Dykkor demons (Marvel Comics)

Dykkor demons


Dykkors are a solid and traditional choice for GMs looking for a group of competent demons within the Marvel Universe. “Competent” in that they are a cut above the usual demonic hordes fodder.

They mostly appeared in Doctor Strange stories.

Powers and Abilities

The Dykkors are powerful and disciplined superhuman fighters. They also have a significant knowledge of the occult. They are smart and crafty, and have high morale in battle.

When fighting super-strong opponents, they will consider (in DC Heroes terms) Team Attacking in a Wrestling manoeuvre to pin them down. This is unusual for goon-type characters. They even managed to Team Attack on a Ritual designed to force open the way out of the Realms Unknown, with Dormammu directing the effort. They like Team Attacks, I guess.

The Dykkors reproduce through parthenogenesis, but this is only possible when they are exposed to blood and death. And this may be limited to the blood and death of sapient  beings.



The Dykkors are sometimes called “the most grotesque demons in all the cosmos”. They are indeed a diverse, but generally misshapen and thoroughly evil, bunch.

The Dykkors are often assumed to have been destroyed centuries ago in a great battle with the Sorcerer Supreme of the Earth Dimension , the Ancient One. However they actually were banished to an obscure prison plane, called the Realms Unknown, which “in eons past, [had] been spoken of in fearful whispers !”.

Either as a result of the battle or as a side-effect of their imprisonment, only a few dozen Dykkors were eventually left in the Realms. But they still went through their long traditional procedures to choose a pair of leaders.

The Dread One

During the 1970s, the Realms Unknown received a new visitor. The dread Dormammu was cast there after his strange and unsuccessful assault on Eternity itself. Dormammu defeated the two Dykkor leaders. He was thus accepted as warchief even by the picky Dykkors.

They gradually assembled as an army around Dormammu. Apparently, its soldiers had to travel vast distances from their scattered dwellings within the Realms Unknown. Dormammu also broke some of the spells holding them prisoner. Thus, it is possible that other Dykkors who had been exiled elsewhere came to him.

Dormammu planned to use the massed Dykkors as shock troops to retake the Dark Dimension. This dimension was then ruled by his sister Umar. At this point, three Dykkor tough guys with the usual temper for their species contested his right of rulership. But they were disintegrated or banished by the Dread One with but a gesture, re-establishing Dormammu’s mandate for a time.



The Dykkor horde and Dormammu massed their mystical potency to force open the way out of the Realms Unknown. And they did manage to reach Earth as a first stop.

Their effort alerted the Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange thus appeared and challenged Dormammu to a battle. Dormammu was about to have the Dykkors rush Strange and tear him limb from limb, but the interfering Umar convinced him to accept Strange’s challenge to a duel.

Dormammu overwhelmed Strange. However, the actions of Clea and Victoria Bentley on Earth re-energised Umar. Now wielding her full sorcerous might she rescued Strange. Strange could thus intervene whilst Dormmammu was forcing open the gate between the Realms Unknown and Earth.

The Dread One was defeated before he could send the Dykkors to ravage Earth. This was in large part because his mystic might was sapped by a previous promise never to invade Earth again. The Dykkors likely remained stuck in the Realms Unknown after having seen a brief glimpse of Earth. Well played sir, well played.


Years later, the Dykkors struck a pact with N’astirh and the Goblin Queen. The pair had found a way for demons to sidestep the wards and come to Earth by possessing objects and machines, and turning them into evil, murderous, possessed things.

This horrific invasion of New York City was known as the Inferno . Apparently most if not all of the demonic possessors who gradually turned the city into a nightmare were Dykkors. Though not truly physically present on Earth, they greatly enjoyed the experience. But the Inferno was eventually repulsed, chiefly by the X-Men and associated adventurers.

By their next appearance the Dykkors were more numerous than before. Perhaps the Inferno allowed them to reproduce despite not being physically present.


in 1991, Dr. Strange and the Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch) determined that there existed a connection between the supernatural killer Zodiak and the Dykkors. To investigate further, they entered the Realms Unknown. The two heroes were almost immediately ambushed by the Dykkors, and soon captured.

The new leader of the Dykkors was one Yayauhco. This strong Dykkor recounted his kind’s adventures during the Inferno. He also cheerfully admitted that the Dykkors were the true masters of Zodiak. They had turned him into a superhuman, murderous lunatic to be their agent and proxy.

Their Zodiak pawn fed the Dykkors. Whenever the madman killed, the blood and energy was channelled into a Dykkor in the Realms Unknown. That allowing him to reproduce by splitting into two adult demons.

Seizing the moment, Strange and the Rider burst free and returned to Earth to stop Zodiak. Strange then called on Oshtur to reinforce the barriers around the Realms Unknown and sever the connection between the Dykkors and their servant.

The most grotesque demons in all the cosmos have not been seen since. Which probably hides something devious and sinister !


See illustration.


The Dykkors are brutal marauders. They seem to hold strength, power, cunning, independence and a strong personality in very high esteem. They will ritually submit to the strongest leader, but that strength must be routinely reaffirmed to keep the abrasive, sarcastic Dykorrs content.

They seem to all share the same values and to be on the same wavelength. But this is likely more a product of a strong shared culture than a telepathic link.

Despite their admiration for strength, the Dykkor seem to be very egalitarian. It took a lot from Dormammu to impress them, and their leaders seemed to be part of the guys rather than arrogant despots. As their DC Heroes RPG Iron Nerves Advantage indicates, they don’t seem to truly fear anything.

Dykkors like to comment on stuff, in ways that are somewhat reminiscent of Stadtler and Waldorf (the two old guys on the balcony in the Muppet Show). Though they have a sense of humour, they are fixated on blood and slaughter, in much the same way that most Humans focus on sex. It seems to be their mode of reproduction, after all.

Dykkors tend to go for the Stan Lee-esque grandiose, sophisticated tirades. Use lots of unusual verbiage and decorate with multitudinous adjectives.


“Silence, brother… for a stranger walks our sinister land !”

“Fool… do you not recognise the dreaded Dormammu of shadowy legend ? But, no matter… for even legends may die ! Fall, you who would invade our forbidden dimension !”

Dormammu: “What ? You would dare question my actions, you mindless brutes ? You are my slaves… bound to obey my every whim !”
A Dykkor: “Only, evil Dormammu, until you in turn… are overthrown ! And perhaps that time has come ! Let us see how well you fare against all of us !”

“Look who has returned, fellow fiends ! Our old enemy’s disciple – come to give us a second chance at him !”

Yayauhco: “Did you hear that, fellow Dykkors ? These fools think we serve Zodiak !” (The Dykkor crowd roars in laughter). ”My dear mage and motorcyclist — it is Zodiak who serves us !”

DC Universe History

In the DCU, the Dykkors could be collectively a Lord of Chaos. That is, a Lord that is not a single person (or something resembling a single person) but an entire race of hundreds of Dykkors collectively holding the title.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 04 Str: 05 Bod: 05 Motivation: Psycho
Int: 04 Wil: 03 Min: 04 Occupation: Evil demon
Inf: 03 Aur: 03 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 003
Init: 011 HP: 005

Claws: 06, Flight: 06

Military science (Camouflage): 04, Occultist: 04

Iron Nerves.

Some other Dykkors (Low).

Strange Appearance, MIA toward causing death and violence.

Design Notes

They were never clearly seen in action, so there are a lot of assumptions in the stats. Many such assumptions, for nostalgia’s sake, have been inherited from the old TSR supplement about magic in the Marvel Universe.

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Marvel comics.