant shapeshifting abilities surfaced, calling herself Copycat.

When his healing factor became too erratic, he was sent to the Hospice, supposedly a facility to treat operatives or let them die with dignity. It actually allowed Dr. Emrys Killebrew to further experiments on them in the Workshop, and the inmates had a ’dead pool‘ on how long any of them would survive.

Despite undergoing plenty of the torture, Wade never broke under the ’treatments’, but did encounter a manifestation of Death, forming a semi-romantic relationship with her.

Deadpool's multiple personalities

Killbrew’s assistant, The Attending, took a dislike to Wade, which Wade encouraged. He arranged for Wade to be executed, tearing his heart out himself. This jumpstarted Wade’s healing factor, and he took his revenge on The Attending, leaving him for dead.

His resurrection resulted in his skin condition, and deteriorated his mental condition. Escaping the Hospice with his fellow patients, he adopted the name Deadpool.

Merc with a Mouth

After working for the Maggia for a while, alongside Hammerhead, Deadpool returned to mercenary work, in costume. He worked for the Kingpin before being replaced by Bullseye, and encountering Wolverine and Banshee.

After briefly impersonating the Hobgoblin, having gone to the wrong address, he became part of a short-lived incarnation of the Frightful Four, alongside the Wizard, Taskmaster, and the Constrictor.

He also probably abducted Blind Al around this time, holding her prisoner in the Deadhut, his home. She tried escaping a few times, but this led to the deaths of those who helped her, so she stopped doing so, and even developed an odd kind of relationship with her captor.

Becaming a regular employee of Tolliver, a mysterious criminal businessman embroiled in a number of enterprises, he again worked alongside Sluggo and Copycat. He then recruited Weasel (Jack Hammer) as his weapons supplier. He clashed with Cable a few times during this period, as the mutant had an interest in Tolliver’s activities.


Sent to attack Cable again, Deadpool infiltrated the base where Cable now led the New Mutants, battling them and nearly winning until Domino appeared and blindsided him. It was actually Copycat disguised as Domino to infiltrate the team, the real reason for the attack. Packing Deadpool in a parcel, Cable mailed him back to Tolliver.

He continued to clash with Cable and his charges, who changed their team name to X-Force. On one occasion he sneaked into their base to beat up Copycat/Domino for not having reported in. This revealed her duplicity, and Cable tracked it back to Tolliver, freeing the real Domino from captivity and apparently killing Tolliver.

Circle Chase

Tolliver’s death led to a scramble by a number of forces to find the ’ultimate weapon’ left in his will, with his former employees being targeted for any information they could provide. While Deadpool had none, he happily joined in the search.

The search saw him toss Black Tom Cassidy out of a plane to distract the Juggernaut, and reunited him with Kane and Copycat. He also ran afoul of Slayback, who’d returned seeking revenge after Deadpool had killed him years before.

Slayback failed, but managed to critically wound Copycat, who only survived by Deadpool getting her to copy his regenerative abilities.


He had further trouble with Black Tom and Juggernaut when they sent mercenaries after him, needing his healing ability to help stabilise Tom’s medical problems (his body had been made partly wooden by surgery). Banshee and Siryn were also searching for Tom, and reluctantly accepted Deadpool’s help.

Deadpool developed a crush on Siryn, and she grew to not loathe him, but it would never grow beyond friendship on her part. Her belief in him seemed to be one of the factors which made him want to be a hero.

They tracked Tom and Juggernaut down, and also found Dr. Killbrew working with them under duress. After dealing with Tom and Juggernaut, Deadpool refrained from killing Killbrew only due to Siryn’s intervention, and left with him, the Doctor promising to help with his condition.

Wade didn’t stay with him long, though, unable to tolerate the thought of Killbrew operating on him again.


Freelancing again, Deadpool began operating out of the Hellhouse, a mercenary hangout in Chicago through which he’d regularly receive assignments. He was basically top dog there, although this was regularly challenged by T-Ray, who had a grudge against Deadpool for reasons Deadpool didn’t know, or particularly care about.

