Gamorra was, in early-ish Wildstorm Comics publications, an imaginary cyberpunk  insular rogue nation. It often provided a haven or resources for bad guys. You can find some more context about it in the Gamorra Island profile.

The rebellion against Clan Gamorra, the land’s rulers, was mostly seen in the Cybernary comic book.



Full Name :
Gamorran Political Underground.

Purpose :
To overthrow Clan Gamorra’s dictatorship in Gamorra.

Modus operandi :
Though they would happily meet their goals with more democratic ways, the absolute dictatorship of Kaizen Gamorra forbids it. So they went guerilla. They try to wreck Kaizen’s technological research through bombing, assassination, providing covers for foreign spies and special forces.
They are provided in weaponry by the various smuggling operations overseen by the three other major clans of Gamorra (mainly Stansfields). They smuggle information out of the country, providing useful intelligence to the people outside concerned about Kaizen’s activities. Ultimately, when the opportunity presented itself, they went on frontal assault with the Gamorran forces.

Extent of operations :
They keep it to Gamorran soil, mainly the cities, but the, often isolated, research facilities are obvious targets. So are the various monitoring stations, dispatched throughout the archipelago, to spy on their activities.

Relationship to conventional authorities :
They hardly come into contact with other authorities than Clan Gamorra. Once in a while, I.O., who supports Kaizen Gamorra, confronted them in cleansing operations.

Bases of operations :
Shitamachi Ridge (see Gamorra Island profile).

Major funding :
Smuggling, thefts of Gamorran property sold to smugglers or the Techno-Dwarves.

Known enemies :
Clan Gamorra, I.O..

Known allies :
Deathblow, Backlash, Union and all the Wildstorm heroes in “Fire From Heaven”.



Number of active members :
Not so many, may be 100.

Number of reserve members :
None, those who joined the organization either met its victory or certain death.

Organizational structure :
Rather anarchistic. There are some leaders, but they are more obeyed out of respect than true authority.

Known officers :
Bunny (see below).

Known current members :
McGregor (a cybernetics’ wizard more mercenary than politically active), Miranda (cyber-psychiatrist), Hiroshi (Bartender of Club Ronin and informant).

Known former members :
Mai-Li (last survivor of Clan Tsung who opposed Kaizen for his industrial orientation).

Known special agents :

Membership requirements :
Being motivated enough to risk one’s life in opposing Kaizen’s rulings and not being afraid of facing a phalanx of cyber-zombies.


Founder :
Though it’s not really told, the founders are the clans who opposed Kaizen (indeed Colt, newly appointed impostor) when he developed such inhumane experiments, and survived the immediate purges.

Other leaders :
Bunny’s influence is respected and it’s the closest thing to a political leader. Cybernary led their troops when they went to battle in “Fire From Heaven”.

Major campaigns or accomplishments :
Surviving is not the least, given Kaizen’s paranoia and hardware. But they finally succeeded in overthrowing the impostor.

Major setbacks :
After winning the battle over Colt, they couldn’t really free the country as the real Kaizen got his power back rather quickly.

Personel & Equipment

Standard operative :
Their standard operative is no big player. It’s just someone who finally got the guts to say no when he had nothing to lose but his life.

Elite operatives :
Some hunter-killers joined the organization (see Clan Gamorra’s writeup for stats), mainly those who were forced into this condition by punishment. Some Techno-Dwarves provide technical support, either as mercenaries or by conviction (see Gamorra Island’s writeup for stats).

Notable operatives :

  • Cybernary.
  • Miranda.
  • Bunny.

Resources :

Either stolen from Clan Gamorra’s arsenal, bartered to the Techno-Dwarves or bought on Stansfields black market, their gear is outdated and unreliable. They can have standard or Gamorran ordnance but the R# goes up one rank.


First appearance :
Deathblow #1 (Cybernary’s part).

Origin issue :
Deathblow #19.

Significant issues :
Deathblow #1: Cybernary is still Katrina and teams with Cisco to steal a Gamorran weapons load. During the delivery to the rebels, they found a homing device. Soon the site swarms with H-K and the rebels are butchered.

Deathblow #17-19: Deathblow flashes back a Team 6 operation where Kaizen (at this time newly infiltrated Colt), asked his boss Craven to deal with a band of rebels who held Gamorran scientists as hostages. Team 6, mops up. Pursuing two runners, Deathblow enters a laboratory, sees something is wrong, and let one of them (Mai-li) flee.
Years later, he comes back to get Rayna Master’s client (an American tabloid journalist who discovered the bad side of Gamorra) back from Kaizen’s prison. He makes contact with Mai-li, who leads the way to Kaizen’s compound and sacrifices herself to spare Cray and “The Sergeant Major”.

Cybernary #1-5 : The story of how Cybernary escaped Vandalia’s clutches and joined the rebellion.

Fire From Heaven : The Wildstorm heroes get the rebellion’s support as soon as they set foot on the island. Backlash leads them through bold operations against the rulers and StormWatch. They guide the heroes through Gamorran sewers to evade Kaizen’s watch. In the end, they capture Kaizen’s fortress in Zodome.

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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“Miranda, be realistic…”

Dex: 01 Str: 00 Bod: 01 Motivation: Seeking Justice
Int: 08 Wil: 06 Min: 08 Occupation: Political leader
Inf: 08 Aur: 09 Spi: 08 Wealth : 007
Init: 017 HP: 060

Shrinking (Always On): 04, Telepathy: 05

Charisma: 09, Gadgetry*: 08, Military Sciences: 06, Scientist*: 08

Genius, Iron Nerves, Leadership, Local Hero (Gamorran Rebellion), Rich Friend (Gamorran rebellion), Scholar (Cybernetics).

Gamorran Rebellion (High), Miranda (High), Non Pro-Gamorra Criminals (Low).

Authority Figure (Rebellion), Exile (Forced), CPR (Bound to a rabbit’s body), Public ID.

SUSTAINING BUBBLE [/STR/ 03 BODY 04, Flight: 05, Force Shield (Cannot attack through): 05, Shrinking (Always On, Does not reduce Str): 04]

Bunny is just a human brain fitted on a rabbit’s body. He always stands on a small flying platform, surrounded by a pink protective bubble. The platform has a small manipulative arm.

We can easily assume that he was a former high ranking Gamorran executive who displeased Kaizen. As a punishment, he had his brain removed from his body and transplanted in a rabbit’s body, hence his Bunny nickname.

Anyway, he was a great mind and joined the Political Underground, who recognized his knowledge and implicitly adopted him as leader. He believes in his mission to free his fellow citizens and cares about the survival of his brothers in arms.

By Nicolas Lemaçon.

Source of Character: Image Comics, Wildstorm Universe.