Green Lantern Kho of the Khund (Wonder Woman ally) (DC Comics)

Green Lantern Kho of the Khunds

Against dishonour and traitor’s flight
I stand beside my clan to fight
With dying breath I claw and bite
Beware my power…
Green Lantern’s light !


Kho is an atypical Green Lantern, who joined the Corps in a 2008 Wonder Woman story. She is a Khund, a race of brutal warriors and conquerors.

Khunds are sort of the Klingons of the DC Universe. They have clashed many times with the Legion of Super-Heroes, particularly when they attacked Earth.



  • Real Name: Corporal Kho Kharhi.
  • Other Aliases: Neko (“space handle” – whatever that is).
  • Marital Status: Single.
  • Known Relatives: Kharhi (last name unrevealed, father, deceased).
  • Group Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps, former member of the Khund military.
  • Base Of Operations: Outer spaaaaaaace.
  • Height: 6’5” Weight: 258 lbs.
  • Eyes: Dark grey Hair: Black

Powers and Abilities

Kho is a teenage Khund warrior.

As such she is a mountain of hardened muscle who can lift hundreds of kilos above her head, and has lifelong training and experience with all sorts of violence. Khunds really, really like violence.

As a corporal, Kho sported the typical body armour and blaster rifle of her kind. As a Green Lantern, she wields one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. She seems fairly talented with it, and to have a good green-compatible willpower.

Khunds do not, as a general rule, have a flowery imagination full of metaphors and creative visuals. Thus, most of Kho’s force constructs are a giant version of herself performing simple physical actions. It is likely that she sometimes uses Wonder Woman imagery, such as bracers or a lasso.

Kho is either fluent in 1990s MTV American English, or used some sort of translator (perhaps a cybernetic implant).



Kho is the daughter of Kharhi, and advisor to the Khund Emperor. Perhaps because of her father’s position, she was exposed to alien cultures since childhood. This is vanishingly rare in her culture.

She grew fond of American mainstream youth culture, and also became a huge fan of Wonder Woman (Diana of Themyscira). In her teens she came to serve with the platoon under her father’s orders, and eventually made corporal.

In 2008, the Ichor invaded the Khund Empire. It destroyed multiple planets before the Khunds admitted that they were powerless against it. It was presumably at Kharhi’s initiative that the Khunds decided to contact one of their most respected enemies for help – Wonder Woman, whom they called the Destroyer.

Meeting her idol

Kharhi and his unit rushed to Earth. There, they attacked Wonder Woman as a sign of respect for her strength. They were swiftly defeated.

Kho and her father

Diana immediately agreed to help the Khunds. However it was a trap. Kharhi just wanted Wonder Woman to distract the Ichor long enough for him to fly a planetbuster bomb into the thick of it. Though that would destroy their homeworld (but not necessarily the Ichor), the Khunds preferred death to being saved by an alien.

However, Kho discovered the plot and rushed in to warn her idol, not wanting Wonder Woman to die without any chance to fight. While Lt.-Col. Etta Candy-Trevor convinced the Ichor to renounce its attack, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern Procanon Kaa stopped Kharhi’s suicide run and contained the explosion.

The pact

However, having saved Khundia meant that the Khunds would resume their horrible conquests and massacres as soon as feasible. Procanon Kaa, whose daughter had been recently killed in a Khund raid, was accusatory about this. He had even considered letting the Ichor destroy the Khunds.

As his her wont, Wonder Woman found a solution. Procanon Kaa had just lost his daughter and Kho her father, and she encouraged the Green Lantern to adopt the Khund as his apprentice. This was quite clever. A Khund Green Lantern meant that the Green Lantern Corps was now kin and clan to the Khund, putting them in a delicate position when it came to conflict between the two.

It also meant that Kho could rein in any Khund leader. As a Khund she was allowed to challenge them to a duel if she opposed their policies, and she now wielded one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.