Deadpool's decorated gun

The grudge escalated, resulting in a duel which saw Deadpool soundly beaten, and after which he stopped hanging around the Hellhouse. This came as one of a string of setbacks as he tried to become more heroic, to fulfil his part in the Mithras prophecies.

The Mithras Directive

He was contacted by Zoe Culloden, Expediter for the interdimensional corporation of Landau, Luckman and Lake.&emsp,They tested him before they revealed he had been prophesied to serve as the Mithras, guarding a Messiah whose imminent arrival would usher in an age of peace on Earth.

While initially reluctant, it meshed with his existing urges to become more heroic, although he still had to fight against his more pragmatic and demented sides. For everything he managed to achieve, though, he suffered a setback, usually because he was acting against his own nature.

He tried to help cure Typhoid Mary, but ended up solidifying her negative side’s hold over her persona. He tried doing right by his friends, Weasel and Blind Al, but ended up ostracising them. Weasel left, and Blind Al got passive-aggressive on him.

The one thing he thought he’d managed to get right was to actually go a while without killing anyone, only to find out his role was to kill Tiamat, the name given to the alien who would try to stop the Messiah.

Despite his growing depression over the setbacks, Deadpool decided to fulfil his role, giving Al her freedom before being whisked away. He fought the Tiamat, and lost, barely escaping with his life, and then barely escaped his house, the Dead-Hut, being bombed by elements of Landau, Luckman and Lake who didn’t want him to be the Mithras.

Surviving, he had to be convinced by Zoe and Al to return to the fight.

Returning to face Tiamat, he found Captain America, chosen as his replacement, had already held Tiamat off long enough for the Messiah to arrive safely. He also learned that the peace of the Messiah was a cosmic bliss which would remove free will from everyone.

Donning the Tiamat armour, Deadpool faced the possessed Captain America, and managed to battle through and destroy the Messiah, saving the planet, but leaving him unsure whether he’d done the right thing or not.


Returning to mercenary work, he was manipulated into a job where he ran into Mercedes Wilson. He recognised her from recent hallucinations. She was fleeing for her life from Bullseye, and Deadpool fought him to save her life, remembering their past together.

Her return was revealed to be the work of T-Ray, who had reanimated her and shared his power with her. He’d left her unaware of the truth so that she could believe Deadpool was her husband, and form an emotional connection in him which T-Ray could then crush by revealing the truth.

Momentarily crushed at the thought he wasn’t really Wade Wilson, Deadpool soon laughed it off. Mercedes turned on T-Ray for using her as he had. She prevented him winning, but retained a hatred for Deadpool, and left the conjured souls which T-Ray had summoned to finish him off.

Father’s Day

After a brief period canoodling with Death, Deadpool awakened to find himself and Death prisoner of some scientist, who revealed himself to be Loki, and claimed to be Deadpool’s father.

After a misadventure where Deadpool wielded a false version of Mjolnir, he cursed Wilson with the face of Thom Cruz and a streak of bad luck, until he sought his father’s forgiveness. The curse ended when Deadpool apologised to a man in a bar, only to realise too late to find him that it must have been his father (or Loki messing with him).


Copycat returned to his life in a number of guises, all of which he was able to see through. He let her continue playing for a while until they got back together. Her identity had become so fragile, though, that she became insanely jealous, and when she learned of his feelings for Siryn she assumed his appearance and beat Siryn badly, leaving shortly thereafter.

Deadpool's Marvel Girl costume

Weapon X again

Approached by Sabretooth, Deadpool was offered a cure to his appearance in the form of a boosting of his healing abilities, and because he was at a low ebb he agreed (even though not long before he’d been desperate to return to his ’proper‘ appearance).

His first mission showed him the error of his choice when Kane shot a young boy whom Wade had managed to talk down from being a threat. He tried to walk out when he was told his next mission, to kill Vanessa. She had fled Weapon X after the changes eroded her stability.

Reaching her with the intention of running, Wade had to keep her away from Kane first. He did so long enough to beat Kane, but returned to find her dying, Sabretooth having signed his name in her blood.

