This character is an original creation. We often call these “homemades” or “homebrewed” – think home cooking or craft beer.

Many of these characters were created to take part in tabletop role-playing game sessions. Others were invented as a creative writing exercise, often as part of a community event.

This specific character was created for the 2015 DC Heroes list Halloween contest.



  • Real Name: Eric Barns.
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Melvin Graymalkin (great-great-great-great- great-great-great-great-grandfather), Patricia Graymalkin (great-great-great-great- great-great-great-great-grandmother), Jeff Barns (father, deceased), Jane Barns (mother, deceased).
  • Group Affiliation: Ward of Sullivan Cross.
  • Base of Operations: Mobile.
  • Height: 6’4″ Weight: 260 lbs.
  • Eyes: Grey Hair: Dark brown

Powers and Abilities

Eddie is a physically imposing very large and strong powerful man and surprisingly agile for his size.

He’s also very charismatic, charming, and well spoken and certainly going to be noticed by members of the opposite sex at social events.

His mental faculties aren’t bad either.

His main skill has always been fixing and building mechanical things. By extension he developed to use melee weapons as he became so familiar with various tools that he started treating them like extensions of his body regardless of the situation he’s in.


A bit about The Order of Scion

They are a secret society that has existed for thousands of years. Many millennia ago mystics from around the world recognized that the greatest threat to mankind was actually mystical. The problems of tyrants, disease, famine, war, and the like were all transient and would pass with time.

However the threat of demons, devils, and black magic possessed the power to plunge the world into darkness and was certainly the real threat.

As such they function as basically a loose confederacy of mystics of nearly any race, creed, color, and religion imaginable. Members are expected to put differences of politics, religion, and ideology aside and focus on the true mission, which is to protect the world from black magic. They also have certain code signs to recognize one another.

Generally speaking they do try to respect other members right’s to take care of their own threats and stay out of one another’s business unless of course the threat is too great. They are also expected to aid one another in times of need as well even if it means following another member into battle or certain death.

A traveler can always expect food and lodging and perhaps at least a few coins from a native of another area. They are expected not to raise arms against one another, but there’s rarely any punishment unless the confrontation is fatal.

They are overseen by a central council consisting of members from all over the world. The council is usually mobile to confront new threats and gather intel and also to remind lesser members to obey the rules. They function as mostly elderly bureaucrats in general and there is some political backstabbing, but not nearly as much as most political groups as the mission comes first.

At the council’s disposal they have Honor Guards, Scryers, and White Knights. The Honor Guards are obviously their bodyguards and are generally quite powerful and focus on defensive powers and magic.

The Scryers focus as mage detectives of a sort. Their main duty is to gather intel. They are generally pretty powerful, but certainly not world beaters. Their main power typically comes from their wits and resourcefulness.

Lastly they have their White Knights and they are extremely powerful. Their strength is what keeps a lot of the squabbling clans in line. They are only used a means of last resort and the council sends as many as they see fit to deal with whatever the threat is.


Origin of the Halloween Knight

Eddie’s story actually begins long before his birth – roughly two and a half centuries before his birth. In the mid XVIIIth century there lived a man by the name of Melvin Graymalkin, a minor nobleman who had managed to achieve knighthood and rise from a minor noble to one of notable political clout.

While not a completely evil man he did quite often engage in rather questionable activities and associations in his pursuit of his ambition.

His family had been members of the Order of Scion for generations and he was automatically granted membership due to his ancestors’ loyalty to the Order’s cause. It wasn’t long before he made a meteoric rise to the Order’s lower council.

While he did distinguish himself with many notable deeds both his methods and morals always remained questionable. But there was never really enough solid evidence to oust him. Yet he had made his fair share of enemies both inside and outside the council. Many felt that his rise to such power had come far too soon and that he was not worthy of such an honored position.

His dedication to the cause was quite often called into question. It was around this time that quite a few people both inside the Order and in the real world began mockingly calling him the Halloween Knight as no one ever seemed to be sure what side he was on and what mask he was wearing.

Bidding for a Seat in the High Council

After several years of distinguished yet morally questionable service for the lower council Graymalkin made a power play for the higher council. After a long deliberation the members of the higher council decided that the only way to allow him a seat on the higher council was to prove himself worthy of it.