Kho alerts Wonder Woman

The wise Procanon found in himself the strength to accept the young alien as his apprentice. As to Kho, she was apparently happy for the opportunity to venture among the stars. She also appreciated wielding a seriously kick-arse weapon and becoming part of the Wonder Woman legend. Lastly, she welcomed becoming a soldier for an army far more powerful than even the Khunds.

Kho was trained by Kilowog, then handed back to Procanon Kaa for apprenticeship. Another newbie, Green Lantern Thulka Re, joined the duo as an apprentice. Over time, Procanon Kaa and Kho Kharhi did come to consider each other father and daughter.

Why did it have to be snakes ?

Months later, Procanon Kaa and his rookies found a planet that had just been ravaged by the Silver Serpent space marauders. They could find but a single sapient  survivor before Silver Serpent forces attacked them.

Green Lantern Kho using her ring

Thulka Re died opening a breach among enemy forces. Kaa was seriously wounded as he covered Kho so she could fly away with the survivor. Kho grabbed Procanon Kaa, and saved both her charges. The seemingly unstoppable Silver Serpent forces were later defeated by Wonder Woman on Earth, presumably to Kho’s pride.

In 2011, almost every single Green Lantern, including Kho Kharhi, was mind-controlled through their ring by the rogue Guardian, Krona. She survived this crisis, but was angered by the sight of John Stewart destroying the mind-controlled Mogo to save the day.

Green Lanterns Kho Kharhi, Barreer Wot and Penn Maricc confronted Steward despite Kyle Rayner’s attempts at mediation, but violence was avoided.


When not in uniform, Kho likes wearing her Earth clothing. It includes sweatpants and an improbable plain grey T-shirt with the slogan “SWAMP THING SAYS RELAX” — presumably a parody of the old Frankie Goes To Hollywood T-shirt .

The sexual dimorphism among Khunds is slight. While Khund women have breasts and their face looks roughly like those of human women, the rest of their body is a broad-shouldered wall of muscle just like male Khunds’s bodies. With the standard Khund body armour and helmet on, it’s hard to tell the gender of a Khund despite the exposed arms and legs.

Kho’s Green Lantern ensemble features Khundish aesthetics — bare arms and legs, big shoulder plates, a scary animal head emblem, etc. — plus bracers patterned after Wonder Woman’s.


Kho was apparently quite young when first encountered, though with Khunds it’s hard to tell. Perhaps she was the equivalent of a 15-year-old.

Many of Kho’s preferences are Khundish. And Khunds are an advanced civilisation of vicious, brutal Neanderthals who revere brute strength, glorious victory through any mean, viciousness, constant combat, fighting to the last and strict tribal honour. This is much of her background and a large part of how she thinks. Her Green Lantern oath reflects this culture.

Kho rushing to the rescue

However, Kho has been exposed to alien values since childhood. Unlike most Khunds, she is not xenophobic. She even evidences a sense of fairness and compassion, which are considered rare mental illnesses on Khundia.

For instance, when faced with peaceful Gelfling -like creatures, she treated them with generic politeness – rather than as complete losers who couldn’t even kill a dog with their bare teeth like a real Khund can.

Her first reflex when finding a traumatised girl of that race was to touch her face to soothe her. She then used her ring to create a cast for a broken arm and asked Kaa how to use the ring as a mild sedative. All of this is particularly un-Khund-like and much closer to how an Amazon of Themyscira would behave.

Kho Kharhi approaches being a Green Lantern like being a warrior monk learning a complex martial art. She says “yes teacher” to *everything* her mentor says, bows to other Lanterns, seriously studies and applies the GL ethics as if they were some exotic kung-fu philosophy, etc.


(Squeeing at Wonder Woman) “You nearly killed me ! You almost popped my head off ! And when you used our weapons against us, that was so rad ! That was fantastic !”

Wonder Woman: “I could not save your father, Kho. I’m sorry.”
Kho (flatly): “He died trying to save our people’s honour, Princess. No regret is needed.”