Enraged, Deadpool attacked the Weapon X facility, fighting past Sabretooth. However he collapsed as the changes they’d made were undone, destroying his healing factor, and his body fell apart. The director sent his hand to Wolverine as a warning.

Funeral for a Freak

Buried (his hand at least), Wade was again reunited with Death, only to be torn away. His body regrew from what was left of his hand, but his mind was left amnesiac. Weasel happened to spot him in the street, eventually able to jog his memories, only for them to be accosted by the news that there were another four individuals running about calling themselves Deadpool.

Investigating, and reluctantly becoming part of Team Deadpool minutes before most of them were killed, he discovered T-Ray was behind it, serving someone who wanted to keep Deadpool alive. He’d formed the other Deadpools from fragments of Wade’s personality.

When T-Ray tried to play his endgame, Wade forced the fragments into T-Ray, turning him into a drooling idiot. [T-Ray had actually been sent by Thanos, who planned to ensure Wade lives forever, to keep him away from Death.]

Deadpool Incorporated

After a mishap on a job saw him apparently kill the Four Winds, powerful crime lords, Deadpool’s reputation gained a boost. He started getting enough work that he had to hire a secretary, Sandi, and became incorporated.

Unfortunately he hadn’t actually been responsible for the deaths. The German assassin, Black Swan, had actually done the killing, and was irritated at this crass commoner taking the credit. Drawing Deadpool to his castle on a fake job, he used his powers to further degrade Deadpool’s mental faculties, which also threw off his aim, and then wiped his mind of the meeting.

Piecing together what had happened with help from Sandi and Taskmaster, Deadpool returned to Germany with a suitcase bomb. Finally beating the Black Swan, despite losing an arm, Deadpool had just enough time to deactivate the bomb using the code he’d written on his hand.

Unfortunately it was on the hand which lay at the other side of the room, so the bomb went off and they both apparently died.

Agent X

When a heavily scarred amnesiac turned up on Sandi’s doorstep, she believed he could be Deadpool. Adopting the identity Alex Hayden, and the code name Agent X, he started up Agency X.

Hayden was actually Nijo, an assassin working with the Black Swan. Nijo had been betrayed and killed by the Swan shortly before the explosion.

Desperation had caused the Swan to use his mental powers to copy Deadpool’s healing powers. Unable to control the mental link, the Swan linked the minds of himself, Deadpool, and the dead Nijo, sharing their abilities and personalities, and reviving Nijo.

Deadpool has his eyes on someone

Black Swan led the near-mindless (more so than usual) Deadpool back to the U.S. with him, where he confronted Agent X. Black Swan proposed a three-way mind meld to restore their minds, but betrayed them, absorbing both of their powers to increase his own.

They faced a tough fight, but eventually managed to blow Black Swan up, and Alex managed to reverse the absorption, feeding Black Swan his own memories of dying. They then shot Black Swan with everything they had. After having taxidermy performed on his body, they then took it with them on vacation.

Cable & Deadpool

Taking a job for the One World Church brought him into conflict with Cable. They were both trying to acquire the Façade Virus, which the Church intended to use to ease the process of turning everyone blue-skinned as they were, eliminating racism. Despite Cable leaving Deadpool with his head blown off a couple of times, Wade managed to steal the virus and get it back to the Church.

Deadpool had started to believe in the Church’s creed, and opposed Cable when he arrived there. The Church’s leader tried to convince Cable of their peaceful intentions, but Cable saw through this to his true intent of world domination.

The virus was used against the pair of them, causing both their bodies to deteriorate to the point where they had to briefly merge together to recover.

They separated quickly, but the process created a link between them so that Cable’s bodyslide teleporter now took both of them along when used, even if they were in different locations (they had to say ’bodyslide by two’ to arrive safely, ’bodyslide by one‘ causing them to merge together on arrival).


After using the Façade Virus to briefly affect the world, spreading a general sense of harmony, Cable used his powers to create an artificial island, Providence. He opened it up as a utopia for anyone who wanted to come there. Viewed as something of a messiah, his island quickly gained a growing population, which, combined with Cable’s powers and unknown objectives, the world governments saw as a threat.

