Colonial Marine (Aliens movie) aiming a pulse rifle

Elseworld Legion

(Legion of Super Heroes meets Aliens)


This is a game background for an old DC Heroes RPG campaign. The pitch was “what if the Legion (of Super-Heroes) was actually the descendant of the (French Foreign) Legion ?”

It is based on the Bierbaum-ear Legion of Super-Heroes, and draws heavily on the aesthetics of the Aliens movie and on XXth Century European history.

“Les commandos partent pour l’aventure
Soleil couchant les salue
Chez l‘ennemi la nuit sera très dure
Pour ceux qui pillent et qui tuent”



Full Name :
Second Bataillon de Choc, 33ème RIMA, Légion Etrangère, FMP-FPU [2nd Shock Brigade, Thirtieth Marines Regiment, Foreign Legion, United Planets Federation Peacekeeping Forces].

Purpose :
Revocation of their courtmartial condemnation.

Modus operandi :
Clandestine operations mostly comparable to high-training, low-support terrorist operations.

Extent of operations :
Known space in the XXXth century, and beyond. The Legion has demonstrated organic capacities enabling it to conduct transtemporal and transdimensional  operations.

Relationship to conventional authorities :
Actively wanted by conventional police forces (chiefly the Science Police), FMP-FPU military police, FMP-FPU military intelligence.

Bases of operations :
Mobile thorough FPU space and beyond.


Former bases of operations :

  • New York City (Earth).
  • Ranzz plantation (Wynath).
  • Talus space wreck field.

Major funding :
Various resources liberated by the members, mostly on the black market.

Known enemies :

  • “Legion of supercriminals”.
  • Khund Empire.
  • Dominion.
  • Dark Circle.
  • Space pirates such as Roxxas or Tyr.
  • Glorith of Baaldur.
  • Mordru.
  • Former Earth government.
  • Computo.
  • Thanos.
  • Fatal Force.
  • Jim Rehtu.
  • Dev Em.
  • Evillo’s Douze Salopards (aka the “Dirty Dozen”).
  • Psi-phon and Dreadnaught.
  • Shi’ar nationalists…
  • And parts of the FMP-FPU.

Known allies :

  • Wanderers (currently MIA).
  • Champions of Lallor.
  • Parts of FMP-FPU.
  • Influential ex-Legion personnel (including Ripp Daguel or Jacques Foccart).


Number of active members :

Number of reserve members :
Now N.A..

Organizational structure :
Special operations military team.

Known officers :
Field command is split between Commandant Rokk Krinn and Capitaine Salu “Vi” Digby.

Known current members :

  • Lieutenant Jo Nah.
  • Lieutenant Mysa Nal.
  • Capitaine Querl Dox (Brainiac Five).
  • Sous-lieutenant Celeste McCauley.
  • Lieutenant Ayla Ranzz.
  • Capitaine Laurel Gand.
  • Lieutenant Drake “Wildfire” Burroughs.
  • Caporal Loumiss.
  • Susa “Arachnée” Paka.
  • Lieutenant Brin “Steppenwolf” Londo.

Known former members :

  • Lieutenant Blok (KIA).
  • Lieutenant Gim “Géant” Allon.
  • Lieutenant Aurore/Prime.
  • Lieutenant Luornu “Triad” Durgo.
  • Lieutenant Val “Jade Tiger” Armorr (KIA).
  • Lieutenant Garth “Lightning” Ranzz.
  • Aspirant Pol Krinn (KIA).
  • Lieutenant Tinya “Phantom” Wazoo (MIA).
  • Lieutenant Projectra (Queen of Orando).
  • Aspirant Quislet (MIA).
  • Lieutenant Imra “Themis” Arine Ranzz.
  • Lieutenant Tasmia “Darkforce” Mallor.
  • Lieutenant Dirk Morgna (deceased).
  • Aspirant Tellus.
  • Aspirant Troy Stewart.
  • Lydda Jath (non-official member).
  • Dag Wentim (non-official member).
  • Sous-lieutenant Brek “Polar” Bannin.
  • Lieutenant Chuck Taine.
  • Lieutenant Ande “Iron” Nola (KIA).
  • Lieutenant Nura “Onira” Nal.
  • Lieutenant Thom “Stellar” Kallor.
  • Lieutenant Jacques Foccart.
  • Lieutenant Lyle Norg (KIA).
  • Aspirant Psi-phon (traitor, MIA).
  • Aspirant Dreadnaught (traitor, MIA).
  • Aspirant James Cullen (KIA).
  • Aspirant Nemesis (traitor, terminated).
  • Aspirant Brita “Kono” An’nan.
  • Sous-lieutenant Kent Shakespeare (honourably discharged).
  • Ivy (team mascot).
  • Devlin O’ryan (embedded war journalist).
  • Lieutenant Jan Arrah.
  • Lieutenant Tenzil Kem.
  • Commandant Ripp Daguel.