Recently the demon known as Mish Mash had been wreaking havoc all across Europe and the council’s agents had been unable to dispatch it as they had great difficulty locating it.

The task was simple locate and destroy the demon and the seat on high council was his. There were however two conditions. First that he not break their rules of the hunt and he was not to use any of their resources only his own. The reasoning behind that was that the code of the hunt was reasonably ethical yet not terribly restrictive.

(The Order has always taken the general stance that a certain amount of collateral damage while serving the greater good is justifiable, but conversely acts such as burning down a crowded theatre to kill a demon or two is both barbaric and morally reprehensible.)

The second condition was in place to ensure that he could not use his political wheeling and dealing to achieve his own ends if he was denied the chance.

Hunting the Demon

Melvin agreed and haughtily boasted that he would have the creature slain within a fortnight. He set out for Western Europe to track and slay the beast. He took along his beloved wife, a powerful sorceress in her own right and also a member of the Order. She, herself, was worthy of a seat on the lower council, but had been denied due to her gender.

Tracking the demon was far more difficult than they had anticipated. Weeks turned into months. All the while Melvin grew increasingly more frustrated and even outright desperate. He likely would have given up were it not for the encouragement of his devoted wife.

Finally after all the months of searching he encountered a village that had recently been attacked. Most of the inhabitants had been slaughtered. The few survivors were able to inform him that he had just missed the creature and that it had fled into the nearby woods.

He and his wife chased the creature through the woods and were finally able to corner it.

Previously the creature had killed using light and heat attacks with occasional blunt force trauma. Melvin’s armor had been enchanted to resist such attacks. His wife had prepared several darkness and cold spells to counter its attacks as well.

Melvin’s Attack

Upon seeing the creature Melvin charged in without a second thought disregarding Patricia’s warning. Melvin had planned to slay it with one blow. But in his dogged pursuit of it he had neglected to study the finer points of what it really was an avatar of chaos incarnate. It was constantly changing everything about itself in almost every way imaginable.

That and not its strength or speed was what made it so dangerous – its sheer unpredictability. Patricia had correctly reasoned that either adapting a different strategy or even retreating and doing more research on their foe would be their best chance at victory. But Melvin had blindly charged in without a second thought and was thus at a huge disadvantage.

Had he taken more time to pay more attention to what was really happening he would have noticed that several other villages in the area had experienced all sorts of attacks by the same creature. But since they had a completely different MO they had been attributed to other beasts.

The creature had morphed into a giant ball of spikes and an agile one at that. Before his lance could even come close it darted out of the way and completely eviscerated the horse carrying him. Melvin being quite agile himself was able to jump free, but the creature would not stop coming. With his one and only attack for naught he found himself fighting for his life and completely on the defensive.

He was stung several times with the spikes. Although the wounds were not grievous taking several dozen spikes to not vital areas, limbs in particular, were really starting to slow him down.

Patricia’s Attack

Just when all seemed lost a brilliant flash of light surged through the forest. Foolhardy as his actions were he had bought enough time for his wife to tweak her spells enough to be useful. Her darkness spell had been reversed to a light spell to get the creature’s attention.

The creature reasoned that the unarmored woman would make an easier target and also a more dangerous threat if she was given enough time to weave more potent magic. So it instead lunged for her.

Patricia had anticipated this. She had had enough time to tweak her fire extinguishing jelly into a sticky jelly, which would defend her and hopefully buy them enough time to counter attack. She was half right.

The jelly of binding did buy Melvin enough time to retrieve his lance and skewer the fiend. But it didn’t quite slow it down enough to stop it fully from attacking her. Its spines tore open a grievous wound in her stomach, fatally wounding her.

She died in her husband’s arms. Her last words were that her only regret in life was that she had not lived long enough to watch her husband achieve and rule over such a lofty position and to be by his side when he did so. He wept uncontrollably for what seemed like ages.

Certainly he had done some questionable things, but his wife? He had loved her with all his heart and always been faithful to her. A large part of his ambition had been for her sake after all.

Mourning the Dead

He began howling like a mad man clutching her lifeless body. Over the course of the next several hours he hacked the demon Mish Mash to pieces burned the remains and defecated upon them.