After a Six Pack formed under S.H.I.E.L.D. auspices failed to neutralize Cable, Deadpool was recruited by the X-Men to help reason with Cable, or take him down if necessary. He turned on them, having been working with Cable, whom he believed in. The escalating conflict next saw the Silver Surfer arrive, and after a battle he left Cable sorely wounded, his escalating powers threatening his own life.

Deadpool teleported him to a safehouse, where he proceeded to virtually lobotomise Cable as they’d planned. Cable knew his growing powers would get out of his control, so wanted things to happen in a certain way.

Deadpool became reviled among those who’d viewed Cable as a messiah, but still managed to find a cure, with aid from Weasel and the Fixer, restoring Cable’s mind, if not his full powers. He then moved to Providence, acting as Cable’s partner.


Bored by the peaceful life on Providence, Wade jumped at the chance to turn detective when the island saw its first murder, that of an infamous terrorist mastermind.

Despite being sent on wild goose chases while Irene Merryweather (Cable’s chief of staff) did the actual investigating, he wasn’t far behind her in deducing that the killer must have been him, but that he’d then forgotten about it. Cable exiled him from Providence, but Deadpool continued to work for him, whether aware Cable was his client or not.

Civil War

When the Civil War erupted, Deadpool was hired by the U.S. government to hunt down unregistered super-humans. Elated at what he saw as official recognition, he took to the job with glee, first of all targeting the Great Lakes Champions, ignoring their pleas of having already registered. This didn’t go as well as hoped when Squirrel Girl beat him.

His position also brought him into conflict with Cable, who supported the anti-registration faction. The conflict drove a wedge between them as Cable publicly embarrassed him.

He was soon secretly recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. into a new version of the Six Pack when they moved against Cable, betraying Cable and shooting him in the back. This, unsurprisingly, soured their relationship.

Deadpool still came to aid Cable when Providence was devastated by an alien who’d battled the X-Men there. The island had to be evacuated, and they battled the Marauders, who were trying to scavenge its tech. They held them off long enough for Cable to activate the self-destruct, and he seemingly perished with the island.

Agency X

When Agent X went missing infiltrating a HYDRA installation, Sandi and Outlaw hired Deadpool to go in after him.

Accompanied by Weasel, he infiltrated the facility, taking hostage HYDRA agent, Bob, and found Agent X. The Agent had been given a virus which gave him an immense appetite that left him grossly obese, so that they had to use heavy machinery to sneak (okay, so sneaking had pretty much been abandoned by this point) him out, taking Bob along.

Deadpool with an absurd arsenal

It was only later that Deadpool realised he’d left Weasel behind. When he learned Wolverine was on his way to wipe out the facility, he went back, with Bob, who by this point had pretty much become his sidekick, to rescue Weasel.

As he was unable to do much in his corpulent state, Agent X reluctantly hired Deadpool to replace him for a while as Agency X’s primary operative.

Return of T-Ray

T-Ray returned, his mind apparently recovered, and kidnapped Sandi and Outlaw to get Wade to come after him. They fought again, and Deadpool stabbed T-Ray in the head, causing him to vanish.

This caused damage to a number of dimensions as his head leaked mystical energy in passing through them. Dr. Strange hired Deadpool to undo the damage. This unfortunately meant reviving T-Ray, but he was then forced to serve as guardian for the integrity of the mystical barriers he’d breached. They parted, not on friendly terms, but no longer trying to kill each other.

Secret Invasion

Hired by Nick Fury, Deadpool infiltrated the Skrull sci-ops facility during the Skrull occupation, sending information on how to kill the Skrull Queen (turned out to be shooting her in the head with a big gun. Who knew).

The information was intercepted by Norman Osborn, leaving Deadpool unpaid, and allowing Osborn to take credit for ending the Skrull menace, and eventually take charge of U.S. law enforcement.

Dark Reign

Realising who’d cheated him, Deadpool went after Osborn, clashing first with the Thunderbolts (during which he managed to snatch Osborn’s credit card and go on a spending spree). He then fought Bullseye (disguised as Hawkeye) when he was dispatched to kill Wade. Wade got the better of him, but Bullseye offered him all his savings (a substantial figure) if Deadpool would drop out of sight.

