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Granamyr, oldest and wisest of the dragons of Darksmoke.


Granamyr is leader of the dragons in the 1983-1984 He-man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon. He’s an awesome, powerful, and fan-favorite ancient dragon.

Our “base camp article” about the cartoon links to all the Masters of the Universe heroes and villains, plus a lot of context for the series. Check it out.



  • Real Name: Granamyr.
  • Known Relatives: Eternian dragons.
  • Group Affiliation: Darksmoke dragons.
  • Base of Operations: Darksmoke.
  • Height: 24’0″ (7.3 m). Weight: 12.5 tons (11.34 tonnes) (09 APs).
  • Eyes: Yellow. Hair: None.

Powers & Abilities

Granamyr is over 1,000 years old. He has grown larger than most other dragons. He has few rivals.

Being a dragon means he has all the strengths of his kind – flight, fiery breath, and claws. Granamyr is particularly durable, and able to resist extremely high temperatures.

He is also known as one of, if not THE, wisest creature in all Eternia. His knowledge of Occult matters surpasses even the Sorceress’, or Castle Grayskull’s Window of Knowledge.

His magic is without equal.

Other assets and limitations

Ice Trolls keep watch around Granamyr’s lair. They will use deadly force to keep intruders away, such as causing avalanches.

An electrical field can be deployed around Darksmoke. It shuts down machinery coming near.

Other dragons will actively fight for and defend their leader Granamyr.

For all his great power, Granamyr has a weakness. Fire from the Pit of Shadows empowers his magic. If that fire should go out, his power will dissipate quickly.

Granamyr - dragon He-Man Masters Universe - 1980s cartoon - little pink wings


Granamyr has existed for a long time. He is one of the oldest living things on Eternia.

However, the dragons of Darksmoke have exiled themselves from the rest of Eternia for a thousand years.

The dragon’s gift

Skeletor’s latest plan had him disguised as an ambassador. He delivered an ancient artifact, the Weird of Crystal, to King Randor.

When the king touched it, he would become a crystal statue. There was no known cure.

Man-At-Arms recognized Skeletor in disguise. He grabbed the Weird of Crystal himself. Man-At-Arms became crystal, and Skeletor teleported away.

He-man and Teela went in search of Granamyr, wisest of the dragons, for a cure.

Granamyr - dragon He-Man Masters Universe - 1980s cartoon - flight blue dragons

Deal with a dragon

When they found him, Granamyr demanded a gift in return for his help. He asked them to cut down the only living thing older than himself – Skytree.

He-man agreed and Granamyr teleported them to the Forgotten Forest.

Skytree turned out to be a sentient tree. He asked why they wanted to harm him. They explained Man-At-Arm’s plight and the bargain with Granamyr.

Skytree surprisingly submitted to them. He said that he owed a debt to a former Man-At-Arms who saved him in the past.

No gift today

He-man and Teela couldn’t go through with it. They agreed to return without the “gift”.

Granamyr was perturbed with them coming back so boldly.

He-man told Granamyr, “choose another gift or send us to the Realm of Demons”. This impressed the old dragon. A truthful, courageous human who honored a bargain. He counted *this* as his gift.

Granamyr gave them a book holding the knowledge to free Man-At-Arms.

Granamyr asked He-man for help

On two occasions after their first meeting, Granamyr asked the Sorceress to contact He-man. Each time He-man helped selflessly, asking nothing in return.

  1. He-man was asked to act as champion for a young dragon, Torm. Torm had fallen in love with a human, Lyra. But Lyra’s father demanded the suitor pass tests to prove himself worthy. As a dragon, he couldn’t do the tests and so was allowed to select a champion (episode: “Granamyr’s Return”).
  2. He-man was called on for help when dragons started disappearing. Granamyr’s magic hadn’t revealed anything. So, he asked He-man to investigate (episode: “Disappearing Dragons”).

Battle of the dragons

Man-At-Arms and He-man travelled to Darksmoke. They were to represent the humans in renewing the treaty between dragons and humans. Orko stowed away too.

The evil dragon, Morningstar, gained an artifact called the Ice-Crystal. With it he put out Granamyr’s flame. Morningstar blamed humans for putting out Granamyr’s fire.

Granamyr, without his magic, was much diminished. He seemed older and took a backseat to Morningstar, letting him command the dragons. Morningstar led an attack on the closest human settlement, starting a war.

Granamyr - dragon He-Man Masters Universe - 1980s cartoon - darksmoke mountains

Darksmoke entrance.

To save Granamyr

He-man and Man-At-Arms determined what was happening. They got flame from the Pit of Shadows and re-ignited Granamyr’s magical flame.

Morningstar challenged Granamyr to a test of fire, breathing fire at each other until one gave out. Morningstar fell first.

Granamyr showed mercy to Morningstar. All the dragons withdrew to Darksmoke once again.

Darksmoke and Fire

Sometime later, Princess Adora was on her way to visit Adam and their parents. Light Hope opened a space portal between Etheria and Eternia.