He then arranged for her body to be taken back to his family castle for a proper funeral and burial. Melvin began the long journey home, rapidly losing his grip on sanity with every step. This proved to be quite possibly the worst time of year for him to make the journey.

His detractors had always mocked him by calling him the Halloween Knight behind his back due to the many masks he seemed to wear. While he had always resented the moniker, he had always been politically savvy enough to hide his disdain. He no longer had such control and violently lashed out anyone who even mentioned the day.

This proved most unfortunate as the day was rapidly approaching and the preparation for its celebration seemed to be on everyone’s lips.

After several bloody encounters it seemed clear that it was only a matter of time before Melvin Graymalkin, a broken shell of a man, had any chance of making it home. But what did he care? He had lost his beloved and had no reason to continue. As fate would have it a few Order agents were able to retrieve him just before an angry mob had gathered to confront him. The agents were able to safely escort him home without further incident.

Melvin was brought before the high council. He angrily demanded they fulfill their part of the bargain, but they reminded him of the rules. These stated that it was necessary for them to convene and render a decision after a single moon cycle had passed. This infuriated Melvin, but he held his tongue knowing that they would not make an exception regardless of the circumstance. Mostly it was his loving wife’s last words that stayed his tongue.

The Council Makes Its Second Mistake

Typically this rule was little more than a formality, but in Melvin’s case it proved be his undoing. During the course of the moon cycle his behavior grew increasingly erratic. He frequently engaged in drunken quarreling. To worsen matters, the expenses of the trip and the funeral coupled with his long absence had put a rather large dent in his family fortune.

Most damning though was that during many black out drunk cycles he bellowed out sensitive secrets not meant for the ears of the mundane world.

This put the high council in a difficult position. Clearly Melvin had proven his valor and worth and by their honor they owed him the position. But he had become indisputably unfit for the position. After much deliberation a compromise was struck.

The waiting period would be extended to one year. He would be rewarded with riches to aid his ailing estate. When he arose to the position of high council he would also get several prized artifacts. Most importantly he would be given a new wife of very high political stature both in the Order and the real world along with fertility charms to grant him an heir.

Their hope was that given a bit of time and with a bit of guidance and another wife to fill the void in his life he would return to his senses and make a powerful ally.

When their decision was announced to him he lost his mind. It was insulting to his now fragile ego that he would be denied what was rightfully his and completely unthinkable to the point of outright mockery that they could even hope to replace his beloved Patricia.

Upon hearing the news he flew into a rage insulted every single council member in the most vulgar way possible and even tried to attack them. He was restrained and the council decided it best to strip him of his rank and throw him out of the society.

While they appreciated his service and his sacrifice his actions had become unbearable and quite frankly an embarrassment. He wildly cursed them on his way out and swore that he would get revenge.

Melvin’s Search for Vengeance

Melvin’s estate had been rapidly on the decline. The treasury was drying up and servants leaving in droves as they were unable to cope with his lunacy. It wasn’t long after that even the most loyal of servants that had served his family for generations had left him to dwell alone in his castle howling like a madman and gnashing his teeth. He began using the last of his estate on booze and material about the dark arts.

In his madness Melvin had grown so desperate for both revenge and the possibility to resurrect his dead wife that no course of action was unthinkable. The council of course learned of this and even though this was a grave violation of their code decided something most preposterous.

In some misguided attempt at sympathy they decided that even the impossible hope of the unthinkable would grant him a small amount of comfort. A general consensus was reached to turn a blind eye to such brazen behavior and may have quite possibly been the worst decision in the council’s entire history.

Although not a popular opinion a few council members later decided to try one last ditch effort at mending his fractured psyche. One by one a few healers were dispatched in hopes of curing his insanity, but each left his run down castle shaking their heads. This proved to be yet another folly in creating one of the most vile and destructive foes the council would ever face.

After several tries everyone unanimously agreed that it was impossible to the point where it became a running joke over drinks. But what if…just what if there was such a healer whole could accomplish the task. Would that not curry great favor along with bountiful rewards and lofty prestige?

Gradually more and more healers came, but Melvin’s use of the dark arts and living conditions had grown to become outright repulsive. Many a respected healer left the castle without even making an attempt at the deed.

