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Decapre appears in Street Fighter beat ’em up video games. She is the only Russian woman in the game, and one of the Twelve Dolls of Shadaloo.

We suggest that you first read the Dolls’ team profile if you’re not familiar with them.



  • Real Name: Decapre.
  • Known Relatives: None.
  • Group Affiliation: Shadaloo.
  • Base of Operations: Thailand, but often Mobile.
  • Height: 5’4″ (1.62m). Weight: 101 lbs. (46 Kg.).
  • Eyes: Olive green (SF4), Amber (SF5). Hair: Platinum blonde (SF4), White (SF5).

Powers & Abilities

Decapre was infused with the same Psycho Power used by Master Bison. In particular, she wields wrist energy blades that look like lightsabers.

Over time, Decapre has developed her own moveset. But it remains similar to other Dolls’, such as Juni. So she fights as an acrobatic assassin, and favours leaping attacks with her Psycho Power knives.

Decapre - Street Fighter Doll - profile - duel fist


Decapre was one of twelve 16-year-old girls that were abducted by Bison. He infused them with his DNA and Psycho Power to become backup bodies he could transfer his consciousness into.

Like the rest of these Dolls, Decapre was trained and used as an agent and assassin.

She was originally from Russia. But that’s about all that is known about her past.

Street Fighter Zero 3

Decapre is only seen in artwork, and in Juli and Juni’s intro.

She was presumably taking on missions behind the scenes on Shadaloo’s behalf.

Street Fighter 4 OVA

(This short movie was released to create buzz for the console release of SF4. It is canon).

Decapre and the rest of the Dolls were hiding out in an abandoned Shadaloo base. But Juri came to retrieve them.

She beat all of the Dolls unconscious without much effort and then loaded them into a plane. Only Juni escaped due to Cammy’s interference.

Decapre - Street Fighter Doll - profile - dagger out art

Ultra Street Fighter 4

Decapre was awakened from her stasis by S.I.N. scientists. However, she experienced flashbacks of Cammy – which enraged her. Decapre destroyed her containment pod with her energy daggers.

She was then tasked with eliminating Seth. But as she reached him, he had already been taken down by other Street Fighters. All she could find was his corpse.

Cammy came in and tried to help her, but Decapre flew into a rage and tried to kill her. Eventually, the Russian passed out, leaving Cammy unsure of what to do.

Bison then appeared. He explained that Dolls were on borrowed time. There were security measures that let their mind and body deteriorate once they were free from his mental control.

Cammy, distraught and unable to help her sister, allowed Bison to take Decapre with him – so he could recondition her and thus save her life.

As Bison carted Decapre away in a stasis pod her last thought before falling unconscious was, “It’s all right. Your big sister is here”. Proving that she had indeed broken free.

Street Fighter Resurrection

(This live-action fan series was made canon by Capcom, and used to generate buzz for SF5).

Ken and Ryu were recruited by Charlie Nash and Interpol. The job was to stop Shadaloo from obtaining a compact dirty bomb. Newcomer Laura Matsuda tagged along because she happened to be in the vicinity.

As the heroes surveilled the buy, it went sour. While the men got caught up with the battle, Shadaloo agent Decapre slunk away with the suitcase.

Laura intercepted and defeated Decapre, saving the day. But the Doll escaped.

Street Fighter 5: A Shadow Falls

Decapre and Marz were sent to infiltrate the Kanzuki estate. But Karin Kanzuki and Cammy beat them back. Decapre’s hand was injured, forcing the Dolls to retreat.

Later in Brazil she went after Ken, Chun Li, Laura Matsuda, and Cammy. Decapre was defeated, but Cammy engaged the police so they wouldn’t arrest her mind-controlled sister.

Before Cammy could be overwhelmed, Juri rammed a few officers with her motorcycle and told them to get on. They escaped together.

Decapre awoke and attacked, forcing Cammy to knock her out. Vega then attacked Cammy and won, but Juri intervened and forced him to flee.

Freed from mental control, Decapre was present in the final showdown when the heroes infiltrated Shadaloo’s base. She saved Cammy from an ambush by Vega.