(Reading the standard Green Lantern oath) “You don’t understand. I don’t know what some of these words mean. What is ‘evil’ ? Why is the darkness to be feared ?”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Green Lantern Kho

Dex: 05 Str: 06 Bod: 06 Motivation: Khund honour/Thrill
Int: 04 Wil: 03 Min: 05 Occupation: Mercenary
Inf: 03 Aur: 03 Spi: 05 Resources {or Wealth}: 004
Init: 014 HP: 025

Accuracy (Power ring): 06, Martial artist: 06, Military science: 04, Power ring (Green): 04, Weaponry: 06, Vehicles: 05

Language (Khundian, Standard Galactic), Lightning Reflexes.

Green Lantern Corps (Low).

Exile (Voluntary), Misc.: Kho has just left Khundia and knows very little about the rest of the universe.


  • Power battery [BODY 25, Invisibility: 15].
  • Ring (see below).

Green Lantern’s light !

Here are the adjusted stats for Kho’s power ring. See the main power rings article and the iconic Hal Jordan entry for much additional material, verily.

INT 06 ; /BODY/ (Hardened) 12 ; BODY 30.

Acuity: 05, Comprehend Languages: 20, Data storage: 40, Detect (Superior candidate for GLC recruitment): 20, Dimension travel (Storage Tesseract): 01, Dispersal: 10, Flight: 40, Force Manipulation: 09, Invulnerability: 03, Life sense: 45, Miniaturisation: 10, Omni-Power: 04, Regeneration: 04, Sealed systems: 16, Skin armour: 04, Spirit travel: 70, Telepathy: 05

Bonuses and Limitations:

  • None of the Powers has an AV (-1 or -0 Drawback, depending on house rules) – use the relevant Accuracy Skill instead.
  • As long as APs of Skin Armour are active, the same number of APs is always subtracted from every use of the following three Powers – Acuity, Force Manipulation, Omni-Power.
  • Detect can only be used upon the death of the wearer, to scout for a successor (though Acuity could be used to perform similar scans in less dire circumstances). Detect itself will scan for quantitative aspects such as the relevant Power Link Skill, Attribute (such as MIN for green), Advantages (such as Iron Nerves for green), but the process also allows for benchmarking against an exemplar to determine ethical suitably. This exemplar is programmed in the rings (for green it has been Appa Ali Apsa and then Sinestro, currently it’s Mogo and in the future it will be Sodam Yat), but this is not a flawless process and sometimes it can authorise persons who aren’t that right as Lanterns.
  • Dimension travel (Storage Tesseract) can hold a Green Lantern Power Battery.
  • Dispersal can only be used when the Green Lantern is not under imminent threat, and the Green Lantern cannot perform Dice Actions whilst Dispersed (though Omni-Power could be used to emulate a form of Dispersal free of these Limitations).
  • Life sense is limited to detecting Green Lanterns.
  • The Spirit Travel form can be perceived by other Lanterns and Guardians of the Universe, and doesn’t take place in a different dimension.
  • Telepathy cannot be used to engage in mental combat – only for communication, often helped by the ring’s Comprehend Languages.
  • When used to communicate with the green Central Power Battery, Telepathy has a special +75 Range Bonus. Communicating with the Central Power Battery can also be used to send a distress signal to either the closest Green Lantern (usually in the next sector) or a Corps-wide SOS, though currently only one ring (Kilowog’s) can perform that function.

Scientist (Analysis, Observation): 09

Area Knowledge (Universe ; Wormholes locations), Insta-Change (note that the glowing force field around the wearer obscures features – though the ring prefers to also create a mask just in case), Misc.: part of the Data Storage power is used to store the Green Lantern database in its mobile version.