Throughout all of this their greatest folly, besides misplaced sympathy, was to underestimate the tenacity of a lunatic. Melvin the Mad as he was now known had been tirelessly delving into the dark arts. But another major flaw in their logic was that he had always lacked the magical aptitude and was reliant on his equipment. After all, his wife had always been the magic user to compensate for such a weakness.

The Last Healer

One fateful day, long after pretty much every other healer had given up, another, the last of a long parade of them appeared. Tsukimoto, a healer from the Far East, appeared at the castle intent on curing Melvin the Mad.

Her particular group of Shinto priests had been a prominent force in centuries past. But they had long since fallen out of favor in recent decades due to repeated, embarrassing follies. In a desperate gambit to regain their prestige of a bygone era they had tasked her with completing this trial. She possessed a reputation for two things in her craft – unorthodox methods and getting results.

The timing could not have been worse. Melvin had always lacked a certain magical aptitude. But his constant unyielding aptitude had not gone unnoticed, for even a fool can be useful to a demon lord if only to be a pawn. It was at that moment that a very powerful demon lord chose to appear before him.

Exactly what demon lord it was has never fully ascertained. No one can really seem to agree on exactly which one, but all agree that it was an extremely powerful lord. The demon lord bound the healer Tsukimoto and explained that if Melvin were to be granted any favor with it then it had to sacrifice her in whatever way Melvin found most suitable.

The records never say exactly how she was sacrificed. They only state that the act was so vile it was considered unspeakable and the details have been stricken from all records.

Melvin’s Assault on the Council

Appeasing such a powerful devil meant being granted great power just as the demon lord had promised. With that Melvin the Mad raced towards the high council to enact his revenge. Unfortunately for him and only him he didn’t even make it to the front gate. His attempts to get past any guards were considered pathetic at best.

Once again he was hauled before the council and this time they would not show mercy. Obviously his actions were far too grave too ignore. But after some thought it was decided that death was too good for him and that instead he would be cursed.

In this giant grotesque comedy of errors the high council’s last folly was to place a terrible curse upon him. He was horribly tortured and disfigured. Once that was done a ceremony was performed. It placed a terrible curse upon him. It would seal any and all magical abilities not only in Melvin, but in his future offspring for ten generations.

He would not even be able to touch anything magical. Worse yet it would greatly extend his life so that he would suffer for a very long time. He would be confined to his crumbling castle with warding spells in place to spend centuries contemplating what he had done.

He was returned to his castle and he howled uncontrollably for what seemed like an eternity. Such a cruel punishment seemed unthinkable. How would he cope? As it turned out he would not have to. That night at midnight the demon lord appeared before him again.

Melvin cursed it, but the demon lord explained that Melvin had been far too hasty in his action. The mortal had not waited for it to finish infusing him with its power. After another night of utter agony the demon finished imbuing him with its demonic power. Suddenly Melvin had become even more powerful than ever.

The dark energy restored him. He could feel the energy surge through him. He was able to smash the protection wards keeping him within the castle with ease and set about the countryside.

Melvin’s Spawn

The demon did warn him that he would not be able to pass his magical power to his offspring for ten generations yet. That curse had taken hold deep within him and could not be undone. It also reminded him that he would likely live for centuries. If he were patient he would likely have offspring that could wield magic just as he did.

And with that Melvin set about doing the demon’s bidding with great gusto. Along the way in his many travels he fathered as many bastard children as possible. The problem with this that he would find later is that the high council had placed a second fail safe upon him.

It had been decided that during life Melvin had possessed certain traits that had led to his down fall. By making it difficult to pass these traits down they would greatly hinder the usefulness of any future children he had.

Many of his children, as he would soon find out, were feeble of mind and/or body. Those that weren’t possessed little or no ambition. They were quite the opposite in fact. They were happy to work as menial laborers and such and put the needs of the community first.

Melvin in his rage killed quite a few of his own children. Those he didn’t murder the council kept tabs on, but with as many bastard children as he fathered a few went unnoticed by both parties.

It didn’t take long for Melvin to become one of the biggest threats the Order had ever seen. A huge bounty was placed upon his head with White Knights constantly being dispatched to slay him.