Deadpool accepted, and managed to go an entire week before blowing his head off from boredom. Recovering, he tried his hand at piracy, then tried to join the X-Men again, which again brought him into conflict with Osborn.

Code Red

Deadpool was part of a unit assembled by the Red Hulk when he wanted Domino dead, which brought them into conflict with X-Force. They failed, but the Red Hulk again hired Deadpool to infiltrate the Intelligencia’s Hellcarrier with him. This resulted in Deadpool being exposed to their master plan and hulking out. Hilarity ensued.


Deadpool has recently been recruited into X-Force.


Contrary, immature, and with serious impulse control issues, Deadpool seems unable to stop himself chattering, especially around others. He’s constantly bantering, making one-liners, cracking jokes, offering seemingly friendly jibes, committing puns and talking to himself and everyone around him, a bit like a TV game show host on speed.

He most enjoys cutting remarks, and this sense of humour he projects often keeps his opponents off-balance. He is, however, not nearly as funny or as popular as he likes to think he is.

His regenerative abilities are a bit too strong in his brain, repairing it so that memories get wiped away, or jumbled up, so he forgets a lot, or can’t tell what’s real and what he’s made up. He usually happily ignores such gaps.

His mind was partially healed by Cable, so he regained access to a lot of his memories, but its unclear whether this is still the case, although he has lately been subject to hallucinations (such as believing Skrull soldiers are after his autograph rather than trying to kill him).

Other traits…

His outward persona is at least partially to compensate for the lack of a social life his disfigurement has caused, and the turmoil of his brain, but its unclear to what degree this is true, and to what degree this is just the way he’s used to acting.

When initially seen, he seemed to operate on purely mercenary principles, and having little personal loyalty to anyone. Over time he has grown to become more heroic, or at least to want to be more heroic, but avoiding killing still takes concentration on his part.

He has made progress on this, and seems on the road to becoming a hero. But he still works for money as a pretext, and will work at a reduced price or for free if teamed up with an attractive woman, a scene set up for sexual innuendo and poor sexist jokes.

Rarely enraged (for long), it’s usually only due to serious threats against those he loves (Copycat & Siryn), or because of people trying to manipulate him, at which he becomes serious. Otherwise he’s fairly easy-going, enjoying his insanity, and paying little attention to threats against him, since there very little which can harm him for long.

… and, mmm, idiosyncrasies

His main driving factor, however, appears to be a hatred of boredom. While he can occasionally sit around watching television for days on end, if he actually has to do this he may end up shooting himself in the head (has happened), and he’ll jump at any chance to actually do something.

As part of his war against boredom, he also doesn’t really like doing things quietly, and while he can sneak about effectively when necessary, he’d much rather charge in guns blazing, the centre of attention, jabbering all the while.

Self-aware of himself as a fictional character, he’ll often make comments which break the fourth wall, and confuse everyone around him. He also regularly engages in conversations with his inner narrator, which has recently split into two. Such conversations often further confuse innocent bystanders.

His yellow inner voice has described itself as the part of his brain dealing with more esoteric matters, while his white inner voice deals with more pragmatic issues.


“Gettin’ a good laugh on ol‘ Wadie-boy right now, huh, Weaz ? You know I won’t kill you, ’cuz you’re my bud, an’ I never kill my buds who do okay by me — ’less I’m paid to, of course — but that don’t mean I can’t crack a bone or two on your scrawny bod ! Friends I can kneecap — that’s cool !”

Juggernaut: “Shut up, creep ! I want you dead dead dead — and nothing stops the Juggernaut !”
Deadpool: “Nothing ? Plenty stops the Juggernaut ! The X-Men… The Hulk… Spider-Man… Twice…”

Vamp: “Even staring death in the face, you still blather on ?”
Deadpool: “Well, to tell you the truth, I wasn’t staring at death’s face, if you catch my drift…”

T-Ray: “You’re stupider every day, Wilson… you know that ?”
Deadpool: “I’m trying to catch up with you, T-Cup, but you’re too far out in the lead.”