  • Power Loss: the ring stores a charge that does not expire after a planetary revolution, but seems to roughly correspond to 24 Earth hours of fairly heavy use. When the ring’s charge is exhausted, all Powers go to zero until recharged. The ring provides updates as to its charge status (usually as a percentage) whenever requested or when passing certain thresholds.
  • Gradual Power Loss: Mental conditions that make it difficult to accurately visualise force constructs drastically lower the efficiency of the ring. These include psychoactive drugs, neural scrambling, inner ear scrambling, some sonic attacks, etc. Any RAPs from such an effect means an immediate Gradual Power Loss of (RAPs+1) Columns on all of the ring’s Powers, as long as these effects are active. In the same spirit, RAPs from Mental and Spiritual attacks are subtracted from the EV or RV of any power ring use during the next Dice Action.
  • Partial Power Loss: the rings used to be unable to directly affect anything coloured yellow – they couldn’t ’touch‘ yellow matter or energy, and these passed through green force constructs without resistance. Nowadays, this vulnerability only resurfaces in the presence of fear and doubt, which chiefly means :
    • Any attack or interaction based on fear and doubt that scores a RAP or more. That includes Aura of Fear, some Broadcast Empath projections, Charisma (Intimidation), etc. Even a single RAP activates the Partial Power Loss for as long as the fear effect lasts.
    • Any doubt in the Green Lantern’s own abilities as part of a Character Subplot.
    • Some Green Lanterns can rally themselves against an active Partial Power Loss against yellow, but that requires full RAPs using WIL/MIN against an OV/RV of 14/14 (as a Dice Action).

The Ring can be Taken Away, but since the ten APs of Miniaturisation add to OV against those the Take-Aways usually occur when a Green Lantern is knocked unconscious, through subterfuge, or through will-against-will combat.

Design notes

These stats use a heavily toned down version of the generic Khund stats in the Atlas of the DC Universe as a base. These Mayfair stats do seem… enthusiastic.

Game Stats — DC Adventures RPG

Tell me more about the game stats

Green Lantern Kho of the Khunds — Averaged PL10.4

05 05 02 03 05 00 01 01


Power Ring ● 85 points (Removable) ● Descriptor: Green energy of willpower
– AI and database — Feature 2.
– Communication — Senses 1 (Communication Link to Central Power Battery).
– Flight — Flight 8, Movement 4 (Space Travel 3 plus Environmental Adaptation (Zero G)).
– Force field — Impervious Protection 8, Immunity 10 (Life Support).
– Scanning beam — Senses 6 (Analytical Auditory, Chemical and Visual).
– Universal translator — Comprehend Languages 4.
– Force manipulation — Array

  • Force blast — Ranged Damage 8, Dynamic.
  • Force bubble — Affect others, Burst Area and Ranged on Immunity 10 (Life Support), Dynamic.
  • Force constructs — Create 8, Dynamic.
  • Lifting — Move Object 8, Dynamic.
  • Mobile constructs — Create 6, Movable, Dynamic.

Combat Advantages

All-out Attack, Chokehold, Close Attack 4, Defensive Roll 3, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 2.

Other Advantages

Benefit 1 (Khund), Benefit 1 (Green Lantern), Language 1 (Khundian, Standard Galactic).


Athletics 2 (+7), Expertise (Khund soldier) 4 (+5), Insight 1 (+2), Perception 2 (+3), Ranged Combat (Khund guns) 4 (+9), Ranged Combat (Power Ring) 5 (+10), Vehicles 4 (+7).


Initiative +6
Unarmed +9, Close, Damage 5
Power Ring +10, Ranged, variable


Dodge 8 Fortitude 9
Parry 9 Toughness 13**/8*/5
Will 8

* With Defensive Roll.
** With Defensive Roll and Force Field.


  • Power loss The ring needs periodic recharging.
  • Weakness The ring depends on the willpower of the wearer and is capped by the user’s Will save. Doubt and hesitation can cause the ring to fail.
  • Reputation Khunds have a terrible reputation due to their awful depredations throughout the universe.
  • Youth Kho is quite young, and is just discovering the universe outside of Khundia.

Power levels

  • Trade-off areas Attack/Effect PL 9, Dodge/Toughness PL 11, Parry/Toughness PL 11, Fort/Will PL 9.
  • Point total 178. Abilities 44, Defences 21, Skills 11, Powers 0, Devices 85, Advantages 17. Equiv. PL 12.

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Wonder Woman (2006 run).

Writeup completed on the 7th of January, 2011.