For decades this went on as he somehow stayed one step ahead of them. But eventually they did catch up with him in Germany. After a climatic showdown against half a dozen White Knights he was apparently slain when a giant fireball blew him to bits. There were several witnesses that would later attest to this and he was never active again after that so it was assumed that he had perished.

Modern times

Fast forward to the modern era: Eddie Barns was the son of a cowboy and born into a loving family. He had stable and happy childhood and was always a popular kid at school. As soon as he was old enough his father took him out on the range to show him the family trade in hopes that he would follow in his footsteps.

While Eddie’s hulking physique made him a natural at the trade. But he wasn’t as enthusiastic as his pa would’ve hoped. Shortly thereafter he demonstrated a remarkable aptitude at fixing all things mechanical and begged his father to allow him to ply that trade.

His father refused at first. But given time he came to realize that his son had a valuable and useful skill. Even if it was a completely different trade, it was still an honest day’s work.

In high school Eddie was as popular as ever. He got good grades and was a star linebacker for his football team, so much so that many scouts came to see his games. He was offered multiple scholarships and eventually settled on Arizona State University as it was closer to home.

Originally he had wanted to attend engineering school. But since his family wasn’t particularly wealthy he settled on the scholarship as a means to advance himself.

His parents were initially shocked as he was the first in his family to even contemplate let alone attend university, but they were of course supportive. Life really seemed to be looking up for him that is at least until tragedy struck his family 6 months before his high school graduation.

Life Turns Dark for Eddie

His mother had come down with liver cancer and the prognosis for her survival wasn’t good. Eddie in good conscience couldn’t leave his family behind. He opted not to attend university in order to stay home and care for his sick mother.

Months passed, but eventually she succumbed to the disease. His father didn’t take it particularly well and became cold and distant. He threw himself into the only job he’d ever known in order to cope with his grief.

Shortly after his mother’s funeral Eddie’s father set about trying to break a particularly ornery black mustang that the other ranch hands had recently caught. Try as he might he couldn’t, but he wouldn’t relent. After a few attempts of him trying to ride the wild beast he managed to ride it for a short time before it threw him. The beast then proceeded to kick him in the head killing him instantly.

Once again tragedy had struck Eddie. In a few short months he had lost both parents and a valuable opportunity to attend university. He didn’t know what to do with himself. He had become numb on the inside and mechanically set about arranging his father’s funeral.

At the end of the funeral he was approached by a strange man in a black pin striped suit adorned with several silver accessories and rings. Eddie did not know what to make of the man. Clearly he was from out of town as none of the locals would look and dress as distinguished as this strange man was.

The strange man introduced himself as Sullivan Cross and said that he had an offer for Eddie. But he would need to read a book first to understand what the offer was.

Sullivan Cross’s Book

Eddie, not exactly sure what else to do took the book. But the moment he touched it he fell to the floor as a searing pain tore through his body. The book showed him images and told the story of his distant ancestor Melvin Graymalkin.

After Eddie recovered Sullivan explained to him that he was indeed the 11th generation descendant to Melvin Graymalkin, the first and quite possibly the only one. Sullivan offered Eddie a chance to claim that heritage if he could complete a trial of sorts.

Sullivan told him to forge powerful weapons by his own hand. When Eddie was done Sullivan would come for him. Eddie wasn’t sure what to make of this strange interaction. He did not doubt the man’s words, but his life had been turned upside and it all seemed so strange and so sudden.

Eventually he decided that the only real course of action was to do as he said and forge these weapons. All other paths had been closed to him and the task also helped take him mind off his recent loss.

He forged three items;

  • A suit of full plate to protect himself as his ancestors had.
  • A warhammer as his primary weapon.
  • A dagger as his backup weapon.

The warhammer seemed the obvious choice for a weapon as he felt it paid homage to Hephaestus god of the forge.

Sullivan Cross Reappears

No sooner had he finished engraving the dagger, the final piece of equipment did Sullivan appear on his door step. He smiled and told Eddie that he had done an excellent job.

He rewarded him by imbuing it with magical powers.