“Whoa, killer ! Say it, don’t spray it. I want the news, not the weather. P.S., grab yourself a dictionary and look up ’tic-tac‘. You’d be doing us all a favour.”

“Truth is, I’m not all that well in the head.”

Deadpool: “That’s one thing I hate about Australians, always sounding like New Zelanders. A deceptive people.”
Bullseye: “Yeah. That gets me, too… Though they did give us koala bears.”
Deadpool: “I hate koala bears.”
Bullseye: “Really ?”
Deadpool: “Sure… Any animal with pockets… I thought you knew that.”
Bullseye: “No. Even kangaroos ?”
Deadpool: “Especially kangaroos. I don’t trust any animal that has more storage space than I do naked.”

(To Arnim Zola) “Has anyone pointed out that you have a Mac Classic for a head, dude ? Do you get all the channels on that thing, or just the basic package ? Must be a royal pain to find a good haberdashery.”

“My common sense is tingling.”

“Can’t — stop — talking — like — Shatner !”

“The answer to your first question is shaddup.”

Sabertooth: “Scream for me.”
Deadpool: “Scream ? Well, if you insist. AAAAAHHH ! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AAAAAHHH ! AAAAAHHH !”
Sabretooth: “Enough, Wilson !”
Deadpool: “No, wait, now I’ll do it like a little girl. EEEK ! EEEK ! EEEK !”

[Shown his costume while amnesiac] “Holy cheap Spider-Man rip-offs — I used to wear this ?!”

“That fight lasted as long as Deathlok’s last comic.”

Fixer: “I’m never working with you again, Wilson. Not after that HYDRA mess in Curacao.”
Deadpool: “We worked together before ?”
Fixer: “Idiot, I’m the Fixer, remember ? You started the detonation sequence on that molecular annihilator and I had to go figure out how to stop it ?”
Deadpool: “Sorry, nothing.”
Fixer: “What about when we fought Captain America in St. Louis and that diarrheic viral agent was released over Busch stadium ?”
Deadpool: “Nope, but it sounds like a blast.”
Fixer: “How about when Dr. Bong deflated every implant in L.A. and you had to help me re-inflate them all ?”
Deadpool: “Wait, I remember that diarrheic ! I thought it was the fifty hot dogs I ate !”

Deadpool: “Siryn ! And Cannonballs !”
Cannonball: “That’s Cannonball, you twit.”
Deadpool: “Really ? You sure ? ‘Cause I kinda had a healthy dose of respect for you before… Well, whatever, you’re like junior X-men, right ? Mutants born with special gifts who fight to save the very world that fears them — well, so am I !”
Cannonball: “You’re not a mutant Wilson ! And you’re not an X-man.”
Deadpool: “Well, Samuel, just cause you got rocket-power farting powers, I’m not gonna split hairs and I’m not gonna fight my teammates. I mean, unless it involves Terry’s clothes coming off and mud or chocolate pudding or something like that.”

Deadpool: “You should have stayed outside.”
Irene Merryweather: “Of course I should have. But who’s going to make sure you don’t do something incredibly stupid that results in the destruction of the known universe ?”
Deadpool: “Well, certainly not me.”

“Wow, it’s kinda like Willy Wonka… well, if Wonka were Dracula and the chocolate factory was an abattoir…”

[Fighting Citizen V] “Holy holographic disguise, old chum ! It’s — it’s — uhm, dude, I got no idea who you are.”

“There’re two-hundred-ton lizards along the outer walls, pterodactyls guarding against an aerial assault, and probably an army of bloodthirsty mutants inside, waiting to feast on our brains. So the game plan is… CHARGE !”

“Did someone say ’chimichanga‘ ? Never mind. That was just the sound of my skull and brains healing.”

“Hey, where’re all the dinosaurs ? Don’t tell me you thought one of ’em was Devil Dinosaur and all ’70’s throwbacks get offered membership in the Avengers.”