All of the Dolls were freed from F.A.N.G.’s control by Rashid. The tide of the battle thus quickly turned in the heroes’ favor.

Where is she now?

Decapre likely joined Delta Red with the rest of the Dolls, perhaps under Cammy’s supervision.

Decapre - Street Fighter Doll - profile - SF4 concept model sheet


Decapre looks almost identical to Cammy. But the upper part of her face is heavily scarred, so she wears a mask.

(Some depictions have the left half of her face being burned, but that’s not consistent with what some of her masks cover).

Early on she wore the Dolls’ uniform. Skintight black body suit with stripes and a black McDonald’s type cap with matching forearm guards and boots. Plus a funky yellow baby necktie. She also wears masks that obscures the top half of her face.

In SF5, the top is more of a halter top with both the back and sleeves missing

Unlike with most SF characters her arm guards aren’t just for show. They have retractable purple claw blades that emit Psycho Power.

Her helmet has a more cyberpunk video game look. Complete with three glowing purple strips.


Decapre is both the most and least brainwashed of the Dolls.

She doesn’t have much personality, blindly follows order, talks like a robot and is a sort of search and destroy automaton. But if mission parameters get derailed or don’t otherwise neatly fit into little boxes, she’s liable to fly into a psychotic rage.

Decapre is generally thought of as the troublemaker of the Dolls. And while she never hesitates in combat, she often trembles. This likely means that some part of her is actively resisting Shadaloo mind control.

Decapre deeply hates Cammy. She has ferociously attacked her every time they’ve met, lashing out against the person trying to help her against control and abuse.

What Decapre’s personality might be now that she’s free from Shadaloo mind control remains unrevealed.

Decapre - Street Fighter Doll - profile - SF5 rgb



“Escaped subject found… awaiting instruction.”

“Data other than physical strength deemed necessary.”

“Comprehensive annihilation complete.”

“Fight over.”

“I hate your lying fake face. Hate you ! Hate you ! Hate you !”


DC Heroes RPG


Dex: 09 Str: 03 Bod: 03
Int: 04 Wil: 04 Min: 02
Inf: 03 Aur: 03 Spi: 02
Init: 020 HP: 050


Adrenaline Surge: 04, Gliding: 03, Jumping: 05, Mental Blast: 05, Teleport: 06

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Adrenaline Surge only works with Mental Blast and Jumping.
  • Teleport doesn’t have the +7 Range Bonus.
  • Decapre can only teleport forward or up.


Acrobatics: 08, Gadgetry: 03, Martial Artist: 08, Military Science: 04, Thief (Stealth): 05


Languages (Russian, Thai), Lightning Reflexes, Schtick (Paired Psycho Power daggers).


Cammy (High).


Creepy Appearance (extensive facial scarring) and Socially Inept seems highly likely. MPI and Minor Rage seem possible as well.


Unwanted Power.


Presumably Delta Red agent-in-training.




  • Radio [BODY 03, Radio communications (encrypted): 10, R#03].
  • Psycho Power Claws [BODY 07, Mental Blast: 04, Miniaturization: 01, Descriptor: Piercing]. Mental Blast is touch only.
  • Armored mask [BODY 05, Enhance (RV against Critical, Devastation and doubles): 02 (cap is 07), Enhance (Facial attacks): 02 (cap is 07), Enhance (Unarmed RV): 01 (cap is 06), Flame immunity: 01, Ultra Vision: 02 (limited to night vision)].

Design Notes

Skills are somewhat speculative. Gadgetry was added because her profile stated that she is good at fixing delicate machinery.

Previous stats

While still under Shadaloo mind control the following would have been applied.


Age (young), Exile (involuntary), Fatal Vulnerability (Bison’s death), CIA (serving Bison), CIH (Cammy), CPI (brainwashed), Catastrophic Rage, Socially Inept.


The dolls are essentially robot slaves. They get whatever they need for a mission and nothing more.

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By Tom Eilers.

Source of Character: Street Fighter gaming franchise.

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