She was thrown off course when a Horde rocket exploded inside the portal. She arrived on Eternia, 1,000 years in the past!

She met a human King named Tarbin, who took her to Granamyr. But Granamyr said his magic wasn’t strong enough to get her back to her own timeline.

No peace in the past

An evil wizard, Nazghal, planned to turn the humans against the dragons. He held a magic crystal that allowed him to steal the dragons’ power.

He convinced the humans to attack, but She-Ra intervened and destroyed his magic crystal. Nazghal teleported away.

Dragons and humans were again at peace.

Granamyr attempted to open a gateway back to She-Ra’s own time. She-Ra combined her sword’s power to his and they were successful.

Granamyr - dragon He-Man Masters Universe - 1980s cartoon - fire breath

Treaties between humans and dragons. 

Long ago, a pact was made between dragons and Castle Grayskull. The Sorceress promised she would never reveal their whereabouts to anyone. To break this promise would bring all their terrible fury down on Eternia.

The terms were, the dragons would withdraw from the rest of the world. The dragons could do whatever they want and humans were to leave them alone.
He-man: “Doesn’t sound like much of a bargain.”
Man-At-Arms: “Have you ever tried to bargain with a dragon?”


An aged red dragon with some wrinkles and blotched skin. A dragon none-the-less, and twice as large as most.

His wings are tiny and pink. One design document states that they grow when he needs to fly, but it’s not that obvious in the animated series.

He wears a dark metal helm.



He is dangerous and demands respect. He thinks very little of humans, finding them vain, war-like, greedy, untruthful, and quite ugly.

He-man is one of the few humans to gain Granamyr’s respect. Granamyr marveled at He-man’s ability to shatter his long-held misconceptions about humans.

When younger, Granamyr had a much lighter mood. He was good friends with the human King, Tarbin (episode: “Darksmoke and Fire”).

Still, over time, he learned how humans acted and went into self-exile with his dragon brothers. With a treaty written so they’d be left alone.

Granamyr despises war, and so ends conflicts as quick as possible.

He takes the role of patient teacher with dragons.

Granamyr - dragon He-Man Masters Universe - 1980s cartoon - Teela


“Dragons pay little attention to the lies of legend.”

Granamyr: “We shall see how your tongue wags when my magic sends you to the realm of demons.”
He-man (Draws the Power Sword): “We don’t want to fight you, but we will if that’s what it takes to make you listen.”
Granamyr: “Granamyr does not fight humans. Granamyr wins.”

Granamyr: “You have courage, something I have seen in very few of your race. I will listen to what you have to say.”
He-man: “My friend Man-At-Arms has been turned into a crystal statue by evil magic. I’m told you might know how to undo the spell.”
Granamyr: “Might ? Am I not the wisest creature on all Eternia ? Do I not know magics that were forgotten before human-kind ever walked this world ?”
Teela: “You can reverse the magic ?”
Granamyr: “Of course I can. It’s poor magic at best, but I see no reason to trouble myself over a single human. It has been a thousand years since I last spoke with humans.”

“You can thank me best by letting me sleep and never bothering me again.”

Orko: “Wow, you did it ! You just waved your hand and did it.”
Granamyr: “It was not difficult for a *real* magic worker.”

Verdor: “Please great creature, we meant no harm.”
Granamyr: “No harm ? Forcing dragons to fight for your own pleasure. Now you will fight for our amusement.”
He-man: “Granamyr, wait ! You can’t do this to them.”
Granamyr: “It is justice He-man.”
He-man: “No, it isn’t. Doing to them what they were going to do to the dragons makes you no better than they.”
Granamyr: “Once again you prove to me that you are the wisest of your kind. I will not make them fight.”

“What the mind does not understand, magic may reveal.”

DC Universe Adaptation

(This section proposes ways of using this character in DC Universe stories).

DC’s Mystic Community could have knowledge of Granamyr and where he’s gone into exile on Earth with other dragons.

Granamyr - dragon He-Man Masters Universe - 1980s cartoon - casting magic spell

DC Heroes RPG


Dex: 03 Str: 14 Bod: 09
Int: 08 Wil: 08 Min: 07
Inf: 12 Aur: 12 Spi: 18
Init: 021 HP: 105


Dimension Travel (Banish)(ML): 24, Flame Immunity: 06, Flame Project: 15, Flight (Winged): 05, Growth: 06, Neutralize (ML): 25, Reflection/Deflection (ML): 15, Remote Sensing (ML): 30, Skin Armor: 02, Snare (ML): 27, Sorcery: 13, Teleportation (ML): 12

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • Dimension Travel (Banish) is only between Eternia and the Realm of Demons.
  • Flame Project uses Dex as AV.
  • Growth is Always On and Already Factored in (-1 FC).
  • Remote Sensing (Sight and Hearing only) appears as a floating globe before Granamyr. Others may look inside also.
  • Skin Armor, Flame Immunity, Flight, and Growth are Form Function.


Occultist: 24




He-man (High).