  • The armor would freeze his quarry in its tracks (Mystic Freeze).
  • The hammer would allow him to hear his enemies come so that he would not be caught unaware (Extended Hearing).
  • The dagger would be his ace in the hole able to smite his enemies with fire (Flame Projection).

He then explained that the black Mustang had been no ordinary beast. It had been possessed by a demon and it killing his father was no mere accident. In order to right this wrong Eddie would need to hunt it as it would surely be a danger to others as well and in an instant Eddie knew what he had to do.

He set out immediately to track the beast and had hunted it down and cornered it by the end of the night. As the beast charged him his armor kicked in and froze it in its tracks. With a single powerful blow he crushed its skull and it fell lifeless to the ground. A foul black oil oozed from the beast he saw a thick black smoke rise up as well with a final scream before dissipating into the night.

A Warning From the Old Lady

On his way back home a strange old woman appeared before him. He had heard the tales of Old Lady Mabel, but had never met her before, but had heard the tales of the old hag that many of the townspeople called a witch.

She warned him that what Sullivan had said was true. However, he had failed to warn him that his lineage was also tainted by a demon lord’s corruption. She said that Sullivan would use him and then betray him eventually. He didn’t believe her at first, but she touched his wrist and a searing pain overwhelmed him.

On the inside of his right wrist there were 7 scars seared into it. One of them was smaller than the rest and he knew in an instant that what she had said was true. He knew that in order to cleanse himself of his family’s dark history he would have to slay other dark creatures lest his tainted heritage eventually overtake him.

A Mount for the Modern Knight

Upon returning to his home he found a black ’68 Ford Mustang in front of it with a note pinned to it. It was another present from Sullivan telling him to go wherever he pleased and that he would be in touch later.

Without a second thought he gathered up his belongings and left driving into the sunset without any thought where his next destination would take him. Quite the opposite of a cowboy as they tend to accomplish a great task and then ride off happily into the sunset. In his case his journey had just begun.

His first adventure had not gone unnoticed by the Order of Scion. They dispatched one of their top Scryers or mage detectives to see if the rumors of a new Knight of Graymalkin appearing were true. Suddenly this 19 year old ranch handyman had a great many powerful eyes on him watching to see what he would do next.


Eddie’s a rather large imposing muscular man with gray eyes and dark brown hair. He usually has a pretty easy smile and moves with a sort of grace that you wouldn’t expect for one of his size.

He typically wears jeans, T-shirts, and sturdy boots with the occasional flannel. He’s a bit too blue collar and doesn’t really feel comfortable wearing anything else.


Eddie’s all of 19, so he’s kind of young and inexperienced, but not totally naïve. His father impressed upon him certain working class man values such as working hard at an honest job, taking care of friends and family, and helping out in the community. Generally speaking he’s always been a pretty nice guy and easy to get along with and usually finds no trouble making friends.

Losing both his parents and his chance to go to university in such a short amount of time was a huge blow. But now with his true heritage being revealed he has suddenly found a sense of purpose.

He’s not sure what to make of it all. It seems to be a lot to process in such a short amount of time, but he’ll endeavor to do his best. He’ll help make the world a better place by ridding the world of evil creatures and by erasing his cursed lineage.

He also loves all things mechanical as well as blacksmithing. He showed aptitude at an early age and he is equally at home in both the forge and the garage.


“I never really thought of myself as a hero.” (pshh) “Just some average run of the mill working Joe hoping to scrape together a few dollars and start a family and then destiny came a callin’ – or rather my family’s rather interesting heritage.”

(At his father’s funeral)
Sullivan Cross: “If I may offer my most sincere condolences. I know that this is a bad time, but as impossible as it may seem I have a most impressive offer for you.”
Eddie: “I don’t understand. Exactly who are you ?”
Sullivan: “All in time my good fellow, but unfortunately to truly understand what I am offering you there is a bit of required reading.”
(Hands him a book and promptly collapses to the floor as the entire book rushes through him)
Eddie: “W-what – WHAT WAS THAT ?”
Sullivan: “Now that you understand we can begin.”

