This is the most common type of robot in Latveria. Designed and built by Doctor Doom (Victor von Doom), these are the troops and guards serving as Latveria’s army. So stats would be useful for stories that involve this country.


“The Master has provided appropriate weapons… for dealing with *each* of you !”

Game Stats — DC Heroes RPG

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Dex: 04 Str: 04 Bod: 04 Motivation: Programmed
Int: 02 Wil: 01 Min: /// Occupation: Trooper
Inf: 01 Aur: /// Spi: /// Resources {or Wealth}: ///
Init: 007 HP: 000

Radio communications: 08, Self-link (Gadgetry): 06, Skin armour: 02

Some robots have built-in blasters (Energy blast: 06) and trackers (Life sense: 06), which the Self-Link (Gadgetry) of the model allows for.

Weaponry (Firearms, exotic): 04



CIA toward protecting Doom and Latveria (in that order).


  • Blaster pistol [BODY 04, Energy blast: 06, R#02 – note : one robot per fire team has a IR scope (Thermal vision: 04) on his pistol].
  • Mission-specific equipment includes :
    • An Antimatter extrapolator [BODY 03, Projectile weapons: 15, Ammo: 10 – Looks sort of like a Mauser C96, but firing anti-matter shells]
    • Electro-shock pistol [BODY 03, Lightning: 07, Neutralize (Flame being): 10, Bonus: Lightning and Neutralize can be Combined].
    • Insulato-shield [BODY 10, Note : takes a STR of 05, or two characters with a STR of 04, to maneuver. Use the rules and stats for large ballistic shields.].
    • The insulato-shield is not uncommon, electro-shock pistol pretty specific and the antimatter extrapolator is a rare and valuable weapon.

Doctor Doom's guardian robots attack the Fantastic Four

By Sébastien Andrivet.

Source of Character: Marvel Universe.

Helper(s): Machines of Doom Marvel Classic RPG supplement.