Deadpool: [Having just cut a couple of pirates’ hands off] “Here’s the good news: now you guys can get hook-hands ! Not you though.” [Throws machete, killing sniper] “You get…”
Yellow Inner Voice: “One-liner time ! Make it good…”
White Inner Voice: “Yeah, cool action moment like this totally hinges on an equally cool one-liner.”
Deadpool: “…dead-hands.”
White Inner Voice: “What ?!”
Yellow Inner Voice: “Laaaaame…”

White Inner Voice: “Kinda tragic that we’re probably the only mercenary in the world who’d be happy to be paid in attention rather than cash, isn’t it ?”

DC Universe History

Just add him to the DCU. If you want to keep the Weapon X aspect, Deadpool would become one of the pre-Hybrid experiments of Mento with Promethium (thus explaining his regenerative abilities). Of course, the main question is whether you should make him Deathstroke’s rival brother or not.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats


Dex: 08 Str: 05 Bod: 06 Motivation: Anti-Heroic Thrill of Adventure
Int: 05 Wil: 05 Min: 05 Occupation: Mercenary
Inf: 05 Aur: 04 Spi: 06 Resources {or Wealth}: 008
Init: 022 HP: 075

Invulnerability: 11, Mind Blank: 10, Mind Over Matter: 06, Regeneration: 08, Systemic Antidote: 06

Bonuses and Limitations:
Invulnerability, Mind Over Matter and Systemic Antidote are all Contingent on Regeneration (-1).

Acrobatics: 08, Charisma (Intimidation, Interrogation): 06, Martial Artist: 08, Military Science: 07, Thief*: 08, Vehicles (Land): 06, Weaponry*: 08

Confidant (Weasel), Iron Nerves, Languages (German [when he can remember it], Japanese, Spanish), Lightning Reflexes, Schtick (Taunting), Sidekick (Bob, Agent of HYDRA), Slowed Ageing, Misc. Advantage (Can be Immune to Taskmaster’s Powers if he chooses).

X-Force (High), Cable (High), Taskmaster (High), Bullseye (Low), Agency X (Low), X-Men (Low), Underworld (Low), Mercenaries (Low; formerly had High Connections with the Merc community through the Hellhouse, a place for brokering merc contracts in Chicago).

MIA (Making noise, see Personality section), MIH (Boredom), Oblivious, MPI (Memory loss, hallucinations, talking to self), Strange Appearance.

He’s often armed with a range of weapons and equipment. The most common being:

  • Teleportation Belt [BODY 05, Teleportation: 15, R#07].
  • Holographic Projector [BODY 04, Chameleon: 08].
  • Swords (x2) [BODY 06, Enhance (EV): 02 (cap is 06), Descriptor: Slashing, piercing].
  • Advanced handgun [BODY 04, Projectile Weapons: 05, Ammo: 10, R#02].

Other stuff he’s been known to use include:

  • Assault rifle [BODY 04, Projectile Weapons: 06, Ammo: 08, R#02, Advantage: Autofire].
  • BFG [BODY 06, Energy Blast: 07, R#03].
  • Bo [BODY 04, Enhance (EV): 01 (cap is 06), Descriptor: Bludgeoning].
  • Bolo [BODY 07, Snare: 08, Grenade drawback, Limitation: Snare cannot have more APs than the relevant Weaponry Subskill of the user]. These sometimes contain knockout gas which is released on impact (Sleep: 05).
  • Energised sword [BODY 07, EV 08 (09 w/Martial Artist), R#05].
  • Escrima Sticks (x2) [BODY 05, Enhance (EV): 01 (cap is 04), Descriptor: Blunt].
  • Exploding pellets (x4) [BODY 01, Bomb: 06, Grenade drawback].
  • Knife [BODY 05, Enhance (EV): 01 (Cap is 06), Descriptor: Piercing, Slashing].
  • Monomol sword [BODY 03, EV 04 (06 w/STR, 09 w/Martial Artist), Sharpness (EV): 04, R#04].
  • Neural disrupter net [BODY 08, Mental Blast: 11, Snare: 06, Bonus: All Powers can be Combined, Grenade Drawback].
  • Night Vision Goggles [BODY 04, Ultravision: 06].
  • A pair of Sai [BODY 04, Enhance (EV): 01 (cap is 05), Enhance (Disarm Manoeuvre EV): 01 (cap is 06) ; Descriptors: Piercing, Blunt ; Note : OV/RV when using the Block Manoeuvre is 1 AP, Note: the OV bonus for the Shield Cover Manoeuvre is 1 AP, Limitation: Blocking/Cover bonuses can only be used against melee attacks, and the GM may rule that some weapons are too large for the sai].
  • Shaken (x10) [BODY 03, EV 03, Dart bonus, Grenade drawback].
  • Sniper rifle [BODY 04, Projectile Weapons: 06, Range: 08, Telescopic vision: 02, Ammo: 10, Limitation: Projectile Weapons has No Range – use the listed Range instead].
  • Sonic Bomb [BODY 03, Sonic Beam: 05, Limitations: Sonic Beam has No Range].
  • Tear gas grenades (x2) [BODY 03, Fog: 03, Chemical Attack: 04, Grenade drawback, Bonus: Chemical attack and Fog are Combined (Chemical attack is active thorough the Fog), R#03].

