Ferro (rebooted version) over a white background (LSH / DC Comics)


(Post-Reboot version)


The history of the DC Universe 1,000 years into the future — the XXXth and XXXIst centuries — has traditionally been chronicled in the pages of Legion of Super-Heroes and related comics. There have been multiple iteration of this future, though.

This version of Ferro belongs to the iteration that was chronicled from 1994 to 2004. It is known to fans as the “reboot” continuity.

Ferro is a LSH member, but he’s originally from the XXth century.


  • Real Name: Andrew Nolan.
  • Known Relatives: Douglas Nolan (aka Ingot, brother), Nancy Nolan (mother).
  • Base Of Operations: Metropolis, Earth.
  • Group Affiliation: LSH.
  • Home Planet: 20th Century Earth.


Powers and Abilities

Ferro’s mutant ability allows him to transform his entire body into living iron. He thus gains its density and strength.


Broadway star Nancy Nolan received a nasty shock when her two sons were born. Their faces were so badly deformed, she could hardly bear to look at them. She left them in the care of a scientist named Doc 30, who she didn’t know was an abusive thief. She seldom thought about them again.

But the boys grew up and didn’t forget their mother. Andrew broke out of the institution. He spent time in shelters and on the streets with homeless friends such as his buddy Frank.

When the Sun-Eater threatened to end all life on Earth in the late 20th century, Andrew decided he couldn’t die without seeing his mother one last time.

Like unto a thing of iron

While in the institution, Andrew had discovered that his freakishness was part of a greater mutation. He had the power to turn his body to iron.

When Nancy staged a free show to lift people’s spirits during the Sun-Eater’s attack, Andrew made his way to the theater. He confronted her…only seconds before the roof caved in.

Andrew, using his powers, saved his mother, and, with Superman’s guidance, saved and helped others. He felt like a hero and a human being for the first time in his life.

Andrew, adopting the alias Ferro, was introduced to other heroes who were fighting the Sun-Eater. These included the Legion of Super-Heroes. One Legionnaire, Spark, lent him her flight ring so he could help more people.

Against the Sun-Eater

As he helped try to control the disaster, he came up with the idea of destroying the Sun-Eater with a bomb, which he would deliver.

The scientists fighting the Sun-Eater were unable to devise such a bomb. But they did come up with a plan that involved someone being in a spaceship to deploy special devices. That person would have to risk fiery death in a supernova.

Superman said he’d do it. But Andrew decided that Superman meant too much to Earth to possibly risk his life, and that he would go instead. He snuck aboard the ship. Nolan was going to die fighting the Sun-Eater, but he was rescued by Hal Jordan, a.k.a. Parallax, who saved Earth in the end.


Shortly thereafter, the Legion of Super-Heroes invited Ferro to stay with them at the old headquarters of the Justice League of America. They also revealed to him, somewhat unintentionally, that they are from the 30th century.

He then became an unofficial member of the team, helping them against such foes as Dr. Psycho. Andrew also attempted to free his brother Douglas from Doc 30’s institution. But that attempt that instead resulted in Douglas’s death.

Ferro was rewarded for his bravery with an offer to officially join the Legion of Super-Heroes. He accepted. Nolan was so grateful, he made new uniforms as a gift for the team. But only Inferno’s survived a fire she started.

When the Legion was finally able to return to the 30th century, they took him with them.

Ferro consulted a number of doctors about his mangled face, but learned the only way they could fix it would be to mold his ferrous form. Since this would require him staying in his iron form permanently, he declined the operation.


Ferro wears a plain blue and white Legion uniform. His hideously scarred face is hidden behind a metal helmet he always wears.


Ferro is upbeat, pleasant and cheerful. A bit shy at times, he is friendly to most people. When he first joined the Legion, Ferro was somewhat in awe of the Legionnaires, and couldn’t believe they wanted him to join.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 05 Str: 04 Bod: 04 Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 03 Wil: 07 Min: 06 Occupation: Legionnaire
Inf: 03 Aur: 05 Spi: 06 Resources {or Wealth}: 005
Init: 011 HP: 055

Molecular Chameleon: 12

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Molecular Chameleon Needs No Material to Copy and may only copy Iron (Body 12).
  • Miscellaneous: Ferro’s weight is 08 APs while Molecular Chameleon is engaged.

Artist (Painter, Actor): 03, Medicine (First Aid): 04

Familiarity (Sewing), Iron Nerves.

Superman (Low), LSH (High).

Exile: Voluntary (20th Century Earth), Uncertainty, Strange Appearance).


  • LEGION FLIGHT RING [BODY 05, Flight: 08, Radio Communication: 08].
  • TELEPATHIC EARPLUGS [BODY 02, Telepathy: 08, R#2].
  • TRANSUIT [BODY 04, Sealed Systems: 20, R#2].
  • Omnicom [BODY 03, INT 03, Split: 03, Recall: 15, Radio Communication: 08, Remote Sensing: 14, R#3. Bonuses and Limitations: Remote Sensing is Sight Only; Split may only be used to run separate programs].

By Danielle Mendus, adapted from JD’s Write-Up.

Source of Character: Legion of Super-Heroes (DCU).