Known special agents :
The 2ème BC 33ème RIMA was one of the very few units to have an organic military intelligence team, under the normal chain of command of the unit. Most of the team eventually became certified for military intelligence work and was assigned to the intelligence team as needed.

Membership requirements :
All members had to enlist within the Foreign Legion, meaning no check as to actual identities, former criminal activities, and such. Once there, they had to be accepted for RIMA (marines) training and graduate from that training. Unique superhuman powers and an exceptional record or aptitudes made it possible to apply to the 2nd Shock Brigade selection course.


Founders :
Garth Ranzz, Imra Arine and Rokk Krinn.

Other leaders :
Commandant Ripp Daguel was the officer responsible for coordinating military intelligence missions.

Previous purpose and goals :
Before incorporation in the military, upholding the heroic tradition started in the XXth century by the Fantastic Four. After that, peacekeeping and defensive military actions under the command of FMP-FPU.

Major campaigns or accomplishments :

  • Arrest of space pirate Roxxas.
  • Destruction of the mystical powers of Glorith and Mordru.
  • Dismantling of Mordru’s mystical empire.
  • Destruction of the suneater that threatened Earth.
  • Arrest of space pirate Tyr.
  • Dismantling the so-called “Legion of supercriminals” of Laevar Bolto.
  • Decisive victories during Khund campaigns.
  • Various stalemates against Thanos.
  • Rescue of planet Dryad.
  • Deportation of Galactus outside the galaxy.
  • Arrest of most of the Fatal Force criminal group.
  • Defense against the siege at Daxam and subsequent liberation of that planet during Operation : Quiet Darkness.
  • Decisive victories during the Magic Wars.
  • Various stalemates against Glorith.
  • Rescue of Garridan Ranzz.
  • Decisive counter-insurgency operations during the colonization of the former Shia’r Empire.
  • Prevention of the Deregon-triggered world war.

Major setbacks :

  • Casualties among the unit.
  • Forced decommission during the Crash of ’89.
  • Destruction of their barracks on several occasions.
  • Desertion after accusations of treason.

Personel and equipment

Uniform :
An example of field uniform is shown in the illustration above. While not expecting combat, Legion members generally wore the heavy-duty grey jacket of the 33ème RIMA, matching fatigues and black combat boots. Currently, various Legion members wear various civilian and paramilitary attires.

Transports :
The Legion still has access to two dropships and one APC :

  • Aéronef de débarquement “Chaban-Delmas” (dropship) [STR 10, BODY 14, INT 4, AV 7, EV 9, Flight: 15, Flame immunity: 5, Force shield: 2, Invisibility (radar): 2, Radar sense: 21, Radio coms: 21, Sealed systems: 18, Hardened defenses, R#2, limitation: Force shield only vs. missiles], w/ Mk. 16 150mm Fantomas rockets (x32) [BODY 3, effects according to warhead : M18 incendiaire (Flame project: 12), M451 blast-fragmentation (EV 12), M597 incendiary flechettes (EV 11, ignores Hardened Defenses), M598 beehive (Projectile weapons: 11, area effect), varied cluster warheads (Bomb: 11)], Mk. 10 70mm Zeus rockets (x12) [BODY 3, effects according to warhead: EV 9 or Fog: 10], Mk.88 120mm SGW heat-seeking rockets (x12) [DEX 2 BODY 3, EV 12, Thermal vision: 8], AGM-220C Cerbère missiles (x7) [DEX 6 BODY 3 INT 2, Flight: 8, Radar sense: 15, EV 13], AGM-204A Threat Suppression Missiles (x3) [DEX 8 BODY 3, Flight: 12, Detect (radar): 12, Radar sense: 8, EV 12], AIM-90E Headlock AAM (x3) [DEX 12 BODY 3 EV 13, Flight: 12, Radar sense: 16]
  • Véhicule de l’avant blindé “Astérix” (APC) [STR 9 BODY 14, Energy blast: 11, Projectile weapons (area of effect 2 APs): 10, Running: 05, Hardened Defenses, R#2]

Individual equipment :
Legion members still use their former gear, such as :

