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Support us on Patreon is not sustainable. It is a niche site that doesn’t sell anything, is very work-intensive and offers tons of unique information for free.

This sort of site can only be kept running using readers donations.


The donations allow us to:
– Keep the servers running even when the advertisements income doesn’t meet these costs.
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We offer three services for donations:
– Simple PayPal transfers using any major credit card or a PayPal account.
– Ko-Fi, which is basically PayPal but some folks are more used to it.
– A Patreon page to set up a monthly donation. This is primarily intended for people who are already Patreon patrons.


You can find more information about, how it works, etc. on our FAQ page.


We encourage people reading this to think about how much they would pay for an encyclopaedia or RPG sourcebook holding this much information. Of course it’s not quite the same. Because this isn’t a printed book you can hold. But this is a good thing!

Because if it were a physical book, it would be far too thick to possibly use — or move around without a forklift.

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