Age (Old), Authority Figure, Power Loss (All powers except those with Form Function drop to 00 APs if Granamyr’s fire pit is put out), Strange Appearance.


Anti-Heroic Responsibility of Power.


Lord of dragons.




Granamyr likely has tons of Rituals, but he only uses one in the series and it’s done off-screen.

The Great Spell of Changing
Transform: 12
Bonuses and Limitations: Humanoids Allowed (+1 FC), Transform is permanent (+5 FC).
Casting Time: Unrevealed.
Components: Unrevealed.
Special Restrictions: Unrevealed.
Comments: To prepare this spell, Granamyr ordered everyone out. The next day, Torm, the young dragon was a young man.
Cost: Unrevealed.

Dark Smoke

Granamyr’s lair [BODY 15, Electrical Control: 15, Bonuses and Limitations: Electrical Control has area effect, Electrical Control may only be used to shut down electrical devices. R#2].

He-man and Man-At-Arms flew into this field on their way to Darksmoke. It shut down their Wind Raider causing them to have to crash land it.

Granamyr - dragon He-Man Masters Universe - 1980s cartoon - scrying glowing sphere

Design notes

Dimension Travel (Banish) – Granamyr banished a rival dragon, Shadow Wing, to the realm of demons. He threatened to do the same to He-man and Teela. This was no bluff but would be the more difficult task. I also believe he could do it.
So, APs are based off Banishing He-man and Teela, even though it wasn’t done.

Reflection/Deflection – Assuming Shadow Wing has similar power in his breath weapon to Granamyr, though Lightning instead of fire. This sets him at 15 APs. Granamyr needs only 01 RAP to deflect it, so an equal power will work. 15 APs.

Remote Sensing – We don’t know the range from Darksmoke to Lyra’s home. But the weather is much different. Probably 100 miles? For Remote Sensing you must take in to account the distance and the time spent watching. 125 miles (17 APs) Granamyr and Torm watched for the entire challenge.
How much time? Actual show time was about three minutes, but we know it took longer. Man-At-Arms and Lyra’s father were playing something like chess to pass the time. I’m going to guess between 4-8 hours (12 – 13 APs). It could be less, but we don’t know how large the maze was. (Also, in a removed scene Lyra comments He-man has been in the maze for hours).
To get the complete AP level we add distance and time (That’s 30 APs !).

Snare – Granamyr uses his magic to hold both He-man and Teela. Multi-attack on two targets. +1/+1 penalty. Now, I don’t think He-man is spending Hero Points and neither is Granamyr at this point. He-man would rather talk. Teela in this is neglible but helps with the penalty by being a second target. The Snare APs will be high enough that Granamyr gets a CS on the EV side to nullify the multi-attack penalty.
Snare only negates part of the targets DEX. We see both He-man and Teela can’t move at all. OV/RV is DEX/STR. So, we need 07 RAPS (He-man’s DEX). This will get Teela too as she has DEX 05. So, 25-27 range gives us 08 RAPs. And since this is Granamyr’s magic I’m going with highest APs.

Teleportation – They say it’s a long way to Darksmoke from Castle Grayskull. Duncan says they’ve been flying in a Wind Raider for hours. Let’s take the Wind Raider (Flight 07, similar to a Helicopter), 160 mph. The fastest copter, a Eurocopter X3 can reach 267 mph (08 APs). Still, a few hundred miles away. 250 miles (18 APs), 500 miles (19 APs). I think 19 APs is safe. So, 12 APs since Teleportation gets the +7 range.

Time Traveling – When She-Ra gets stranded 1,000 years in the past, she asks Granamyr to send her home. He replies that his magic isn’t strong enough.
Later in the episode he tries to send her back by adding his magic to her sword’s power. The Sword of Protection doesn’t have the Time Travel power but Castle Grayskull does. The Sword is connected with Grayskull which has Time Travel at 24 APs.
With Granamyr’s magic – Sorcery 13, that’s 37 APs. She needs 34 to travel 1,000 years (episode: Darksmoke and Fire).

Granamyr possibly/probably has Suspension since he spends a lot of time sleeping. Though unlikely, he might also NOT be Immortal. Suspension stops the aging process and dragons do age. We see young and old dragons.
Still, he gets the Immortal Advantage because he speaks of knowing magics forgotten “before humans ever walked this world”.

Granamyr also undid a crystal statue spell in “The Dragon’s gift” and “Return of Granamyr”. Since it came from a book it’s probably a Ritual, though both times it was done off-screen.

In the mini-comics, Granamyr was green in color while the Filmation version was red. So, when Mattel got the full rights to the characters, Granamyr got two action figures. One for each color.

Larry DiTillio first created Granamyr and the Ice-trolls for an RPG scenario with the Tunnels & Trolls game system. The module The Isle of Darksmoke.

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Source of Character: The 1983/1984 animated series He-Man and the Masters of the Universe the 1985-1987 series She-Ra Princess of Power, voiced by John Erwin.

Helper(s): Wikipedia, he-man.fandom.com  , He-man and She-Ra a complete guide to the classic animated adventures.

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