Old Lady Mabel: “I see right through you Eddie Barns.”
Eddie: “How do you know my-”
Mabel: “I know quite a bit about you, but more importantly I know about your family and your heritage and you would do well to listen. The silver man he told you as well. Yes ?”
Eddie: “Cross ? He-”
Mabel: “Don’t interrupt your elders, boy. It’s rude. At any rate he is not what he seems. He will use you and then betray you to your enemies. If you do not heed my word the darkness WILL consume you.”
Eddie: “This is all-”
Mabel: “Silence ! Again with the interruptions. Your last name may be Barns, but born in one you were not. As I was saying he has not told you the most important truth.”
Eddie: “Which is ?”
Mabel: “Again with the interruptions. Sheesh ! Your father could always lead a horse to the stream, but he couldn’t… Oh never mind. Listen well boy. If you do not dispatch the demons that haunt your lineage then they will consume you. When the mark of evil upon you disappears then you and your future generations will be free.”
Eddie: “What mark ?”
(touches his right wrist and a branded mark sears into his flesh)

Jack Travis: “Son I realize that you’ve been through a lot lately and well I can tell you from experience that the grief of losing your parents so suddenly is harsh, but think this through. I can give you a bigger plot of land to do whatever you see fit with and hell I’ll even give you a substantial raise as you do good work. Take it and pick out one of the nice girls that always come a callin’. Mary, Sue, and Beth would be mighty suitable for you. Think about it and in time this will all seem like a distant bad dream.”
Eddie: I can’t… just can’t… I need to go. See other places and do something… more with my life.”
Jack: (sighs) “I can’t stop you, but if you change your mind then the offer still stands.” (leaves)
(Eddie retrieves his warhammer from a heavy wooden chest)
Eddie: Do much more important things !”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

New Graymalkin Knight

Dex: 06 Str: 05 Bod: 06 Motivation: Responsibility of Power
Int: 04 Wil: 06 Min: 04 Occupation: Handyman learning to become a knight
Inf: 07 Aur: 06 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 001
Init: 017 HP: 007

Gadgetry: 05, Weaponry (melee): 05

Rich Friend (Sullivan Cross).


Dark Secret, Misc (cursed lineage).


  • Armor of the Righteous — PLATEMAIL [/BODY/ 05, Invulnerability: 04, Mystic Freeze: 05, Skin armor: 01, Limitation: Skin armor only vs slashing and piercing weapons ; Real Armour]. Heavy full plate that capable of protecting him and stopping his enemies in their tracks. It’s of course gray and engraved with the Graymalkin family crest on the front and back of the chestplate.
  • Warhammer of Auspice [BODY 04, EV 04, R#02, Extended Hearing: 05, Bonus: Extended Hearing has a +5 range bonus (+1 FC)]. A giant warhammer with snakes intertwined woven into the grooves of the stem and a fearsome looking skull engraved on both sides. Curiously it grants the wearer the ability to hear things far far away.
  • Flame Dagger of Smiting [BODY 04, EV 03, R#02, Flame Projection: 06]. A Celtic leaf blade dagger with a small flame engraved on the bottom of the blade. This is actually Eddie’s most powerful weapon and his trump card that he will only use as a last resort as it is quite potent.

Previous Stats

Prior to his parent’s death his Physical and Mystical stats were one point lower. On the flipside his Mind was a full point higher to 5, but the death of his parents as well as all the stuff that he’s had to process has taken its toll on him leaving him a bit drained, but not without resolve.

Future Stats

The big thing is that he’ll most likely want to learn the Occultist skill particularly craft and ID artifact. Rituals is also a strong contender as he does like learning new ways of making things work and it would behoove him to learn the knowledge aspect as well.

Other skills such as Vehicles would probably be appropriate as well. Martial Arts would probably make a lot of sense as well. In general there’s probably going to be across the board growth for him though.

Designer’s notes: This is literally what I rolled up and I didn’t have to swap anything. That and I was rolling like a demi-god at the time because the stats are extremely powerful practically across the board. Once the stats were in place I instantly knew what to do with the character.

There wasn’t any long deliberation like previous attempts. That said on this time around it occurred to me that the world that you build around the character is just as important as the character themselves when you’re talking about giving it that real spark of life that makes them compelling.

By Tom Eilers.

Source of Character: Homebrew for the 2015 Halloween/Winter Contest.

Helpers: Darci.

Writeup completed on the 7th of November, 2016.