  • Cuirasse de combat M3 (body armour) [BODY 06, Flash (Illumination Only): 03, Skin Armor: 02, Limitations: Skin Armor can be avoided with a +2CS Trick Shot].
  • Sometimes with a HELMET [BODY 06, Radio Communication (Audio/Visual): 08, Thermal Vision: 04, Bonus: Helmet raises the M3 armor’s Trick Shot penalty to +3CS].
  • Bayonette [BODY 08, EV 03].
  • Fusil d’assaut Modèle 41 Génération 2 (“Pulse rifle”) [BODY 05, Projectile weapons: 07, Ammo: 20, R#2, Advantage : Autofire] with underslung 30mm grenade launcher [BODY 05, EV 08 (Area of Effect 1 AP), Range: 03, Ammo: 05]. the default round is a M38 HEAP round ; variant rounds include Projectile weapons: 07 (Bashing only) (M230 baton round), Bomb: 08 (M51A bounding fragmentation round), Projectile weapons: 07 (area of effect 2 APs) !M108 canister round), Flame project: 07 (Area of effect 0 APs) (M60 white phosphorus incendiary round), Flash: 05 (M72A1 Starshell).
  • Pistolet semi-automatique Modèle 43 [BODY 05, Projectile weapons: 04, Ammo: 12, R#2].
  • MISVA Modèle 56 (Mitrailleuse individuelle stabilisée à visée assistée, aka “Smart gun” or “Bar”) [BODY 06, AV 07, Projectile weapons: 08, Telescopic vision: 03, Thermal vision: 09, R#03, Advantage: Autofire].
  • Lance-flammes M240 (“Incinerator”) [BODY 04, Flame project: 07, Range: 03, R#3].
  • Fusil de précision M42A (“Scoped rifle”) [BODY 05, Projectile weapons: 08, Range: 11, Detect (energy): 8, Interface (some sensors and weapon systems such as sentry guns): 10, Telescopic Vision: 05, Ultra Vision: 09, Ammo 15, Limitation: Projectile weapon has No Range and use the Range listed instead].
  • Ghillie suit [BODY 04, Military science (camouflage): 07, Invisibility (IR): 05, Telescopic vision: 04, Ultravision: 06].


This is the Legion in the universe of the Aliens movies, particularly the second one. It is close to the Bierbaum period when the Legion was hunted by the authorities, except that the universe is way grittier, and that this Legion is heavily militarized – it is in fact an elite Marine unit.

The timeline is pretty close to the normal Legion timeline, the main changes being cosmetic. The major changes are as follow :

Youth Emergency

Ayla, Imra and Rokk met each other in a Youth Emergency Rescue Company (YERC). YERCs are popular, corporation-sponsored paramilitary teams for kids which conduct disaster relief operations, logistics for the actual corporate military and police forces, criminal awareness drills and such.

YERCs are widely considered to be the best way to gain meaningful corporate employment without a diploma. This particular YERCs was a recruiting ground for Brande Industries, a major corp.

The moment of glory came for the three kids during an extensive manhunt for a superhuman criminal, which was able to outfight corporate security forces and the Science Police. Their three-man YERC team managed to track down and subdue the criminal, and they became instant media stars.

Brande Industries, seizing the opportunity to sign a weapons contract with the Science Police, established a special joint unit between this YERC and the Science Police.

All hailed the generous, civic-minded move of Brande which gave its most brilliant young potentials to the cause of law and order. The contract was signed as the publicity became a further element in the negotiations. Ironically, the weapons sold to the Science Police later proved to be substandard junk.


Ayla, Imra and Rokk became a small, efficient paramilitary force for the Science Police, and soon were joined by a few others. Another high-profile case happened when they stopped Khund scout forces near Earth, with proof that an invasion was planned.

The small team was then transferred by the United Planets (simply the successor of the UN, not a multi-planetary government) from its law enforcement arm (the Science Police) to its military arm (the Forces de Maintient de la Paix – Fédération des Planètes Unies (Peacekeeping Forces – United Planets Federation) for a reconnaissance mission.

The mission found itself in the path of the Khund invasion and had to retreat with precious information. It proved instrumental, a short time later, in defeating the Khund forces, particularly after the extremely powerful Laurel Gand joined forces with the team and accepted to enlist.

enlisting in the Légion

After the invasion, the team was accepted into the Légion Etrangère. Financial disputes with Brande Industries over trademark issues ruined them beyond all hopes of recovery). Predictably, the youths excelled during their training and became part of that elite army. They were proud to uphold the centuries long traditions and rich history of that corps.

Over the years, the ever-growing Legion fought many a high-profile battle and solved numerous cases in their military intelligence or Science Police liaison role. Eventually this unit was simply called “the Legion” by civilians, standing as a symbol of the excellence of the Légion Etrangère.

More recently, the Legion was framed in a vast conspiracy within the FPU, and had to desert so as not to be terminated. They now operate as outlaws and terrorists, and are only starting to unravel the conspiracy that almost brought them down.

By Lt. Sébastien Andrivet.

Helper(s): Aliens Colonial Marines Tech Manual by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood.