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Frenchie Duchamp (Moon Knight ally) (Marvel Comics)

Jean-Paul “Frenchie” Duchamp

Power Level:
Game system: DC Heroes Role-Playing Game
  • These are old, mostly technical notes about Frenchie rather than a full profile.
  • For instance it does not cover his career as Bloodline, or the evolution of the character in the 2006 Moon Knight series.


  • Real Name: Jean-Paul Duchamp
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Known Relatives: None
  • Group Affiliation: Partner of the Moon Knight
  • Base Of Operations: New York City (formerly Spector Mansion, Long Island, New York)
  • Height: 5’11” Weight: 170 lbs Age: Mid-30s
  • Eyes: Brown Hair: Black (graying along the temples)

Powers and Abilities

Frenchie is a crack pilot, trained with props, helicopters, jets and advanced VTOL vehicles like the Mooncopter ; he’s also an excellent driver and powerboat operator. He’s a Foreign Legion-trained elite soldier, a smooth and very experienced mercenary and has solid experience in the superhuman arena as Moon Knight’s aide.

His main weakness his low HPs total, as he’s, ultimately, but a sidekick.


Jean-Paul “Frenchie” Duchamp is Marc Spector’s closest buddy. They met in Africa when both were mercs, and started regularly working together. When Spector died, was revived and became the Moon Knight, Frenchie became his pilot, aide and confidante.

For a several years, Frenchie operated with Moon Knight both around the globe and in America, fighting criminals, dictators and supervillains and regularly saving each other’s life. At one point, however, Frenchie was badly wounded when the Shrike tore the Mooncopter apart – Duchamp’s craft crashed and he barely survived. His legs, however, were crippled.

Frenchie, a man of action, took his handicap pretty badly. However, while Moon Knight was confronting the machinations of Seth the Immortal, it was discovered that Duchamp could access superpowers and call on the abilities and personalities of his ancestors, regaining his mobility as Bloodline.

At one point, in his Pierre Latrec ancestor persona, Jean-Paul lost control to a rage and started pummeling Moon Knight ; Moon Knight had to drain Duchamp’s life in order to save himself, and accidentally destroyed the Latrec persona and abilities. Duchamp survived the ordeal, though.


Frenchie is a smooth operator and a cinematic commando, pilot, getaway wheelman and mercenary. He’s pretty smart and perceptive, and enjoys life as a suave adventurer.

He is more grounded and mature than Moon Knight, and often serves as a friendly advisor, especially when it comes to women. He loyally follows Moon knight’s orders like any good sidekick.

During the last few issues of Marc Spector : Moon Knight, he grew tired of the “Frenchie” nickname and preferred to simply be called Jean-Paul (the closest approximation of pronunciation in English being Jaw-Pohl).


‘Frenchie‘ nearly always wears a pair of aviator’s shades and keep his hair slicked back, along with a small 1930s moustache.

The version of the Mooncopter illustrated below is one of the most modern ones – a VTOL jet shaped much like Moon Knight’s crescent darts.


Frenchie (pointing his gun at guards) : “There’s one hundred thousands in the case and fifteen rounds in the Browning. Is that enough for the helicopter and an hour’s worth of silence ?”
Greedy guards : “You may have our silence for free, sir.”
Frenchie : “You can keep the case along with the bills, then. It’s sharkskin. Step away from the rotors now, gentlemen – a pleasure doing business with you.”


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Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG Print Friendly

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Jean-Paul Duchamp

Dex: 04 Str: 03 Bod: 03 Motivation: Thrill of Adventure
Int: 05 Wil: 05 Min: 04 Occupation: Mercenary
Inf: 04 Aur: 04 Spi: 04 Resources {or Wealth}: 006
Init: 013 HP: 015

Artist (actor): 04, Charisma: 05, Military science: 04, Vehicles (Air, Land, Water): 06, Weaponry (firearms): 05

Connaisseur, Language (French, presumably others)

Marc Spector/Moon Knight (High), Chloe (High), Mercenary world (Low), Marlene Alraune (High)



  • Browning BDA9 [BODY 04, Projectile weapons: 04, Ammo: 14, R#03 – a modern version of the Browning Hi-power]
  • Aviator’s shades [BODY 02, Shade: 02]
  • If he expects heavy combat, he will have :
    • a M16A2 [BODY 04, Projectile weapons: 06, Ammo: 08, R#02, Bonus : Autofire]
    • a Tac vest [BODY 06, Skin armor: 02, Invulnerability: 04, Limitations : Skin armor and Invulnerability are Partial (vest) and only work against bullets and blades, Drawback: Real Armour].
  • See the Moon Knight writeup for the stats of the Mooncopter.

By Sébastien Andrivet

Source of Character: Moon Knight (comics) Marvel Universe

Helper(s): Craig Clarke

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