At one point it was shown that all his weapons are rigged to auto destruct (Bomb: 04, Grenade Drawback), and he’s been shown to have swallowed bomb components which he can then regurgitate and assemble [Bomb: 06, Grenade Drawback].

Fluctuating Regenerative Abilities (optional)

Deadpool’s healing factor varies greatly in its efficiency, with no real pattern as to what affects it (other than writer’s fiat, and even that isn’t entirely consistent).

The levels of his Regeneration and Invulnerability are an average, and should allow him to be played as generally seen. Should you wish to vary it a bit, here are some options (purely speculative, since evidence doesn’t offer a coherent theory):

  1. The simplest method is for the GM to set the level they wish at the outset, possibly giving the character a Power Complication Subplot if they wish to alter it later.
  2. For a more variable approach, use the idea that his regeneration is linked to his mental state (it’s been stated that his regeneration has a mental component by the Black Swan, who was able to duplicate it due to this component.
    Given that his memory is negatively affected by his healing factor, we can make a reasonable argument that his level of sanity could be likewise affected, his rationality decreasing as his healing factor becomes stronger, and serving to show when such is the case).

How’s the damage

The Player (and/or GM) decides at the beginning of a significant storyline whether Deadpool’s Psychological Instability is Minor, Serious, or Catastrophic, and his Regeneration is set as follows:

Minor: 06 (Invulnerability reduced to 09).
Serious: 08 (as the writeup has it; MIND drops to 04; either IA or IH become Serious).
Catastrophic: 12 (Invulnerability raised to 12; MIND drops to 03; both IA and IH become Serious).

The effects of his PI can vary according to the Player’s (or GM’s) wishes, with memory loss, hallucinations, or talking to himself, being the more common results (although they should by no means be the limit of his psychoses).

They may be taken to whatever extremes are entertaining (such as the Player carrying out his 3-way conversation with his inner voices, or Deadpool leaving the adventure to argue with the GM (or even his player) about how they’re playing him, how the adventure is being run, or talking to other characters as if they were either their players, or the actor(s) who played them in other media).

Previous Stats

During the lead up to the Mithras Directive, he had a Low level Connection to Landau, Luckman and Lake (Low).
He’s had a number of Confidants over the years (see previous section).

Early on he had a High level Connection to Siryn, but this seems to have faded over time, though he may still have it at Low level.
During his partnership with Cable he had access to the bodyslide teleporter (Teleportation: 20), but it had the Drawback of always taking Cable along to wherever Deadpool wanted to teleport, or vice versa.

During the Dark Reign he had the Mistrust as Osborn claimed he’d collaborated with the Skrulls, but this may have been cleared up since.

By Sébastien Andrivet, Dr. Peter Piispanen and Gareth Lewis.

Source of Character: Marvel Comics.

Helper(s): Chris Gordon (thrice), Marvel SAGA X-Men roster, the Hellhouse , Wade Trupke, Andrew Aitken, Ethan Roe, Pufnstuff, Frank G. Murdock, Darci, Adam, Roger, Derek Estabrook, William Chamberlin, Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z.

Writeup completed on the 26th of March, 2011.