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Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game

  • Writeups.org is a collection of profiles for characters from genre media. These in-depth writeups include summaries of abilities, biographies, personality profiles and more.
  • Most profiles are for characters from super-hero comics and video games. Geek stuff.
  • Writeups.org includes thorough tabletop role-playing games stats. These are for the DC Heroes RPG  and many entries have DC Adventures/M&M 3rd  stats.
  • Most entries are extensively illustrated.
  • Writeups.org is not affiliated with any publisher, studio, content company, etc. It is written by a community of enthusiasts, and relies solely on donations from readers and security-vetted adverts to pay the bills.

What we do is surprisingly complex, so there’s a lot to talk about. To keep things organised, here is the table of content for the articles that talk about how writeups.org works, is written, is organised, etc. — in other words, the FAQ.

Our FAQ content will be recreated on the fly as the new version of writeups.org matures. This is because we wanted to switch to the new version ASAP rather than wait for the FAQ to be rewritten.

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