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The Freelancers first appeared in 2017.

These are a modern, simple-and-easy-to-use team of Marvel baddies. With a vibe wot’s reminiscent of Wildstorm Comics’ DV8.




Full Name:

The money. The moolah. The dough. The lucre. The Benjamins. The paper. The bread !

Modus Operandi:
Small-team superhuman deployment.

Operations can be brute force, but often rely on mental powers and manipulation.

The Freelancers sometimes have challenges as to who can do the most harm during an operation. Everybody contributes $10K to the pool and the winner takes all.

Extent of operations:
Continental USA.

Bases of Operations:
Freelancers compound, Brentwood, CA.

Major Funding:

Known Enemies:

Known allies:
None per se.

Freelancers (Marvel Comics) (Champions enemies)


Organizational structure:
Might is the leader.

Their agent is an older, sarcastic man named Lewis Brewer. He’s based in Los Angeles and may be a lawyer.


Former members:
None known.

Membership requirements:


Presumably a vehicle. We once see them driving what may have been a Land Rover Defender  , but that may have been mission-specific.

Freelancers (Marvel Comics) (Champions enemies) attacking striking workers


The Freelancers are a young mercenary team. They take large cheques from corporations to conduct unethical operations.

Typical gigs include :

  • Sabotaging environmentalist protests.
  • Burning tent cities to chase homeless communities away.
  • Dispersing striking workers demanding fair wages.
  • Illegal foreclosure and evictions to rebuild and gentrify high-potential city blocks.

They are wealthy, and have a well-connected agent. The team lives in an ostentatiously luxurious compound, with a general “millionaire underage YouTube influencers” or “reality TV stars” vibe.

Their sociopathic greed has led to clashes with liberal youths super-team the Champions. This brought them new clients who detest the Champions’ beliefs, and are willing to pay to screw with the young heroes.

Secret Empire

During the 2017 Hydra takeover of the United States, the Freelancers were contracted by Hydra. They served as enforcers among Hydra’s youth division.

Though the Freelancers weren’t comfortable with Fascism, they considered that a paycheque was a paycheque.

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By Sébastien Andrivet.

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